Friday, March 31, 2006

Orange, red, blue

IMG_0638sky.jpg The colours scream as the sun sets.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006





We have this huge pot at home with tiny fishes and some lotus flowers. Photo's were taken there.



First try at zooomr, lets see if its as good as flickr.

Shot the gal at a function I was at on Sunday - she was counting bangles light in hand ;)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yesterday evening was exciting, though I dont think it was for everyone but it was for me, I had this stupid grin on my face. In Malay we would say drama giler ;p Ah my eyes gleamed with excitement the moment I saw them. How hunky they looked, how gorgeous, how so efficient.

Anyway it was raining cats and dogs yday evening, ppl reported of being deafened by the sounds of cats and dogs who fell down and immediately started squabbling. Ok i'm going offtrack there, vis back to track!!

So I left work late knowing my fellow Msians loved their rain and a jakun (person who has never seen something - pathikaatan) enough to watch another car that just kissed the car at the fronts bumper. The unholy kissing is normally gawked at even if there's basically just a tiny bump since bumping is supposed to be lucky for viewers and they slow down their vehicle (probably causing another unholy kissing at the back) and sometimes even stop to get a view of the kissed cars number plate for lottery purposes. So after a frustrating drive through traffic from hell, and a bus driver who was ready to get into my lane even if it means hitting my car, I reached home famished, so headed of for dinner first.

As I reach my housing area, I find one of the roads blocked by branches that have fallen on the road due to the heavy rain. Now the housing area in front of my housing area (we're on higher land so we never got flooded in *touchwood*) often gets flooded and we used to wade across watery roads and watch cars float or the tiny river in front my house brim with water n the occasional junk but never seen branches fall from rain (the tree was still rooted just them branches). So for once I became the true Malaysian and gawked, since there was also traffic building up slowly on the other side and the public trying to move the branches.

I turn into my housing area wondering how heavy the rain was when I reached my house row to find a fire engine in front of my neighbours house and fireman running in between my housing area and the fallen tree road. I was wondering why the hell would they park there so got down to ask the fireman.

Fireman : Oh some branches fell on 4 cars there
Me : Huh!!! My house is there
Fireman : oh well we cleared already.

Luckily for us it didn't fall anywhere near our house, unfortunately our neighbours cars were affected and the poor tree was all broken. Luckily not too badly though.

Anyway I went back to watch the clearing of the road coz you see I saw something that was just droolishes. Ah my eyes gleamed with excitement the moment I saw them. How hunky they looked, how gorgeous, how so efficient.

You know how much I like men in uniform well it wasn't that, it was electric saws!!!! So I drooled over electric saws and my how fast they cut, oh my how fast they cleared the place and oh my electric saws!!!!

It was really sad to see them finish so fast but my the firemen were effectively fast, the cleared the place in 10 minutes and had traffic flowing!

Hip hip hurray for the firemen!!! And the electric saws!!!! ;p

Old man Jagan

He smiles jumps and tries to fly! The blogger we're missing finally turns old!

When I say old I mean really old - Happy Birthday Jagan

GJ you owe me a treat for this - n this time its really his birthday ;p - He did not trick me with the wrong date ;p

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I will do anything

I got a spam in my email where the title read - I will do anything to see you succeed.

That's a lot to promise don't ya think? The first thing that came to mind was will he jump of the Titanic while I say you jump I'll watch? Well given he'll first have to find the Titanic (only the authentic one for me), repair it, try to float it and only then try to jump, that's nearly impossible!

Or will he be Superman and sport his undies outside and go about saving the world or you know rescue me ones in a while flying me across some metropolitan city? He can't can he?

So what's with such undying promises, people tend to utter.

"Marry me and I will bring the sun and moon to you"

"I promise to give you the world" - well let him get up and switch of the boiling kettle first then we'll think about the world!

We all know the moment everythings solemnised and the marriage is 3 months old, it will be "honey I need this" with honey getting a retort of "why can't you get it yourself" from the other side. Or everytime honey comes back from shopping, she'd get the why do you have to spend so much look even if she did just go and get groceries, the same look women aren't supposed to give when men spend on electronics!

Why can't people just sit down and sensibly draw out what they would and wouldn't do.

