Friday, September 30, 2005

Graceful creatures

I love elephants. I seriously find them graceful gentle beautiful creatures.

Took this photo in 2002 at Guruvayur Temple, Kerala, India on my birthday ;)

Click here for a larger image

OK for those wondering what is the eve of the eve of the mother of all celebrations.

Its the New year ;)

And whats between gift (christmas) and leaf (new year- turning over a leaf)?

My birthday : ) 30th December

I'm dead tired. Last night we finally unplugged the pcs and earlier in the evening we moved 3/4 of our things to the new office. The way things are going I might be working on Sunday.

ADoiiii but I'm off to party tomorrow night..... hummmm

Oh yes VJ@KL welcome back ;) the strikes over right :)

Have a wonderful weekend ;)

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Submissive Morals

Warning : I do not think ALL men as such nor do I hate men. As you all know I have wonderful male friends whom I cherish and I have seen a number of male bloggers who have rose to depend this issue. Kudos to them. This is targeted to the women and men who use culture to bind others.

For more than a week now there's this issue of morality and culture brewing over Chennai. It started with Kushboo and her views on premarital sex and has now moved onto snogging, women who drink and party.

What right does a person have, to tell another what they can or cannot do?

Why is it ok for a man to drink and party yet morally indecent for a women to do so?

Why are men who return how late viewed as working late or spending time with friends where else the women who are found coming home late are subjected to gossip of she's coming back from sleeping with someone or she's probably a prostitute somewhere. Live in an apartment and right from the security guard to the nosy neighbour everyone would have their own version.

Why is every action of a women, scrutinized by so called moral police in the name of culture?

What culture are we talking about here? Which sacred practitioners are we talking about here?

The people who turned the temple dancers of the ancient art of Bharathanatyam into daasi's?

The ones who later turned villages into daasi breeding societies?

The ones who practiced infanticide?

The ones who nurtrued and safeguarded the ancient and oldest profession in the world - prostitution?

The ones who scorned the women who tried to bring back the dignity of Bharathanatyam and later celebrated her?

The ones who spend the night with mistress, abuse their wives and act as saints when daylight shines?

The ones who drink till roosters crow and over a bottle preach that women are losing their morals drinking and smoking, partying away?

The ones who frequent bars, watch women enjoying themselves and go back and call them sluts over a gin and vodka?

The ones who frequent prostitute dens and insist on virgin wives?

Isn't it enough that generations of women have suffered abuse, thrown into a trade they did not choose, demoralisation all for the whims and fancy of men?

I read a fathers cry of bringing up wonderful confident daughters who are now being subjected to abuse as they weren't the timid women the mother in law was hoping to find at kuzhali’s comment section. Isn't it sad how our society is moving backwards back into people who turned dancers into daasi's with the sting of their tongues?

Here is a man who gave his daughters the freedom only to see them suffer under women who want submissive daughter in laws to prod and reign! Society is making him rethink the freedom he gave his daughters to grow!

Why are we moving backwards? This isn't culture we're defending here but man created social norms to ensure women remain submissive!

This is the same people who will shun a rape victim and accuse her of dressing to be raped or instigating the rapists with her actions. This is the same people who will call rape and molest victims as spoiled goods and sluts. What holy crap!

Sadly we aren't the only race who have such ill mentalities - god bless us!

I sincerely hope the women and men in the photos will strike out and sue the paper, the man who filed the complaint and make sure those sleazy reporters and photographers never work again!
Those unsure of what I’m so irritated about please check out Uma’s

Ps : I am still in the process of moving but I will respond in the evenings.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

GP and Bawangred

Drumrolls pleasee .............

He comes up with quizes of images,
Poetry thats now music,
A friend to all,
Cosmic Code, Earth2050 - just 2 of his projects.
And today's his - BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday GP - Humanuniverse - Siva! ;)

Now people go wish him there and not here ;))

This is probably the most changed post I've done, I was just typing to ask everyone to tell me their birthdays when I find out its Bawangred's birthday too.

Darker Saturn owner,
Fellow Malaysian blogger,
Currently am totally blur,
thats why rhyming so crapper

Happy Birthday Bawangred!

