Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Deeparaya

I so wanted to create a pretty image at home with the greetings embedded but I've been busy, had no time at home and now pathetically stuck with paintshop and lots of work.


Happy Deeparaya To Everyone
Wishes of Fun and Joy with family and Friends

Oh yes I am working today, and the blogspheres so empty how sad. I spent last night putting a kolam till the wee hours of the morning. I thought I'd Iost my back, but 3 hours of sleep did wonders and the back didn't go missing yippee.

I hate this working Saturdays, it confuses me why Sunday is almost finished!

Will post the photo after the holi's. Oh yes knowing my mom, I took the photos right after I finished, woke up to find one corner damaged.

So enjoy the holiday's and be safe ;)

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Amits Birthday

Happy Birthday Amit :)

Have a wonderful day and a scary halloween with orders to have loads of fun ;)

Oh yes Hapyp Halloween everyone ;)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hyper Question

I love children. Not just to cuddle and play. I don't mind changing diapers, feeding food, surviving tantrums and tear marathons. Now while babies are pretty easy to feed, children often demand for stories. There see the moon, or wait I'll hand you over to the policeman don't work with today's kid. Doesn't help when I ain't such a good storyteller and the stories never stick to the original version. Here's how it normally goes.

Oh yes theres 2 more new posts below.

Kid : 5 year old

Me : Come akka gonna feed you today.
Kid : I dowannnnn food come dance to Mohabattein.
Me : (Err dance? Kids so bollywood) No you eat while akka feed and we watch the song together.
Kid : aaaaaaaaa ok but akka must tell me a story.
Me : errr story? What story do you want. Now take one bite first
Kid : Wait wait story first.

Me : (sigh) ok I'll tell you the Monster's Inc story.
Kid : Scary story ah akka? No love story?
Me : (Adapavi this age you want love story?) No not scary but nice.
Once upon a time there was this huge city where monsters lived.
Kid : Monsters live in the city?
Me : (kadavaleh) Yes these monsters do and if you don't take a bite the monster will come and bite you.

Kid : Will they eat you also?
Me : (whua clever gal) No dear coz I finish my food. They only like hungry children.
Kid : So when you were small they never ate you?
Me : Of course not I was a good kid, I always ate on time (hehehe no I didn't and I stuff the kids mouth with food)
Kid : mm mmm oh

Me : Now the city ran on electricity that comes from
Kid : Akka akka tell me girl went to market story.
Me : .......scaring children. (humm that ends Monsters...sigh) One day this small gal went to the market with her mummy
Kid : Why she went to the market.
Me : wait darling I'll tell you but you have to take another bite.
Kid : Mmmm mmmm
Me : She went to the market coz her mother was buying vegetables.
Kid : Does she get a toy

Me : Only if shes a good kid, doesn't interrupt her mommy, doesn't ask so many questions and isn't naughty.
Me : Of course you're not I was talking about the small gal in the story (NO no its you)
Kid : Oh mmmm mmmm (stuffing her face again before she opens her mouth)
Me : So the mother goes....

Kid : akka akka tell me love story got boy and gal.
Me : ...... to the tomato man (another story? Boy and gal ah? )
Kid : akkaaaaaaa tellllllllllllll
Me : (rolls eye) One day there was a gal and boy who were always fighting.
Kid : wh ythey were fighting I want love story.
Me : Yes I'm coming to that part..
Kid : ok
Me : Then one day they became friends and got to know each other.

Kid : and then they fell in love and kiss (kid giggles non stop)
Me : (errr humm so this was what you were waiting for tsh tsh) Ok ok now last mouth
Kid : mm mmmmm
Me : Just as I get up to leave
Kid : akka dance akka dance
Me : no no you dance I'll watch

And that ladies and gentleman is the kiddo version of Monsters Inc. I've tried unsuccessfully to finish this story to numerous kids but I never get beyond the first line in any story. Sometimes I've had to insert Krishna into monster land.

Kids - hyper question beings!

A prayer

For all Chennaites who are trying to get back to Chennai for the holidays. May varna devan stop this onslaught, and waters recede to allow flights and trains to once again reach and leave Chennai.

Aww thanks

One of my gal friends sent an sms yesterday while I was out with another galfriend that went like this

if i have just 30 secs to live, what are you going to tell me - reply immediately!!

My friend and I being naughty replied to her of love n miss and since some things should be censored it had something to do with the number 3 ;p

she replied back - in 30 secs? Hehe

then I sent it to a few of my friends and one actually said

I'll just go back to sleep!!! Cheh cheh waste friend

That's when my best friend smses back

honestly i cannot loose you

awwww so sweet. I was beaming away. We called him, bugged him and then we made plans to meet while half the gang went back to their hometowns for the holidays much to the disapproval of the galfriend with me. She's threatening to disown us if any plans were made without her around!

Of course another friend smsed back don't you wish you had another 30s to see my face? Grr

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Taking a stand

Life is never a bed of roses no matter where you are. There are always issues that don't really cater to your needs or are unjust. Though politically there's nothing much that can be done, consumer rights, reporting injustice, labour rights, corporate unfairness are some of the things we can complain against and expect changes.

I've marched up to a pizza outlet demanding a refund though my bro was the one who purchased the funny tasting pizza. I've threatened closing down an ex company, when they decided they can do as they wish with my salary and not contribute to my EPF (employees provident fund) and then I went on to threaten an insurance company with consumer court and the media when they faltered to refund our payments. Because I stood my ground, I've won all this issues I've taken up.

As it was last year, the Hindus and Muslims are celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya together this year.

Last year around this time, the Indian community was abuzz with complains that corporations, shopping malls even the municipals were taking us for granted, only displaying banners for Raya and deliberately omitting Diwali greetings. If they could do double celebration decorations when Christmas and Chinese New year were celebrated with Raya, why couldn't they do it this time? This is a multi racial country we're used to celebrating each others festival so why are they causing a rife? Everyone was complaining, but no one was really doing anything about it. It seemed like a simple issue but to me, if we can't correct small issues how can we even think of changing the bigger problems.

At first I wrote a letter to the particular company, then to the press and weeks went by and nothing changed. Finally I decided to take it to take it to Jeff Ooi, our Malaysian Political blogger. He immediately posted it up and that very Sunday, the paper I had sent my complain letter printed my letter albeit using a pseudonym I hadn't given, 3 weeks after I had sent it. What coincidence!

In the next few days you could see change everywhere. The places I had complained about started putting up banners, the corporation I had complained of started sending automated apologies to everyone who had complained.

This time, the companies have bucked up, double celebration decor's are up, its back to normal, companies have even started airing festive ads earlier than usual.

I was at a shopping mall recently and the centrecourt had only a Malay decor, I was staring hard at the program board looking to see if there were at least Indian programs when the Dj (he was right behind me) announces please go to the east entrance to have a look at our Diwali decor. I smiled. The DJ had been a Malay guy waiting to break his fast.

So alls not lost we're still happy to be different yet one.
Voice out your frustrations, complain - change can happen.

So everyone Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya.

Or more aptly Happy Deeparaya as we say it here ;)

Beh beh

After reading yesterdays post, Veejay had asked what would we do if he introduced one of us as his gf instead. Well around those lines heres what the plan is.

It seems despite his protests, his mom is looking for a gal for him in a certain state. Don't ask me why that state, we're all wondering. Anyway one of our friends is from there. So we threw in the what if....

What if your mom met her mom and they arranged for a lets meet the bride session. (imagine the next conversation with splendid expressions)

Both of them : huh hummm theres a possibility.
Gal : I know I shall limp into the room and cross my eyes and blush a vanakam dear to your father!
Nah nondikithe vandhu ondrakanna look vithu ungehluku vanakkam sohlrehnnu ungeh appava paathu vanakamnge nu valinjirehn!

Him : And I shall act deaf and go aah aah beh beh - n sign language i dont want u and leave.
Apdhiyeh nahnum beh beh nu signehlam kaathi - intha ponnu vehndamnu oodhirehn!
Both of them : hehehe alright no wedding

Ps : they weren't making fun of anyone just acting

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Story tree

Chennaicentral has become story central with a Story tree taggy. Thennavan has tagged me and since I've managed to finish it here you go.

Ah yes besides the tag there's another post below ;)

He thought it would be an ordinary journey. Standing behind the pillar he watched the train snort arrogantly into the station. With each snort he was reminded of his grandfather's words "You will fail in the city and return penniless"; with every heavenward whistle, he heard his cousin, "Don't worry. Come here and I will get you a job at the construction site." Now he had a 34-hour journey to prove one of them wrong, and he expected the excitement at the end of the journey. He looked at his ticket once again: compartment S9 berth 23.

Pushing his luggage under the seat, he sat close to the window. "Papa, when will you be back?" - his four year old daughter Munni asked innocently. He stared into those soft brown eyes of the motherless kid. He held her frail palms in his, through the window. "Munni, Papa will get you a nice gudiya from the city..Say tata," his sister spoke to the kid, to avoid an emotional outburst. In a minute, the train pulled forward, and Munni's little fingers parted from between his. "I need to go..", he thought, "I have to, at least for Munni's sake.."