"Look I love watching football and you trying to speak to me when a games on will not be responded to"

or "If you want me to cook, you'll have to do the dishes" or wedding vows should have vows that read

"I promise to love and cherish you and to do half the housework if she promises to not speak during football games. Speaking allowed only during advertisement if am not rushing to the loo! to not wince when I ogle over new electronics and not forbid my guys only night out on alternate wednesdays." Where the lady will reply

"I promise to love and cherish you and not speak during football games if you promise to speak to me on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays, change nappies, wake up when the child hollers at night, and take out the garbage."

See wouldn't life be so much more easier if we actually say what we want then promise the world? ;p

Monday, March 27, 2006

Water!!! Water!!!

Am a chilli lover. People are pretty entertained by the amount of chilli I eat. My regular eateries know what I want and tend to prepare it the way I like it but that's not what I'm writing about. You see my brother is the exact opposite though he has acquired the taste of mild chilli now, that wasn't the case when we were younger.

The first time we set foot at Thiruannamalai, India was during Kartigai Deepam, we were about 15 and 13. So we end up having breakfast at this small restaurant watching the crowd passing by and brother orders rava thosai coz that was what I ordered.

He takes the first bite into the thosai and suddenly starts jumping in his seat!

For a few second we were clueless and then he goes water!!! water!!! Water!!! Chilli!!! Water!!! Chilli!!! Water!!!

He'd bit into a chilli and was suffering from the apparent chilli sting. So the waiters start giving him water but they only have warm water and no ice so brothers still jumping and making noises. A crowd starts gathering to watch the spectacle and people actually walk to our table to see what was going on.

10 minutes later one of them had the brilliant idea of handing bro a plate of gulab jamun. The sugary savoury stopped the sting and became bros most fav snack and the rava? Well he stayed away from it for years ;p

And me? Well of course I laughed buckets and we still tease him about it ;p

Guess what?

Guess what? Its Sathyavk's birthday! Happy Birthday Sathyavk ;)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Tamashu ;p

The other day we were out having dinner at a road side stall. Suddenly my friend screams, jumps from her chair in a split second she's on the other side standing terrified. Every single person there turns their attention to our table some even getting up to see what happened, the manager rushes by, our waiter as well.

Me? Am laughing my head off!! ;p Why now???

Updated : See the place i was talking about is a restaurant that extends to the road - so we were sitting at the extended section - tables on the pavement - and the cockroach was a metre away on the road.

Manager looks at the road and irritatedly goes ".... Cockroach" and gives us a useles gals look! ;p

and I'm still laughing, while trying not to look at the people gawking at our table!

Life is extremely fun to be among people who are scared, no terrified of cockroaches.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hang that TV!!!

This week's been weird, one minute I want to strangle a few ppl, the next second am too lazy to do that. Even was lazy to blog or dress up and there is the mind numbing travel arrangement. The Monday blues lasted a bit too long. I've been really off mood and finally figured out why.

Sometimes other peoples emotional moods tend to bring you down since you sense there's something wrong with them but you just don't know what. The problem with all this sensing is you don't know whose bringing you down, so you search, checking on people, wondering whose blue is affecting you. When you do find out and realise its the siliest thing after being put on suspense that something serious happened, you contemplate should you hit he person or whip them and spray salt water on their wounds! OK so am beginning to sound scary ;p Pardon me but being irritated can bring out the evil in ya!

Anyway that's all cleared and today I feel like writing buckets or is it because I dressed up well? Whichever, the moods back to normal and today's episode was brought to you by A, B. C and D and the numbers 7 and 9. Ops that's Sesame Street.

I have this post to write about weird looking sea animals and touching star fishes but the photos haven't been worked on or uploaded!

I am so loving A*merican I*dol 06. Am such a fan I check out this blog before watching the show coz I can't wait to know whose still in! Glad to tell you all my favs are still in! Lost is back Lost is back and it gets weirder!

The bad news is, am sorely tested by tamil serials taking over my home. It used to be only after 9 pm, now it starts at 7 pm!!!! Someone shoot me!!!!!!!!!!

Everytime she has to go out during the evenings that I'm at home, I do the victory dance! It doesn't really work since she refuses to go out when her favs (which are all) are on! So been telling her wait till we get to India am gonna have 2 weeks free of those nonsense, the tvs mine! She says forget it and I tell her its all gonna be in Kannadam. She dutifully informs me, she will watch serials in Kannadam then! Whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone pity me!!!

