Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Uyirin uyire

Sundar you're right my blog invites tag, though I totally enjoyed this one ;) Subra inspired by my previous post tagged me another set of songs.

Nalla time pass ;p

Actually I thought there was not going to be an English version but I seem to have amazed myself! There is one, though do read on your own peril and the Tamil readers please read the Tamil one first and only if possible!

Don't tell me I didn't warn you! ;p

God bless the English readers ;)

Oh yes no worries am not tagging anyone but its fun ;)

The songs have been bolded and I've added a few as well ;)

The songs

1. "Netru illatha maatram ennathu" - (Pudhiya Mugam)
2. "Thee pidikka Thee pidikka" - Arinthum Ariyaamalum
3. "Konja neram Konja neram..." - Chandramukhi
4. "Uyirin uyire.........." - Kaakha Kaakha
5. "Mayilirage Mayilirage..." - Ah Aah (or Maramkotthiye from the same film)
6. "Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham........" - Ayya
7. "Oru maalai ila veyil neram" - Ghajini

Anbe aruyireh, yen uyirin uyireh

Netru illatha maatram ennathu? Ipdhi yennai uruga veikiraiyeh thunga mudiyah villai annal neriya sapdhurehn irava pagalla teriyahmal

oru maalai ila veyil neram - unnai nair kadai bus stopleh sandithene

andru nee ennai paathu poda poriki sohnaiyeh - naan Thee pidikka Thee pidikka sohnehne

apoh nair kadehrlenthu Tea vandhathe! Telephone mani phol sirithaiyeh

ithudan kadai mudinthathunu ninaithen - annal manadhin oorathil nair kadai nyavagam thinamum un pinnal bambaramai tirindhen

Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham kathirundhen pohle oru varadham kalithu nee Mayilirage Mayilirage enna vandhaiyeh -

Mandhu kudhitha ehn idhayam dabarnu udainthu ponathe

pakathil unthan daddy

konja neram konja neram ehnna un daddy alaika nahnum aiiii mamanar vaazhga enna vara -

kumbahlodhu govinda-vaaga ennai chapathi akivitargal undan naasam pohna annan margal

indru naan oru kadidham eluthinehn

anbe adhikira kai than anaikum-nu vathiyar paadam katukudutadai nyavagam vaitu

manathil uruthi vendum enna yositu

mindum un pinnal sutta yirukum

general hospital bed irunthu udaidha kal kaiyudan

un anbu kadhala

nair kadai bus stop poriki (nee vaitha chella per)

viraivil ungel arugilulla theaterile adigal udhan release agum..... toink toink toink ;p

Now the scary english one ;)

My dear sweetheart

what is this change I feel? How have you made my heart melt like this? Sleep has gone but eating is still there night or day I don't seem to care

one fine evening - I saw you at the chay dabba bus stop

then you told me go away rascal - I said Thee and the Dabba owner thought Tea and handed me a chai - laugh u did like the phones ring

I thought it was the end - though I did nick the corner of my heart with an altar for you

daily my work was solely to fiddle around you

1 year I waited for your golden words - that day you came peacock feather like

as quickly as my heart sprang in joy - it fell flat at the sight of your dad

come here for awhile he beckoned - overjoyed the father in law came calling I went

alas it was to make chapati out of me

today I write this letter

my school master used to say the hand that beats cares thinking that and with passion in my heart I promise dear to solemnly follow you still

from the general hospital with broken legs and hand

your darling lover

chai dabba rascal (the sweet name you call me)

more beatings to come soon in a theater near you ..... toink toink toink ;p

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short Story

Now if the english translation sounds crappie don't shoot me. Since a few of my readers aren't Tamil speaking I better be nice and post it in English.

Also the funny lines (in english some of it is funny i think) are actually song lyrics - some of my fav lyrics from my fav tamil songs ;) To make things easier the lyrics are bolded and worry not collected them from lyric websites ;)

Disclaimer : been collecting the song lyrics, was wondering how to post athan ;)

avan mulichi mulichi paathan ival kannorahmal pathal
he stared in awe, she peeked from the corner of her eyes
paarvaigal pudhidhaa sparisangal pudhidhaa mazhai vara boomi maruppadhenna?
New are those glances, newer are these touches, so why is the rain refusing to shower earth

Kadhaliyeh ....
kaadhalil avasthai, Ethirikkum vaendaam, Naraga sugam allavaa,
I wouldn't wish the torture that is love even for an enemy, pleasurable pain this is

nuniviral kondu orumuRai theeNda nooRu muRai piRandhiruppaen
Your one touch, and I'll be born a million times

Irandhu mananggal...
Both hearts...
kaadhalil undaagum sugam ippoadhu marappoam
We shall bask in the joy that is love

Unnai vida indha ulagathil osandhadhu oNNum illai
unnai vida oru uRavunnu sollikoLLa yaarumillai evarumillai

There's nothing greater than you in this world
there's no one I call mine than you no one but you

kadisiyil avan amma paatha ponnu, aval mamma paiyan .... Toink toink toink ;p
At the end, he married the moms choice, she the uncles son ..... Toink toink toink


I see!

Take a look at this image - can you see what I see ;)

And it grows into another pose in the next shot - someone likes to play football! ;)

Monday, November 28, 2005


After lots of emotional blackmail from my friend, yesterday I went to 1u for lunch with him. I hadn't seen this ex colleague for ages. Given that its a 64 km journey to and fro I never go there, so I decided to make it a shopping trip as well. I had arrived earlier to shop and seeing my bag my friend decided he should follow me shopping.

That's when my internal alarms went berserk.

Me : why don't we go to the pharmacy first then you can go back.
He : no no we'll shop for you first.
Me : (no no I don't want to shop with u will you please go) oh okk
He : wanna go there?
Me : oh not really .... You know you don't need to follow me I take a long time and I'll be ok you have to go see your grandma right?
He : ohh ok then

Yes I literally chased my friend away in the politest way. Told him in code I don't want to shop with ya. I love to shop alone no rephrase that I can only shop alone. Alright I can shop with the family but that's more coz I'm used to it and dad used to sit at a bench while mom and I went from floor to floor and only met us when it was time to pay. Or saree shopping (given I don't have to try it but I do take a long time to choose), come to think of it dad was pretty calm given the daughter is such a fussy pot!

But I cannot shop for my own clothes with someone, I can follow a person shopping but just not for myself. I LOVE shopping alone. The thing is I love my own company, shopping is not the only thing I do alone. I've been sleeping alone since I was 5, I'm pretty independent and I just love having the bed to myself.

You Are a Skin Deep Sweetheart

You may be supermodel gorgeous or a plain Jane.
It really doesn't matter, because you're confident and secure.
You don't go out looking like a slob, but you are low maintenance.
You have better things to worry about than whether your nails are the right shade!

At least once every 2 weeks I have to be just alone, no friends, no family but I'd go out alone. I'd watch a movie and have a nice dinner at some nice restaurant giving me time to think and just not talk. Sometimes I even decline friends invitation to go out to have my alone time. Even lunch time when those empty conversations seem too unbearable. Given the only relationship I've been in was long distance for a long time, I've never tested the other half theory really. Would I kick the person away every other week just to spend time with myself? Gee I sound so like a man! ;p Probably explains the result below.

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.

