Monday, February 27, 2006

All I wanna do ..... have some fun ;)

The other day I was really getting sick of working long hours. And the irony of life, its only when ure busy the whole world wants to go out with you! Having had enough I agreed to meet my friends at the movie theater.

Then there's the Unwritten theory of distance which says the one furthest from destination always arrives way ahead of the one staying next door. So mua having arrived early, I went ahead to get the tickets for the movie. We wanted to see Fun with Dickand Jane but the movie was selling fast. So I called one gal up and :

Me : hey the movies are selling fast whats our choices.
She : (giving movie names and all)
Me : so its d*ick for first choice and pink panther second

The moment I said that the guy 2 spots in front of me turned back and gave me this shocked "you-foul-women!" look.

Opsy I should have said it in full - oh well it made for a good laugh!

Ps : movie's ok for a 1 time watch but it might leave you with a bad taste especially if you're employed


Gusti Adipati said...
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Gusti Adipati said...

Yea watched the movie and it was OK. A thought provoking movie which is a rarity with Carrey's movies.

I liked the part where the year 2000 and the dialogue about Enron was integrated at the end of the movie though!

BawangMerah said...

Hahahah. Just like today, I was reading the advert at a famous fast food joint. "kebaikan telur kami untuk dikongsi bersama". It's the right translation, but when you read it altogether, it just sounds weird. :P

Nirek said...

ha ha ha....:) btw, "You-foul-women" can you teach me how to create Read More link in blog and jus display few lines of blog in first page. Thats a great idea, i couldnt able to identify your technique to do so....
hv a great day

Ghost Particle said...

oh ....yenna time and yenna day at the movie la...? i was there on saturday for a midnight with rang de basanti.

Dic n pink panther is vcd material...hheheheh

Gladtomeetin said...

hahaha.....but the movie was only it??

Balaji S Rajan said...

Are you a crowd puller ... Wherever you go there are someone to say something about you... BTW you never said anything, about whether you enjoyed your friends company or not?

Keshi said...

lol Visithra ur really sweet!


Me said...

what u r seeing fun with dick and jane only now...:o

is the movie getting released only now?

Eclectic Blogger said...

abishtu.. andhe padam avalo nalla illai.. naanum inge paathu tholachen

still_figuring_out said...

i have not watched it!

visithra said...

@ Gusti : welcome here ;) about ur nick - u like the legend or the movie?

Agreed am not a fan of carrey - find hes style of humour sometimes sickening

i know i liked that part too - though very few ppl understood what they were implying - so there were only a few ppl going oh wow

@ bawangred : lol direct translation is so hillarious ;) the other day i saw this add for some tongkat ali on some pillar n i laughed my head off - it was

minumlah bla bla untuk kuatkan senjata lelaki untuk betarung the isteri terkasih - rotfl hehehehehe - i couldnt stop laughing - imagine a kid asking the parents what senjata n y does mom fight with dad ;p

@ Satu : lol oh u can get advice on how to create the read more here

@ Gp : i was supposed to go for rdb at that same time but sat was still working ;)

movie was on fri at sunway - it is? Oh i just wanted to get out of the office ;)

@ glad : yeah it was ok only - it has a scary msg though

@ Balaji s : hehehe it would seem so - but it could be coz im also quite aware of my surroundings ;) oh of course i did - no need to explain i guess ;)

@ keshi : hehhe thanks

@ Me : yeah i think just 1 week back - over here movie releases are kinda weird - the much awaited ones are released a day earlier - the average or not so popular ones released months years later or never get released

@ Bloggie : hehehe its ok not great n i was happy carrey didnt act over the top

@ Still : watch it at home 1 time ;)

Jeevan said...

Many people tell that Dick is good comedy movie. will try to watch.

visithra said...

jeevan : its ok ;)

My days(Gops) said...

englibikish padama?

visithra said...

my days : anglish padam than ;p

Maya Cassis said...

girls just wanna have fun.:)

visithra said...

maya : welcome here ;)

yes we do ;)

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