I wanttttttttttttttttt my tv backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Double tag

Ponnarasi tagged me twice so am combining both as a post ;)

Told you I attract tags :( but the second one is sweet ;)

Movies I would watch over and over again: (actually I wouldn't - maybe in between long gaps)
Star Wars
Indiana Jones

TV shows I love to watch:
A lot actually - some reruns are still nice like
Friends, the Nanny (the butler is priceless), Lost, Amazing Race, American Idol
(hail repeat viewings - that's how I catch them ;))

My favourite foods :
Anything spicy hot
Milo iced
Vatha Kuzhambu

My Greatest victories :
Lots - small and mostly personal ;)

Things that I hate
People who lie or take you for granted.

Great Personalities I would like to dine or spend time with
Michael Jackson ;)
TN Seshagopalan

Things I dream often
Rarely remember my dreams - but I always dream of travelling ;) the beach - luscious greens ;)

International Women's Day tag
About : women

Two things I like in her:
1) caring, loving
2) strong yet graceful

Two things I dislike in her:
1) some can be nasty
2) some are too forgiving

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1) love
2) laughter

Monday, March 20, 2006

God bless

Friday was weird too many mixed news, good and bad. My friends dad had a heart attack. So Saturday went to see them and he was pretty relieved to see me. The thing about hospitals is, you're so used to seeing people run around that when you see them on a bed motionless strapped to a million gizmos it rocks your world.

We (my family) got used to it a long time back so it stopped being a shock but I must say I was hoping I wouldn't have to see the sight again coz it reminds me of my dads last moments. So the joy I felt was unexplainable when my friend informs me his dad had been shifted to the normal wards. Though the first thing I did ask him was who consented to the change of wards dads forcing or dads recommendation? My friend laughed at my question explaining to me his dads constant insistence to go home!

I've never met the family before since we live in 2 different corners of the state but it was nice to see them. I'm pretty sure the uncle hoped I hadn't come coz I kept telling him he'll have to abandon all his favourite items after this. Each time I told him something he'd give me this smile that looked as if he was saying - aiyo that also cannot??? Hehehhe

The thing is he reminded me of my dad, the stubbornness and the irritation of having to be confined to a hospital. He kept trying to get out of bed and walking around when he should be resting, or whenever I told him no more carrying heavy stuff or cutting trees or vigorous hand movements for the next 3 months at least, he'd give me the - thanks a lot for making life hell look behind the smile ;) or that's how I felt ;p

So everyones dads the same huh, too stubborn for their own good?

It didn't help when the sons kept mentally making notes of what i was saying and being even more strict with him. My friend refused to give him the tiny salt packet that comes with the hospital food, till I told him "I said less not nothing at all. Don't torture himla." Friend just smiled sheepishly but I knew behind it was a fear of losing him. Weird isn't it, how reality hits you.

So when his mom was reminding the boys to stop agitating dad. My friend confidently asks his dad if he was one of the culprits, of course dad cheekily nods his head yes much to my friends disbelief ;p

God bless them, and hope the next stage of recovery is smooth as well. Actually god bless everyone.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Capriciously her

Well if that does not explain it what else can? So go over there and wish the darling will ya.

Happy Birthday Capri ;)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have an announcement to make. I'm.... I'm leaving.........

......for INDIA this April 30th and will be there on holiday till Sunday the 14th of May. Hehehehe

Did you know airport taxes are sky rocketing???? Well we managed to secure tickets with the older price after some running around trying to beat KL traffic.

Anyway I'm pretty excited about travelling and have created an itinerary of places I'd like to go, actually I want to go everywhere but don't think I have the time. So I need the kind help of all darlings out there to give suggestions if the list below can be used and recommendations for accommodation or transportation in said places ASAP since I need to book the connecting train tickets ASAP. Why is everything ASAP?? Hummmm

Also on the trip as I will be in Chennai and Mysore am hopping to meet everyone (I can hear Magix and Prav smirking) around those 2 places! In other words Bangloreans please drop by somewhere to meet me ;) And if case you have forgotten, some of you owe me a dance, song or act on a busy street, I'm hoping to be entertained on sandy beaches over hot piping bhajjis!

So now you know why I asked this question! Eheheh told you I'm sneaky and you guys thought I wouldn't be coming right?! ehhehe

The list of SOLO performers by alphabetical order are

My days
Shiv (someone find her a Sanjay)
Vikkki@ Whoosh

Sadly some are not in town - but just a reminder you owe me a performance! ;p

Anyway here's the itinerary and help please - this is just a vague list to be covered by train and car.

