Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Theory of electronics says - only when you're busy everything must (not will) go haywire.

As to date - the printer refuses to print unless we obediently go to it, beg and carress. It seems to prefer women. Thank god.

The fax occasionally goes mad and claims its toner is low and then after buttons are pushed by men, she seems to be okay. Sigh not good.

The phone refuses to stop ringing nor do you get a line to call out. Steps to acquire that elusive line includes, praying, begging, seducing, promising sweets and candies before lo behold one line stops blinking busy! It is not known which gender is preferred since everyone seems to be bullied by the phone!

Monday, February 27, 2006

All I wanna do .....

.............is have some fun ;)

The other day I was really getting sick of working long hours. And the irony of life, its only when ure busy the whole world wants to go out with you! Having had enough I agreed to meet my friends at the movie theater.

Then there's the Unwritten theory of distance which says the one furthest from destination always arrives way ahead of the one staying next door. So mua having arrived early, I went ahead to get the tickets for the movie. We wanted to see Fun with Dickand Jane but the movie was selling fast. So I called one gal up and :

Me : hey the movies are selling fast whats our choices.
She : (giving movie names and all)
Me : so its d*ick for first choice and pink panther second

The moment I said that the guy 2 spots in front of me turned back and gave me this shocked "you-foul-women!" look.

Opsy I should have said it in full - oh well it made for a good laugh!

Ps : movie's ok for a 1 time watch but it might leave you with a bad taste especially if you're employed

Gecko motley

Last week was a motley of emotions. Bad news, good news, hectic work, a shoulder aching from stress, the guilt of occasionally leaving slightly earlier than everyone at work and this is the time everyone wants to meet and I have nary a minute for my friends.

A friends getting married, another's in a problem, my days never seem to end without spending 12 hours at work, a very close friend got married without informing and I'm pretty confused (will explain later), another might get married soon, the joy of holding travel tickets and the not so joyous itinerary planning (doesn't help that I want to go everywhere no thanks to the internet and the travel channel). A blog entry that brought out the dormant feminist, I had to rein myself from writing an angry post (will write on this later).

You don't know how relaxed I was slouching in a cinema hall, shawl protecting from the chill, friends for company and Jim carrey being less him on screen much to my joy. So much the next day, I bunked evening plans, finishing work late Saturday night so I wouldn't have to work on Sunday.

Extremely tired today yet I'm at work after spending Shivarathri wide eyed but peaceful for most of it. Long time ago I discovered am a workaholic who feels guilty of taking leave.

Oh the best part is, there's a harmless gecko lizard terrorising my mom by doing nothing on our dining room sink. So fond it is of my mom, it refuses to leave the spot, can't say the same of mom, since every other hour, when she forgets of her pet gecko, I'm entertained by shrill ancient chants followed by jumping everywhere in the hope the ritual dance done 3 metres away from little old gecko who can't see over the sink will scare it away. ;p

By the way, will be missing from the 3 - 13 March for work. Will miss you guys but I promise to entertain as much as possible before that and bring back juicy funny stories. There will be another post today ;)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Are u game?

Few days back was having a conversation with a friend and somehow it landed at women bullying men. So when asked what would we do, I said we'd probably ask you to sing or dance on a street to which he replied cheh thats so easy and since i love dancing no problem.

Question is : how many of you guys would gamely agree to such harmless but entertaining bullying ;p Now come be a sport ;)

ps : another post below ;)

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Blotches of ink

My day wrote about how ink pens, once a precious possession, had lost its charm among today's youth. I never had to use ink pens at school coz by the time it was our turn to move into pens, schools had embraced ball pens and ink pens, ink bottles and leaking pens became the thing of the past.

Yet I owned a few quite early in life. You see my dad, as long as I could remember wore a gorgeous gold watch and always had with him this gold parker pen. Though the watches changed over time, 2 coming from years of service at his company, the gold pen remained a constant companion despite owning a few other exquisite pens.