I can even travel alone - take my last trip to India was basically alone. Of course it has its advantage and disadvantages. Advantages were, you don't have weird travel partners, no weird boring conversations, no having to skip a place coz someone didn't want to go nor having to leave the peace you were just enjoying. The disadvantages would be no one to share the beauty of a place with, getting stuck in lousy longer modes of travel coz you don't really have an option. Take the time I was in Coimbatore and went up Marudamalai alone. I had to wait on a stupid bus coz the taxi was charging 200 rupees just to go up that short distance. Please bare in mind I'm a bonafied miser I won't spend on things that aren't worth in the quality sense. So would have been nice to share that with somebody. There's also a safety concern, so I can't do an alone travel stint everywhere and given I was familiar with India and had friends around so it wasn't really a safety concern.

So there is this aloneness that I enjoy. Its being alone by choice, which is totally different from loneliness. Its a sense of comfort with oneself, though I do realise not everyone can do it. Some people are often shocked when I tell them I was out alone. Given how much I go out with friends, they're often confused why I wanna be alone. Its a joy I tell ya.

There was this episode on the sitcom Mad about you where they both decided to sleep separately and where loving it until people poked their noses in and decided they were having a tough time. Weird isn't it how people perceive alone and lonely as the same thing.

Anyone else enjoys being alone?

Friday, November 25, 2005


You know how we complain Indian movies are laden with masala - unbelievable situations solved through outrages methods. Come now how can we say that!

Actually most Asian movies are like that. No point in generalising one nation lets generalise all of them, I tell ya. Lets take a look at some of the similarities.

@ Actors and actresses flying about doing superhuman antics while claiming to be only human.

@ The Indians romance around trees - the Chinese over tree tops.

@ Hero can still fight, jump around and even win fights while having multiple stabs or bullet wounds yet when heroine dabs medicine on small wound he yelps.

@ They break into songs, change costumes and synchronise dance moves and its not even a dream.

@ If you're in love you can sew up a wound, even with hair!

@ You fall in love with the first guy you meet.

@ Women are helpless and only know how to sing smile and stay pretty, and will wait to be saved by sitting stupidly inside a wagon/ car hanging our a cliff, till saved by hero.

@ The thinnest hero beats up 10 men 3 times his size with nary a scratch!

@ The villain always gives a lecture long enough to give hero enough time to escape and put us to sleep.

@ The villain with the gun always loses to the hero who has a knife sticking out his back.

@ The most savvy street smart women turns pulp and bimboish when the hero is around.

@ The hero never dies if he ever does he gives one heck of a speech while vomiting buckets of blood, with an arrow or 2 sticking out, or covered in few inches of snow.

That's all I can think off. Anyone with more? ;)

What a wonderful cinema world!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Love ....

Its all around me ;)

My friends that is!

My bunch of friends seem to be caught in love spells.

One's fallen head over heels on this gal and freaked out so much he's turning into Chandler ;p

Then another's in this destiny meets love story. The others well we'll leave it for now ;)

The thing about new love is, everyone turns blushy and grin sheepishly at the slightest memory. This I tell you is the best time to poke, make fun and be merry. Every opportunity available I've been bullying the friends and watching them blush has become the latest fad.

Me : awwww you're in love.
Friends : no I'm not its too new.
Me : Yeah so? Look at you
Friends : what what I'm normal
Me : your dressing has changed, you're in a daze, you're .....
Friends : hey ehlam poi - I haven't changed - nee kathai udathe
Me : talking less.... Enna kathai look at you smilling non stop
Friends : i love to smile
Me : ohhh this is how you smile right - wide grin and blushing non stop
Friends : podi nee vohlehreh (you're making no sense)
Me : so did the darling call?
Friends : (gives that smile) hhehe oh yeah
Me : see you're smilling that way again
Friends : grrr will you stop it
Me : hehehe awwwww stop what - telling the truth?
Friends : grrr

saelai moodum ilanjoalai maalai soodum malarmaalai irubadhu nilavugal nagamengum olividum ilamaiyin kanavugal vizhiyoaram thulirvidum @

Isn't love sweet? ;)

ps : excuse me this is my friends story no discussion about me! ;p


First I have no idea how I missed Sundars birthday on the 17th. Sorry and A big belated wish to ya ;) You haven't told us what the kid got ya ;)

And today's Yours Truly's birthday ;) Happy Birthday dear ;)

So guys go there and wish them will ya ;)

Again I'm updating my birthday list - please leave your birthday dates here if you haven't before ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thy infinite gifts

I was wondering what to post for my 500th post when Uma rekindled thoughts of one of my favourite poets.

Rabindranath Tagore.

ps : there's another post below ;)

I never knew Tagore till I first heard a concert of his Bengal poems

I was intrigued by the beauty of emotions expressed in the music of a language I didnt comprehend

Later on I was introduced to his wonders - and I was sold for infinity

My most favourite quote from his works -
Thy infinite gifts come to me only on these very small hands of mine

Out of his excuisite poems these are my favourites.

In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects.


Lips' language to lips' ears.
Two drinking each other's heart, it seems.
Two roving loves who have left home,
pilgrims to the confluence of lips.
Two waves rise by the law of love
to break and die on two sets of lips.
Two wild desires craving each other
meet at last at the body's limits.
Love's writing a song in dainty letters,
layers of kiss-calligraphy on lips.
Plucking flowers from two sets of lips
perhaps to thread them into a chain later.
This sweet union of lips is the red marriage-bed of a pair of smiles.


The sleep that flits on baby's eyes--does anybody know from where it comes?
Yes, there is a rumour that it has its dwelling where, in the fairy village among shadows of the forest dimly lit with glow-worms, there hang two shy buds of enchantment. From there it comes to kiss baby's eyes.

The smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps - does anybody know where it was born?
Yes, there is a rumour that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning--the smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps.

The sweet, soft freshness that blooms on baby's limbs--does anybody know where it was hidden so long? Yes, when the mother was a young girl it lay pervading her heart in tender and silent mystery of love--the sweet, soft freshness that has bloomed on baby's limbs.


I touch God in my song as the hill touches the far-away sea with its waterfall.
The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom.
Love remains a secret even when spoken, for only a lover truly knows that he is loved.

Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.
In love i pay my endless debt to thee for what thou art.


Have you not heard his silent steps? He comes, comes, ever comes.
Every moment and every age, every day and every night he comes, comes, ever comes.

Many a song have I sung in many a mood of mind, but all their notes have always proclaimed, `He comes, comes, ever comes.'
In the fragrant days of sunny April through the forest path he comes, comes, ever comes.
In the rainy gloom of July nights on the thundering chariot of clouds he comes, comes, ever comes.
In sorrow after sorrow it is his steps that press upon my heart,
and it is the golden touch of his feet that makes my joy to shine

"I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times,
In life after life, in age after age forever.
My spell-bound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs
That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms
In life after life, in age after age forever."

Tell me if this all be true, my lover, tell me if this be true.
When those eyes flash their lightning the dark clouds in your breasts make stormy answer.
Is it true that my lips are sweet like the opening bud of the first conscious love?

Do the memories of vanished months of May linger in my limbs?
Does the earth, like a harp, shiver into songs with the touch of my feet?
Is it then true that the dewdrops fall from the eyes of night when I am seen,
and the morning light is glad when it wraps my body round?
Is it true, is it true, that your love traveled alone through ages and worlds in search of me?

That when you found me at last, your age-long desire found utter
peace in my gentle speech and my eyes and lips and flowing hair?

Is it then true that the mystery of the Infinite is written on
this little forehead of mine? Tell me, my lover, if all this be true?