Now people go wish him there and not here ;))

Looks like I'm going to be around. We were just told the complete moving and unplugging of pcs will only start tomorrow afternoon. Nope looks like I'm not gonna be around, we are moving today! Someone make up your mind!

On Stills recommendation, I watched Love Actually. There is something so beautiful in that movie, love in various forms, just a simple beautiful movie. Do watch it. Oh yes do read the quotes too - the movies filled with them ;)

Ok another thing will everyone tell me their birthday dates ;p

You see if I hadn't celebrated you here, its simply because I didn't know it was your birthday or by the time I came by it was belated ;(

and most profiles don't have the dates (including mine)

So pretty please leave them here.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Planning holidays are tiresome especially when everyone you're trying to plan with turns you bonkers! Finally have booked something after lots of threats from my side. Given getting accomodation during holiday season is laughable. That explains why there's 3 posts today.

I found this at Still's

1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

my sentence:
It's really fun and for the days leading to the party everyone has eye only at the storeroom.

what the..??!!

Ok its fun go try it.

Oh yes I might be missing for the next few days. I'm not sure coz everyones not sure as well. We're moving office just down the block but you still need to pack (which I've finished) and transfer everything. So the pcs waiting to go missing.

If I'm missing you know why ;p

I shall lurk around though ;p

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Tyre, brake

I'm seriously wondering if you guys understood the Help postor you just wanted to tease me. Tsh tsh all that mention of make up has left a vile taste.

Ipdi repair pannitingehle! ;p

So I shall talk about cars.

How many of you who own a vehicle know what makes it tick?

Some of the essential things to know is how to change a tyre, the battery's lifeline and water, radiator water, aircond belt, brake pads, tyre lifeline, cars suspension, gear box lifeline, tyre pressure and most of all how your car sounds.

Car tyres can go flat at the worst times, if you're travelling alone most of the time, not knowing how to change one, is gonna be a problem. Make sure you have a spare, a jack, and tools inside your boot. Though jacking up the car and unscrewing the nuts aren't the easiest thing to do. When I was driving a smaller car, it was much easier now I'm just thankful the times I had a puncture, there was someone to help (will tell the story another day).

Tyres are changed in pairs - if u have to replace the front left tyre you have to replace the front right as well or your car will lose its stability.

Car battery's have a lifeline between 1 to 1 and half years depending on how much you use it. People who use it daily like me (I drive at least 40 kms daily), the battery lasts about 15 months. Now you have a choice between getting a wet or dry battery. The wet one you need to make sure you pour enough battery water at all times. The dry one is slightly more expensive as you don't need to refill the water but its lifeline is also slightly lesser.

Though leaving your lights on for a few hours can drain the battery away and the you'd need to jump the batteries. You'll need jump cables and another car to jump start it.

If your car feels unbalanced your alignments out or suspension needs to be changed. With all the potholes we have on roads this can happen often. Give it 2 3 years though.

Then the brake pads - get this checked everytime you take your car for service. Its lifeline is about 1 to 1 and half years as well taking into account how much you use it ;)

Most of all know how your car/ bike sounds like. If there cars got problems, it will make a different sound. When a tyre goes flat it can still run for a few metres, if you don't stop on time the tyres gonna tear and you can't mend it to reuse. So always listen to see if theres a change in sound.

When your brake pads wear off, you will hear the sound of some kind of friction. Get the car to your mechanic as soon as possible. That's where I was yesterday, getting my car serviced and brake pads changed. I heard the sounds Saturday evening. I couldn't change it over the weekend coz the mechanic uncle takes the weekends off and we need to make appointments. When someones good at their work, they're always in demand. So I stayed home so as not to exert the brakes.

I told him about the sounds yesterday and he confirmed the brakes were out. So point is know your car or you'd land in huge trouble.

Interestingly both our houses were engulfed by the sounds at a chinese funeral and a memorial. So where ever I was I kept hearing the same sounds!

Coincidentally there was a blackout in my area that happened exactly as the chinese priest blew this huge fire on the sand castles that I think were supposed to be heaven. They to conduct prayers after period of time after the funeral.

So we sat outside for awhile watching the on goings.

Oh I have a question, why was the cymbal player playing in some code?