Every day it was the same ritual, he'd come home from work and head to his sofa and his table that mind you no one sat at or messed with, and he'd remove his watch and the pen left its day time resting place in his pocket to land on the table.

So ink pens to me were the most precious things, symbolising importance, class, work and best of it set you apart from the multitude of ball pen owners. That's why I ended up having a few cheap Hero ink pens with its bottle of inks in the deepest indigos which I eventually broke. Sometimes I'd tilt the ink bottles and watch the colour play in the glass bottles. Dad did give me an old pen of his, eventually, much to my excitement, and despite them no longer functioning anymore, I still have that old silver pen and his fav old gold watch.

There is something about a man removing a sleek pen from his shirt pocket to sign those important documents that still intrigues me. I know it comes from seeing my dad, but till today whenever I see someone reach out into their jackets to remove their pens, I smile intrigued by that simple everyday motion. Its another story that I have not seen a single young man own one.

I guess it explains why, while we were clearing his things, I took the pens and carefully placed them in his leather briefcase (another item I often coveted) thinking it was mine finally. Little did I know, my brother had craved for the same pen and he quietly took it into his possession. I did want to ask it back but then decided someone else should be enjoying the swish removal of sleek gold pens from crispy shirts.

Bah dump metrosexuality, the charm of a gentleman never stops to bewitch.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dum Dum maatukaran


How many songs can you list that talk about drums?

The ones I remember are

1. Dum dum dum maatukaran theruvil vandahndi
2. Angam tangam mirudangam (from AA - my fav line by the way)

Any english songs? Hindi (with translation pls)

(photo taken during Thaipusam)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gotham City

Late January when I had gone of for the CNY break - I had gone around on photo stints.


As you've already known, I love photography and armed with the cam I had headed of to Putrajaya - the pretty new administrive capital of Malaysia.

Though a 15 minute drive from home, I'd been there only once for a wedding on a rainy day decked in a saree so I couldnt get down and really enjoy the beauty of the place.


I had left home late evening after a short rain shower thinking it wouldn't rain again, but the moment I pulled in front of the Pink Mosque it started raining so heavily I couldn't get out. After minutes of willing the rain to stop I drove around Putrajaya aimlesly wondering how long it was gonna rain.

Finally it did and I was back at the beautiful Pink Mosque - or Putra Mosque.

Coz the rain had played spoiled sport, I missed entering the mosque (they close by 6pm to the non muslim public) though th nice security guard allowed me to enter close enough to get these shots. I had picked that hour coz I wanted to catch the buildings during the day, dusk and night.

I love this mosque - I spent hours standing and just admiring its beauty from various parts of the city always looking back at its extraordinary beauty.

This is Perdana Putra - The Prime Minister's Office Complex that looks like an eastern white house. I have something against the colours though - pretty weird combinations.

As you can see I have shots of the Mosque from the side, from the lake, at dusk, at night.


Right after taking a shot of the mosque at dusk I turned into this boulveard and was awestruck by the sight that greated me. Thats when I decided gotham city was in Malaysia, nowhere else! Each building was distinct in its own way.


I have no idea what building this is but oh wow it was gorgeous.


Then there was the Palace of Justice. I'm serious thats the name of the building. Besides the corny name - it was one beautiful palace.

The extremly weird part of Putrajaya was besides the popular spot near the mosque, most of the area was empty. While I had guards chasing me to remove my car from the empty streets near the bridge.


No one turned up to chase me away at the boulevard with these amazing buildings. I was practically dancing around on the streets, could have done a private performance given the vastness of the place yet the total emptiness of the area.


There wasnt even security guards, I'm told its a smart city but still it was pretty eerily wonderful to be standing alone in Gotham city with just the occasional car driving by. Most people don't visit this part of the city and I myself didn't know about the buildings till I had gone the other day.


The structure that had my jaws dropping was the Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex. The middle section is empty, and adorned by this huge metal U like arch. I have a shot of it at dusk you'll have to check my flickr for that one.

