Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blurring Daisies

Traffic was horrendous and I badly needed to take a leak. I cursed myself for not going at the shop I had visited 30 mins back. Stopped at a petrol station, looking as calm as possible and walked to the side of the station looking for the loo.

ps : will be posting a few posts today as I'm shipping off today ;)

Besides a black door couldn't find any thing that looked like one so went and asked the cashier who sully pointed me back at the same direction I had just come from.

Who paints a loo door black? That too theres only one? Hummm

By the time I got there another guy had arrived and we realized someone was inside. We silently stood waiting. The dripping water from a faucet nearby wasn't making things easy and the wait was getting long. 5 minutes later the guy gives me a "what the???" look and starts pacing as I tried to think of daisies and pansies.

Daisies were starting to blur and guys pace quickens as we're joined in line by another traffic victim. Finally loo hogger walks out and first in line dashes in.

The rest is history though now I need to go, again. Hummm


geetha said...

Not only road got traffic jam, now got toilet jam!

I guess he was too long in the traffic jam, that he needed long time to ease himself.

Hmm, this jam is getting into everybody one way or another, huh!

thennavan said...

OT: So did you check out yours on Blogrolling?


My days(Gops) said...

first come first serve.
though the loo doest accept reservation, u deserve for it..
he he he

ashok said...

never imagined taking a leak cud become an interesting post too...

still_figuring_out said...

lol. i hate it when i really have to go and i cannot find a clean, decent ladies room.

Usha said...

hahahahah. I am sorry, I understand what a torture it was . Have had similar experiences. But could n't stop guffawing when I read this!

visithra said...

Sorry guys for the late reply just got back ;)

@ Geetha : heheh yeah - it does seem so - traffic can be a killer! ;p

@ Thennavan : havent had the time will do so ;)

@ My days : hehehhe yeah would have been nice to have had reservations ;p nature just doesnt call on schedule ;p

@ Ashok : hehhe anything can be interesting if written that way ;)

@ still : hehehhe tell me about it i know the feeling

@ usha : ehhehe good that u did i was aiming for humour ;p