Thursday, March 16, 2006


IMG_0332boat The boats taking me somewhere... will tell you where, right after this commercial break ;p ehehhehee
ps : shot taken at Putrajaya.


awakeningcoma said...

onnu solrean manasula vechikonga boatla enga poroam rathu mukiyamila, eppadi poroamrathum mukiyamila pinna ada ethuvum mukiyalilla ,poroama avalotaan.last but not least ungaluku swimming theriyuma

Ravi said...

Hi.Sorry been away from your blog since along time. Happy to read about Putrajaya. Been reading a lot about it. Will check out the flickr. link and check onthe pics. Personally love such well-planned cities.

Gusti Adipati said...

What's with you and Putrajaya? You working or staying there? he he he

Despite being 'Naan Oru Malaysian, ungal sagotharan' I have never been to Putrajaya! WOW!

F e r r a r i said...

Coimbatore maapilai boat vachi irukaara?

Aravind said...

build-up ellam ivlo kodukkardha paartha, edho juicy story coming up nu thonudhu!!! waitin :D

My days(Gops) said...

TV nerai aah paarpingalo? short break ellam udreenga?

Jeevan said...

ponga ponga evalo thoram povinga, fuel irukkara varaikumthaan, apparam thuupu vachithan karai saranu.

visithra said...

@ Ac : hehehehe actually nekku swimming teriyadhu only floating ;p hehhehe

ipdhi reel vidhuriyeh tsh tsh

@ Ravi : thats ok - u must be busy moving ;)

yeah plan cities are pretty so are unplanned ones - each has its pros and cons ;)

@ gusti : ure msian? Oh didnt know ;)

thats coz the last time i went there took a tonne of photos ;) oh do go one day its beautiful ;) best if u like buildings ;)

@ Ferrari : adapavi u still going cbe?? Seri ponnu yaaru kathi vechiruhvohm ;)

@ aravind : juicy story than ;) hehee

@ my days : illeh commercial neriya pahpen ;p

@ jeevan : hehehe what a reply - i think my naughtyness is rubbing of on u ;)