Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have an announcement to make. I'm.... I'm leaving.........

......for INDIA this April 30th and will be there on holiday till Sunday the 14th of May. Hehehehe

Did you know airport taxes are sky rocketing???? Well we managed to secure tickets with the older price after some running around trying to beat KL traffic.

Anyway I'm pretty excited about travelling and have created an itinerary of places I'd like to go, actually I want to go everywhere but don't think I have the time. So I need the kind help of all darlings out there to give suggestions if the list below can be used and recommendations for accommodation or transportation in said places ASAP since I need to book the connecting train tickets ASAP. Why is everything ASAP?? Hummmm

Also on the trip as I will be in Chennai and Mysore am hopping to meet everyone (I can hear Magix and Prav smirking) around those 2 places! In other words Bangloreans please drop by somewhere to meet me ;) And if case you have forgotten, some of you owe me a dance, song or act on a busy street, I'm hoping to be entertained on sandy beaches over hot piping bhajjis!

So now you know why I asked this question! Eheheh told you I'm sneaky and you guys thought I wouldn't be coming right?! ehhehe

The list of SOLO performers by alphabetical order are

My days
Shiv (someone find her a Sanjay)
Vikkki@ Whoosh

Sadly some are not in town - but just a reminder you owe me a performance! ;p

Anyway here's the itinerary and help please - this is just a vague list to be covered by train and car.

30th april and 14th May Chennai - flight to msia 15th May

karnataka (6 days 1 May - 6th May)
- hassan - belur - halebid
- mandhya - shivasamudram
- Talakad
- srirangapatnam
- subrahmanya
Sringeri (can i go udupi and kollur?? Will there be enough time?)
- fort

Manglore kerala border
- adoor
- kasargode

kerala (6 days 7 may - 12th may)
- thrissur pooram festival
- guruvayur
- Kodungalloor
- Irinjalakuda
ernakulam - Chennai

Thiruannamalai kanchipuram (13th may)

There's more I'd like to add but don't think I can cover them. So help please ;)


Usha said...

Bangalore is not on the itenary! Ok, I guess I will have to catch you when the train stops for a few mins at Bangalore - lol! Or try to hop over to chennai around that time and see how we can meet.
In anycase welcome and have a great trip and just shout if you need any help!!

BawangMerah said...

Heart attack. there I was thinking, there goes another blogger la. Sheesh. Looks like this time I escape, heh.

On a side note, this means more photos, weeeeee.

F e r r a r i said...

No Coimbatore in itenary?

Aravind said...

haiyyo... Visith, ipdi maati vittuteengaLeh ;) neenga keekara questions ellaathukkum romba yoisichu thaan answer pannanum inimel ;)

BTW, Enna title idhu? oru second i was shocked, that we are gonna miss a good blogger!!!

BTW, Why is Ferrari talkin about coimbatore, unga blog la? Am i missin something? ;)

Jeevan said...

Hi Visith, enna Indiavuku trippa, vanga vanga. :))

Nanyaar? said...

Well you gave me a jolt with that first line..

I was almost glad for a second that the bloggin world wud be free of yet another burden ;P when you told me that it was just a trip to India..

Anyways.. Welcome.. Eventhought I wont be there in person to welcome you.. and hey where is Madurai I dont see it in the list!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maran said...

Waaaaah! Hehe. Your camera will be workin overtime! Dun forget to bring rechargeable batteries+charger, power adapter and decent memory card.

For my trip I use indiamike and search engines to find places to stay but most of the time I just ask the locals. Enjoy!

Harish said...

aagaaa! andha time-la exam illaama irukanam nu hoping :(

ashok said...

oh...i;ll be on vacation in india the same time..but Madurai is not in ur list :(

WA said...

Have fun mate, sorry to let you down but no plans of coming to India at that time.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Me asking same question CBE??

tony of bachelor cooking said...

if i happen to be in bangalore during that time., be rest assured that i will come to mysore

Shobha said...

Hey...u coming to Mumbai? Any little chance?

dfg said...

enjoy ur trip,,,,
and u might need more days cover list

anasalwa said...

Have fun. Are you going to update your blog while you're on the road? Would love to read your adventure.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Welcome Visit! Do update on ur adventures when u find time..

Shiv said...

Hey Visit!! First thanks for helping me to find my Guy!! Wink!! Anyway antha plan we will decide wen u r here!! Wat say!!

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. u scare me off at first! ish.. remember to come back with a kanjepuram silk for me :P kekeke..



visithra said...

@ Usha : i know :(( but we must try to meet - even banglore stop is ok for me - though i wouldnt get to speak to you - will try to arrange a bloggers meet in chennai - n u must come or we'll arrange something ;)

currently looking for info - otherwise the help i would need is to get to meet u ;) thanks ;)

@ Bawangred : hehehe just trying to keep things fun ;) hehehe nope u dont will try to arrange a msian one before i leave ;)

ehehhe oh yes definetly more photos ;)

@ Ferrari : y dear u going there? Hehehe

@ Aravind : hehehe of course - exactly inimeh nah ehtavadhu ketha yoschi bathil sohlanum - but then fun iruhkadhu ;)

hehehe was just playing ;) Ferro always talks about cbe - i have no idea y - i think hes gfs there - u see all his comments will have cbe in it ;)

@ Jeevan : yes dear ;) u better be in town so i can meet u ;) we'll arrange something ok ;)

@ Nanyaar : it was meant too ;)

grrr but didnt expect u to be glad!!! ;p bah!

Ive been to madurai before n most places in tn - so thats y its not there ;) would have been nice if u were in town as well or most of everyone was ;)

@ maran : it should! ;) check on all the items - just need to go find a good storage drive to store them images while travelling ;)

hey thanks for the indiamike link - theres so much info ;) - but still im trying to see if i can cover all the places ;) in that short time frame

visithra said...