When I was in my first year at Univ, I stayed at a hostel on campus though my house was just in the town area and drove a bike. How I got the bike was pretty interesting.

I spent 2 years at school protesting for a bike by walking to school in the hopes of getting one. Alas all I got was exercise and the occasional idiot who got poked with my umbrella.

Then one fine day, halfway through the semester of cycling and walking around our huge campus, I call mom and am told I'm getting a bike.

Mom : we're getting you a bike.
Me : this is 94* **** right?
Mom : huh
Me : This is Mr Manikams house and you're the wife right?
Mom : areh vangeh poreh ( you're gonna get a slap)
Me : Oh amma

I must confess I used to love driving fast (I've gotten sick of driving now) ;) Again I am no saint, I used to race friends from one street to the other when the coast was clear. The moment we identified a friend on the streets we'd start racing.

So now there was this stupid roundabout in the campus which was really small and such a time waste. Given the place was all one way, I never understood why the roundabout was there. Nevertheless when there was no traffic no one took the roundabout.

Now the place had weird security guards who'd go around chasing students walking on the grass or us bikers. They just wanted to prove their power and we had a nick for each one, can't remember though ;)

It was the last days of our hostel stay and the roomie and I decided to once and for all decide who was the queen of the hostel and raced from our hostel. Reaching our final stop, I finally realised she was missing, I had sped of without looking back.

One minute I thought she had fallen btu then we don't drive like maniacs, then I got a suspicion she must have got caught by those guards. I slowed traced back my steps and there she was talking to one of the security guards. I joined her right after he left and we laughed our heads off after she narrated her story. Here's what happened.

He : wait wait
She : err oh ok
He : you didn't take the roundabout!!!!
She : (ops) no no I took
He : No you didn't don't lie!
She : No sir I took really
He : you come now and drive near the roundabout and I'll show you didn't take it
She : errr (huh) no no I took

Othakaalluleh ninna avah antha roundaboutah edhukulehnu ;p

Wouldn't she take the roundabout under his watchful eyes? Lol he must have thought it was a rewind button. Yes this was a true story - someone did think life was a rewind button!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

50,000, 10, 5

I got shot by a tag courtesy Raju. The first glance at the 10 made me nearly jump out of my chair, luckily it wasn't a 10x10 tag. I've done tag 3, tag 7, tag book, tag 5, tag life, tag tree now tag everything ;p ada raama

Oh interestingly last night someone became my 50,000th visitor ;) and I'm 2 posts away from my 500th post ;)

10 favorites:

Favorite Season: We don't have seasons here but love December - cold and snuggly ;)
Favorite Sport : Football
Favorite Time: Sunset
Favorite Month: December
Favorite Actor: Rajini (Raju oreh oppositea illeh?)
Favorite Actress: Jothika
Favorite Icecream: Vanilla with caramel and hotfudge ;p
Favorite Food: Anything extra Spicy
Favorite Drink: Milo
Favorite Place: KL

9 currents:

Current Feeling: Bliss
Current O/S: Windows XP 2002
Current Windows open: Eudora, Lotus word, explorer
Current Drink: Water
Current Time: 9. 33 AM
Current Mobile(s) used: Nokia 6260
Current show on TV: At work but yesterday was Everybody loves Raymond .
Current Thought: How long is this tag?
Current Cloth: Silver top, black pants

8 Firsts:

First nick: Umbrella gal (will tell the story another day)
First kiss: The kiss of life? Ehhehehe
First crush: Cowboys, from western movies ;p hehehe
First computer: An apple (can't remember the model but it was in 1990 i think)
First vehicle I drove: Iswara - Driving school at 17
First job: Accounts Exec at 17 while waiting for my results
First movie I watched on Pulse Global's Print: I have no idea too
First pet: and only pet my dog browny :(
First shave (men)/Hairstyle (women): When I was 3 months old ;p

7 lasts:

Last chai (tea): I don't drink tea maybe chinese tea that too would be at the company dinner last August
Last movie: Harry Porter 4
Last time I drove: This morning
Last time shaved (men) / Beauty parlor visit (women): In April
Last website visited: My email
Last software installed: Reprogrammed my pc in May
Last pill I had: Asprin last night having the flu for 2 weeks now - I get well then get sick the moment i get back to the office since everyones having it as well

6 Have you evers:

Have you ever broken the law: yes crossing red, illegal u turns ;p (I am no saint)
Have you ever been drunk: Nope
Have you ever climbed a tree: I can't climb big trees only ones with low branches
Have you ever kissed someone you didnt know: yes lots of babies - strangers children
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No.
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: Truth or Dare -ill take dare ;)

5 Things:

Things you can hear right now: The radio playing chinese songs, and some car driving pass.
Things on your computer table: dear god here goes - files, lots of paper, calendar, the phone staionary, my water mug, diary, car keys, saline, name cards, a bulldog, diskettes, the mouse, a ganesha and this pretty case that came as a christmas gift and lots of scenery shots adorning my cubicle - oh yes theres coal (seriously we placed it to absorb that weird smell that was choking us few weeks back)
Things on your bed: the radio, my mobile (goes everywhere with me) books on the rack and pillows
Things you ate today: nothing rarely take breakfast ;) (please don't give me the breakfast lecture I am not a morning person case close)
Things in mind: How long is this? Why hasn't the lusu replied my mail is my email down again groan ;p

4 places you have been today:

err its morning
the highway
trunk road

3 people you can tell anything to:

theres 4 ppl ;)

2 choices

Black or white: Black
Hot or cold: cold

1 thing you want to do before you die:

Find this tag creater and tag him 100 tags ;p

I took less than 30 mins to do this while doing other things as well ;) Not bad huh ;)

Well am not missing on tagging someone. Muahhaah

I'm tagging Jeevan, Vijay and Filter - hehehehe

Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Visy

The week has been pretty busy. Every evening I seemed to be somewhere.

Client dinner party on Monday, dinner with friends Tuesday, Chicken Little on Wednesday (Do watch its a nice movie), Shopping and the huge missing car drama on Thursday. Reaching home daily in time for my current favourite Anandakannan Sandhya/ Anisha team.

Then Saturday I'm driving back from work when friend insists I join for tea. That was a very interesting tea session, from erratic men acting like weirdos and weirder pants yielding maddies. One guy stood transfixed with the weirdest smile while trying to take some packed food on our table. Pretty shocking to suddenly see only a hand appear in front of ya, that to a nervous one. The mad beggar who decided his pants might get wet in the rain, so he took it off on a bustling street. The kid who was giving us lovey dovey looks at 3. Imagine him when he turns 20? God save the world! The waiter flashing personal smiles and lingering way too long at our table. Being stuck in a shop for hours coz of the rain, pretty nice. The appam in the rain - new recipe they drench it in rain water first! ;p

The possessive boyfriend who stood guard metres away while the girlfriend picked her food. The green kurta gal who walked by our table 7 times eyeing one of our guy friends or the black dress gal who went by 3 times. Being informed I was seen on some dance competition on tv, which to my knowledge I never took part in hummm or my guy friend who drew imaginary kolams on the table when we teased him on his new love. The kaaleh kolam pohdrathu becoming so old fashioned!

I imagine how people would describe our group - The loud group, with boisterous laughter I presume.

Gigling like school girls at a friends house before I rushed off for my double date with Harry Porter and another friend. The 5th time this week I gave the love commitment talk while ootufying (teasing) all the valiyuhraning (blushing) going on. Oh yes the movie is wonderful, a must watch at the theater kind.