30th april and 14th May Chennai - flight to msia 15th May

karnataka (6 days 1 May - 6th May)
- hassan - belur - halebid
- mandhya - shivasamudram
- Talakad
- srirangapatnam
- subrahmanya
Sringeri (can i go udupi and kollur?? Will there be enough time?)
- fort

Manglore kerala border
- adoor
- kasargode

kerala (6 days 7 may - 12th may)
- thrissur pooram festival
- guruvayur
- Kodungalloor
- Irinjalakuda
ernakulam - Chennai

Thiruannamalai kanchipuram (13th may)

There's more I'd like to add but don't think I can cover them. So help please ;)


IMG_0332boat The boats taking me somewhere... will tell you where, right after this commercial break ;p ehehhehee
ps : shot taken at Putrajaya.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March babies Attack

Well you know those March babies - they made a pact so I'd be busy and miss their birthdays. Sorry guys wasn't around, didn't know and anyway Happy Belated Birthday

Lets all wish a Belated Birthday to Ravages, Ponnarasi and Shiv (12th March) and dear old My days whose birthday was on the 13th.

Sorry and Happy Belated Birthday guys ;)

ps : another post below

Sleep walking

This year one of the temp staff was my roomate. The sweet darling and me seemed to have a few things in common. Anyway that's not the story I want to tell you guys.

Both of us actually take a very short time to get ready, so that should give us longer time to sleep right? Well darling decided she needed to wake up earlier and called up the hotel to give her a wake up call. Told her you keep the phone you pick it up am not doing it!

The next morning woke up to hear the phone ringing and roomie was fast asleep like a little angel. I turn the other side the phone stops ringing only for the phone on the desk to ring. I turn back the other side trying to shut off the noise. She finally wakes up grunts a yeah into the receiver and goes back to sleep! My sleep pattern messed up I went back to sleep and the both of us wake up late, missing breakfast.

When I told her what she did, she blinks back at me having not remembered a single thing!

Next night she again arranges for a wake up call. Oh brother! Woke up to the same left and right phone calls - finally it stops but darlings still not awake - just as I drift of to sleep the doorbell rings - as the hotel staff turned up at our door to wake us - I get out of bed and thank him and return back to the bed to find my roomie sitting on the bed awake. Did you know the phone rang? She shakes her head. Lol she can't wake up to the sound of the blasted phone but the moment I get out of bed she's up!

No more wake up calls ok? She smiles sheepishly.

Next night I return back to find the room door locked, I know she had gone back earlier and then I remembered her sleeping habits. Tried my luck and called out her name. I hear an aah and the door opening. Eyes closed she opens the door, doesn't say a word to me, walks to her mobile that was charging on the other side of the room, mumbles something and goes back to sleep. Me? I'm going OK she's sleep walking ;p

Next day I told her what she did and again she blinks at me not remembering a thing - hehehehe

I'm sure I had stories of scolding people in my sleep (my grandma complained once) but since she slept like a log, I'm sorry to disappoint you guys no stories of my sleep walking adventures!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wood kissed days

The most challenging and enjoyable part of my job takes place in 10 days every year unfortunately its also the most hectic, tiring period. Prior to that, for almost a month we were going back at 11pm.

See I work for a f*urniture t*radefair organiser. The largest fa*ir in the country and it attracts a large number of i*nternational visitors. So that's where I was in the last 10 days, cooped up behind walls, no sunkissed days just walls and walls and walking up and down halls. Days would end at 5am and begin at 7.30 am, it was torturously mad. The feet died daily, sometimes it went to heaven and hell and came back in the mornings twitching in pain! Only relief I had was the tub, late night soaking in hot water did much help to relieve the pain and tension of long hours.

Ps : this is a really long post but it has its moments ;)

My hotel room had such a gorgeous view, the city centre and the sparkling blue pool but all I ever saw of it was in the morning as I sighed at the sun and early in the wee hours of the morning when I got back tired and looking for the bed, just glancing at the silent night and empty roads.

I thought my days of speech writing were over but the boss insisted I helped them, so days got longer though I had finished my work before we moved in. Its really hilarious to have just got back to the hotel room and just as you look longingly at the bed, you get a call to get yourself back to the venue as the boss wants to discuss something. Or the numerous times the phone rings, even in the loo, and since every call is urgent you have but not choice to answer. One time at the loo, I kept getting calls every time I put the phone down, finally I screamed at the phone to shut up for a second, not that it listened!