@ Harish : shall cross fingers n toes - anyway its a sunday so hopefully no exams

@ Ashok : u will? Then drop by chennai if possible :) ull get to see everyone else as well ;)

madurai paathachhi ;)

@ Uma : u wont? Awww another time then

@ Vijay : Me asking same question to ferro - CBE??

@ Tony : awww thats good to hear - will give u details n collect details as the date nears ;)

@ Shobha : aww no darling not this time :(

@ Prakash : thanks - lol i hope not ;)

@ Ana : thanks ;) dont think so - most times wont even have time to go online - but will update as soon as i get back ;)

@ Ponnarasi : thanks ;) will do so n hope ure part of it ;)

@ Shiv : lol no prob we'll get u at least a sanjay kuppusamy ;p

hehehehe sure sure no prob ;)

@ Amu : hehehe awww was just playing ;) hehehe dear god a ks? Uve got taste! ;)

Nithya Swaminathan said...

u r not visiting chennai? visiting only the chennai airport?! too much!

i am in chennai from the 3rd of may or something like that... will try to catch up with u..:)

visithra said...

nithya : ill be in chennai for 2 days ;) chennai pakkama pohvehnna ;) i need to have bhajji u know ;)

stay till sunday we plan to meet on the 14th ;) ;)

Ramses said...

Nal varavu:)

Love ur Karnataka ittinery. ellam sooper places. Dharmasthala, ruling the list! of the best monsoon trips i'd ever had was the one to dharmasthala..bful place!


Nirek said...

hey visi..
ciao! welcome to India! your itinerary looks possible. I am in Bangalore.... Will try to catch you if nothing big work on my way when u r in bangalore. I havent seen most of the places.... how big is ur gang? is there one more place for me to join the trip....

Ravi said...

Welcome. See you, one way or the other, in India! :)

Ghost Particle said...

Have fun visi...I c u choose some very nice places...for me Im stuck in a cab most of the time...

Ramya said...

Welgum to singara chennai !!! I'm sure there's gonna be a huge welcome party for u here! :o)

TamilPonnu said...

dudette.. have a BALL on my account!! I envy you man!! I wish you good journey! :)

Raju said...

wow.. thats a long journey.. But I am afraid it is the wrong time, dear.. Agni Natchathiram peak-le irukkumbodhu ippadi South India-vai oru varradhukku oru 'dhil' venum.. Keep gulping tonnes of liquid.. more advises later... :-)

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey COOL.....Your plan looks amazing and hope you cover all the places you wanted to ;-))

Wish i was also there to meet up with you....

Have a Rocking Time Dear :-))

My days(Gops) said...

nice travel plan visith...
hope u'll make it all....

trichy nu oru oooru irruku theriuma?
bajji soji ellam saapida poreenga..
nalla saapidunga..

aaah ah, i owe u street dance??idhuku per thaan "potu vaanguradha?"... will do it sure...

planning to make a bloggers meet!! sounds really nice,
bt i'm gonna miss tht....mmmm

u can go to udipi from mang'lore it will be around 40kms (1hr) by car....
btw, dont miss to eat in dharmasala => open auditorium.(rice and rasam) ok va?...

PS:- how long is it from Singapore to KL? by road?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Enjoy your trip, stay healthy, please say hi to all near and Dear and our fellow Bloggers if you meet anyone.!!

Don't forget the photos and your smile.!!

tt_giant said...

Whoa! thats one tight itinerary!. Have a nice time there and take pictures!

Gusti Adipati said...

Wow gal,

That sounds like a plan for a wonderful trip.
Have fun, and by the way while you are in Chennai dun forget to try Praveen mum's Lemon Rasam! Excellent-a irukkum. :)

Take care, be careful, keep your eyes open, keep clicking your camera, don't over stay, don't smoke, and finally if you have time ENJOY THE TRIP!

visithra said...

@ Ramses : thanks ;) actually want to add a few more places - but dont think i have the time ;p thanks for the info as well ;)

@ Satu : thanks ;) wont be in banglore though - skipping that one for this time ;) gangs very small mom, me n one akka - sure no prob u can join us - we wont mind :)

@ ravi : yes hoping to meet ya there ;)

@ Gp : thanks hehehe welcome to the working world ;)

@ Ramya : thanks - probably a farewell party ;) u will come wont u ;)

@ Tamilponnu : says the women who just went to mexico! ;p

@ Raju : i think im testing my luck - am hoping it will be pleasant as it normally is when i travel in mid april ;) the last time i was there it started raining from day 1 that i was there - it made news ;p hehehe

looking forward to the advices ;)

@ Glad : hoping the same - n would have been nice to get to meet u - thanks ;)

@ My days : ive seen most of tn already ;) trichy elam vanduruhkirehn - the place is hot even in december!

Bajji ingeh kadaikadhu :( soji ehlam vehndam

ehehhehe of course ;) am clever u see

guessed as much - hey thanks for the info on udupi n the rasam rice - will try to

are u in sing?? Its about 5 hours

@ venkittu sir : thanks ;) will do so - planning to meet as many as possible ;)

aww definetly wont ;)

@ ttg : yeah will do so ;)

@ gusti : praveens mums lemon rasam? Hummmm he never told me - lol will enjoy ;)

My days(Gops) said...

trichy ai pathi ippadi solliteengaley?...its ok..

am not from singapore, jst ask for a info..

visithra said...

my days : lol apdhi illeh unmaiyeh taneh sohnen ;p

i know ure not from sg - curious though ;)