The humid summer breeze and the rattling train coaxed him into an uncomfortable state of drowsy consciousness. He dreamt that Munni ran away, the closer he ran to her, the farther she was, like a mirage. He woke up with a start and squinted at his watch."What is the time please?"A smallish woman, a meek voice as if she was scared that her existence would annoy someone. Her only noticeable feature was her rather large, expressive eyes."4.30"Something made him look at the woman again. He had stopped noticing women long back. Ever since Meenakshi passed away...

But this woman was different. She reminded him of someone he knew. In an instant he realized who and the painful memories came flooding back. She looked exactly like his childhood sweetheart Madhu. As teenage lovers in a conservative society, they had often met secretly and had declared undying love for each other.

Then someone had found out and all hell had broken loose. The elders in the village Panchayat had ostracized Madhu's family as she was from a lower caste. Unable to bear the humiliation, she had committed suicide by drowning. That was twelve years back...

Could it be? Could it really be him? He seems different, weary and downcast. Oh no will he recognise me? No, I am dead to the world. Still she cautiously wrapped her saree end around her head and across her face. Behind the cotton screen, her mind drifted to happier times, languid strolls in the corn fields, games at the riverbed, his gentle caress, whispered sweet nothings, stolen glances at the temple fair.

Tempted to take one last look, she consoled herself that he wouldn't notice. Slowly she lifted her eyes only to find Rupak staring back at her.


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Its supposed to be a chain and I have to tag someone so I am tagging Venkittu Sir, Bawangred and Prabu.

Tsh Tsh Auntyyy...

My friend was complaining how his mom kept pestering him to get married. It seems he had shown her photos with us gals in it to her and the first thing she asked was which ones your girlfriend?

He had tried to assure her "No ma they are all only friends". His mom went on to assure him she won't balk if he had a girlfriend.

That's when we jumped in.

Us : Oh so that's why you don't invite us to the house. You're scared of your mom.
Him : eh no la. I've got nothing to be scared of.
Us : Not even us?
Him : yeah of course what can you gals do!

Us : You sure or not?
Him : Very sure.
Us : Imagine us coming to your house on Diwali.
Him : ah ha
Us : We're all decked in saree, and the house is full of your friends and relatives.
Him : err ahha.
Us : that's when one of us spots your mom and goes.......
Him : ehhh aaaaa goes???

Us : Attai enna asirvadam pannungeh. Nala naal adhuvuhma ungehla iintroduce pannathan enna avar vareh sohnar. Avar propose kudah pahnitar.
Aunty bless me. He asked me to come today so he can officially introduce me as his gf to you on this auspicious day. He's even proposed aunty (showing ring)

Him : adapavi (insert shocked scared expression)
Us : and then before you know it your relatives and friends will be scolding and congratulating you on your wedding.
Him : aiyo yoo please don't.

Us : Now do you see what we can do? ;p
Him : But but...... you gals also will get in trouble.
Us : That's where we bring another gals photo and tell everyone this is your real gf but you're just too shy to introduce that's why we did all this drama.
Him : oh my god!

Us : he he he so when are you hosting the Diwali dinner?

Him : eh please please don;t
Me : actually why do we have to wait till we meet her, I have his house number
Him : aaaaaaaaa
Us : hhehehehehehehe

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Over the weekend mom and I stayed in a hotel in KL. Its part of a vacation club we're part of. So of we scooted for 2 days of rest and relaxation. My mom the temple addict, goes to temple early every Saturday morning, so when I told her to have a nap, I didn't expect her to sleep for 5 hours straight. ;p

Anyway mom had fun sleeping and resting while I devoured page after page of my previously unread 1 and a half year old Da Vinci Code. We drove around town trying a different restaurant for a different meal and even getting McDs sundae at near midnight ;p

Despite all the peaceful fun we had there was one incident that occurred on Sunday. At first I wanted to blast of abuse, but then I realised its a waste of time. Anyway heres the story told as calm as possible.

We had gone to the Deepavali Fair at KL Sentral. I was hoping to be able to donate blood as I had seen a donation drive the night before but unfortunately the place was packed and there was also a power outage in Brickfields. Unfortunately the drive ended the night before. Somehow I have the knack of getting to a blood drive exactly after it ends.

Anyway as we were leaving, I ended up behind a bus which suddenly stopped at the side of the road despite the light showing green and I had to stop as well. Suddenly this swarm of people crossed the road and they had to go around my car. This white couple stood by my door peered inside and suddenly the guy kicks my car. I'm like what the???

I wind down the window and to his shock I screamed at him. He hadn't expected me to do that. Instead of just walking off, as he neared the other side he kicked the car again. By then my mom had panicked and was going lock the door lock the door.

I was like for what, why do I have to be scared of that idiot. I winded down the window again and screamed at him. I regret not walking up to him and dragging him to the police booth just on the other side or causing a scene!

Who did he think he was the white king and we were his slaves? This is the first time I've experienced such a thing. No I wasn't scared just totally furious. How dare he come to my country and act that way! What arrogance of him to think he could do anything and get away with it (sadly he got away!). It just made me rethink the pity I had felt some time back.

I was at a club with my friends when this white guy grabs the hand of a gal standing among another group. A guy standing nearby (not from the gals group) slaps the guy but it didn't end there. Minutes later the white guy was dragged out and probably got beaten. I had felt pity for him that day.

The yearly dinner my company hosts brings about lots of international guests. I've had to endure listening to numerous indecent approaches and politely tell them off. Sad that they assume its easy to shag an Asian women.

It makes me think why do they act like this. I don't want to be racist but they don't really give me a choice.

Is it coz they assume Asians workship them?
Is it coz they still think we are their slaves?
Is it coz they think they're better than us?
Is it coz the ones who come here are just plain idiots?

I know not every westerner is like that but I just can't help generalising. Shamgar I have to apologise for generalising. I have met nice polite people but I find that percentage is smaller then these goons.

I am just so irritated.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Adada ;p

When I was in Univ, I used to represent the Univ in interuniv Thevaram contests. The first one was held in UM. We went, sang and conquered, winning nearly every single prize offered subsequently lifting the overall trophy. That went on to become the title of my first main page article in our monthly English bulletin for the Indian society club. For the 3 years that we participated in the competition, our group was known as the team to fear. Even though the next year (in Um as well) we didn't win the overall trophy (inside politics) we still won the best group title.

Normally besides thevaram there would be bhajan, dance and pechi pothi as well. We were well known for the music section. The third year, UM decided not to host the competition which led to USM jumping in to host it instead. By then I was already staying out and lost in touch with the group. It seems they had a Univ level competition to choose the representatives, however by the last 2 weeks, my old group members insisted I was contacted to join.

So we had just 2 weeks to learn and harmonise 10 thevarams and 10 bhajans. You had to learn everything as you were to sing an own choice and another song by randomly picking the number. USM (in Penang) had decided to hold it on the Ponggal weekend. So for the first time I was gonna miss Ponggal morning at my temple.

Every year the ritual with include getting up slightly later than on margazhi mornings and drawing this huge kolam around the ponggal pot. The people who took the ubhayam (religious function) still insist I have to draw the kolam every year till today. So that year I drew the kolam before I left, the day before Ponggal and then I had to rush for my bus to Penang.

Penang my second favourite state was as beautiful as ever, and the USM welcoming team were as hospitable as it can get. We sure had a lot of walking to do though since hall and hostel were miles apart. My friend and I however went oorusuttufying (sightseeing) to her aunts place and back to the univ to meet one of my net friends. (that's a different story for another day)

Next day woke up to find my spectacles screw missing rendering it impossible to wear. This were the days before I started using contacts and we had just 2 hours for the competition! So I was left to walk around half blind! I could see people, just they all looked liked ghosts!

Suddenly, suddenly our team coordinator would spring in front of me and ask how many fingers can you see! After ootufying (teasing) me he'd say

no kannadi (glasses) cannot see nevermind, just win!

The bhajan had a new member, a guy to play the Tambourine and provide the male voice however he needed coaching with the tambourine and wasn't sure where to end and all. So we devised a plan where I'd play the manjari (cymbals) for rhythm and he would follow me for cues.

The room was filled with people but I couldn't see a single face clearly but of course I managed to act visonable. UTM had come with a big gang of all boys. I heard there were some cute ones, behh all I saw were ghosts! Its not as if my friend let me be.

She : dai cute guy da - look 3 o'clock
Me : Dai nonsence you know I can't see right.
She : Aiyo miss pahnreh da paaru paaru
Aiyoo you're missing such a good sight!
Me : Naliki main page news predict pahnathumma?
You know I can predict tomorrows main page news.
She : aik kannuteriyahmehh predictlam panna mudiutha?
Aikkk without seeing you've developed prediction powers?
Me : Maanavi padhu kozhai - Kannadi illa Maanavi Kozhai kutravazhi
Glassless Student kills Friend
She : ehhehehe
Me : Magaleh innoruthan pathi sohneh - piece pieceah akiruhvehn!
Another mention of cute guys - ill turn you into pieces!

