Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yesterday evening was exciting, though I dont think it was for everyone but it was for me, I had this stupid grin on my face. In Malay we would say drama giler ;p Ah my eyes gleamed with excitement the moment I saw them. How hunky they looked, how gorgeous, how so efficient.

Anyway it was raining cats and dogs yday evening, ppl reported of being deafened by the sounds of cats and dogs who fell down and immediately started squabbling. Ok i'm going offtrack there, vis back to track!!

So I left work late knowing my fellow Msians loved their rain and a jakun (person who has never seen something - pathikaatan) enough to watch another car that just kissed the car at the fronts bumper. The unholy kissing is normally gawked at even if there's basically just a tiny bump since bumping is supposed to be lucky for viewers and they slow down their vehicle (probably causing another unholy kissing at the back) and sometimes even stop to get a view of the kissed cars number plate for lottery purposes. So after a frustrating drive through traffic from hell, and a bus driver who was ready to get into my lane even if it means hitting my car, I reached home famished, so headed of for dinner first.

As I reach my housing area, I find one of the roads blocked by branches that have fallen on the road due to the heavy rain. Now the housing area in front of my housing area (we're on higher land so we never got flooded in *touchwood*) often gets flooded and we used to wade across watery roads and watch cars float or the tiny river in front my house brim with water n the occasional junk but never seen branches fall from rain (the tree was still rooted just them branches). So for once I became the true Malaysian and gawked, since there was also traffic building up slowly on the other side and the public trying to move the branches.

I turn into my housing area wondering how heavy the rain was when I reached my house row to find a fire engine in front of my neighbours house and fireman running in between my housing area and the fallen tree road. I was wondering why the hell would they park there so got down to ask the fireman.

Fireman : Oh some branches fell on 4 cars there
Me : Huh!!! My house is there
Fireman : oh well we cleared already.

Luckily for us it didn't fall anywhere near our house, unfortunately our neighbours cars were affected and the poor tree was all broken. Luckily not too badly though.

Anyway I went back to watch the clearing of the road coz you see I saw something that was just droolishes. Ah my eyes gleamed with excitement the moment I saw them. How hunky they looked, how gorgeous, how so efficient.

You know how much I like men in uniform well it wasn't that, it was electric saws!!!! So I drooled over electric saws and my how fast they cut, oh my how fast they cleared the place and oh my electric saws!!!!

It was really sad to see them finish so fast but my the firemen were effectively fast, the cleared the place in 10 minutes and had traffic flowing!

Hip hip hurray for the firemen!!! And the electric saws!!!! ;p


Balajoe said...

Ha ha...I left before the rain started and when reached home, made sure I parked it where there are no trees.

My neighbor once parked his brand new car under the shade of the trees and left for office. When he came back, a big tree was on his car - all smashed up. I learned my lesson there.

Ghost Particle said...

oh my GOD!!!

Okay, to stay away from the rain, I took the LDP yesterday, but managed to get only till the tol near sunway, so spend a good part of yesterday evening holed up in summit usj...sad isnt it. But this morning there were no trace of calamity near anywhere.

Hey guess what, I pass ur office and Maran's office on the way to my office everyday! I use the cheras kajang i right or wrong?

Other than that, fireman are brave people...until they decide to use their sirens when they want to fill petrol...urghhhhh!

WA said...

Hmmmmm firemen, and where are the photos Visit :)

Jeevan said...

In Chennai falling trees on road and cars in Rainy day is normal issue. I used to watch, every time, if a tree falls, some dig the road for putting cables or putting road. How is the rain now?

Gusti Adipati said...

drooling over an electric saw??!! And who was talking about men and electrical stuffs earlier?

But, you saw the saw which didn't see you and you were awed about that saw? Did anyone saw you? Wow! You are an e(lect)-rotica stuff!

Nirek said...

happy to see you're ok after getting caught in those worst rains. Rain started the life of the tree from a seed and another rain had killed the tree. Irony-ila ;)

My days(Gops) said...

Rain=> only season whr we can watch vehicles loving => kissing => mixed combination..
(car with lorry, auto with bus with the courtesy of slippery roads)...

lol @ electric saws...(worked on battery?)

vishy said...

well the only reason I like rains here in the US is tht I do not have to wash my car then... I just park it outside and get a free car wash

BawangMerah said...

Ahhh, then you'd definetely like the unnamed marine from Doom. I hear he was very god with a chain saw. Or are they different, chain saws and electric saws? Hmmm

I wanted to be a fireman once. I think it was Standard 2 or something. I had just read a kids book on a fireman that saves people, and when the teacher asked my ambition I said I wanted to be a fireman. Ahh those were the days, days of innosense. :)

Ghost Particle said...

damn visi, I think u should try this la...900 bucks! actually get PAID to do shopping...

Ramya said...

Ooooh!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz saws go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

visithra said...

@ Balajoe : lucky u ;) ooh thats sad -

@ gp : oohhh got caught huh - well they would have cleared it -

i dont htink u pass mine maybe marans

heheh they do?? Never seen that - not even cops

@ uma : hehehe sorry no photos - didnt take any

@ jeevan : here too - just never in our place so was surprised - rains ok though raining daily

@ gusti : i was ;) hehhehe no one did ;p

@ Satu : yeah lifes full of irony

@ Missing : welcome here ;)

hehee nah over here they dont wait for seasons - its all year round kissing for those PDA vehicles - i think it did use batteries - i have no idea

@ Vishy : ello long time no see - huh u want rain?? I just have to wash my car it will rain!!

@ Bawangred : i would? Hummm actually i dont know too? As long as it whizzez non stop and cuts and cuts so smooth ill be happy ;p

u did? We all wanted to be police fireman teacher - i wanted to be a teacher - i did teach eventually ;p just different subjects - yeah those were the days

@ gp : hehehe aww i deleted that - n yeah imagine paid to shop wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

@ ramya : hehehe u like too ;) me likey ;p

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My days(Gops) said...

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2days => renovated my display name' nga....

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