The Sunday morning shock to find my favourite sunday morning breakfast joint of 16 years totally changed, with my favourite vendors no where to be seen. Catching the replay of the dance competition program on our local tv - pretty entertaining I tell ya. Dragging a friend out to house hunt, so she won't move back into that jungle in the middle of nowhere. I'm selfish I love spending time with her, the jungle would limit that. Now if only I can drill how selfish I am into her, and have her stop saying thanks. Again the same waiter smiles and lingers around our table a tad bit longer. Ahem we have secrets to discuss, tanjore boy.

Interesting week I tell ya ;)

The Joke of the day was the car, me and nature.

Somehow everytime I decide to wash the car, it rains cats and dogs, cocker spaniels and Persians to be precise. I cleared up the car and was about to head in to get a magazine. When I looked skywards to find clouds gathering right above the car. The moment I got in the beautiful weather turned into a stormy attack of water. So much for washing!

Anyone wants rain tell me, I'll wash my car! ;p

PS : Tittle courtesy GP

Saturday, November 19, 2005


kaadhal kamathin pinbum munbum thindi thindi urasum ore inbam

Kaadhal Punnidamanadhu....... saayham vehlukum varai

ps : Ohnum illeh - impromptu thatuvam from a conversation with friends ;)

Kiddos birthday

Yes sirrie its the teenager I call Kiddo's Birthday

The kid we've all grown to love with his hillarious kadis ;p

happy Birthday to u
happy Birthday to u
happy Birthday to Harishhhhhhhhhhhhh
happy Birthday to u


Friday, November 18, 2005

Honey I lost....

......the car.

Could probably sum up last nights drama. Or an even better title would be

Parking lot Mayhem.

It was a scene out of a movie, the chasing, the lookout, the tension, the madness.

Ok ok lets start from the beginning. It was another day in typical Kuala Lumpur. My friend wanted to go shopping and I agreed to follow.

Normally we'd meet at royal (we christened it that ;p) and go in one car since that parking lot is midground from both our working places and homes.

Crime Scene : Midvalley

However here's where the twist of the story begins. Since we moved to the new office, we constantly get kicked out when the boss wants to go back, it was one of those days. So I told her I'd go first and meet her there.

Picked up my prized Harry Porter tickets so I wouldn't have to go early on Saturday and was walking around looking for that dress my friend wanted. Then I headed for he ladies.

Suddenly I shrieked. No it wasn't all a dream.

Visi.!! I turned back to see my friend standing at the entrance of the loo. Somehow coincidentally we headed to the same loo at this huge mall at the same time! Whoa right

After more than 2 hours we found this gorgeous dress and accessories. Hunt accomplished, we headed for dinner where we actually helped them close since we were the 2nd last people to leave.

Since my parking was the nearest, I told her I'd drop her at her car. Little did we know thats easier said then done. My car was parked at the area near the cinema theater. The parking lot spirals upwards to 11 levels. So we started driving to the 2nd floors, it was supposed to be at level 2a but the car wasn't there. Then the 3rd floors again - it wasn't there. Then we went to the 4th, 3rd, 5th, 3rd again 4th again There wasn't a single similar model of her car in the whole place!

By then we had already freaked out. I was still calm (I panic after its all over very weird I tell ya) and just hoping we'd find the car somehow. The car was brand new, she hadn't even paid her first month payment! We did joke acting if the car was just elusive. I was still calm on the outside, inside I was wondering how I was gonna console her if it was really missing.

But you can't leave the lot without a parking ticket I consoled myself, and I think would creep in here and there.

Me : you know once I lost my ticket and had to call security they came and checked if we owned the car before letting us go after paying the fine.
She : ohhh so no way the car can go missing?
Me : uh uhhuh (god I hope so)

She : you know if I don't find the car I'm gonna jump out (we were on the 5th floor)
Me : (quickly locking the car) Shut up! (I get a killer stare)

Me : eh I think you saw 5 as 2la.
She : Maybe

the cars not there and before we panic....

Me : hey there's a 6th floor, I didn't know
she : hey yalah, poor car it must be missing me. You know normally we go to our separate cars when we take different cars....
Me : Shut up don't bring the coincidence crap
She : oi I meant otherwise I'll be walking alone.
Me : oh okay

We reach the 6th floor - there was no cars and no more floors. I was breathing huge gulps of air by now to calm myself and trying to think fast and nearly convinced it was gone

Me : eh did you park at the basement ah?
She : err is it like this
Me : something like that - you wanna call security?
She : we try there first then call security?

So we decided to retrace her steps. We drove out (me praying like mad in the heart that we'd find it) and she didn't recognise the place. (in my heart : yayyyyyyy she did park somewhere else)

we drove in to another entrance and she gets excited.

She : hey its this one I remember this part yes its this.

1st floor, no car, 2nd floor no car, 2a........GOTTTTTTTTTTTT CAR!!!!!!!!

I shrieked in excitement - my heart started beating so fast - the car was not stolen! Oh my god we found the car after more than an hour! The guy who was getting into the next car must have thought we were mad. (the windows were winded down you see). We hugged and celebrated and thanked every god we knew ;p

Explanation : that particular Midvalley parking section breaks of in the middle at 3 floors so thats how we missed the car I was rounding G while it was at H though once you reach the 4th floor they're all connected together!

Case closed. Problem solved.

Tsh Tsh I have such an exciting life! ;p

PS : Ecliptic has been updated with the Deepavali Kolam I had been talking about.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The unblind

Ever met a blind person on the streets? Have you seen how street smart they are? Truthfully I think we're more blind then the blind. We see yet act as we had not seen from the smallest to the biggest issues.

The blind are a resourceful lot, confident and never viewing their sightlessness as a disadvantage. Once I had taken a bus from my town into KL. This is about a 2 hour journey as the bus would snake through every area in our town. At one stop this blind lady climbed in and the bus conductor guided her in and as the seat next to me was empty and the nearest to the exit, I got up and guided her to the seat.

Now the bus stops at numerous points along the way some in the route some not the usual stops. All the while she sat calmly with a sweet smile on her face. As we were reaching a traffic light a few kms before the final stop. She turns to me and asks will the bus stop at CM first?

I was astonished she knew where we were. My guess was she had been counting the stops but then we had made some extra stops as well. I told her it should stop I'll ring the bell for you.

When I inquired where she was going, she tells me shes taking the train. I offered to take her to the train station but she said she'd be ok so I offered to help her cross the road instead. She agreed on that. After crossing the road she thanked me and started walking towards the station. I waited to see in case she walked the wrong way. However she knew exactly which direction to walk!

Often in movies they're shown stumbling or able to walk in a prearranged well familiar location only. And there was this women travelling alone in a bus then train in a chaotic environment. Pretty inspiring now if we the non blind will just see properly for once!

Ecliptic another image

Come on!!!!!

You know how we love Ferrari's He-she series? Well looks like someone loves it enough to plagiarize!

Its sad to see people plagiarize other peoples post. It hasn't happened for some time now. Looks like someone's back at it.

Check this post and then look at this post by Ferrari.

Come on Kris - write your own stuff. If it was a forward you should have written that clearly instead you said it was your friends conversation!

PS : I did comment he had commented on the post but I got the wrong Kris so am correcting myself here.

(ignore read more)

Sweet ;)

I came online to book Harry Porter Tickets for Saturday since booking seem to vanish by the time I check in to work. Logged into Venkittu sir's blog and clicked this link. And for once got to listen to someone sing. YOu see I can't download programs enabling me to listen to the audiblogs but this one was attainable thanks to Winamp.