We had already aced the thevaram section and people were beginning to remember who we were. The thunderous applause said a lot, though I think the loudest was from our coordinator!

Bhajan time came and we were nearing the end of the last song. I suddenly blacked out into dreamland. I'm singing, playing the cymbal but consciously forget I had to mark the end. We had finished singing the last line and towards the end of our last note, but the percussion was still going strong coz I was daydreaming while playing the cymbals! Suddenly I jolted up, wondering why we hadn't stopped when I remembered I had to initiate it!

Lucky us the extra beats actually added to the charm of the song!

Best part all my team mates thought I had planned the ending that way! Hehehe talk about a good act!

We went on to win the best group in Thevaram and Bhajan for the 3rd consecutive year and crowned the overall champions. More than USM, UTM were quite chagrined, everytime they announced our names they'd go damn not again but clap they did.

It was loads of fun, our coordinator (this was his first project) was so overjoyed he couldn't stop grinning. Then we went around Penang, dropping by the beach. Of course as you all know all I saw were shadows! And yet everyone kept pointing things to me to look!

Not bad I survived a day without glasses!

Lone ranger

Have you heard - if you stare hard enough a person would probably turn towards your direction?

Well I was trying to get a shot of this guy who was busy on the phone when just as I finish snapping the shot he turns back and looks at me.

Oh yes I'm looking to do a Rangoli kolam for Deepavalli and at ends on whether I should do a god image or a geomatric design? Any suggestions? ;p

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Life and Death

Ok another sad post. Sorry but the week is like that.

I believe in remembering things but not living in the past or in the future. The present is to be lived fully with memories as guides and visions as the future. Have a wonderful weekend everyone ;)

I had never imagined one of my parents would pass away. Not because of denial but more coz dad had cheated death numerous times. We were so used to hospitals, someone being inside was just another event in a day.

I remember the first time dad was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1992. He was supposed to have picked me from tuition but was running late. I was getting irritated and anxiously waiting to go for some function in the temple and then he drove by and had the most serious look in his face. All he said was go and call taxi uncle. Thankfully I've never been a person who panics. I just robotically zoomed and called my dads friend and he came and that's when I realised dad was in some pain. We rushed off to pick mom and bro from the temple and headed for the hospital.

At first they thought he was having a heart attack and then it was discovered both his kidneys had failed. Reason being an accident during youth and high blood pressure. For next 2 year or so, we shuttled from hospital to home to dialysis centres and ate saltless food (since dad had to). A lot of peoples true colours came out then. Friends and family who dished us and call dad a dead man walking. Finally we uprooted for 3 months in 1994 and went to Chennai to get a kidney transplant done. It was so weird that dad's dr's there would have such coincidental names. One was Sivaraman and the other Ramasiva. One totally humorous and the other an exact opposite.

My dad shocked his drs when right after they stitched him back up, he woke up and asked the dr how am I doing?

When dad was wheeled out and we asked the surgeon how he was. He laughed and told us. Oh he is doing great, he even woke up and asked me right after surgery!

We spent a month just looking at dad from the observation window in the CCU. Then he got home and just when we were getting ready to go home, he had a mild allergic reaction. Fearing his body might be rejecting the new organ, we were made to stay longer.

December 2000, just before my birthday dad had a heart attack. A buildup from consuming all those immune reducing tablets. He underwent a successful coronary angioplasty and life resumed once again.

We never cried, we never muttered nonsenses, we never dived into depression. We were just so used to hospitals and seeing dad in there. Plus dad was always a picture of health inside or outside the hospital. When he was back home people would say its unbelivable that he just fell sick.

People have the tendency to say the weirdest things towards their death, you only realise it after their demise. Normally dad would pay all the bills and we were never asked to do any of it. My car tax was due to be paid when he insisted I go do it myself.

How long am I supposed to be doing it for you. Its time you learnt.

Lol the funny part it wasn't that we didn't want to learn, its just he never let us. So after going to the postoffice and paying my road tax there, I came home and left the sticker on his table. He came home saw it and pasted it for me.

Huh see I made you paste it - I thought to myself in glee. ;p

That year we had been too lazy to celebrate Diwali, parents had just gotten back from a Kasi Rameshwaram Yatra (religious tour). Bro and I burst out laughing, when dad walked in to the house. Gone was the moustache we had seen all our lives, and dad looked different. He grinned back at us.

Appa nalahlehhh ehpo tiripi valarka pohringe?
Appa not nice, when are you gonna grow it back.

We hadn't made a single cookie or savory. We were just too lazy and decided we should just buy them. That evening, after my first day at my new job, we went and bought some biscuits. Instead of waiting for Diwali, that night the 4 of us sat and enjoyed the cookies.

16 October 2003, it was the second day at my new job and as always I was at the couch watching cartoons. Time passed, yet we didn't hear the familiar sound of dads car stopping in front the house. A cousin calls to tell us dad would be late. Weird why was he calling? Mom calls and dad tells her I'm on my way back.

Only after he came home he tells us what had happened. He had felt chest pain and drove himself to the hospital. Drs weren't sure if it was a mild heart attack or gastric pains. He was to go for a follow up check up the next day. Next day it was confirmed he had had a mild heart attack and despite drs orders to check himself in, he told her he'll be back on Saturday.

Right after his check up, he went and settled all our bills, so that he'd having nothing to worry once he was inside the hospital for his second coronary angioplasty. Saturday evening we all went of to the temple for prayers. Mom and dad had to perform the Sathya Narayanan pooja in the temple.

After a long time we had come to that particular temple as a family. Halfway through the prayers dad got up and coolly told the priest he had to go, its time he admitted himself in the hospital and then told mom and I to finish everything and serve food and only then come.

So he walked out after telling goodbye to everyone, in his normal jollyness. He was a picture of health that day, unless you knew he had just had a mild attack you could have never guessed.

Things were totally different at the hospital, he had, had another attack and was all covered with various machines but was still talking. Looking very crossed and hungry he was mumbling away at having to be bedridden. Alright thats appa alright!

He's coronary angioplasty was scheduled for late Monday morning. We did the normal routine of going home visiting the hospital going home and coming back. Bro was having exams and I had work to go to on Monday.

Around 2.30 Monday afternoon, I got a call from mom, crying, it had failed, his heart collapsed, dad had stopped breathing, his condition was deteriorating, the dr said it was time to call the family for a last visit. 4th day at my new job, I approached my boss told her the situation and left in a hurry. My car was parked at a distant coz I hadn't gotten a parking spot yet. I remember removing my heels and running barefoot towards my car and the tears rolled inside the sanctuary of my car. Dear god I wasn't prepared to lose my father, let me get there on time, not yet, I'm not ready were some of the thoughts that ran through my head.

Got home and waited for bro to get back so we could go together. Lit the altar lamp and started praying, grabbed the prayer beads and ganga water mom had asked to bring.

The scene at the hospital was pretty bleak. His pressure was an all time low around 30 and there was no movement at all. He just laid there with more machines plugged into him. I don't know how many times we checked the machine to see if it was rigged and it was just the machine breathing for him. Brother and I started singing silently every single verse, song we knew while rubbing his hands and legs. No one told us to keep it down, dr's had already given up. Suddenly for a fleeting moment I saw his eyeballs move, our prayers got louder.

Suddenly, 1 and half hours later, he woke up with a start and coughed blood and fluid. He was wide awake and trying to remove the wires and ivs pinned on him. Drs rushed in and we were chased out. We weren't sure if it was good or bad, just glad he was awake! His dr came out beaming to tell us, he's back and recovering up to 50 % - the pressures up and he's actively moving so much we have to bound him down. 7.30 that evening we got dad back and we were overjoyed. Finally we walked out to get some food and something for mom, she refused to leave.

Dad was actively moving, trying to speak but his mouth was filled with the support machine and actively acknowledging everyone who was visiting him. We still continued praying. Mom stayed over and only came home when brother went back that afternoon.

I got home from work and we left to go for the hospital. I was joking again about their India trip. I was calling it their second honeymoon, since this was the first time since I was born that they had gone for a holiday without dragging us 2 kids along.

Dad was moving and scolding us while trying to ask us to get him something. Yeah dad was back! We were all quite relaxed we had spend quite a lot of time with him. Managed to sing his fav song for him - Alaypayude. We'd feed him just drops of water since we were told to limit his fluid.

Around 8pm, his pressure started dropping drastically. Few more drs were called in. They kept going in and out yet no one was telling us anything. You see everything was dropping, but he was still actively moving. Something was wrong. Finally around 10 something we confronted his dr and she told us, hes dying, according to the reports he should be in a coma, we're not sure how come hes still active. We knew he was going then, calmly we started calling everyone who would want to come. In 20 mins the hospital was filled with family and friends.

