Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Theory of electronics says - only when you're busy everything must (not will) go haywire.

As to date - the printer refuses to print unless we obediently go to it, beg and carress. It seems to prefer women. Thank god.

The fax occasionally goes mad and claims its toner is low and then after buttons are pushed by men, she seems to be okay. Sigh not good.

The phone refuses to stop ringing nor do you get a line to call out. Steps to acquire that elusive line includes, praying, begging, seducing, promising sweets and candies before lo behold one line stops blinking busy! It is not known which gender is preferred since everyone seems to be bullied by the phone!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

my cell phone is reliable, doesnt give me trouble, thts partly coz i hate it i guess ;)

tulipspeaks said...

my mobile phone seldom ring nowadays..basically coz i changed my num recently and not many knows it..just a matter of time it started to ring after 2am..again..


Ghost Particle said...

id say ur office is possesed. must be some ghosts leftover when youre office is build on top of their graves or maybe sum tree's where they've lepaked. all said, try just kicking or banging the stuff. itll work fine. phone no idea la...it sucks everywhere.

BawangMerah said...

It's Murphy's Law la vis. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. :P

Keshi said...

my cell phone is a babe...hot one and a hot line too :)


Usha said...

Actually when these happen, I'd say it is their way of telling you that you are working too hard - and so you must get away from them all the phone, fax the printer and go have a pedicure done!!
(seriously, that is a universal law..One applaince gives trouble and slowly it spreads to the whole office!)

Aravind said...

My cellfone is the most reliable thing :) Quite old - some 7 years and does not look sleek - looks like a mini cordless... but not faced a single prob with it for these 7 years... I get a chance to tease all my friends who have probs with their latest "sleek" and "stylish" mobiles :)

BTW, thanx for the compliment for the foto.. andha cute kid - naaneh thaan :D

geetha said...

Although I don't get much calls, still can't live without it.

We addicted to technology..

BTW, always be nice to your printer and fax machines.. they can be moody you know ;P

Eclectic Blogger said...

haha.. seducing ah.. comedy

Shamgar said...

Which gender? You are not serious! Phones can ONLY be female.

sophie said...

cell phone..i am addicted

WA said...

I totally believe that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong :)

phatichar said...

Oh, that explains why they named a radio after Murphy.. ;)

still_figuring_out said...

haha! i like the one abt the printer ;)

Yours Truly said...

Theory of Electronics?? Didn't have the courage to read more..am allergetic to such theories!! Enakku suttu poattaalum puriyaadhu. And the irony is am an electronics engineer :))

My days(Gops) said...

Padharna kaariam sidharum.......
he he he

visithra said...

@Adapaavi : nick change, blogname change - vereh enna change? Singapore rombeh than influence pahnuthu ;)

u hate it?? Aww i love mine - was talking about office phones - fixed line ;)

@ Amu : err i have that number right?? Hehehhe so back to being a buzy bee huh ? ;)

@ Gp : lol how i wish ;) would make great stories ;) hehehe kicking n banging? Too scared to try what if it jams ? ;p hehehe

@ Bawangred : hehehe tell me about it ;p

@ Keshi : the owner is as well ;) hehe my hps a darling as well so are my pcs - n all electronics i own - i was talking about office phones - fixed line

@ Usha : heheh oh how nice of them - im badly needing a massage than pedicure - i seem to be missing a neck

hehehe tell me about it - its bloody contagious!

@ Aravind : ahem mines is sleek n reliable coz its not tiny nor is it lightweight ;p

but i was talking about office phones - fixed line - oh i guessed the photo was u ;)

@ Geetha : oh that we are ;) heheh the moodyness is so dramaish!

@ Bloggie : ure laughing?? Wait wait one day u gonna pohlambaran the same thing then ill laugh!!! ;p

@ Shamgar : hehehe i have to agree but im not sure which gender the phone prefers - seems to bully everyone ;)

@ Sophie : hehe all of us are ;)

@ Uma : i too sadly believe in that ;)

@ Phatichar : hehehe lol definetly explains a lot ;)

@ still : heheh good that u do ;)

@ Yt : lol oh u should read - its just about complaining about them ehhehe

@ mydays : explain pls ;) konjam purialeh ;)

sukhanya said...

hey if u notice closely.. not jus elec.. but ppl workin or teachn in that field behave the same way..hehehehee....(me an exception ;-)


Ramya said...

If all the kickin , caressing, seducing, bribing doesnt work.. a kick on its butt would do good always. Resort to violence. :o)

visithra said...

@ Sukku : actually most ppl are weird - especially in a small office - heheh univ time engineering faculty guys were the cutest ;p

medical were the dorkiest ;p sukku im sure u are ;p

@ ramya : hehehe might have to in the future ;p

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