Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nicking that name

Have you noticed? I have an extremely unique name. People with this said name seem to have a tendency of being egoistic about it, we all assume we're the only ones with it and proudly flaunt it.

Anyway in my quest to remain oh so unique like my name suggests, I've managed to only identify 3 people with the same name in KL. Years back some kids told me about one gal in an area who was their classmate, little did I know I'd meet the same gal a few years later at an event I had created the decor for. The host had thanked me in her speech and dutifully, fellow namesake came looking for me to be introduced.

It seems a month after I was born and named, a friend of my fathers bestowed the same name much to his chagrin and I suspect she's the new dj on the tamil radio channel.

My dad's been extremely possessive over my name. During one of my performance, the emcee kept fumbling the pronunciation - from Vasistra to Vathitra to Visathra. Finally dad menacingly stood next to him and what would you know, he pronounced it fluently the 4th time! Dad never had a nick for me it was always Visithra.

People have always been fumbling my name that I immediately give them a nick to make life easier and to at least hear something that makes sense! My class teacher of 3 years could never pronounce my name, it was one different pronunciation daily! Interestingly she's now the headmistress at my primary school and the last time I met her she exuberantly pronounced it perfectly while embarrassing me in front of her teachers while gushing over me!

Did you know though it sounds so feminine its a unisex name? There's a town in India with the same name in honour of V*ichitra Veerya - the mahabharatha prince - each year theres a huge festival there. He and his brother c*hitrgada were the main cause of the Mahabharatha war, if you saw it from its roots they were also the step brothers of B*hisma. Its a pretty famous name among the Buddhist as I've seen numerous places named such in Sri Lanka and found links a lot of people in Thailand. And if you hadn't known there's a veena in the same name as well as a saree - been looking for that particular saree. Can't seem to find it ;p

As short as it looks, the range of nicknames I have been bestowed are pretty remarkable. I must say I dislike being called chitra as ego kicks in and it believes my names unique V should always be maintained at all cost! ;p

V/vi - most of my chinese friends call me this - though when we were at primary school there it used to be a fav nick among my friends as we used to be glued every afternoon to the telly to watch a bunch of reptile aliens in human skin eating live mice! And those aliens were called V. So it was long established that I am not human ;p would have preferred zombie though.

Vis - no stories or I cant remember any - must have been a short form of the Visit nick.

Visi/ Visy - This is pretty normal and probably the oldest - mom calls me this besides the normal "words" all kids get called "lovingly" by their parents. The only other problem is Visi stands for vision - and we have this government tag line V*ision 2020* - so
V*ision 2020* became a nick as well!

Visit - Most of my school mates and non indian friends call me this. When I was in primary school - our tourism board started the Visit Malaysia campaigns - and before I knew it my nick became Visit Malaysia year (please enter year). And they'd say the whole freaking long phrase - aren't nicks supposed to be short?

Visith - I think this was blogger originated - most bloggers call me visith

Vase/ Van/ vamp - came from me telling people don't call me Chitra and I used to tell them yeah sure no prob go ahead ;p

Vitra/Vistra - came from some newly introduced bike, car or something - years back - this has died down

Witchy - my baby cousin used to call me witchyakka - the kid used to make me beg her to let me carry her - she was the only baby for some 20 cousins - so you can imagine the attention!

Visika - KIDS or old ppl trying to be kids tend to call me this

Vichu - ah this is my fav - most of my friends call me this - it always sounds like a sweet caress ;) (konjara maari) - I got this nick at college in my first year - one of my seniors was repeating my name a few times and decided he should call me Vichu and everyone picked it ;)
Only some time later I found out it meant brahmin boy.

_ _ _ _ : This I am not telling you guys or anyone and it has nothing to do with my name! The first time I got this nick I was 17 working part time at this company where everyone adored me and if you said this nick everyone would go awwww she! Anyway went to univ, nobody heard about this nick before and surprisingly it someone suggested it out of the blue and my whole college started calling me it! Recently another group started calling me it - grrrr

pisasus - this one i like - my bunch of friends we tend to call each other with such sweet names ;p

other names I've been called - zombie, peyi, ext ext.