It was time to say goodbye, the 3 of us didn't cry, this time we were prepared. It was time for him to go and we understood that. We recited the thryambagam manthram and fed him gange water. By the 5th person he was gone. He just quietly left, peacefully closing his eyes for the last time. God had given us 24 hours to be strong and able to except his death.

Then we had to convince the drs to remove the support machine. It was quite amusing to hear the dr tell us, pray some more maybe he'll come back like yesterday but then it was really weird to hear that. After another 45 mins of forcing them, they finally removed the machine and he was gone. Past midnight the 22nd of October 2003.

Next we had to arrange getting him back and the funeral. Some wonderful soul at agreed to wait for us, if we could rush his photo and details for the obituaries the next morning to be printed only in the Klang Valley edition.

I haven't actually cried till today besides the once in the car. Tears well up but not really cry, sometimes I worry I'll have a breakdown one day but my friend insists that wouldn't happen, that I've passed the stage. Well hope he's right ;)

A lot of people question gods existence. I say all of us witnessed a miracle that day. A miracle of another 24 hours to be with him, to be stronger, to accept he was dying. It was gods gift to us, otherwise we wouldn't have been as strong as we had been. Its exactly 2 years today.

To me I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, bad or good - one day you'll know why. So whatever you're in, just hang on and never give up - it will pass.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Chikku Bukku

Have you seen how many bags a person travelling on a flight brings?

No matter how many numbers you're carrying, the good thing is there's trolleys to push them right up to the check in counters. Now imagine all those bags and 20 people trying to get on a train!

Yes, because of the infamous screw up by my "brilliant" travel agent that led me to miss a bloggers meet in Chennai, the 20 of us which included young children had to drag our huge bags all over Coimbatore station! Who in their right mind carries huge bags at a train station!

Each of us had at least 2 bags and a handbag - that's a minimum 60 bags and the train stops for only 10 mins! I have to say this. Coimbatoreans are very hospitable but in their want to be hospitable they can make the weirdest arrangements. During the trip they were so nice to assign each group a vehicle but that's when problems turned up. Sometimes we'd all be lined up but the drivers weren't allowed to leave or were having food, try standing in the middle of the hot sun for an hour!

Anyway similarly they made us wait at the wrong spot nearer to the entrance so we wouldn't have to walk. Unfortunately when the train arrived we started rushing to the spot! (trains in India stop at the exact spot everytime!) 60 bags, kids and rushing don't match I tell ya! We probably provided humour to the vendors at the station!

Finally train stops and we were told, bags were to be loaded by the men at one entrance and the ladies at the other entrance were just told to climb up to the seats. Now how would 8 guys load 60 bags in 10 mins - so I decided we should carry our own bags up and we just formed a chain to pile the bags in one spot. Luckily we did that, the moment we finished the station master blew his whistle! Seeing that I seemed more familiar with trains, the uncle put in charge of the tickets passed me the tickets. Some of them were travelling to India for the first time and there I was travelling alone with near strangers. We starting arranging the bags around and making sure everyone had a place to sit/ sleep and making sure we didn't take someone elses berth.

It was nearly an hour before I finally sat down. Thats when the chai guy turned up and we bought ourselves chai and vadai's. Very funny was the guy kept talking to one of the boys in Malayalam and he didn't understand a word. Instead we started asking him where he was from and this and that in broken Tam Malayalam.

I kinda dislike train masters. I sense they derive pleasure in tricking new passengers who have no idea whats the station before the station you're getting down at! This one was probably the king of all sadist train masters - he came by and I started settling the tickets with him. When I asked him the time and the station he curtly replied - I will tell you when its time! stop asking me! was his answer. I guess people must have been bugging him from just now.

We settled down for a short nap after talking about the shows. I was pretty settled with the book I had purchased earlier at the station when the chai guy came back to ask what our orders were for dinner. One of the boys decided he'd coordinate the orders so I wouldn't have to do it. Finally we figured who wanted parata and who was taking the rice set.

We gobbled down the food and later realised he had charged us for an extra plate. Oh well what to do we thought. That's when the fun started. We decided to play antakshri and it was about 9 pm. So we got into 2 groups and were singing away. Every 10 mins we had to go shuhhhhh coz someone from the 4th compartment was giving us the I'm trying to sleep look. ;p When we moved from cinema songs to Bhajans, one passenger got up and gave us a weird look! ;p

Earlier the train master had told us we'd arrive around 11 pm. So around 10.30 we started moving our bags to the entrance near us under the watchful eyes of the train master. Exactly when we finished he started grinning so I asked him we're arriving on time right? Then he laughs and tells me no no we're gonna be late for another 1, 2 hours.

I smiled at him and started scolding him in Malay while still smiling.

Waste nonsense, Donkey, you could have told us something when we started moving the bags!

Everyone burst out laughing when he gave me a quizzical look and I smiled back again, thanking him for being so nice. What kind of a sadist behaviour.

We finally arrived some 2 hours later. Next plan was I'd get down first and sit and look after the bags, while they were brought down. Thats where MIAB happened. One bag was missing and we thought someone had stolen it under my watchful eyes. I was pretty sure it hadn't come out. In the flurry of the moment I actually got scolded. That's when one of the boys went back in and checked under the seats and found the bag just as the train started to leave. Poor things, apologised so many times, but given the situation to me it was understandable.

And no I didn't meet any old people who had million and one stories to tell, nor did I fall in love with the next berth chap, next berths were all occupied by middle aged uncles, nor did I meet singing entertainers (we did the entertaining you see) or peddling salesman.

Without all that it was still a blast!

No entry

I like this shot

Click here for a larger image

This was the view from outside the Dyanalingam meditation centre in Coimbatore, India Apr 2005

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anubavam pudhumai.........

................avalidam kandhen

The sounds of the waves went unheard. The silent argument they were having seemed louder.

He shouldn't have said that, she thought.

She shouldn't have been so eager to let me go, he thought.

The beach was crowded with families skirting the waves, friends, gay with laughter, couples in avid discussion. All went unnoticed to the 2 of them.

Anne, Sundal?
Illehpa vehndam
Akkaku vangi tangeh anne
Illehpa vehndam nee poh.

They were still arguing under whispered arguments loud enough for their ears silent enough for the surroundings when the lady approached them.

Ennapa joshiyam pakkuriya?
Illehma vehndam
ennapa killi pohla pohna kuthithu vandhuruke, magarasanna pakkuviyanu pakkavehndama.
Indahma itha vechikoh, athulam pakka vehndam (he hands her some money)
the lady leaves

She looks up questions etched on her face (he normally wouldn't give money)

illeh unnah killinu sohnaleh athan.

A tiny smile formed on her previously angry lips.

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Rest in peace

The Malaysian Prime Ministers wife, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood passed away earlier this morning after a four-year battle with breast cancer.

Also the man who pulled a Boeing, Mighty Man R. Letchemanah passed away early Tuesday morning.

May they rest in peace.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Would you?

Now there's 3 different posts today. Ok before you jump on me for writing so many, I actually only wrote the Nicol post today. Wrote this post last week right after hearing the story. While the second was a poem by Shamgar.

This is another sad post but make sure you read it. Lessons are meant to be learnt.

Would you be friends with a prostitute? A person who was your friend, in an age old profession by circumstances, with prolific clients. Walking down the street with her, getting recognised by her clients - even though you are just friends. Would it matter? If you were a guy, the clients would smirk that you too were one of them, or if you were a gal, people might assume you were one too coz your friend was?

Would you be friends?

This is a real life dilemma of my friend. He was telling me about this chat friend of his of a few years, with one of the saddest stories. All the while he had thought she was just another gal, until she narrated her story to him.

Love can bring a person down as much as it can build. One wrong decision, blinded by love, a person could lose their whole life. Isn't love weird?

She was telling him, I want my story to be a lesson to everyone out there. Don't trust everyone, don't be blinded by love and think before you act. So please spread it around. This is her story.

She had then been studying at a well established college in Kuala Lumpur. Young, brilliant and your typical gal next door. That's when she met him. This good looking, nice, well to do chap from the northern states. Love blossomed and their relationship progressed on. Life couldn't have been more beautiful. They were inseparable and he was every gals dream.

One day he got an offer to work overseas and being the lovey dovey couple they were, he insisted she follow him there. They could work there and probably start a life there. When she told her parents her plans, they refused to let her go. That's when he said they should run away and began preparing their travel arrangements to that particular European nation.

They put up at this well established hotel run by and Indian man with staff from different Indian and Sri Lankan backgrounds. The man was introduced to her as a caring uncle. 2 weeks after reaching there, the boyfriend tells her he needs to travel to another part of the country for a week. She insists on following but claims it would be a burden and hassle plus she'd be safe with uncle.

1 week turned to 2. She had no passport, money and he showed no signs of coming back. That's when the uncle offered her a job as a waitress at the hotel. That's when the signs started showing. The clients that dined at the restaurants would try to harass her, pinching and touching. At first she kept quiet and then one day she complained to the uncle.