There are more photos, especially of the bridge, here. Please have a look, I've fallen in love with this city that I've named Gotham city. Don't you agree with the name?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Word mumbo

Most words in the Malay language was taken from some other language mostly from the Indian dialects and Dutch words.

The other day I was driving mom in central KL when this bus comes and parks itself right in front of us and we couldn't move even though the light had turned green.

Mom : Paaru nandi maari nikuthu. (look its parked like a nandi (male cow)
maybe thats how the word nanti comes.

Note : Nanti means wait in malay.

I was reminded of this joke when I met Vijay on his stopover in KL.

Vijay : why does you country have signboards for monkey when you see no monkeys in the vincity?
Me : huh where errr
Vijay : see there it is again (showing a signboard) Kuranggu (tamil word for monkeys)
Me : hehehehe rotfl lol its not kuranngu its KURANGKAN which means slow down
Vijay : I still think you guys have a fixation for monkeys.

Mom and I burst out laughing for 5 minutes. I'm sure the car next to us would have wanted to find out given we stooped and again laughed hysterically!

Don't have any monkey or kuranggu photos - but I do have my monster name ;p

width="240" height="180"
alt="Villager-Injuring, Scientist-Impaling Terror from the Haunted Ruined Abbey"

Yabbadaba dooooooooo

I had just gotten home for my first semester holidays in my first year.

We had a brand new computer and best of all we had just installed the internet after convincing dad it was all for educational purposes. That night brother and I sat and dowloaded irc and we logged into dalnet. There we met 3 different guys from India and we were having quite a chat when brother got bored and left.

It was only the next chat session that I found out all three were working in the same company and had been sitting next to each others station chatting with me. Of course they each got scolded by mua. Since that day in 1998 - the 4 of us have been good friends. We used to communicate often till we got bored of irc and they kept moving all over the world (2 of them) or India and if you must know these are the people that passed on the lazy email replier habit to me. SO if you must scold anyone please direct it their way. ;p

I met 2 of them in India when I was there in 2002 and just last year the one in Australia dropped into KL. So why am I writing this?

Well one of them just sent me his wedding card and I am sooooooooo happy ;)

So to my dearest friend congrats ;)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Meanie musings

The lake image in the previous post is an old mining pool next to my secondary school in my small town. The lake, the greenery and the gorgeous sunsets I get to see daily are just some of the reasons why despite having to travel at least 20 kms to work, we love staying here.

My town used to be a mining town and like this man made lake (very deep) there are a few more huge lakes that we were once mining holes. When I was at school, the lakes surroundings weren't as pretty, there was no pathways nor playgrounds just lots of overgrown tall grass. Only a fence separated the lake from our school field. As abandoned as it looked it still made a pretty sight for the bored teenager trying to escape the boring lesson taking place in front.

I remember one time we were roped in to help clean up the lake area next to the field and armed with parangs (huge blade - aruva) we tried our best to clear the tall grass. I can't remember cleaning much but we sure had fun while sword fighting with our parangs much to the annoyance of our teachers!

Towards the housing area near the lake, there was one see saw and its partner Mr swing. I remember gay fully taking turns swinging to our hearts content as kids on hot windy days during our school holidays.

Later my schoolmates dad became the towns representative and the lake finally became the recreational park it deserved to be. Pathways were cleared and cemented, trees were planted, gazebos and playgrounds were built and a few hawkers sprung up as well. One of the best points of our town have been its political reps, from a quiet mining town its grown to have everything one will need yet still maintain its small town charm.

Univ being so close to home we occasionally came back to the lake. My 18th birthday was spent screaming at the top of our lungs late one night at the gazebo near the lake trying to escape being pelted by flour, cake and eggs. Try running in a dimly lit park, I ended up falling into a pool of mud (it had just rained a few hours back) much to the amusement of my friends.