Awww its just beautiful. Love the rendition by Anand. Just beautiful ;)

Pity the guy sitting 2 pcs away, he's had to listen to the same song being played non stop for more than an hour. lol ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Idly Mauvu to the Revenge

Remember the birthday cake post. Well I had made 2 teachers the victim that year and despite it being a collaborative plan, I was the one blamed for all the splattering. I gladly took the blame by the way ;p

Anyway I had travelled with them to India with a bunch of friends in December 2002.

We were in Kerala and on our way back from Thrivandrum after some sight seeing, on towards this rubber estate called Muttara where we were staying. I'm still amazed by the people and the beauty of the place. Interestingly there is not even a single mosquito in that place, will write more later. It was the afternoon before my birthday. Suddenly they stopped at this row of shops and 3 of them went to the shops. Upon returning they fumbled outside with a package and that very moment I knew they had bought a cake. So there was gonna be a surprise party hummm, but I decided not to spoil their fun and kept quiet.

As we were leaving Muttara the next morning, they made us climb this huge stone hill in the centre of the village. I have never climbed a hill in a punjabi suit, well..... theres a first for everything. The hill was naturally cut in a way you could climb without using climbing gears though there weren't any steps leading upwards. The view up there was just gorgeous. The hill looks like a huge silinder. Anyway we got back down after watching the sun set and a few of us decided to go to another town to see another teacher.

We rushed home when we realised we had promised to cook a Malaysian noodle for our hosts that evening. Got back to find 2 sleepy kids waiting for us coz it was quite late. By the time we cooked, cleaned and had dinner it was past midnight and I started wondering when the cake was gonna show. I was getting ready to go to bed (we had an early morning) when someone called me and the cake was brought out.

A few of the family friends were there too. Of course the moment I cut the cake it landed on my face. So thinking all was done I went to wash my face, little did I know they had other things in store. Came out and boom!

A splatter of idly mauvu hit my face. What the!!

And then mauvu started flying from everywhere, the father, son, checi, ammu kutty - everyone was having fun turning me into a white ghost. Of course I let them and just stood there while they enjoyed the sight. Plan Idly mauvu revenge was about to take place, I snickered to myself. Actually I was silently collected Idly mauvu and then "dishum"

I started plastering everyone. There we were in the middle of the night screaming our heads off, me in broken malayalam, and everyone else in malayalam, and a word or 2 in english in a normally serene estate and running around the house. The innocent cheta who had been invited got plastered too, much to his surprise and cries of "thale". I made sure I wasn't the only white ghost there and no one escaped the mauvu attack.

Of course they said not fair to which I replied did you really think I'd stand quietly and not attack?

Around 2am, the house were filled with victims of war, looking really weird in thickening mauvu. The son my darling there was the hardest hit victim coz he did hit me the most. We sat down laughing looking at each other and I told them I already knew about the cake but didn't know about the idly mauvu.

Unakkehlam poi surprise party, cheh evlo plan pahnum teriuhma.

Sigh I was a mess, my hair looked like einstein only white from idly mauvu. we had less than 3 hours to sleep, and there I was trying to wash myself off the mauvu so as not to stink like pulichipohna mauvu.

But it was total fun wouldn't change a thing ;)

* idly mauvu - flour batter

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Of Rain and Wind Gods

There is a post, a life tag and most importantly I've updated my other blog.

Go check Ecliptic Meridian for new kolam photo ;)

Oh yes I think this frequent blog posting is a Malaysian trait Check out the list of bloggers who've crossed the 1000 post mark. I'm nearing half way if ure wondering ;p


Oh yes I'm tagging Filter this one. Revenge is so sweet ;p Muahahaha

Oh yes Vijay tagged this on me.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz


Interestingly on my Jollu post, Sundar had commented on my threat to my city. What if I flooded the city, funds with be so hard to collect.

erkanave lousiana muzhigiduththu

adhu podadhunnu chennaiye midiakkudhu

ippo selangorum midhakkanuma ?

nivarana nidhi thiratti kattupadi aagadhumma.

That evening it rained so heavily, thunder was just unbelivablely loud, the wind was a tyrant laughing at its victims. I didn't have an umbrella with me but was confident I could dash to the car which was just a few metres away. An opportunity to play in the rain voluntarily. My colleague refused to let me go and insisted on going to her car and getting back. Of course she got wet like I said she would fighting with the wind to get in and out her car. The wind decided it was play time and blew wilder trying to steal the umbrella. She got back to me half wet and we stood staring at the lashing rains.

That's when we remembered rains translate to traffic we should leave immediately. So off we braced ourselves towards our cars. I got there without getting wet that was until the umbrella needed to be closed. The wind refused to see its favourite toy be kept away and I got drenched fighting the war of the umbrellas.

Then began my journey through the dark foreboding enchanting forest. Err sorry sidetracked, actually it looked like that what with the flooded roads and toppled tree branches. Since I did love my car, I'd stop and watch other cars move before venturing into the slightly flooded roads. I had no plan of getting stuck in a halted car. Next we had to maneuver through branches that had strategically fallen in between both sides of the road with enough space for one car to pass through. Weird but true. I tell ya the rain and wind gods were having a ball.

So Sundar can predict the future! Hummm reminds me of the que sera song?

Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Here's what he said to me????

Errr predictions please ;p

Monday, November 14, 2005

Un kelviku

........ Intha bathil ;p

Alright questions are closed and here are the answers. Some of it are answered in Tanglish coz they sound more fun that way ;) So sorry guys,

shamgar : Your forehead tattoo intrigues me. Ever since I read "The Third Eye" by H. Lobsang Rama I've been interested in the phenomena of decorating the forehead in that manner. When I learned about the Pineal gland in the brain and how it actually becomes a third eye in some lizards and also how it was once considered the resting place of the soul, I've wondered more about if "cast" marks or forehead decorations carry a symbolism of the third eye for those who have them. Is that the case with you or do you see it as just a cosmetic decoration?

----- its not a tatoo but a pattern drawn daily and has something to do with the third eye just as you have guessed. In hinduism we are urged, men n women to cover the third eye with a marking called the pottu or bindi. As the third eye is said to be the gateway to our souls and and the concentration point of our mind - it is wise to keep it blocked from. And if you see the hindusim symbolism for different chakra points, that's the spot for another chakra, the ajna chakra which is developed with spirituality.

The colour signifies another meaning. Black is normally used by unmarried gals while married women sport the red colour on the third eye and their forehead parting.

Normally its a small dot, however with modern times the dot is getting smaller and smaller. Basically I draw a pattern coz I like being different, don't really like the sticker ones and don't wanna sport the tiny speck. I just like it to be visible ;)

Jeevan : The Ouestion : when u think about the world, which one will amuse (achariyan) you?

-------Humm achiriyam is amazement so I would say children. The amuse and amaze me ;)

Nanyaar : If u were in a middle of a road and u had to decide between saving a child or rescuing a renowned doctor from an accident who wud you choose?

---------without doubt I'd save the child. I can except the death of the older generation then the loss of the younger one. And in that blink second I'm never gonna know it was a renowned doctor.

Vijay : adakka othukkmaana oru q..
"if the whole world was filled with people walking upside down..would you walk with your hands or ur legs?"