BawangMerah said...

Since I might not be reading anything until I get back home, have a nice trip. :)

still_figuring_out said...

i like your unique name, and if you have noticed, have only called you visithra :)

Aravind said...

unga per-laye strange, unique (vichithram) ellam varudhu illai? adhaan uniqueness!
BTW, inga blogger la kooda oru kid ;) ungala Visika nu koopitu paathirukken ;) Ramya thaan :D
Ramya.. r u reading this??? :D

Aravind said...

And ... have a nice trip... and come back with juicy stories that u promised ;)

Jeevan said...

Visit Vichu & Witchy are very sweet names. we can also call u visu( not Arattai Arangam), but i like Visith or dear.:) in my family many call be Jeeva, my sister call me jeevama.

Sheks said...

mine's a case of chandrasekhar becoming sekhar and then sheky.

i'll henceforth call u visa.

Shiv said...

Hey..then wat abt ViMa??How bad..U forgt tat

Nirek said...

lovellyyyyy :)
Whats that untold nick name? can we know... ;)

vishy said...

Vis, Vish, Vichu, Vis(h)y are some nick names that are common to both of us.. Vis being the latest..

btwn the nick name u did'nt mention
I think I got it .

Holly .... :))

Ghost Particle said...

I call u visika coz i tot u were like older! grrrrrr...from now on Im going to call you visibaby just like bob. :p

Keshi said...

Ur name was a first-timer for me and yeah it's really beautiful...


geetha said...

Ur name is pretty unique.. and I haven't met anyone with the same name yet..

ashok said...

ur name means 'strange' rite?

Ghost Particle said...

i tink visithra means devil or something...bad girls who support Man-U

tulipspeaks said...

always addressed u with ur fullname..dont know why..i'm comfortable that way


Maya Cassis said...

i love your name.i have never heard this one before.what does it mean?

My days(Gops) said...

"visithra" really a unique...hw abt "-----"? ippadi sonna eppadi?

Sundar Narayanan said...

jr calls you visiththa aunty !!


Shiv Shankar said...

Ur name means and is different ..

visithra said...

Sorry for the late reply - just got back

@ Bawangmerah : thanks ;)

@ Still : i did notice ;) i like urs too ;)

@ aravind : athe ;))) clever boy ;) heehhehe am not talking about the ones younger than me - am talking about the older ones who call me visika ;p so ramya is kutty sis - familylah prechannai pannathe pa ;p

thanks ;) stories are coming ;)

@ Jeevan : i like visith and dear too ;) awww ur sis is so sweet the way she calls u ;)

@ sheks : was akways wondering how sheky came by ;)

heheheh visa?? Adapavi

@ shiv : ops i missed that - sorry dear - its new u see

@ Satu : thanks ;) hehehe oh no am not telling ;)

@ vishy : welcome here ;) what a coincidence same nick ;) hey vis was my latest as well ;) i had someone singing that througout the week ;)

u got it??? Hey not fair u aint telling - ahem email me ur guess lets see if u got it right ;p

visithra said...

@ gp : hehehehehe lol yeah u did - but hey this was my chance to bully so i did so ;) u n bob r gonna get knocked by me soon

@ keshi : love urs too ;) thanks ;)

@ Geetha : aww thanks ;) well if u do its probably one of the 2 gals i mentioned ;)

@ Ashok : yeah strange, exotic, unique ;p

@ Gp : hehehe yeah red devil fans are devil - i have to agree ure right ;p now u liverpool fan bow down to the mercy of the red devils! ;p mua haha

@ amu : yeah both u and still call me that way ;)

@ maya : welcome here :) thanks it means unique, strange, exotic ;)

@ mydays : nalla confuse panringeh - enna solla varingeh?

@ Sundar : jr remembers my name?? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yayyyyyyyyyy am gonna go dance around ;p

@ Shiv : exactly thanks ;)

My days(Gops) said...

"visithra" really a unique...

hw abt?
"-----" nick? ippadi sonna eppadi?

thirumbium confuse naah sollunga..plz