I remember driving my motorbike to the lake with my 5 year old cousin sis so she could play at the newly built playgrounds as I sat and watched the sunset and the children playing while keeping an eye on her. We'd almost always go home eating ice creams purchased from the old man with his ice cream box on a bike.

Then there was the night a bunch of us, gone bonkers with exams, dropped by the lake to play on the see saw and swings. Thankfully nothing broke given we were too old for a playground. Not stopping there, we meanies sat and peeked at couples kissing by the shadows of the moon on the benches by the lake. We actually made them know we were watching (we made so much noise) and the couples finally left. Then we had fun laughing, now I think we were plain mean! ;p

Nowadays I don't have time for the lake, I'd gone there after a long time last Saturday looking for a perfect spot to catch the setting sun.

I came back with the sunset warming my vision, my mind bursting with memories.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This was my first try with stitch - took a few shots and got them stitched. The last photo somehow didnt match. Shot at a lake near my house.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

So and so's daughter

(this post was supposed to have gone up yesterday - but 7pm last night blogger couldn't be accessed)

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. The thing is I hadn't realised it till I posted yesterdays post and saw the date, you see I didn't even realise it was the 16th, things are that hectic here. (so if you haven't gotten a mail or had me come by you know why)

It was just yesterday I called up someone saying I was so and so's daughter and their voice lit up in recognition. Nearing the 3rd year of his death, his name still pulls weight and I'm very sure it will for another generation at least.

You see dad was well liked and quite known mostly because basically he was likable, honest, smart and mostly kind. Of course all these qualities often backfired on him as is the norm with life. Likableness and smartness brought along with it jealousy and numerous problems, honesty saw him abscond from politics, where if he had remained and conformed to the unhonest game that is politics he would have been in a top post, kindness saw betrayal and such a bitter taste I wonder why he never stopped being kind.

I have said it before my dad and I never really saw eye to eye on everything from the initial darling who was always carried by appa, who renamed a park papawangsa, we grew apart when I became more and more a mold of him - stubborn as hell, opinionated as I willed. Yet in his last year we somehow grew close again. It probably looked otherwise as mom and I talk as if we're friends, but truthfully despite our differences I was his darling as he was mine.

Yet the qualities had its good side and I remain a believer in doing good though I'm partial to select. The likableness explains itself, people still fondly reminisce about him, his friends still remember the man he was and are more than willing to partake in the family's life, calling on and off to enquire on our well being.

I've always been glad my dad came out an honest politician, that he had tried to make a difference in the murky waters of politics but knowing mud remains just that, he left. That honesty was installed in us so much unless for telling small white lies, I'm known to flinch at lies and believing everything a person tells me. Though we could have sneaked out by pushed the car out, late nights out much to dad's disapproval saw us telling him we were going out and dashing out before he could protest and we'd almost always reach home to a earful.

If there was one point I wouldn't want to inherit fully is the kindness he had in him to help others. Most of whom have in some way caused us harm yet he still insisted on helping people who came to us. Of course there are the grateful ones. There was this young man who came to my dad for help once. Trusting an unscrupulous company's promise for a professional job, he had traveled down here from India only to be worked off as a laborer. Somehow dad managed to get him out, gave him some cash and helped him to get home. Few months later we received the most touching letter from the father thanking appa.

We're pretty middle class yet dad had this concept that one must travel whenever possible and discover the world. That's how we managed to travel quite a bit and probably explains why am so passionate about traveling. So much so its my aim to travel at least once a year somewhere despite travel being so unbelievably expensive. All the clicking I do, well that comes from him too, both of us are the most least photographed at home as we prefer to be behind the camera, documenting our travels in image and words. Though I'm absolutely sure he would have said I wasted money buying the new cam, I'm also as sure he would have smiled silently (thinking I didn't know) in glee at such a camera.

Interestingly in the last 2 days, we've been putting down plans to travel and hopefully all goes well coz I can't wait to get my passport stamped again!

I think dad's been knocking sense into us, telling us to shut up and travel. So am crossing my fingers, toes as well that all goes well so till then don't ask where.