-----------ithu adakka othukammana qs? Seripa nee sohnna seri ;p

I'd walk with my legs! I can't tie the saree upside down you know and I don't have a topsy turvy vision! ;p

then kalleh nadantha enna kaiyileh nadhantha enna - ehlam maiyai ;p

Tony : One simple question, how do u shorten ur posts with that read more?? I mean how do u collapse ur posts??

----------- In case you didn't see it heres where I learnt how to do it

GP :
[1] What were you doing on September 11, 2001 and where were you?

------ I'd just gotten back from dance class and accidentally switched to CNN - got such a shock, I spent the next 2 hours watching repeats of the scene

[2] What did you eat for dinner of November 11, 1995?
---- ithu 3 much how am I supposed to remember?

Hummm oru nayar kadaiyileh tea pohdungeh tea pohdungeh GP vandhu pay pahnuvar sohnen ;p hehehe nolah have no idea n I don't drink tea ;p

[3] Will you want to get married?
-------Chee Chee who wants to do such a thing. plan to turn into a nun soon after I've had fun partying ;p

Lol of course I want to, oruh anmagan valkhai keduhka vehndam? (can't miss the opportunity to spoil a guys life ;p)

[4] Have you ever whacked the life out of someone?
------ errr actually I have. He didn't lose his life but sure was embarrassed though I don't think he got hurt physically. What I do know is he was sick for a week. Shall not say why he got whacked but everyone in the room backed me, much to his shock ;p

Jagan : appu ..ethukku peru than thavazhai than vai-al kedum ah ? well did u get my thanglish ?
----- ithu 2 questions?? Irundhalum u shouldn't call ur self a toad - US poi ehn pa ipdhi oru nalahmai? Paavam nee ;p

Jeevan : When u r reading the DaVince Code book very interesting, when u turn the page 100 to 101 instead of 101 the page No is 99 what will think. i know can i tell, what a loos Question.:)
----- pretty interesting question I would have gone

Oh my god there's a conspiracy between the pages - 99 turn it upside down - oh my god - oh my god ;p

Alex : Have you ever given up anything that you held dear (need not be tangible) coz someone wanted you to?
------ actually I have, gave up a friendship for someone.

Harish : When are u coming over so that we can have the bloggers meet that's still due? :)
------------Hey I come over to your blog daily! Ipdhi abandhamlam pohda kudathu ;p

lol err actualla terilleh pa terileh (nayagan style)

Ran : uhngheluhkuh ihndeh mhaleh lahnguage nah rohbah thaan oruh idu paadu iruhkuh. ihpahdi neengeh ehzhuhdhina ellaruhkum pahdihkah oruh mani nehrahm aahrahdhu..ahpohrahm ehlahrukhum ehnglish mahrahndhu pohradhaam! Ehnglish nahnah ehzhuhdheh phadikkeh uhngal advice ehnah?

------------ Oru mani neram edhukurathu yehndral - ungal 1 hour poluthu poga evlo nalleh time pass - actualla ennaku award kudhukanum - best time passnu ;p

Then oh well England kathukanumna pakkathuvithu aunty odhe athukar othe machan odhe mamanar odhe machani odhe athai odeh payanodeh ponnu odeh purusannodeh machani yeh kehlungeh - sohlitaruvangeh ;p

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A long post

Stuff I've been wanting to write but been too busy, if you're wondering about the post I"ve been churning wrote those earlier just pasted them.

Calvin and Hobbes is an old time favourite, of course after my favourite cat Garfield. Did you know of the connection between Calvin and Fight Club? No? Read it here.

There's a very interesting tribute to the comic strip on MSN. Don't miss it. Read it here.


A few days back I'd gone to watch the Corpse Bride. Pretty nice, sweet and beautiful. Best part was the animated characters could emote so well. Do watch the movie. Love Emily and the worm ;p

Then I'd gone off to meet friends. We were having dinner in this restaurant and bullying the waiter as usual. One of these days the waiters association is gonna come after us. Probably with sweets ;p

So it seems my friend was waiting to get her food (buffet) while the guy was dishing out the rice.

She : anne ennaku platelah vehnum ipdhi vehndam
He : Ithu ungahluku illeh - ithu kohlandaiku
She : yaar antha kohlandai
He : Ungeh friend dhan
She : huh???

We're still confused with the statement but it is ok etho avar asai ;p

There was this cute kid sitting at the next table. He was happily chatting away until he noticed we were looking and he quieted down giving us THE stare. Then his slipper fell to his dads side and he started whispering to the dad to pass it back to him so we wouldn't notice. The father was pretty amused with the sons sudden shyness and couldn't get what he was saying. Finally we told the dad and the kid stared back at us again we were laughing away you see. Suddenly the family went missing and another family came and this time the kid smiled but I noticed her playing with the same toy, stare kid had.

As we were leaving we saw the dad and the kid come back for the toy and explaining to us sheepishly he left his toy ;) Kid was still staring with those cute round eyes. We went to see another friend at another restaurant and this time another kid started dancing around our table with maid in tow. Finally he had enough courage to come hang at our table while I was playing with his silk long hair. Haricharan refused to speak to us but he sure did smile while enjoying the attention. My friend decided to be a warden and was threatening him.

Me : this akka, very naughty right
He : shakes his head yes
Me : you like me and this akka right.
He : shakes his head yes
Me : heheheh aww so sweet.
Friend to the kid : you're the naughty one.
Me : Podi you're just jealous.

But poor kid he was so far away from his table and talking with perfect strangers and not even once did the parents turn back to look where the kid was. Just the maid to follow. He made a fuss to go back to his table, I guess he was happy someone was giving him some attention.

I hate this kind of parents. I have no idea why'd they have kids if its just to abandon and not bother about them? Or the ones who leave their newborns with relatives and family to look after and go overseas for years to work. Either one of you should have stayed back or you should have waited to have the kid later. My friends been looking after her nephew that way. Kid isn't bothered though since to him, mom is my friend. I'm just worried what would happen when one day, 2 strangers arrive asking for him, kid and mom are gonna be pretty devastated.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Melodic Memoirs

Some songs bring back memories that have nothing to do with the lyrics. It was just the time and moment, and you remember them for that, each time, as a smile appears in agreement. Here's some of mine.

Chikku bukku rayil - building a volcano for a school project at a friends place with a bunch of chinese and Malay kids while listening to this song - that we decided then, sounded so MJ. I remember arguing with one friend coz he didn't like kids.

Keladi kanmani - used to make me cry, I have no idea why and no I wasn't in love with anyone, I was practically a kid then. Distinctively remember one night hearing it on the way back from dance class in the van an uncle used to chauffer us in, I tried to hold back the tears.

Peda rap - reminds me of sitting in a car in Sada pettai (madras) and memorising this song with my bro. Till today I can sing batches of the rap and going eva aveh. Remembering seeing an actress plastered with make up she looked like a ghost.

Ottama - the best college dance performance I've ever seen, nothing compares.

I swear - ALL 4 One - Loved this song, remember singing it at school with friends during the last days in the canteen while students sitting for the major exams were toiling away. Don't even ask how many times we got scolded for being rascals! ;p

Vasigara - My friend and I were on our way to a college show and he was telling me about the song. It was very new and I hadn't heard it yet. The moment we walked into the hall they played the song and we both stopped in our tracks. Till today this song reminds us of our friendship.

Ooh La La - remember practicing to this and dancing for a college function. Oh yes we rocked the night and then we'd groan everytime we heard this song coz we had had enough!

