Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Double tag

Ponnarasi tagged me twice so am combining both as a post ;)

Told you I attract tags :( but the second one is sweet ;)

Movies I would watch over and over again: (actually I wouldn't - maybe in between long gaps)
Star Wars
Indiana Jones

TV shows I love to watch:
A lot actually - some reruns are still nice like
Friends, the Nanny (the butler is priceless), Lost, Amazing Race, American Idol
(hail repeat viewings - that's how I catch them ;))

My favourite foods :
Anything spicy hot
Milo iced
Vatha Kuzhambu

My Greatest victories :
Lots - small and mostly personal ;)

Things that I hate
People who lie or take you for granted.

Great Personalities I would like to dine or spend time with
Michael Jackson ;)
TN Seshagopalan

Things I dream often
Rarely remember my dreams - but I always dream of travelling ;) the beach - luscious greens ;)

International Women's Day tag
About : women

Two things I like in her:
1) caring, loving
2) strong yet graceful

Two things I dislike in her:
1) some can be nasty
2) some are too forgiving

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1) love
2) laughter


Jeevan said...

ora kallula rendu manga (tag). i too have many dreams of travelling. Nice Tags visith:)

Ramya said...

How about a "Tag Magnet" Title???

Ghost Particle said...

tag magnet visi...hahahhaha...

nice tag replies...

Nirek said...

Gud replies!! Isnt it tags offer us easy topics to blog for the day!? esp this tag from ponnarassi was very easy.

ashok said...

hey..u wanna meet jakson?? r u 'kid'dding????

My days(Gops) said...

Nice collection

Tamil channel onnumey pudikaadha? Illai parkamaateengala?

paaambu kaaal soup , hot and spicy aah koduthaa? Will u ?
jst kidding…..

neenga oru vetri mangai nu sollunga?

nalla visaiyam thaan……..

TN Seshan? Nice choice…

kanavey kalaiaadhey nu solluradhu unda?

"Women" ai pathi sonna ellamey super

TamilPonnu said...

hmm. U sure about meeting Michael Jackson??

"According to the New York Post, Janet Jackson recently gained 50 pounds. Apparently Michael Jackson also gained 50 pounds and someone made him drop the seven-year-old."


visithra said...

Jeevan : yep one kall 2 mangas ;p good to know ;)

Ramya : no nyahyam naan appavi ;p but title name nalla than iruhku

gp : lol oiii what u so happy about - want me to tag ya? ;p

satu : actually it is - but most are repeated questions - so after a while its a bit boring - when uve done every single tag ever tagged on someone - ud complain ;p

ashok : nope not kidding only artiste i wanna meet - am a big fan ;)

my days : nope tamil channel onnumeh pudikadhu - oreh serial mayam - cannot stand it

lol paambu kaal?? Paambuku ehpo irundhu kaal irundhadhu?? Exotic animals ehlam sapdrathileh though ive seen ppl eat live ones ;p

tn is my fav ;) illeh apdhilam sohlradileh

gps answer to it is better ;)

tamilponnu : err seriously am a big fan of him and don't appreciate mj bashing here!

My days(Gops) said...

actually i wanted to write a paambu vaaal, but typing error becum Kaaal...