Dad would have turned 60 this year ;)

Friday, February 17, 2006


oru kossuvai kolla mudiatha manidhan ulagathil sirandhavanoh?

Man claims to be the greatest being on earth yet fails to kill the tiny mosquito

ps : lol before u guys think ive gone mad this was inspired by Mydays comment on the previous post ;p

Thursday, February 16, 2006

yehvan avan

yehvan avan
vidhiyai vendravan illai vidhiyaal adimai aanavan

yehvar avar.......

vinaiyai vidhaithavano illai vinaiyahl azhindhavano

yehvar ayihnum vidhiyai vehndru vinaiyai vidhaithal nazham

who is he
the one who won over fate or succumbed to fates will

who is he
the one who did good deeds or descended of sin

whoever he is the one who wins over fate and carried out good deeds remains a winner

ps : i'm busy, still at work, thinking of my bed and this came - it was horrifying to translate - anyone cares to contemplate?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Parthal oru paavai
paavai ehnum maayai

maayam sulhum vizhigal
vizhigalil nooru kavithai

kavithai mozhiyum udadhugal
udadhugal sohlum poimai

poimaiyoh kaviyin puzhamai
puzhavar varnikum penmai

penmaiyoh aval parvai
parthal enthan paavai

ps : wrote this out of the blue - err am not translating - don't ask why its about a gal - I myself have no idea ;p

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kisses won candies

Romance... do you need a day to celebrate it? Not really. The best romances are the little details, the little gestures the little adjustments to each others quirkiness.

Though I think theres nothing wrong in celebrating love, splunging on items that are monstrously overpriced, that I find ridiculous. How did a celebration of love turn into the International Rip of Bloke Day?? Heaven knows but I pity those wallets and of course its owners.

So guys find alternative ways like going for picnics or having a home cooked dinner, sing a song (warning to be tried only if u can sing) or write a poem.

Anyway wrote this a few days back. Nothing is like the sweet innocent love of a child and the warmth you feel when one bestows it upon you.

Happy Valentines Day everyone ;)


The child says - sweets n i'll come

The mother tempts kisses first saccarine later

a sloppy peck on mothers cheek

butterfly kisses from mothers lips

glee of delight, warmth of love, twinkles in wide eyed gazes

amma candy?? Innocent eyes cajole, sweeter than honey, potent than poison

little fingers entangled through graceful ones

One heart leaps overjoyed of sloopy kisses

the other celebrates of kisses won candies


Etho etho Kirukals

Atho atho Kalakals - Puriyaleh?

Its Subra's Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Subra ;) So go over there and wish him ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006

On vacation at BC


Thaipusam ended yesterday at 3.30 am - 4 am for us counting I had to drive back home yet despite the face showing signs of lack of sleep, I'm still pretty riled up and todays been such a busy day ;)

Resting on vacation at BC - Murugan of course.

As we had some prayers at home on Saturday from 4 am and I was working that morning, we only went to the caves on Saturday night.


The sight of the golden statue is pretty remarkable and I must say the craftmanship is exquisite. I was seeing it golden for the first time, (had seen it during construction) so if you keep seeing gold in the photos blame him for looking so good ;)


Met lots of people we knew, and it was a really good Thaipusam unless for one point. My mom kept going missing!! Grrrr!! About 10 times to be precise. I'd turn or get stooped by ppl madly rushing by and poof she'd have gone missing as she assumes I can walk through people. Normally she doesnt get lost, so that was pretty frustrating.


I must explain the kavadis. The traditional small kavadi is normally carried by children and women or those walking with the chariot. Men normally carry these huge nearly 2 metre tall beauties. Explains why people claim Malaysia's the best place to go for Thaipusam. They don't look big only, they're as heavy and interestingly, the bearer manages to carry it up 272 steps and deep into the cave with some stops alone.


The moment he finishes the last dance in front of the Murugan and the kavadi is taken off somehow it becomes too heavy for one and you see more people carrying it down.