Right here waiting for you - the ultimate love song - reminds me of a night at the hostel when it was over the radio and all of us gushed on the romance.

Macarena - clubbing at Iguanas then pool and reaching home as school children left for school ;p

Buckle off and another 2 songs I know by beat but not lyrics since its pretty unrecognisable - reminds me of my friend - since this is the song that makes her want to dance.

The twist - dancing with my friend

Colonial Cousins - reminds me of HITZ.FM (lol yep it does) - they had just started and I was working in an office environment for the first time right after SPM while waiting for my results.

Red, Gold, green (Boy George) - watching the music show on tv with dad, fascinated by the music and wondering was he a gal or guy but not brave enough to ask, in case dad scolds ;p

Unbreak my heart - playing it over the phone for a friend coz she had never heard it.

Usilampathi - bro dancing for a school program with a bunch of gals - it was so cute ;p

Bombay songs - reminds me of school - my senior year - memorising the songs, school party, deepavali celebration - I used to have the lyrics written on piece of paper inside my wallet.

Nice memories ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Birthday Cake

Oh yes before we begin, the blog is still open for questions.

What is a birthday party if there is no drenching ? What party is it if theres no turning the birthday person unrecognisable and fit for baking!

Yes I'm talking about splattering the unsuspecting birthday celebrater or as we say victim with everything unimaginable as a celebration of getting older. For tips on how to run a successful one read this!

One of my favourite ones were done on an unsuspecting teacher prior to her birthday. It was to be a surprise party and we had in less than 24 hours, organised the food, the guests and the most important party item, the splattering ingredients.

Because it was to be a surprise party, I was assigned to make sure target didn't suspect anything. So there I was sitting solemnly next to her for 3 hours making sure she didn't suspect anything was amiss while the guests trickled in undetected and the others ran around making sure things were in place and the dance was practiced. Of course on and off they'd drop in and update me with something while I maintained the serious look, all in front of future victim.

So as I was preparing to leave and telling her come I'll drop you back, we got one of the gals to bring the cake. You should have seen the look on her face when she realised it was a surprise party. Ahem so much, I got called a drogi and great actress for not telling her about it despite spending 3 hours with her. We had the dance, we had the photo session, the cake cutting and the eating. Finally we dragged unsuspecting birthday teacher to watch a so called performance. We had already done a birthday splatter previously so we had to make sure she didn't suspect what we were up to. We crossed our fingers as we solemnly told her no more surprises. So we put her in the middle and started some circling game while we would go out one by one and get the hidden flour and colour. The moment we all had something in the hand we doused the poor unsuspecting lady.

Oh yes war of the flours were declared and we messed up everyone and the place which led to the war of the waters. We were actually trying to clean up but decided drenching was even more fun!

Total fun - make sure you try this out and I'll tell you about the revenge of the idly mauvu another day. ;p

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

U ask

I will answer ;)

Okay theres another post below - the tag so enjoy. And I've decided to bring back the Ask me Any question you want game. SO go ahead ask me anything for pointers look at the questions asked before and yes do ask challenging fun ones - the previous one was so easy.

Oh yes go ahead and advertise on your blogs if you want, just ask any question in the comment section. Will answer ;)))

Update : Kinda Busy, but ask the questions, welcome ridiculous ones since those are fun to read, don't ya think ;p

Check the previous question session for samples.

(ignore read more)

Filtered tag

I have been tagged by Filter. Now I've done the 3, the 7 the 5, the book the story. Unless someone comes up with a more interesting tag that doesnt ask the typical questions I will not do them. Bore adhichiruchi! Please give something more challenging - I'm thinking of doing the ask me a question thing again anyone interested?

Five movies which like the most (not necessary in that order):
2. Server Sundram
3. Veerapandiya Kathabomman
4. Bone Collector
5. Shrek

Five things I can never live without:

Five characters in cinema I have crush on: (hehehe this is easy)
1.Sanjay Ramasamy
4. Ramasamys son
5. Bradpitt in Troy

Five things I miss now:
1. Friends
2. Cotton Candy
3. Beach
4. Malaratha Malllipu
5. School

Five things I want to do in the near future:
1. Tag Filter & Vijay for tagging me
2. Throw both of them into a pool of tags
3. Travel lots
4. Tickle someone till they cry
5. Make sure to hail and honour the next person to tag me with something original and doesn't involve normal questions ;p

Last movie I saw in theatre:

Last movie I borrowed to watch & still not have given back:
Chee I'm a very nice person I return everything ;)

Five books I love:
1.Da vinci code
2.Poems - a collection of poems by all the greats
3.Bharathiyar Kavithaigal
4.Little women
5.The Three Musketeers

Five people who I pass the High Fives to:
Vijay x 5

everyone else escapes ;p

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jollu Time

Yesterday was Kanda Shasti. Went and watched the reenactment of the asurar porru that I've been watching since I was a baby. Now will write more on that later with photos coz this is all in all a jollu post. Called up a friend for dinner and went to a different restaurant (soon to be our new favourite hang out) that we usually go. What a choice - ok food but great sight adis.

Me : dai that guy has been staring from just now.
She : engeh engeh ehvan avan
Me : chee paravaleh di pakaathum
She : aiik
Me : illeh payan talla nallah iruhkan - nahnum athe jollu than vithukithu iruhken
She : wait wait let me see

So we spent the next 15 mins trying to establish if the tv behind me was better or the tv behind her had a sharper output so we could take turns looking. While she was looking I was cursing - dai don't make it obvious.

Guy finally leaves after a half an hour or more of jolluuduraning and another 3 guys walked in. All good looking especially the one in the blue shirt who had a cute smile.

Me : dai cute guy
she : ahha
Me : (bla bla about something else when I notice she's not listening)
She : ahha
Me : you like toads and ure marrying one
She : ahha
Me : adipavi ure not even listening to me - pohdum nee sight adichathu
She : hehehe ahha

So that was how the evening was left and right oreh jollu. We've decided we should change our dinner meeting place permanently there for all the entertainment even if the food is nearly bad.

And since we're at the issue of Jolluuduraning, I shall drool over Surya once again. Mr Ramasamys son is so droolicious. I've fallen in love with those 2 songs Sutrum Vizhi and oru malai in ghajini not for the music but for how gorgeous Surya looks in it and those looks he gives. Every night I sit and watch Sun Music just for those 2 songs. Sighhh soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Enna kannu enna looku ;p

Asin you ask? Oh she was in there? Didn't notice! ;p ehhehehee

Monday, November 07, 2005


A shot from the Perur temple in Coimbatore, India.

Click here for a larger image.

Reading the comments from the Veena post, I was reminded of an incident. There was a series of concerts in 2002 in KL.

Besides the concert, they had organised a lecture demonstration with the instrumentalists present. I'm a huge fan of percussion's, so would I miss a lecture by Karaikudi Mani sir and Prof. Trichy Sankaran?

The first started with a demonstration of the gottuvadyam, how its playing was different from the saraswati veena, together with another instrumentalist (can't remember exactly who). When the floor was opened for questions, first the normal questions on the instruments and then it went into more general questions.

That's when I decided to ask one question, mostly coz I wanted a view from an artists viewpoint and I confess I did want to impress Karaikudi sir. You see I already knew the answer to the question but anyway the question was

Why is the violin a preferred kutcheri inclusion when it was not part of the traditional repertoire nor even an indian instrument?