Besides the tiring factor, everything that was under my supervision turned out great. Press attendance and coverage was brilliant, the Daily N*ewsletter I was incharge of was successful, the por*tal came out in time despite just a week to build it and best of all I had fun and no donkey managed to make my life hell!

Thank god my staff at both the booth and my m*edia room were responsible, bright individuals. With all the running around I was doing and trying to be at 4 places at the same time, they were a blessing.

It was only a week later, that I finally had time to check my email and what a surprise to see so many comments, though I wasn't there to reply them. Thanks guys, I really missed you.

It was my e*ditorial team that had me beaming throughout. Everyone had warned me about the e*ditor since he was a wes*terner and everyone who had worked with him before felt he wasn't pleasant. I was really worrying about working with him but it turned out the other way round, we had so much fun with him. He just needs things to be in a certain way, otherwise he was a gem, a misunderstood one at that!

He grew fond of us as well, we were always teasing him about his age, calling him an old man, or he would tease us and shoo us away and then call us back asking why we'd gone missing. Though he wouldn't really admit it he was mighty pleased with us and our work.

I was so used to getting my first call of the day from him (at 8.30am) that when he didn't call on the last day of the p*ublication, I barged there asking him so where's my morning call, you're so happy you're gonna leave? Hehehee actually he ran out of credit for the local number and wasn't planning to top it up anymore.

Writing wise, though I know i write well, it was daunting to give him my work as he's been an e*ditor for some 30 years. Everytime he edited my work and it got published I'd scan it to see the changes, it was such a boost to see very little changes, and the time he told me "I like what you've written here, this part, I'm just gonna add something" that had me flying in cloud 9!

Sometimes he'd call me and say something wasn't working and I'd tell him to try again and miraculously it would, so I'd tell him see I'm so lucky. He'd say " aww shut up and go away!"

Best of all he was telling us that he'd come back again if I was around to help him, since he liked the way I worked. Getting your work appreciated is such a wonderful thing!

Then there was my writers and designers. Designers I had worked with before so I knew they were good. But the 4 gals, 3 of whom I had brought in were just such responsible brilliant team writers. They never stopped bringing in stories, they never sulked and worked as a team - much to our bliss. We were always pulling the e*ditors leg. I had finally got the perfect team! We did have a minor problem with the sole guy writer, he was such a pain, not pulling in his weight of the work and not even bothering to turn up at the end of the day, I was that close to letting him go, speaking to the boss, he said its ok let him do whatever he wants we'll see to it later. Thankfully the gals were more than sufficient.

We laughed our heads off sometimes. One time I was desperately trying to finish the cover story and these gals were joking away. It seems one of the companies had created this material that was so strong there were planning to build a d*ouble st*orey house the next year and get people to jump on it to prove its strength. So the 3 of us on the plump side decided, we'd go jump on it to test its straight, if it broke we'd sue the company, if it didn't we'd sign a contract as official jumpers that went - when you ask us to jump, we'll say how high! We told the other 2 gals they're too thin to join us ;p

Before they left, the gals told me they'd never seen someone who was so cheery and always smiling and make sure everything was right despite running around and with all the problems that had surfaced. Ah again who said compliments don't make a difference !

Then there was my favourite temp hall manager and his 3 friends, a darling tall giant who sang so beautifully. When I found out he sang, immediately made him sing for me blackmailing that I'll tell everyone and make him sing in front of all. Of course he sang, little did he know I was gonna tell everyone anyway ;p Yes I am such a rascal! The next day my roomie innocently asked him about singing, and he came hunting for me telling me I had sold him off, of course I feigned innocence ;p Made him sing a few more times after that, occasionally chasing him around since he was running from entertaining me duty. Finally on the last day, as I was trying to go home, he sings to make me stay, knowing I would awwwww.

The fun we had with the temp staff, was just wonderful am missing everyone now.

There was flirting, some I liked most I didn't. Another good thing about working in such an event is the ego boost at the heads you turn, westerners have a thing for Indians you see, flattering but scary, sometimes it can get really weird, explains why I was walking around with a blade for company given the late hours I went back.