All the piercing they do - take a close look at this shot, there's no blood.


This was the first Kavadi shot I took, was walking by when I saw this guy had stopped for a break, quietly went right in front of him and caught this shot just as he got up and immediately started moving. I got out just in time.

Ok take a look at the rest of the photos here. There's quite a number.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dancing Kavadi

Thaipusam - fun as always. Here's a shot of a dancing Kavadi that I'm submitting for Photofriday : blur

Tha kavadi bearer started dancing and I managed to click one just on time.


Click here for a larger image

TV Smith has covered the chariot procession - check out his journey and photos.

Friday, February 10, 2006

King for the night

I never understand why ppl complain driving in mid KL is so confusing, it isn't really! Since most roads are one ways you will end up at your destination somehow!

Every year we try to trick the cops and get as close as possible to the chariot. Each year they seem to discover my tricks and I have to try new ones. This years one was cut throat expensive - a wide toothed parking attended gleefully smiled at me as he charged me triple the normal rate.

Click here for larger image

Given KL's appetite for traffic has never been suppressed, this year the chariot left 4 hours earlier. We were caught off guard when it left exactly at 12 am from the said 12.30am, we had just arrived near the temple doors when the chariot started moving. It seemed the rain couldn't observe the change as well. It was drizzling throughout the night. Actually it rains every year and stops just before 4 am and walking is a blast, given the roads and weathers so chilly!

Take a look at the close up shot where both the priest are smiling - Lord Murugan seems to be sharing their joke

You think the priests overheard this joke? Overheard one guy telling his friend.

Guy 1 : Dai ennada ipdhi mazhai peyathu
damn why hasn't the rain stopped!

Guy 2 : athu ohnum illeh, varasham varasham mazhai correctah vandu poiyirohm, intha varasham earlyah start pannitangehleh, murugan ku schedule maatha mudialeh - so technical problem.

You know how it rains every year and stops before the chariot leaves? Well this year since its starting earlier, unfortunately murugan was taken by surprise and coudln't change the schedule -so technical problem.

Hehehehe ;)

More photos at my flickr page ;)

And so once again KL was stormed by multitudes of people as the brightly lit chariot had its way, the king for the night ;)

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flower Kid

What do you do if you want people to remember you eventhough you just met them for a few hours a year ago?

You give them flowers or something.

You see we normally take in a huge number of temp staffs (teenagers actually) once a year and normally you don't remember most of them. So this guy walks in and the 2 of us who received flowers from him went - you're the one who gave us flowers right?

He hadn't spent a single cent on the flowers, he'd just picked it up from some flower arrangement, bundled it up into 2 bouquets and given us each one while we were being bored to our bones watching men flex their muscles. (yawn it was boring). The kid had no reason or motive to give, yet we blushed with happiness. Awwww so sweet.

Take the tip boys take the tip!

Moving from that anyone familiar with Zorpia? It offers free photo storage. I tried it out and it looks ok. The thing is I've been uploading photos and flickr has swallowed some of my photos from my photostream and I'm upset. Contemplating about moving to Zorpia or getting a pro Flickr or something else.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions?

Ever 18 old man


He was named after Amitab cooks up a feast and calls himself the ever 18 old man!

Happy Birthday Old man ops I meant Tony ;p


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chanting drums

Can you hear the drums?? Can you hear the chants? Or the swirls of feathers and jingling of bells? Listen carefully, can't you hear the winds blowing the sounds of ....


Yessirree its Vel! Vel! time. Last year I had 7 posts on it! Check out late January, starting from here.

This year I've started late but no worries you'll probably get more photos. Maybe I haven't started posting about my favourite festival, no make that the fav festival in Malaysia of the most endeared Indian god, but the Thaipusam vibes as early as last December. A friend and I went Thaipusam gaga as we exchanged views on the celebration at Palani and the one here in Batu Caves. I've actually been seriously contemplating going down to Penang this year, but since I tried planning, Batu Caves has been popping up everywhere.