That's when his true colours emerged. She was locked up and abused physically and sexually. She begged the other women for help only to find out they too were sex slaves there. That's when her ordeal began and she become another prostitute and finally she realised, she had fallen for the age old love and be sold. She tried to escape but each time, the well guarded hotel remained an exclusive posh prison.

One day 2 Malaysian students came by the restaurant and she jumped at the chance of trying to escape. She slipped them a note in Malay, asking them to help her by contacting the embassy. The students didn't react, finished their food and just left. She thought all was lost.

The next day some officials from the embassy and some cops turned up in response to her plea. That's when the uncle took her to a room and put a knife to her neck and told her.

You can go ahead and leave, but breathe one word of the things going on here, and I will hunt you down.

She was finally saved. Despite the threats she had received, she narrated everything that had happened and goes on at the hotel. That's when she was told the place had long been in investigation, but they did not have enough proof.

The embassy sends her home and locates her family. That's when the typical Asian story kicks in. Her parents, siblings refused to acknowledge her and she was thrown out of the house. Still thankful at having survived her ordeal, which no one knew of, she turned to her friends. But they too falter from really helping her. Still determined, she manages to rent a place and secure a 9 - 5 job. Life was turning a new leaf it seemed.

Then one fateful day life came crashing when she discovers that the past can catch up on you. Its vague what she had discovered, but all she said was I'm dying so why should I let these b******s live. This time she voluntarily went back into the profession she was once forced into, all for revenge.

She's now graduated to a high class courtesan, intent on taking a lot of people with her. Despite having bundles of money, sometimes she yearns for the simple joys of friendship.

We could criticise her for going back in but then I guess when a person realises they've actually lost everything, revenge is definitely sweet. We could say innocent wives and future children could become innocent victims but then most men do so in the knowledge that they are taking a risk.

Lust comes with a price.

The point of the story is be careful who you love, don't make drastic decisions, check out the persons background, find out who their friends are and most importantly get a medical check done before you engage in sex whether before or after marriage, whichever your choice. Don't think arranged marriages are life's boons from such situations, the situation is the same there as well. You might just become the unsuspecting bride of a HIV positive groom, a fact well known by his parents, just coz they want their son married or vice versa!

I know you want to believe the person you love but they might not know they have the virus. They might not have contracted the disease from social ills, but they could have gotten it from a blood transfusion and never know what they have. So whoever or however you decide to marry, check them out and get a medical done.

It's better to be cautious then having to regret one day.

Remember she was your typical, viceless, neighbour hood gal. All she did was fall blindly in love and run away. So be careful, everyone.

So would you be friends?

Friends you make

Shamgar left a beautiful poem after reading Cookie Monster that I'd like to share with you guys. Thank you for the wonderful poem that echoes my own feelings. Thanks again Shamgar ;)


The friends you make,
The friends you lose,
The time you save and give away to

Each impacts your soul.

Friends and comrades, enemies
And acquaintances,
The ones close and the ones
far away,
I've lost them all.

Some died because of me,
Some died in spite of me,
Some died with no input from
me at all.

Each left the world a little
Richer for their having been here.

Each took a little of me with him,
Each left of little of him or herself
With me.

The most important thing now about
Your friend...

Is that he lives on in your heart.

Congrats Nicol

Malaysian Squash Player Nicol David claims the women's crown in the British Open squash championships. Congrats Nicol!

More info on her here

Read a beautiful article by a female engineer who defied the odds at Ranjs blog. Do read it.

And take a look at how Deepavali has hit Little India at Lensa Malaysia, The famous jo ad in the lungi saree has taken over the streets! ;p

Oh yes funnily it seems me and Still had gone to the same place for our holidays. Weirdly I didn't realise till today morning ;) She has some photos there, check it out.

Oh yes do look at the photo of the clear water, now will you guys believe PD was clean?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Whats that?

What's that sound I hear? Caressing my ear drums?

The ocean waves? Ah yes the gushing waves

Thendralai alai karaiyai urasiyathe
karaiyin ooram alaiyin mothal
iyarkai maari maari muthamithadhe

Alright alright enough of literal drama. I managed to blackmail and squeeze in a small very short holiday over the weekend. That's why I was missing.

I had gone to the beach on Sunday ;)

Its been such a busy 2 weeks. During Navarathri, I'd brave the traffic, reach home have a small snack, get ready in 20 mins and leave home in traffic for the place I was visiting that day! Then right after everything was over on Wednesday, the friends and I dragged ourselves to Ghajini and a very late supper that dragged on for hours. We yakked so much we didn't realise the time. Friday night we had gone clubbing since I wanted Saturday off to rest and recuperate for all the driving on Sunday. After buying some snacks for the trip I finally watched Anger Management. Was kinda good not hilarious but nice.

Next morning was so weird I kept getting delayed by everyone. After the packing and the loading, and telling my mom to let me finish reading my paper, we left for brunch. First delay was at the petrol station. I think I got free RM 10 petrol ;p hehehehe

There was some problem at the pump so I had to go to the counter and swipe my card. I wanted to pour for RM 40 but just as it reached RM 10 the pump stopped and after numerous walking in and out they finally settled the problem. I suspect they had accidentally left RM 10 in the pump from a prior transaction and forgot to cancel so I ended up getting charged RM 30 only hhehehe.

No delays with the food, but went to withdraw money at the ATM and found one machine being fixed by a technician, the machine I was waiting in line ran out of money and I had to shift to another line. The same thing at the toll, again there was some delay but luckily that was the last one.

This was the first time I would be driving long distance to PD. Normally dad would or friends would since they wouldn't let me drive for heaven knows why! Men! So the protective (and no its not coz I can't drive, I'm quite good). Not bad for a first timer depending on street signs, we arrived without getting lost, despite me not asking for directions from anyone! ;p

Was trying to get directions to the lobby from the staff but everyone had the same weird qs.

Me : Uncle where's the....
Him 1 : Have you booked
me : lobby
Him 1 : Have you booked
me : uh ... unc.....
Him 2 : Have you booked

Hummm is that the code word there? Should I have said yo yo Elvis my man booked it for me.

PD is about just over 2 hours drive from where I live. I spent some 15 mins jumping in the springy bed - hehehe was so nice. Looked out to find the water still on low tide. So decided to do more jumping before we hit the beach ;p

As soon as we saw the tide rise, we changed and marched to find the beach. That's where we got lost in the maze wondering how to get to the beach. The weather was just superb, cloudy day, missing sun, soft breeze and the ocean water felt like heaven.

Oh yes the best part was the water was clean (you could see the sand floor), the sand was sandy and not muddy. PD has been a victim of rubbish and oil spills but given this was a private beach the place was quite clean. I did spend the time telling my mom and her friend to pick their rubbish and not litter the beach coz everyone else does it. Plus because it was at the week end - place was quite deserted. Most of the time we had the beach to ourselves. I declared the beach my private property. ;p

My moms friend (she's just in her 30s) is actually scarred of water. So instead of dragging her into the water, all we did was tempt her and before we knew it we managed to persuade her in and despite freaking out every time a wave hit her, she was soon enjoying herself. Am I good or what, the women hasn't gotten into water since she was 12!

Travelling to another state only once in a while, we have the habit of visiting the temple in the state - there was this pretty temple beautifully painted in 2 shades of peach and another grand one in the city centre itself.

Finding food proved to be an adventure. Funnily all the indian restraunts were closed by 8pm, what a sleepy town! Finally we decided to just try our luck at a chinese restaurant coz we were famished, mom and I were looking for vegetarian food. Luckily they were used to the concept and could make us vegetarian dishes, tasty food. Throughout the holiday, my mom made a point of finishing everything on her plate, coz I normally chide her for wasting food and threatening to leave her in Somalia! ;p Yes I know I'm quite the kellavi!

Next morning we again hit the beach, and as the tide got lower we'd find ourselves losing water and having to walk into the sea. We even did a surya namaskaram in the water, when Mr Sun finally decided to show himself. Try getting up when you clothes are soaked in water! I had hoped to see a sunset or sunrise but the skyline just turned blue to black and vice versa in the morning.

We checked out and headed for Seremban. Wanted to meet an old net friend in Seremban. However after some miscommunication and assumption that I wasn't coming, he headed of to KL for business. So there I was in his town and he in mine! Nonsense!

Anyway he recommended us a place, and said just to ask people where it was. When I stopped at the traffic light, winded down the window and practically scared the daylight out of the guy on the bike! ;p

Me : ANNE!!!!!! (It was a loud anne with an oomph!)
He : Jumped in his seat and before he could say anything I shot my question.

He was still shocked but managed to give us basic directions. Unfortunately we never found the place, but we did find a quaint place serving Sri lankan/ South Indian vegetarian food. Food was pretty good and the owner was quite nice to walk out of the restaurant and show us where the textile shop my moms friend wanted to go was. Yep she wanted to do her Diwali shopping!

I realised one thing, I've been temporarily cured of buying sarees after all the buying I did in Pothys, Chennai last April. Seremban was pretty alive with its traffic and one way menace. Every road was a one way web!