Then the extreme weird story was this ex*hibitor who kept asking to see me. The thing was I emailed him once! Just once in reply to his query about the newsl*etter coz he was irritating the hell out of me and my c*olleague. The moment he arrives in KL, he starts asking around for me, and I refused to go see him, since there was no reason to. Then I realised something was amiss when temp staff from other halls starting giving me the comical look when I told them my name. On the last day my colleag*ue calls me and tells me the old exhibitor was refusing to submit a form till I see him immediately and by then every hall staff and manager knew about his weird request and were teasing me at every given opportunity! I had no choice but to go and see the creepy man. When I asked why he wanted to see me, his lame answer was oh we've been communicating, I pointed out it was just one email!!!! Old creepy man! Well it didn't stop the rest from teasing me, someone even dubbed him srks dad, I'm sure S*hah R*ukhs dad behaves and looks better! grrrrrrrrr

Managed to purchase this dining table and when I showed it to my editor he agreed I had classy taste ;). Been collecting furniture in the last 3 years, the last time I bought these beautiful oak furniture, gorgeous coffee table, carved chest, and a few chest of drawers. Sadly couldn't find the same guy this year, or I could have completed my oak collection.

There was the food that came courtesy this young chef I had been politely smiling at over the week. Well I smiled at nearly everyone! I still think the food arrived for my friend who was his friend who incidentally wasn't there but everyone else is positive it was for me. Oh who cares at least we had fresh delicious food which also made a delicious bribe for live entertainment! ;p

Sunday evening after work finally ended, I went back to the hotel, thinking I'd go back after watching tv, the next thing I know its 10.30pm, I'd dozed off and was still feeling sleepy. Been sleeping every 6 hours since then waking for 3 hours in between to chat and unpack.

So despite how tiring it was, I had a good time and am missing them lots.

Ps : there's a reason why certain words have * in it - so don't mention those words in your comments or use * this in them. Photos are copyrighted.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Yello ppl ;)

I'm back - tired exhausted, happy, great week, successful work ventures and lots more - will update tomorrow - need to go back and catch up on sleep

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hey Good bye Nanba

Though there are parts that I don't like in this song's composition, I love the soft whisper of Hey Good bye Nanba and how it ascends in fervor as the lyric culminates to the pallavi (theme).

Well this will be my last post till the 13th. I'm of to 10 days of sleepless nights, shaded days, luxurious ambiance, eye catching splendor. If only this was a holiday and not 10 days of hectic work and I didn't make it sound so extraordinary!!

Wish Shiv on her Bday will ya guys - its just around the corner. (not sure of the day she refuses to reveal it). Shiv sorry dear won't be able to wish ya - so advance birthday wishes!

Ps : please look after my darling blog - will be missing her and everyone :(

Hey Good bye Nanba ;) toodles

Nicking that name

Have you noticed? I have an extremely unique name. People with this said name seem to have a tendency of being egoistic about it, we all assume we're the only ones with it and proudly flaunt it.

Anyway in my quest to remain oh so unique like my name suggests, I've managed to only identify 3 people with the same name in KL. Years back some kids told me about one gal in an area who was their classmate, little did I know I'd meet the same gal a few years later at an event I had created the decor for. The host had thanked me in her speech and dutifully, fellow namesake came looking for me to be introduced.

It seems a month after I was born and named, a friend of my fathers bestowed the same name much to his chagrin and I suspect she's the new dj on the tamil radio channel.

My dad's been extremely possessive over my name. During one of my performance, the emcee kept fumbling the pronunciation - from Vasistra to Vathitra to Visathra. Finally dad menacingly stood next to him and what would you know, he pronounced it fluently the 4th time! Dad never had a nick for me it was always Visithra.

People have always been fumbling my name that I immediately give them a nick to make life easier and to at least hear something that makes sense! My class teacher of 3 years could never pronounce my name, it was one different pronunciation daily! Interestingly she's now the headmistress at my primary school and the last time I met her she exuberantly pronounced it perfectly while embarrassing me in front of her teachers while gushing over me!

Did you know though it sounds so feminine its a unisex name? There's a town in India with the same name in honour of V*ichitra Veerya - the mahabharatha prince - each year theres a huge festival there. He and his brother c*hitrgada were the main cause of the Mahabharatha war, if you saw it from its roots they were also the step brothers of B*hisma. Its a pretty famous name among the Buddhist as I've seen numerous places named such in Sri Lanka and found links a lot of people in Thailand. And if you hadn't known there's a veena in the same name as well as a saree - been looking for that particular saree. Can't seem to find it ;p

As short as it looks, the range of nicknames I have been bestowed are pretty remarkable. I must say I dislike being called chitra as ego kicks in and it believes my names unique V should always be maintained at all cost! ;p

V/vi - most of my chinese friends call me this - though when we were at primary school there it used to be a fav nick among my friends as we used to be glued every afternoon to the telly to watch a bunch of reptile aliens in human skin eating live mice! And those aliens were called V. So it was long established that I am not human ;p would have preferred zombie though.