The other day my car metre read 273 (Batu Caves has 272 steps), yesterday I saw 272 popping up again from nowhere.

It sure seems as if Batu Caves is cajoling me to come home to the sweet sounds of the magnetizing drums, the awe striking kavadi's whose feathers jingle and sway to the rhythm of the drums and the dancers movements, the sounds of the anklets around their feet each a little dance in its on little space or the sight of the brightly lit steps as people ascend to the mysterious looking caves, the wind blowing against us as we climb higher with the city as our backdrop and the looming dark caves filling the visage in front. Reaching the last step, breathless from the climb, breathless from the view, breathless from the chill, the caves welcome you as another kavadi dances by to chants of Vel! Vel!

You go in deeper and descend a dozen steps as the cave widens and you're greeted by the musky smell of caves, mixed with the burning camphor, the chilliness of its interiors, the amplified sounds of the drums as they get louder and closer to his abode. You reach the inner cave as kavadi's dance their final frantic dance, so captivating yet so divine. And there he is resplendent in his golden paste (sandhanam/ sandal wood), adorned with garlands of jasmine and roses, entertained by drums and coconuts smashed to the cave floors, and the constant chants of the priests. You peek over the railings, over hundreds of shoulders, sometimes getting so close you think you saw a cheeky smile flash by in a wink of the eye. Prayer done you sit by the steps watching kavadi's perform their last dance for the year before you journey back down this time with the caves to your back no longer mysterious but always alluring and the cityscape bursting with life as streams of people make their way for their yearly ascend.

Ah my hearts beating to the sounds of the drums as I write this, why is it only on Saturday, why can't I go tonight, it asks. Silly there's still the chariot procession tomorrow night to watch, the mind reminds.

Vel! Vel! People Vel! Vel! ;p

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wrinkled hands

Her hands at his hip tightened as their back came to a halt next to my car. I stared at her hand as it lightly caressed his side just below his elbow.


(Bawangred don't have a sunset shot now but this was dusk at Putrajaya)

Two wrinkled hands yet bewitchingly beautiful. The 2 elderly couple held my attention as they animatedly conversed waiting for the red light to change. There was something magnetic about the chemistry between them that I couldn't stop looking. I smiled to myself, so infectious was the couple's mirth something I could only see but not hear. Finally I stopped looking, feeling intrusive of their privacy.

Bored, lights still red, I started absentmindedly caressing the bridge of my nose as I stared away. Suddenly sensing someone was watching me, I turned to my left to find the wife staring in amusement at my nose tip play. Blushing in embarrassment, I grinned back at her.

She immediately told her husband something and he too grinned back at me. Humm my nose was catching too much attention I thought still feeling sheepish at having stared at them and having been caught, being vain.

The light turned green and the traffic started to move. The wife still looked my way, flashing her pearly white smile back at me. Seeing my beautiful couple leave, I waved at her as I too crawled with the traffic. We parted ways, me with a memory of beautiful wrinkled hands romancing with laughter and caress, they with images of the sheepish, nose vain gal.

There's something about old love, something so enchantingly beautiful. Makes you believe in love, trust there is love, attests love truly is beautiful.

Monday, February 06, 2006


The holidays were great mostly because of the new toy. I've taken about 800 shots including some 200 random shots while familiarizing with the buttons.


Well I got myself a Canon A620, nice little thing with powerful features (7.1 reso and 4xoptical zoom). It also has a manual focus besides the various other settings besides auto focussing which makes it a good choice for amateurs like me ;) I'm extremely ecstatic about the cam. I bugged a friend and forced him to come camera shopping with me (after doing research beforehand first), of course he was happy too (hello men love electronics remember) despite us walking up and down shops. We met 2 sully salesperson and I refused to buy from them, such rude things. We finally bought it at this guy who reminded us of Chicken little, he was so eager to pls and very sure we were gonna buy it and guess what at the end of the sale he hands us Chicken little calendars! hehehhe

My mom rolled her eyes when she saw me fiddling with the cam wondering what had possessed the daughter until she saw the shot of the rose below. She couldn't believe it was her rose! But like yvy says, mom still can't understand all the clicking.