On the way back did some mutual sightadikuraning when I decided to stop for a drink, given was feeling quite sleepy. It was a classic he look she look story only the she was pretty sleepy and too immersed in her milo! ;p

In my sleepiness I had gotten down without placing my tol card on the dashboard. Some wonderful soul picked it up and stuck it in my side mirror. Thank you whoever you were or would have had to pay a hefty fine ;)

A wonderful peaceful much needed holiday just so sad it ended so soon.

Did anyone see the moon yesterday - it was so huge!

Oh yes we are doing cookies! we are doing cookies! ;) After buying the veges for the week (our night market is on every Monday), I saw pineapples in heaps. Went home dragged mom out since I didn't know how to buy pineapples, and now we're just waiting for it to ripe!

Yayyyyyyyyy ;p

Gushing Greens

A waterfall in the distance, taken at Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka in May 2002.

Do look at the larger sized image to see a detailed image. Pretty interesting.

Oh yes I'm back ;)

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cookie monster

This is a sad post, and there's another post at the bottom and Lamp post is even below. Should be missing on Monday. So enjoy these, take care everyone ;)

Sometimes you wonder why certain individuals come into your life for such a brief time. But in that brief time they manage to capture your heart, and you're sold for life.

Cookie monster was like that. Well thats how I called him. A friend of mine. He had gotten my email from the list of recipients in someones forward. We quickly became friends. Despite his protest of being just a year younger, I called and bullied him as my Thambi (younger brother).

We used to exchange the most ridiculous of emails. I have no idea why but we used to argue our heads off with crap and then laugh at the sheer stupidity of our name calling.

When I dubbed him cookie monster, he took it gamely as he'd gotten used to it. You see his name rhymed with cookie! And I couldn't resist calling the 6 footer something totally opposite ;p

Then he went of to UK to study. During the time we became closer. The ridiculousness of our mail becoming weirder by the day. Another person reading it would have sworn we were enemies.

No mail ever started with hello dear how are u it was always

Dai bokana/ maanga/ lusu, ehpadi da iruhke - the greeting was mutual. ;p

He'd call from the UK and yak non stop always jumping at the opportunity to hear someone talk with him in Malay. He was missing home. And again we'd be jumping at each others throat while exchanging stories. It was always weird to talk for so long despite him assuaring me the call was cheaper then talking on a handphone back home!

Even when he did the usual student backpacking. He still kept in touch updating me with all he had seen every 3 days once. How they once ended up sleeping on the pavement coz they couldn't find a cheap enough place to sleep. We promised to meet once he got back, to see the 15 roles of photos he had snapped!

However things changed when he got back. We were both busy, the calls lessened, emails weren't so frequent and I kept postponing meeting him. It was very funny though we had the knack of contacting each other before we did something major. Somehow everytime I left for somewhere he would call a few days before or vice versa.

When my dad passed away in Oct 03, he called from Singapore (he was there on training) to comfort. It was nice to hear from him again we promised to meet one of these days.

Just before Navarathri 04, I told myself I was going to go see him right after Navarathri. We were both pretty busy then, he was actively involved with a bhajan group and Navarathri is peak time.

Friday, 15th October 2004 the rain poured so heavily, I actually cancelled meeting another friend at a performance. Somehow didn't feel like travelling that night.

The next day and the next I was to perform at this Ganesha temple in KL. Saturday afternoon my class was abuzz about this gals brother who had died in accident. They had been coming back from Bhajans at that very temple I was going to that night, when their car skidded and both the driver and co passenger died on the spot. Sad I thought, though I didn't know who it was.

Sunday morning again the topic veered to the accident and details were being thrown everywhere. Thats when I realised the brother was non other than Cookie monster. Again I had lost a friend I had never met. The sad part was I didn't know earlier coz we didn't really have the same friends, nor did I know his family. The funeral was over, I didn't know where exactly he stayed nor what to say to his parents if I did go. Weirdly technology is eerily devastating, I didn't see him but saw photos of his wrecked car online.

Sad was people started gossiping about him drinking while driving. For gods sake this was the kid who braved the cold in UK to wear a veshti to temple on Diwali! No way he could have been drinking during Navarathri after singing bhajans. It was proved to be just a gossip later on.

Performing again the next day at the temple was one of the most torturous things I've ever had to do. It was just so many mixed emotions. It was the last place he had been to.

Another unseen friend remains unseen. Today would be the one year anniversary of his death.

Missing you lots Cookie Monster.


Errr why was gajini named as gajini? Gajana Jenie?

Was watching 3/4th of the movie and wondering why am loving every scene of it while everyone said otherwise? Exactly then the tragedy strikes, and villain and overacting, blur, emotional, put your leg out first think latter nayanthara decided to kill the remaining 1/4 of the movie.

What was the director thinking - how did 3/4 of the movie turn out so good and 1/4 manage to make you cringe like that?

Thursday after numerous drooling accounts of Ramasamys son and J lo Kalpana by my friends, I dragged one friend who like me hadn't watched it yet and my currently Mrs Sanjay Ramasamy professed friend to the movie.

Ok question - how do you guys eat so fast? Sadly am slower than the typical gal. Tsh tsh I have to munch every bite 28 times ;p

My only consolation has been, I take about 20 mins to finish a meal and I know a guy who takes 1 hour and 20 mins to finish his. Yeah we timed him one day ;p

Thankfully we weren't the only noisy mouths, or the ones with the loudest laugh. Everytime we burst out laughing, there would be another bunch from the other side echoing us.

Then paavam GSC, all the drool must have been hard to clean. Seriously surya looked so good, bye bye Remo and hello Mr Ramasamy's son.

Enna lookku udurar nambeh new kadhal mannan, tsh tsh touchings of India. Ehn manuse enkitha illapa - ish ish. Hehehee

Red shirt black jeans lah apdhithan kalukurar. Errr but excuse, yar antha costume director! Oi you colour blind ka - y'd you put delicious Surya in red and bright orange pants! Whoever told you thats nice? Oi not everything that walks down Paris fashion ramps are to be worn! Even if he did look delicious, the red pants make you cringe and you see it not once but 3 times!!!!

My friend dubbed Asin Jlo - she's really fun to watch on screen- dancings not bad and gorgeous.
Did anyone notice Ramasamy, Munusamy kept appearing in the movie followed by kuranngu mark soap. Hehehehe

I like the way love has been shown her - pretty normal. Err why wasnt the music impressive at all? And then the art direction is quite nice - like the fighting scene shots at the end were quite nice. The effect of brown water and black attired individuals from a top shot. I liked it.

Now heres where he screws up.

After portraying Asin as a street smart gal who manages to save herself and 25 gals from a bunch of rowdies by sheer brilliant thinking they screw up the believability of her death by foiling the phone.

Oi never heard of sms? Silent mode?

Given any street smart gal with a phone knows how much the phone can save you from unwanted situations. Why was she so stupid to have suddenly become damsel in distress?

Don't tell me she forgot and panicked. Eh the women can save herself on a moving train! Can't she save herself in her own house?

I have no idea y the twin theory came in the movie was dragged longer that it should. Then Nayanthara - again costume designer, so the weirdly stupid - she was made to look ugly!

They raised the hems of her tops to an uncomfortable level, making it look so stupid, that you end up jollufying the back up dancers who looked so good in those costumes because it was the right length!

Then entha lusuavathu poi oru machine ku pinnale ninukithu pesuhvala? Aprohm villain kithe 1 hourleh nah vanduruhvehnnu challenge pahnuvangehla?Athuvum Chennai traffic peak timeleh, athuvum mazhai peeyuhm bothu? Carleh zoom zoomnu travel panrangehlam.

Muthalaiyum vadhikethuna muthal pathirukingehla - thats what you felt after such a good 3/4 movie. How can someone screw up the last 45 mins till you hate what you have just watched!

The moment the last scene finished I got up in a huff and puff and complained my head off - so irritated with the last 1/4 ending!

Of course we had a gala time at the movie and supper later. There was one very weird family sitting next to us though. When we got in - right after we had settled in our seats the son comes back and excuses his way in. Then he goes out again before the movie starts and comes back. Then mommy gets up during the song where Surya is polliyuraning love with his eyes. Then the next song daddy goes out. Third song for the umpteenth time the son goes out! I was ok about it until the daddy, but the son was just too much!

Family with loose bladders! Actually they were the only ppl walking out of the movie every other minute!

Funny part of the movie happened (despite the director trying to make it scary which he did manage) when suddenly Surya appears out of nowhere. My guy friend had just leaned in front and was enjoying the scene when suddenly peekaboo Surya comes. Hheheh he jumped in his seat and we spent the next few minutes laughing while Nayanthara was running around the world! Oh yes our noisy buddies on the other side were laughing too ;p

awwww so nice ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Lamp postin sogam

Views and pohlambals by Mr roadside Lampost sanga thalaivar

Naadhu kethupochipa.

Nimmadiyah road pakkam nikkava mudiuthu!

Nangelh padara paadu yaarukku teriyitha????