Vis - no stories or I cant remember any - must have been a short form of the Visit nick.

Visi/ Visy - This is pretty normal and probably the oldest - mom calls me this besides the normal "words" all kids get called "lovingly" by their parents. The only other problem is Visi stands for vision - and we have this government tag line V*ision 2020* - so
V*ision 2020* became a nick as well!

Visit - Most of my school mates and non indian friends call me this. When I was in primary school - our tourism board started the Visit Malaysia campaigns - and before I knew it my nick became Visit Malaysia year (please enter year). And they'd say the whole freaking long phrase - aren't nicks supposed to be short?

Visith - I think this was blogger originated - most bloggers call me visith

Vase/ Van/ vamp - came from me telling people don't call me Chitra and I used to tell them yeah sure no prob go ahead ;p

Vitra/Vistra - came from some newly introduced bike, car or something - years back - this has died down

Witchy - my baby cousin used to call me witchyakka - the kid used to make me beg her to let me carry her - she was the only baby for some 20 cousins - so you can imagine the attention!

Visika - KIDS or old ppl trying to be kids tend to call me this

Vichu - ah this is my fav - most of my friends call me this - it always sounds like a sweet caress ;) (konjara maari) - I got this nick at college in my first year - one of my seniors was repeating my name a few times and decided he should call me Vichu and everyone picked it ;)
Only some time later I found out it meant brahmin boy.

_ _ _ _ : This I am not telling you guys or anyone and it has nothing to do with my name! The first time I got this nick I was 17 working part time at this company where everyone adored me and if you said this nick everyone would go awwww she! Anyway went to univ, nobody heard about this nick before and surprisingly it someone suggested it out of the blue and my whole college started calling me it! Recently another group started calling me it - grrrr

pisasus - this one i like - my bunch of friends we tend to call each other with such sweet names ;p

other names I've been called - zombie, peyi, ext ext.

Blurring Daisies

Traffic was horrendous and I badly needed to take a leak. I cursed myself for not going at the shop I had visited 30 mins back. Stopped at a petrol station, looking as calm as possible and walked to the side of the station looking for the loo.

ps : will be posting a few posts today as I'm shipping off today ;)

Besides a black door couldn't find any thing that looked like one so went and asked the cashier who sully pointed me back at the same direction I had just come from.

Who paints a loo door black? That too theres only one? Hummm

By the time I got there another guy had arrived and we realized someone was inside. We silently stood waiting. The dripping water from a faucet nearby wasn't making things easy and the wait was getting long. 5 minutes later the guy gives me a "what the???" look and starts pacing as I tried to think of daisies and pansies.

Daisies were starting to blur and guys pace quickens as we're joined in line by another traffic victim. Finally loo hogger walks out and first in line dashes in.

The rest is history though now I need to go, again. Hummm

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


People tend to say, one should marry a good friend, but it isn't as easy, not all good friends click in love. The situation often gets uncomfortable when one side isn't feeling the same resulting in the friendship ceasing to exist but sometimes they are able to put back the feelings and remain friends.

Years back a good friend confessed of love but it wasn't mutual and I had it made it clear immediately. Yet since then we have been good friends, not frequent but good friends since we don't really live nearby. To me he was never more than a friend and I assumed he had also come to feel the same. Occasionally he'd reminisce about what could have been and I assumed it was just that reminiscing yet I always made it clear that we were just friends. He also knew about my ex and he had his own ex in between the years. So there was no way I could have been misleading him.

We last met a few months back and had a really good time and the last I spoke to him was a brief chat 3 4 months back (we're the laziest bunch you see).

The other day a mutual friend tells me, he got married a few weeks back. On one hand I'm extremely happy he got married but what saddens me is he hadn't told me about it. We had been talking about weddings and he had been saying you must attend it and all and suddenly he's married and I didn't even know. And no we haven't had any misunderstanding.

Had he been nursing hopes of getting back but only finally realised I had been treating him as a friend only or he was just typically lazy or .....

Anyone with theories - its a sad thing not being able to partake in a friends life and really not knowing why.