Anyway the holiday saw me attending a wedding, putting a kolam and attending a thirukalyanam, lying to get into a park, arguing with the rain, the moon, the clouds, visiting and going click crazy at Putrajaya, the beautiful new capital of Malaysia, a house warming, dinners and trying to get the friends to make up their mind on Thaipusam.

The wedding was a friends whose also a blogger, hope she liked the gift ;) but oh she looked so gorgeous, I was blown away. I've attended so many weddings and normally I'd sit and curse whoever who did their makeup for spoiling their beauty and this person had done a wonderful job. Anyone gets married after this, I'm recommending her! Wishing years of wonders and love to the couple.

Will talk about everything else as I put the photos up which might take sometime. You will love Putrajaya, the gotham city of Malaysia.

Birla, Johnny, Nayagan kept me company too ;)

I've been seeing a lot of firework (everyday at 10pm like clockwork ;p), finally saw a dragon dance yesterday not the lion (there's a difference will explain later) though :(, had my love letters but was too shy to take photos and this years angpow collections bigger than the last with only one house visited ( I had to say no to the rest coz was busy).

Ginkgo had this dinner tag for me - and I cracked my head for weeks wondering who to invite. Duh have you seen my blogroll list?? So I've come to the conclusion that I'm inviting all and tagging none. So everyone owe's me dinner ;)

Plus I was mug tagged by GP and wasn't going to do that since the mug at the office has changed 3 times and I've only been here for 2 years ;) hehehe

However I remembered my duty as a Man United fan, that I should show my pride and beauty for the world to see, especially to the Liverpool fan who did the wrong thing of tagging me so here's my MU original mug which was a gift from a fellow MU fan basking in the rays of yesterdays evening sun.


I know I have comments to reply but the thing is I did reply to all 44 of them but blogger went mad and with it went all those replied comments! Sad I know so will take time replying those.

Pink Rose

The feeling that you might lose something dear to you is pretty consumptive, that's how I felt over the weekend. The blog looks ok now hopefully it remains that way and no more outages pls.

So to fill you in on what I've been up to. Mostly I was doing only one thing - taking photos. ;) I finally got a digicam ;)) and we've been inseperable since then ;)

Here's one of my shots after familarizing with the cam. Later I'll tell you waht else I've been upto ;)

A rose from our garden ;)

Click here for a few more photos ;)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Akka no no aunty

Update 2 : errr this must be my most reposted post - this the 4th i'm reposting it in the hope - bloggers well. Blogger was down since saturday morning. The status looks ok now, check it here. Hopefully. I must say I was impressed by their automative reply that scanned through my questions, picked out key words and sent me links to possible solutions and the status link immediately. Thanks blogger, hope everythings well.

Update : I know u haven't been able to comment on this post - wanna hear something weird right after i posted the post above this post went missing!!! just like that - pooff

So I'm back physically that is ;) mentally still on holiday ;) go ahead crack as many jokes that you want - I was still the one still basking from her 10 day holiday ;p hehehe

Mondays traffic might do the trick - dear god I'm already regretting saying that - I actually had something planned for today - but i forgot my disk at home - so you'll have to wait till monday for that.

One of the few things I did over the holis was attend a wedding and of course for partner and walking down the aisle in entertainment I met this kid and her mom. Kid was totally fascinated with my bangles, so fascinated I came back with scratches from all the jingling she made my bangles do.

I've come out unscathed by mami's (since it was a friends wedding) but left with a question.

Ever realised when a mother with a young kid meets a much younger unmarried gal she points out clearly to the kid to call the gal aunty? While if it was a father and his kid - he'd have said tell hello to the akka?

So what gives??? Hummmm