Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sleep walking

This year one of the temp staff was my roomate. The sweet darling and me seemed to have a few things in common. Anyway that's not the story I want to tell you guys.

Both of us actually take a very short time to get ready, so that should give us longer time to sleep right? Well darling decided she needed to wake up earlier and called up the hotel to give her a wake up call. Told her you keep the phone you pick it up am not doing it!

The next morning woke up to hear the phone ringing and roomie was fast asleep like a little angel. I turn the other side the phone stops ringing only for the phone on the desk to ring. I turn back the other side trying to shut off the noise. She finally wakes up grunts a yeah into the receiver and goes back to sleep! My sleep pattern messed up I went back to sleep and the both of us wake up late, missing breakfast.

When I told her what she did, she blinks back at me having not remembered a single thing!

Next night she again arranges for a wake up call. Oh brother! Woke up to the same left and right phone calls - finally it stops but darlings still not awake - just as I drift of to sleep the doorbell rings - as the hotel staff turned up at our door to wake us - I get out of bed and thank him and return back to the bed to find my roomie sitting on the bed awake. Did you know the phone rang? She shakes her head. Lol she can't wake up to the sound of the blasted phone but the moment I get out of bed she's up!

No more wake up calls ok? She smiles sheepishly.

Next night I return back to find the room door locked, I know she had gone back earlier and then I remembered her sleeping habits. Tried my luck and called out her name. I hear an aah and the door opening. Eyes closed she opens the door, doesn't say a word to me, walks to her mobile that was charging on the other side of the room, mumbles something and goes back to sleep. Me? I'm going OK she's sleep walking ;p

Next day I told her what she did and again she blinks at me not remembering a thing - hehehehe

I'm sure I had stories of scolding people in my sleep (my grandma complained once) but since she slept like a log, I'm sorry to disappoint you guys no stories of my sleep walking adventures!


Gusti Adipati said...

Sleep walking is she?
May be not.
She suffers from a disease called
I-remember-not-what-do-or-talk-when-I-sleep-I-may-even-do-a-bungee-jump-and-forget-about-the-next-day. She needs to pay a visit to Dr.Matrubootham.

Jeevan said...

innum thookam thalielaiya visith hahaha..

Aravind said...

haa haa ;)
aana unga sleepwalk kadha varrama poyiducheh!!

My days(Gops) said...

thamasu thamasu..
so u hav becum a pickle for ur roomates wake-up call....

Me said...

what u live with ur roommate....i thot u lived with ur family :0

now i'll go and read the entire post

Nirek said...

interesting story gal. I too had pains of losing my sleep becos of my roomie's snoring. Once the guy in my next seat in bus was snoring badly....I wake him up with a casual bang with my arm, after some time, he started snoring....again i hit him, he stops and continue after some time....che che che...Losing sleep is like first-degree-torture... :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hehehehe...orey comedy ;) Tht was damn hilarious. Did they hapen to c ur blog? Jus out of curiousity.

visithra said...

@ Gusti : lol thats sleep walking la! Oh everyone does that especially when theyre dead tired ;) so no dr is needed ;)

@ Jeevan : hehehe no actually not yet ;)

@ aravind : hehehe yeah sadly no story ;p

@ My days : hehehhe it was okla - just lost some sleep but had fun bullying her when i told everyone ;p

@ Me : lol i hope u read the whole thing ;) anyway it was my hotel room roomie ;p

@ Satu : hehehe awww i hate those types - i once had this person sitting next to me on a bus n was falling asleep on my shoulder - everytime i nudged them - theyd wake up sit up straight n then was back to falling on my shoulder

@ Ponnarasi : hehehe no not may know i blog - but when we got into work id tell everyone n shed sheepishly smile saying she never remembered a thing! ;p so no worries ;)

BawangMerah said...

Never seen sleep-walkers before, and I don't intend to, though I've heard stories of people getting up in the night and scolding their bunk mates. The only scary one's i saw was steam-rollers. People who sleep on one side of the bed, but end up on the other side after steamrolling anyone else on the bed. :P

visithra said...

Bawangred : heheheh it seems i used to scold ppl in my sleep ;)

hehehe lol at steamrollers kids are normally those ;) ive had kids squash me ;)