Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hang that TV!!!

This week's been weird, one minute I want to strangle a few ppl, the next second am too lazy to do that. Even was lazy to blog or dress up and there is the mind numbing travel arrangement. The Monday blues lasted a bit too long. I've been really off mood and finally figured out why.

Sometimes other peoples emotional moods tend to bring you down since you sense there's something wrong with them but you just don't know what. The problem with all this sensing is you don't know whose bringing you down, so you search, checking on people, wondering whose blue is affecting you. When you do find out and realise its the siliest thing after being put on suspense that something serious happened, you contemplate should you hit he person or whip them and spray salt water on their wounds! OK so am beginning to sound scary ;p Pardon me but being irritated can bring out the evil in ya!

Anyway that's all cleared and today I feel like writing buckets or is it because I dressed up well? Whichever, the moods back to normal and today's episode was brought to you by A, B. C and D and the numbers 7 and 9. Ops that's Sesame Street.

I have this post to write about weird looking sea animals and touching star fishes but the photos haven't been worked on or uploaded!

I am so loving A*merican I*dol 06. Am such a fan I check out this blog before watching the show coz I can't wait to know whose still in! Glad to tell you all my favs are still in! Lost is back Lost is back and it gets weirder!

The bad news is, am sorely tested by tamil serials taking over my home. It used to be only after 9 pm, now it starts at 7 pm!!!! Someone shoot me!!!!!!!!!!

Everytime she has to go out during the evenings that I'm at home, I do the victory dance! It doesn't really work since she refuses to go out when her favs (which are all) are on! So been telling her wait till we get to India am gonna have 2 weeks free of those nonsense, the tvs mine! She says forget it and I tell her its all gonna be in Kannadam. She dutifully informs me, she will watch serials in Kannadam then! Whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone pity me!!!

I wanttttttttttttttttt my tv backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


Ghost Particle said...

wow you got a serial post and I have a serial post mini-parody> wakakakakaka...

Yeh, its pain pain pain...for the past 2 weeks ive been eating dinner at the same time at the same restaurant at the same table watching the same stupid selvi selvi selviiiiiiiiiiiii...

Oh man..

BTY...I hate american idol coz i dunno why...Amazing race is my only favourite reality show.

Lost is lost...hehehe

Me said...

get another tv ....easy way out....:)

F e r r a r i said...

You are going to hit me. But this is what I feel :-)

Some people say they hate mega serials. But they cant live without watching friends or these idol shows. He he :-)

How much ever these serials are fun for you, the mega serials are fun for old people ;-)

If your mom had a blog, she would have blogged abt this too. He he :-)

My days(Gops) said...

nother TV will solves ur problems..

tell ur mother tht she can watch tamil serials in need to look for kannada's.....

am ready to shoot u....hands up!!!
u want ur Tv back?
cant gve u a hope....

he he he


Nirek said...

Monday blue till mid of the week?! thats pretty longgggg blues...good to see u back in full swing.

Me too ATA (anti-teleserial alliance)...:)

Usha said...

lol. I know how it can be. Just the noise of all that in the background even if you don't watch it - and the funny part is, they all sound the same and the story does not seem to be very different.
Turn back to the good old radio.

Aravind said...

he hee .... innoru TV vaangidunga Visit!! :)

Balajoe said...

I will be damn...

I just blogged about how the Tamil Serial is driving me nuts at home, not to mention the tussle for the remote control...and I came here and find that you have the same problem.

Need to shoot those who make the Tamil Serials!

Jeevan said...

Intha serial prachana pariya prachanaya pochu vara vara, pavam visith kuda avanga fav programs'a parka mudiyala. your mom is also coming with u to India?

Maran said...

My dear bootham rocks! Hehe!

RËÅGÂÑ™ said...


Don't you think LOST is a little boring for the 2nd season? There's been just a slight advancement from the first three episodes. It has been really irritating to know that the plot isn't moving any further.

Ramya said...

Ferrari has a valid point!! :P I can't open my mouth when I sit hours together watching Friends or Full House

Neha said...

vazhakaila kashtatha sandhoshama maathikkaradhu romba difficult but not impossible. try watchin these serials...don temme they r a drag. they r a drag ONLY if u take em serious. evalo comedy undu theriyumaa serials la? atleast oru character kaavadhu 2 pondaatti irukkum adhelaam vechu avanga podara sandai elaam chance a illa. konjam naal unga favourite show timing ku amma voda avanga serial paathu comment pannunga sad scenes la elaam vizhundhu vizhundhu siringa, remote thaana unga kaikku vandhudum :D

BawangMerah said...

Ahhh, the days I spent brainwashing mum, not to watch these serials. Hmm somehow it worked :) Mainly because the storyline was so screwed up, they began shooting themsleves in the foot.

tulipspeaks said...

can sumone pls ban these serials?


Kaps said...

do read this when u have time -

Jagan said...

india variya ? ayyo kasta kalam.

visithra said...

@ Gp : so did balajoe ;p 3 serial articles! Grrr

hehehehe oh damn the only thing i hear at home is serials! So to bug my mom i tend to ask her qs on the show during hte show ;p hehehehe normally she ignores me :(

u do??? Awww i like it n amazing race as well ;p

@ Me : hehehe not at home long enough to need one :(

@ Ferrari : so clever u know ill hit n u still tell

u supporting my mom huh not fair - hey mine are broadcasted at different times so if i miss i watch it at different days - but mom has to watch every single show even the repeats :(((

lol she doesnt need blogs - she complains to everyone n they complain back - national no 1 topic of discussion
My days : lol not at home long enough to need one :(

she can?? Hey ur own whose side!!!! Not fair :((

very bad very bad!

@ Satu : yayyyyyyyyy ATA member ;p

hehe sometimes blues happen ;)

@ Usha : hehehe yeah tell me about it - same story different character but all women cry grrrr - radio?? Sometimes those too are bad - full ad programs :(

@ aravind : lol not at home long enough to need one :(

@ Balajoe : ehheeh i saw - shes just like my mom!! I agree cant stand them at all - y y did suntv come here :(((

@ Jeevan : yeah she is - n nowitself shes booking hte tv :((

@ Maran : hehehe it does?? Dont watch cannot stand that song

@ rg : welcome here ;)

its just started n ive only seen one episode - but it seems ok it always starts slow

@ Ramya : lol the thing is one makes us laugh these serials make ppl argue n cry

@ neha : ehlam try panniyachu - i used to bug her about the show during the show - n she just ignores me :(

@ Bawangred : it worked? Care to try on my mom? Shall treat u well ;)

@ Amu : me asking n hoping for the same

@ Kaps : thanks will check it out

@ Jagan : kashta kalam?? Adapavameh nillu nillu angeh vandhu unna gavanichikurehn!

Shiv said...

Yeah..heard tat in Astro the Sun TV pgms are shown as in chn...athaan u suffering..he he he

visithra said...

shiv : yeah suns playing here now :(( not counting the other indian channel - its horrible i tell ya