Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Old man Jagan

He smiles jumps and tries to fly! The blogger we're missing finally turns old!

When I say old I mean really old - Happy Birthday Jagan

GJ you owe me a treat for this - n this time its really his birthday ;p - He did not trick me with the wrong date ;p


Shiv said...

Thoongu moonji..he was sleeping wen i called him to wish..Grrrrrrrrrr

Ramya said...

Happy Budday old man !! :o))
Everybody is older to me here... Isnt there a soul younger than me??

Jeevan said...

Hope this time it will be his real birthday.

WA said...

Rums, the kid who helped me with the info on schools is younger than you :P And soon enough a lot of bloggers will be younger than you and you will get older :D

ashok said...

ramya..iam younger than u ;)

sathyus said...

o god.. you di keep track of birthdays dont ya?

Jagan said...

at last u got it right ..super ...

neways , thanks a ton machi ..

visithra said...

@ Shiv : he was?? Should have poured cold water on him through the phone hehehe or gone there n done it ;p

@ ramya : hehe most r ;) be happy n of course ramya theres umas comments ;p

@ jeevan : it is it is ;p

@ uma : hehehe ahh we so know that dont we ? ;p

@ ashok : vahreh va ;p apooh am a kid ;p

@ sathyus : i do just mixed up sometimes ;p

@ Jagan : n for that u owe me a treat ;p - no prob dear ;)