Sevahnenhnu side roadleh nikkareh engal innathavargallai yahravadhu madikurangehla! Yehvan yehvanno ishtatuku mohdurangeh!

Appoh than oru news vandhadu

University students dress code.

Evlo sandhosammana vishayam teriyumma. At least ipohavathu oruthar engal pohlambalai kethu, englin nalam karuthi ipdhi oru nalla seidhiyah sohliruhkangeh!

Studentkum enghlukumm enna samandhamnu kekuringehla.

Atha yengeh kekuringeh - pohnungeh roadleh nadantha, athuvum nalla tiptoppa dress panna pohna iruhnda, pasange ehlam panrar endha vehlaiyum apdhiyeh dabarnu pohtuduh jolluvidurangeh.

Amma athu normal tanehnu, sohlringehla?

Angadangeh engeh prechanaiyeh varudhu. Pasangeh coffeshopoh Barista viloh bajji sapthu, kufli urunji irundangehna paravalehye. Ithu illeh seyehnehnu sideleh nikurah engleh miss pahnama avange avange bullet, vandileh modhurangehle.

Thambi ennapa patha pagaleh oru kodimagan vallahvan nallavan Mr roadside Lamposteh hug pahnrehnu ketha.

Sorry machan - super saruku road cross pahnuchi - naan asandhu poithen!

Adapavingehla - nee asanthu emmara nangeh than kadaichoma?

Adangeh intha student rule supero super. Enggal sangathinar kutham kutthi vada paati suthangehla sudhalaiyahnu arachi pannithu oru mudiyuhku vandhurukohm

Nange kandippa intha pudhu ruleku 200% adharavu kudhupohm.

Anal konja naal than sandhosa pathom, churidar sareela mahalakshmimaari pohnu vandha kudda, pasange vandu idikurangeh.

Thambi, ipohdan andha kalai kalachara pathukavalar engeluku oru valli sohliruhkar, ipahvum ipdhi panringehle? Ipoh enna prechanai

Sorry machan - super thayirsadham road cross pahnuchi - naan asandhu poithen!

Ithulendhu nangeh bajji vohrachatha, illeh chutney vohrachatha endra patthi mandrathai mudithu oru mudiyukku vanduruhkohm.

Innimeh pudhu rule kondharahnum.

13 - 35 years lah iruhkum figure, saruku, thayirsadham, gujli, scooty ehlam vithuku vehliya varehve kudadhunu.

Ithu engel roadside lampost sangathin vendhukohl. Engel korikaigalai niraivu seiyavithal, nangal pohraduvohm pohradhuvom light bulb illamal pohradhuvohm!

Ipadaiku roadside lampost sangathin Thalaivar

Renganathan Street 3avathu therru 2nd lampost.

Inspired by Jagans post.

Pls take your time and read - etho siripa iruhkum ;p

Update : Sight adikadha pasangehleh nangeh pasangalahyeh ethrukolrathilleh - nah sarcasticah oru post pohta - ipdhi talakilaiyah purinjiruhkingehleh - tsh tsh ;p

Moral is Pohnungeh enna pohtalum sight adipargal - sight adikalehna antha payyan different side flag flying nu patham kuduthuruhvohm ;p

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dough and me

My moms cookies, laddus, murukus and cakes are heaven sent. Its so delicious I never touch laddus and murukus outside home. Then there's her tasty pineapple tarts laden with delicious helpings of homemade pineapple jam.

More than the baked final product, my brother and I used to squabble over the privilege of eating the dough. Whenever mom starts mixing the ingredients, bro and I would be seen walking up and down from the kitchen to the living room, waiting to snatch the prize of leftover dough. Mom wasn't allowed to make any when one of us were not at home as we didn't want to miss eating dough.

Sometimes we'd sneak behind her and stick a spoon into the moving dough and quickly run away to savour our prize. Mom got sick of telling us to stop eating uncooked dough. All the treats of upset tummy's from uncooked food, went into the drain as fast as we heard it, that she'd promise to give us spoons of the final dough if we would just stay away till she finished!

If it was cake dough, one of us would get the mixer arms while the other the container. We'd clean it up in mere seconds and we'd have the satisfaction of having had dessert.

Cookie doughs and cherry garnishes used to vanish as fast as it was made. In the pretext of helping mom, we'd pop in a few when she wasn't looking. Hot murukku dough were rolled and kneaded into small cylinders big enough for the containers, enough making its way to our tummys.

Haven't eaten dough for a long time, must go bake cake!

Anyone else with dough eating tendencies? ;p

Oh yes this is my favourite childhood photo ;)

Click here for a larger image

Its me at my then favourite park. Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

It seems I used to call it Papawangsa and my dad spent the next 20 so years after I stopped calling it that, to tell me how I called the place everytime we passed by. ;)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Daily polambals

Its lunch time and I'm contemplating eating maggie in a cup as am too lazy to drive out. Actually the noodles are cooking in my cup as I write.

You see the new office area has just 2 pathetic restaurants serving lousy food. Our only respite has been the 7-eleven convenience store. And we used to complain the previous places food was boring! That seems like heaven now.

Then there are the bunch who readily get into your car to go out, but when its their turn they tell you they're too lazy to drive out. Then the ones who don't drive but tag along too, haven't they heard of going dutch? I have friends who don't drive and I pick them up all the time. Everytime I do they offer to pay for the food or the movie instead. Or if one of us pays for the movie the other pays for the food. Girl or guy.

So much for sharing - am driving out alone after this or packing something in the mornings. At least I wouldn't have to listen to stupid conversations like this

Few weeks back

She : Have you watched the Maad?
Me : Huh what movie? Never heard of that word alsola
She : The horror movie new onela
Me : (Thinking) errr are you talking about The M-A-I-D
She : yeah yeah
Me : (Dear god)

She : eh I watched the Maadla
Me : The Maid you mean


something I wrote a long time back

"I'll meet you at the first place we dined at honey" She sat waiting, memories a flood, it was their anniversary. 30 mins passed. He hadn't arrived, he's always late, she thought. He arrives with a bouquet of roses, much to her delight. He ordered champagne and reached out for her hand, looking deeply into her eyes.

"Honey, I love..... Lex , he's moving in with us." Smiling he hands over the roses to Lex.


Got this from Still's

My elfen name is Eámanë Fëfalas

My hobbit name is Bramblerose Overhill of Nobottle

Ps : Thanks darling for pointing it out didn't realise ;p

It's a bird...'s a plane no It is a bird!

Some of my old readers would have known, my escapades one day long long ago in 1965 chee 2005 ;p

Where I stalked this family of birds and promised to put the photos up. Well delayed as it is here are the photos. If you haven't read the post before, do read how I tricked the birds ;p

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ithu 3 much

I am such a nice person. Despite being sick and engulfed in Sunday morning sleep, I still got up and went. And what did I get? I got bullied!

My Sunday morning blurness, and on sick leave wit, was taken advantage of. It is totally 2 much. I such a gracious host was bullied! Itha yahrum ennanu kekka mathingehla

ennaku nyahyam sohlamatingehla!

Heheheh rombeh dramatica illeh?

Oh yes ithuleh vereh enna bully panna magarasan - bully nah ennanu kekurar?

Dusiyah iruhkum ungalh Tamil dictionaryah tirandhu patha

adhaka udhakathin defination partha - angeh nambeh Vijay per eludhiruhkumam

Nah sohlatha-thelam unmainu solli kalasitar!

While the Chennai Bloggers were bajjifying at Elliots and the Banglore bloggers arrahmaning at Palace grounds, at the last minute Vijay and I decided to meet at beautiful KL on his transit back to the US.

He could probably tell you how coolly I drove into a one way street in the opposite direction. Ahem ahem ;p

It seems Brickfields is the numero uno place everyone seems to know in India. The deepavalli street stalls have just kicked into full galore so for a minute he was wondering if he took the plane from Chennai to KL or not ;p

It was good to meet ya, but innimeh am not meeting anyone on a Sunday morning when the only response I seem to be able to say is

ithu 3 much!

Oh yes gp : that would be the one liner I use the most. Sorry took so long 2 post it ;p

Ps : reclarification, I accidentally mistakenlly drove into a one way road. Please read my comment to VJ@KL for the full story.


Click here for a larger image

Caught this on holiday last year at Damai Laut Beach resort, Perak, Malaysia.

Sigh I need a holiday ;p

Monday, October 10, 2005

Garlands of art

*This post was written last wednesday so please do some tortoise suthings ;p

Yesterday I went "home" after 5 months. The place that had been my second home for 14 years. When people came over to our house and found me and the brother missing, dad used to say.

They're there, they're always there, they only come home to sleep.

I used to spend at least 3 hours a day at my music school at classes, taking classes, meeting friends, organising functions.

Every year Navarathri* was a grand celebration of artistic offerings. Every student right from the beginner to the senior students would perform. The day you saw a bunch of boys walking awkwardly in their veshti's, you knew the mirdangam* students were performing. Everyday the background colour changed according to the days colour, and the golu* was different each year. We'd sigh and gasp watching little tots doing simple steps to the Shree Gananatha Geetham. They got the most applause despite some of them turning different directions, smiling sheepishly at their parents and nervously at their teachers. They were just so adorably cute.

