Monday, February 27, 2006

Gecko motley

Last week was a motley of emotions. Bad news, good news, hectic work, a shoulder aching from stress, the guilt of occasionally leaving slightly earlier than everyone at work and this is the time everyone wants to meet and I have nary a minute for my friends.

A friends getting married, another's in a problem, my days never seem to end without spending 12 hours at work, a very close friend got married without informing and I'm pretty confused (will explain later), another might get married soon, the joy of holding travel tickets and the not so joyous itinerary planning (doesn't help that I want to go everywhere no thanks to the internet and the travel channel). A blog entry that brought out the dormant feminist, I had to rein myself from writing an angry post (will write on this later).

You don't know how relaxed I was slouching in a cinema hall, shawl protecting from the chill, friends for company and Jim carrey being less him on screen much to my joy. So much the next day, I bunked evening plans, finishing work late Saturday night so I wouldn't have to work on Sunday.

Extremely tired today yet I'm at work after spending Shivarathri wide eyed but peaceful for most of it. Long time ago I discovered am a workaholic who feels guilty of taking leave.

Oh the best part is, there's a harmless gecko lizard terrorising my mom by doing nothing on our dining room sink. So fond it is of my mom, it refuses to leave the spot, can't say the same of mom, since every other hour, when she forgets of her pet gecko, I'm entertained by shrill ancient chants followed by jumping everywhere in the hope the ritual dance done 3 metres away from little old gecko who can't see over the sink will scare it away. ;p

By the way, will be missing from the 3 - 13 March for work. Will miss you guys but I promise to entertain as much as possible before that and bring back juicy funny stories. There will be another post today ;)


Maran said...

10 day trip ah?

Shamgar said...

Visithra has a dormant feminist within? We all tremble with fear at the thought of it escaping. Godzilla would be a gecko in the sink compared to such a creature released into the world.

tulipspeaks said...

:( 10 days without ur post? and without comment from ur side ah?

konjem kastham than.. *sigghhh..


Aravind said...

10 days-aa???
ok.. only if u come back with what u promise - Juicy stories ;)

still_figuring_out said...

awww...i will miss you! i have a story about a gecko to tell..

Shiv said...

Hey visit..u will be missing on something very imp wen u go on ur trip..anyway safe journey!!

BawangMerah said...

Aiyo, I just wrote this long comment, then the karan went off. Haiya!

Anyway, can't wait for the ensuing posts. Especially the feminist one since never seen that part of you. But sorryla if I reflex-comment a bit. Being guy and all, sometimes see feminist only we melenting :P

Have a nice journey, and unwind a bit la during the trip, you sound like you working too hard. Though I'll miss like 90% of commentors on me blog when you're gone. Have fun and bring back lots of photos :)

Ghost Particle said...

huh,...izit the furniture fair thing i saw in the papers?

The payless book guy told me the book fair is coming after that...

Geckoes, last time when i was in langkawi we had this giant geckos the ones with the orange spots in it. but theyre preety much harmless unless u disturb them. dont let them bite, its poisonous. how do u spell poisonous?

visithra said...

@ Maran : 10 days yes - but not trip - just stuck in one place ;)

@ Shamgar : hehehe oh don't - occasionally it comes up if i see ppl being rude or doing atrocious acts to women ;) nothing to fear if u arent one of those which im very sure u arent - hehehehe oh my what a compliment ;)

@ Amu : yeap - 10 days without my blog :( n visiting other blogs - will come back as soon as possible ;)

@ Aravind : awwww such a cute kid photo ;) yeah oh u'll get stories ;)

@ still : will miss u guys too ;( and when do we get the story of the gecko? ;)

@ Shiv : i will? What is it ? Ur bday? ;(

@ Bawangred : aiya bad karan! Ops we meant electricity ;)

ohhh well dont think ull melenting - its only a sector of men we dormants are against - n everyone hates those ;)

the 10 day work isnt a trip - n theres no way to unwind there - oh u heard right i am working too hard ;) i think ppl read ur blog but dont comment - a lot of pps readers come but dont comment - donno y - will come back with a bang ;)

@ gp : book fair? Where when?

But those were inside cages right? You've spelt it right ;)

Jeevan said...

visith we really miss your writings for above a week friend. have a good fun on the break :)

My days(Gops) said...

10 days aah? gud to hav a break from the work... no work, no tension..
enjoy ur days

visithra said...

Jeevan : wll miss urs too ;) no break pa just working elsewhere

my days : lol no holiday yet - will be missing for work

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