Both the artist gave politically correct answers and skirted of much to my disappointment. Anyway the much awaited lecture was about to start and we waited for everyone to settle down. Right after addressing the gathering, Mani sir brought up my qs saying it was a good question and he had to answer it. You should have seen me, I looked like a kid who had just been given a huge candy!

Anyway the answer is because at that century there was a huge influence of things western, plus they decided bringing a violin would be more convenient than the veena citing temperamental weather influence as another.

It was the most enthralling demonstration followed by an explosive thanni avarthanam by both the artist. I had cut music class for a wonderful experience (of course went and gloated to everyone who didn't - especially the mirdangam students).

I introduced myself and got their blessings later. He asked if I was coming for the evening concert, I said of course. And for the rest of the day besides gloating I was in a musical daze, best part he (and some of the other artist) remembered me when I went backstage after the concert.

What a day it was! ;)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Umaaassssss Birthday

Happy Birthday to u
Happy Birthday to u
Happy Birthday to Umaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to u

I'm not saying belated coz I'm hoping I beat the time difference ;p

The wonderful women who lits up our lives - a beautiful bouquet of roses for a darling as beautiful.

I have a dream .....

And no its not an inspired Martin Luther speech as my opening to a career of politics.

Its really a dream I had, a sci-fi one at that, right out of a Spielberg movie. Now If you think its because I was watching some sci-fi flick well all I've been watching for the past week is an overdose of Tamil movie which will never ever become a sci-fi what with its masala songs, steamy duets, and Vadivelu jokes. I don't think an alien invasion could be interupted by a Cheenathanna song. Jabba the hut might have got hubba hubba over the Jedi princess with buns in her hair but don't think sloppy blood sucking ready for world domination would go hubba hubba on the ugliest thing it's ever set its eyes on - us humans!

Thankfully my dream had no aliens but it was pretty weird. Here goes nothing!

A woman walks into a gorgeous house with her husband and 2 kids (1 boy, 1 gal -- the perfect family) and they head outside to their above the ground huge yard with a patio and an outside sink (all right I'm explaining too much but if don't ure gonna ask me anyway!).

They look up into the skies (its dusk) and she gets a foreboding feeling. Everything looks different. The sun has a weird glow and the clouds look menacing. She moves to the sink and washes a dish after placing to gameboys on the counter that she plans to take inside to entertain her kids with such a weird weather forming. She then heads down into the house to put her mobile on charge and suddenly the woman's not a married woman but a young woman anxiously waiting for that call from her bf (talk about changing realities) but the era or situation hasn't changed.

The place is dark (no monsters or ninja fighters don't jump out) and suddenly theres a loud commotion and the house is flooded with water. As she tries to swim to safety, the boyfriend appears in the water holding the mobile still in charge and catches hold of her telling her not to worry. Here's where I'm wondering where did he come from (teleported there from the mobile?) and aik water + electricity - how come they haven't died. Well movie logic anyway back to the story.

Its morning and suddenly the house is filled with people she's never seen, the kids who she isn't a mother of (though she was at the beginning) and gone are the perfectly painted house facade, alls left are brick walls and a gaping hold to the missing yard. Everyones in a line towards somewhere (not sure where). She holds a mobile (which is still working wow) and realises once the last of her battery charge goes, all the friends she'd known through this wonder of technology will be lost forever and I wake up.

Told you it was weird, given I rarely remember dreams, why did I go remember such a weird one!

Doesn't it sound so like Day after tomorrow meets war of the worlds minus the aliens?

Well it makes good fodder to write about ;p Don't ya think!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

7 swarangal

I've been bored and sleepy and believe me I'm not the only one (and I didn't even realise its already time to go back - yippieeeeeee). That's what you get for coming to work in between holidays.

By the way there's another post below and Selamat Hari Raya or Eid Mubarrak.

So was browsing around when I found this article on the dying popularity of the veena.

I love the veena, I love its base sound compared to the higher toned Sitar. I've been crazy about its sound for ages. Despite the deep lines that burrows into the fingers of players, and the short nail you have to keep, the is a joy in playing it or listening to a good recital.

Sometimes when I'm in one of those moods, I'd just tune the veena and play the strings and I'd get peace. That's how much I love its tone.

I guess ppl associate it with being boring and slow. They must have never heard of the thanam part. The fervor of playing it, inserting the brush of the thalam strings in between notes, pairs of threes and 5 oscillating in speed and pitch, then suddenly a melody creeps in before its again repeated varying in rhythm, a first time listener might even assume its a guitar rendition. And then breathlessly it stops, just as the heart is about to burst in excitement, at the peak of its intensity and the song starts. Beautiful I tell ya.

I suggest listening to Dr Chitibabu or Rajesh Vaidhya to trully enjoy veena playing. I just love their style especially listen to Chinnan Chiru Kiliye.

Paday... No Mumbai

Yesterday was nice and quiet just how I like my Deepavalli accompanied by endless TV progs specially for diwali on 5 channels, endless sms's and a wonderful book (Circle of Friends). So I had a pick of what to watch ;p Breakfast was murruku, tarts and biscuits only, all eaten decked in a pretty saree.

Argued with my mom on her explanation that the straight line damaging my pretty kolam was made by a cat or a bird. Some animal that was, making perfect lines and not imprints of paws and feet ;p

My bros friend came by to go Deepavalli shopping on Deepavalli. A long standing tradition as he's normally busy right up to the day. He walked in to find us watching Mumbai Express (played on our local channel) instead of Padayappa on Sun.

He : Akka akka channel change pannunge - Sunle Padayappa pohdurange
Us : Illada Mumbai express nah ihnum pahkale
He : aiyo akka ithu useless movie - Padayappa superah iruhkum
Us : terium da - uselessah irundalum one time pathuralame
He : aunty aunty akkava phodasolunge
Amma : nahnum ihnum pahkaleh pa - nallataneh iruhku (nalla iruhkurade sohnathu kandukadingeh)
He : akka please ka padayappa enna padam
Us : antha nilambari scene ihnum varalehpa - ipoh just normal scene
He : konja neram pohdungehka
Us : (change channel - its the scene where rajinis sister bethroted marries someone else) Par nah sohneleh
He : akka akka change panntinge - ipoh paathu pohduvange
Us : no no ipoh inum soga katchigal vahrum naan mumbai pakkapohren
He : (sulks and) akkaaaa ;(
Us : hehehe

Poor kid was sulking for a while especially since we were laughing away.

The only scene I liked in the movie was the part the school children sing according to the ups and downs of Kamal in the kidnapping scene. Rest were mahabore but at least now I know what was so boring. Thankfully I was busy with the wonderful book. Do read it, its a nice one ;)

Jack (a character in the book) reminded me of someone I knew. Totally besotted in love, distance and lots of missing, a third person, stumbling into a mess he never got out.

Oh yes here we don't have jelebi, palkova for Diwali. What we normally would have is murukku, achimurruku, karra murukku, neiurundai, pudding, jelly and different cookies. Different from how it is in India. Now Uma and Capri, you know I wouldn't babble about food, just and observation darlings ;)

This tailor I had been introduced by my friend was such a dear, despite being given just over 2 weeks to sew my blouses and telling me he wont be able to finish it despite my asking just for one done, he finished all 4 beautifully on Monday much to my surprise given this was just the second time I went to him.

Actually I'm babbling away as am a nervous wreck coz a friend of mine has mysteriously vanished without smses and my call to his mobile went unanswered. I'm just hoping hes still sleeping and nothing else.

Ps : blogger keeps swallowing my posts anyone with the same probs?

Update : friend is ok ;)