You knew which instruments would be played that day by the serious expressions on the performers
waiting at the canteen with their instruments in hand. Decked in sarees, pavadai thavanis the gals sashayed about in laughter and anticipation. Students would hurry to get the best seats right at the front on the floor mats, giving space for the eager parents to sit on the chairs.

The evening would start with a recitation of prayers followed by thati kumbudal* by all dancers regardless if they were performing that night or not. Every performance was treated as an offering. A garland of budding performers, our patron used to say.

I remember my first performance at the then huge outdoor stage, the first time I did a solo vocal presentation, the first time we performed at the smaller stage (renovations were going on), the first time the students I had trained performed. The years I had 6-7 performances in 9 days. The first time I sang for dance recitals, I developed the "do-not-look-at-dancer-method" as the mirdangist* was to refer to my thalam*. The time's I'd get off one performance and jump into the next and pray I don't perform the wrong song. The year the bro and I sang to full accompaniment and the crowd burst into applause much to my amusement. Normally we'd be lucky to get a mirdangist to accompany for the 15 minutes performance.

The on stage "eye talk" with the teacher, the teasing of the mirdangist.

Shruti seriya iruhka? Ethucha? Aiyoyo I did the wrong step! Sir, korvai super!

All this would go on, on stage without the knowledge of the audience, behind smiles.

You knew if a student had finished performing, the nervousness that was earlier there would have vanished, replaced by relief at having finished and amusement at the mistakes that had taken place.

The night would end with an arathi* and again the tathi kumbidal. Then making sure someone got you the daily prasadham* as you made your rounds at the end of the day discussing the performance of the day.

This year would be the first time in 14 years, I won't be performing there. For personal reasons I've backed out, right after I got back from the performance in India. Coincidentally this is the first year the celebrations are happening without our patron saint who attained samadhi* recently. Though I never regarded him as my spiritual guru, he was an artistic guru for all of us. He wrote and composed the most beautiful songs. Intriguing fact was, my friend and I were one of the last students to have the privilege to give a solo performance in front of him. Things happen for a reason I guess.

Vijayadasami would see us carrying trays laden with gifts and fruits as offerings in appreciation. Dancers would tuck in their sarees and dance impromptu to the compulsory pieces that everyone knew. The place would be alive with noise, laughter and new lessons in every available corner. Sometimes there would be the reenactment of the Mahisasura Mardini there or we'd go watch the poru* at another temple.

To me Navarathri is grander then Diwali. We don't have golu's at home as every temple and school would be packed with prayers and performances. We just take turns going to a different place but most of the days were at my music school. Months of practices would go into the preparations. By the time its over, all we'd want to do is rest for Diwali.

Yesterday was bitter sweet. I missed being a part of it, yet I was still a part of it all. I walked in to a hug from one of the kids. Everyone had the same question, where? Why? People and the kids were happy to see me, just as I was at seeing them. My friend and I just hugged, memories came back in a flash. I promised I'd come watch on the days I wasn't performing elsewhere. It was good to be back, though just as an audience.

Ps : Don't ask me who, where, why, I don't want people googling and turning up here this way

Navarathri* - hindu celebration of arts
mirdangam* - indian percussion
golu* - arrangement associated with Navarathri
thati kumbudal* - salutations by dancers
mirdangist - mirdangam player
thalam - set of beats
arathi - light offering
prasadham - food offering
samadhi - spritual gurus deaths are referred to as attaining samadhi
Mahisasura Mardini, poru - reenactment of a war between demon and god

(Ignore read more)

Earths Quake's

God bless the souls that were lost, the lives that were shattered by another natural disaster. It sure feels as if mother nature is cleaning up the population. Taking into account all the disasters and the lost lives, the numbers are just unbelivable.

I remember watching a documentary on National Geography, where the scientist believed the Tsunami in December wasn't caused entirely by the quake in Aceh but was triggered by the quake that happened exactly a year back in Iran. According to them the earth's plates, constantly jolted, were building up pressure and triggering massive quakes. Interestingly then, they had predicted the New Orleans disaster. Sadly looks like people don't listen to warnings.

They have predicted the next one to happen in Turkey as it lies in the path of a few interconnected locks between the earth plates. It was even scary to find out the during ww1 the Russians (I'm not sure if got the war and the builders right) had built an earthquake triggering machine which was later sold (or lost) to an unidentified party. No one knows where the machine is now. Scientist think if they could cause small quakes to release built in pressure, the quakes damage wouldn't be so massive, but they have no prove that it will work. Have the people who bought the machine, been trying to play god?

In other words sadly the deaths aren't gonna stop. I don't think this will be the end of natures fury too. Someones on a mission, we just don't know what's the mission.

God bless everyone.

I did a search on the machine but couldn't find much but vague info on certain websites here, here and here.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Thanks everybody for the wishes - all this staying off medicine till you really need them works and am on the verge of getting well.

To everyone whose going for the rahman concert enjoy and come back with super long posts n photos ;)

To the dalda dappas who are off to have bajji at the beach - have fun - though i'm so missing bajjis at the beach :)))

Leaving you with a photo


Click here for a larger image

The Kabalieswaran Temple, Chennai, INdia.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gala, Mala, villa

onnehnna rendhu rendhenna munnu muhnnenna nallu ;p

ehhehehe no no haven't gone mad chumma than!

In continuing this internetless saga, blogless mala, emailess villa, another epidemic has hit me - the flu, in full package gala. The thing is the office is still undergoing renovation which is why everything is getting delayed. Because of that, theres a strong smell coming from the paint, the new things, the carpet, the dust and all the works. My allergies kicked in and now I sound like a hoarse, blocked nose mumbling lusu.

I told my receiptionist I'm going down to the 7-eleven and she heard it as celery!

Despite my continuous repitations, all she understood was celery!. Then sign language did the bid and I walked out with her rolling away in laughter!

Thankfully when I get home the flu package clears up and its not so bad. My friends confirmed my pronounciation of 7-eleven just now doesn't sound like celery anymore. Thank god for that.

Ok I sincerely, dearly miss you guys. Oh yes will you guys pray I get will. I have performances to sing in!

Ithudan flu-udan vidaiperuvadhu

flu rani vohlarum visi

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Ferrari

Enna ooru nera kodumai Kadhal Mannan birthday anniki morningeh wish panna mudialeh

tsh tsh pavams I.

YEs as you would have known by now its Ferrari's birthday.

Happy BIrthday to uuuuuuuuuu
Happy BIrthday to uuuuuuuuuuuu
Happy BIrthday to Ferrari
Happy BIrthday to uuuuuuuuuuuu

The office net is still down and I'm also busy with Navarathri - so ithu sanguleh sinduhna post ;p

I have a wonderful post to put up so you guys will have to wait for that.

Bye miss you guys blogs and all - ;(

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lusu Pasange

I'm quite perplexed. Been doing huge gatherings, bringing together all my friends. the trend seems to be an avid interest in exchanging notes on

getting hit (whack/ adi) by me!

The guys exchange info on how much I hit them and the incidents that led to it with glee and wonderment. Question is

Is it trendy to be hit by me or great entertainment?

I know, I know my hitting them is equivalent to mosquito bites but at least they should respect it and not discuss it as if it was such a joy!!!

Konjamavadhu respect panrathilleh! waste pasange! ;p

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sleep let me please ;p

God bless my bosses for not telling us to come back on Sunday to unpack. I was trying to be superwomen unpacking the boxes as fast as possible when, I was told do it on Monday. Yippieeeeeeeee

Anyway, I get back around 5.30 and decide to catch 40 winks. I had already sms, emailed,faxed all my friends where and what time we were meeting. I crashed into the couch and was falling asleep when my mobile beeps with an sms.

One friend was complaining I hadn't invited him. It seems he didn't get my sms. Consoled and blackmailed him to make sure he turns up and then told him :

Dai let me sleep, I've been carrying pcs up to my office all day!

He compiles and ahh finally peace! 20 mins later I'm nearly falling asleep when another friend calls to confirm!

He : we're meeting at 9.30 at usual?
Me : umm
He : can't change to 9?
Me : uh humm
He : bla bla bla
Me : umm
He : bla bla bla
Me : umm bye talk there.

20 mins later finally falling aslep for the 3rd time. Mom starts bugging bro on the next couch but stays clear from me but laws of sound I'm disturbed. I try burying my head under pillows. Nope it wasn't working!

Arrive at our meeting place and first friend was nice enough to ask did you sleep well. I was just complaining when second guy goes

He : oh you were sleeping when I called?
Me: uh humm
He : Cheh if I knew I'd have talked more
Me : Nonsense! Lusu!

Is there some unwritten rule?

thy shall not receive calls and sms when thy is awake only when you're asleep!

Ps : should be missing till evening - you guys have fun! weekend was super despite my sleepy rambling nonsense ;p

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