He'd bang it 3 times then 7, 6, 5,4 and 2 and so on. Am curious.. Hummm

Oh yes do check what Ran has to say about me. Hilariously true ;p

Again Happy Birthday Praveen ;)

Happy Birthday Praveen

Drumrolls pleasee .............

Innaiki nambeh vera soora teenagerin pirandhanaal. Who?

None other than the unplugged funny boy Praveen who turns 21.

I know he likes Gujlis but this photo should be better ;p

Happy Birthday Praveen ;p

(Enna photo va? Click read more to find out ;p)

Hhehe hows Mr Froggy ;p

Err nope this is not prav but a photo presentation for him, since Mr Froggy is mine only ;p

Couldn't resist - Happy 21st Birthday Praveen ;p

Monday, September 26, 2005


Gal : Did you know there's this new lipstick?
Me : Oh no.
Gal : Do you think I should cut or colour my hair
Me : err already short and any other colour won't suit ya.
Gal : Oh am gonna go colour (Why did you ask me then?)
Me : : (I'm smiling please vanish)

Colours her hair and hates it.
Gal : Aiya not nicela
Me : Told you so.
Gal : Gonna go colour it black (Dear god)
Me : : (I'm smiling please keep quiet?)

First thing in the morning
Gal : hey you never sleep ah
Me : I slept
Gal : Aiya got lines la
Me : errr Oh ok yeah so
Gal : Aiya must sleep more than 8 hours or sure got wrinkles
Me : : (I'm smiling go away!)

Gal : Need to tread my eyebrows
Me : Ok
Gal : Don't you think arched eyebrows are so in
Me : : (dear god take me away!)

Aiyooooooooooooooo stop talking about make up, hair and appearance 24 hours a day. There's so many other things to talk about!

So I slept less than 5 hours and it shows. So what! I had fun!

Why does every conversation have to be about looks? Get a life women!

God please give me more patience.

Actually this happens everyday (most of it) - if I go mad soon you know why.

Update : I wear make up, I don't think there's anything wrong with it - though talking only about that is frightening ;p

Update 2 : Mukiammana kelvi - ehlarum purinjikithu ootufy panringehla puriyahma paravaleh ootufy pahnuvohmnu tease panringela? Hummmm

I was complaining about a person talking only about makeup and stuff not ppl who wear them ;p

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Image hosted by

Brightly lit chariot.

Photo friday : Burn

Click here for a larger image

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thosai arachi

Yesterday engeh vithleh thosai maavu irundadhu. Thosai sohndama than senjihkanum. So nahnum kaleh sudavechi, maaveh uti, vengayatha thuvi, flip pahnen.

Angehthan roundahna thosai upumma annadhu.

Yehn thosai pathu ennakeh kehvalama poch! Tsh Tsh

Wait wait before you all jump to tease me, ingehthan kadhai odhe twist varudu.

*Tortoise suthings*

Univ timeleh, we used to have an Indian food stall during the yearly fair the Univ hosts. I know this is unbelivable but I was the official thosai suttufying queen.

My thosai's used to turn out beautifully round and crisp and I used to handle 3 dosa kals. Seeing my expertness I was made head thosai chef for 2 years while everyone else did everything else.

For 3 days, every Indian student turned up at our stall daily. My college mates, those rascals would walk right to the back and give their special orders. Since it was a student stall, all you're supposed to get is normal thosai, onion or ghee but do you think they listened?

He 1 : Vichu - Ennaku onion plus chilli pottu senji tah.
He 2 : V - enodaleh extra nei pothu karupu sinni apdhiyeh thuvu
She : Dai ennaku morru morunu vehnum
Me : Oi nah enna ungeh personel chefah?

Sohlithu I made them the thosai's ;p

Of course ennakeh ehn thosai round roundah varadu pathu oreh achiriyam, so to make sure I have proof, I asked my family to come and see. So I have witness to my round thosai days!

*Tortoise suthings* Ok now all come back to 2005!

So nethu uppuma endra thosaiyeh saptukithu oreh thinking.

Why aren't my thosais round anymore
1 ) thosai kall kudah sandeh? Humm maybe but aniki collegelehyum athe kall than use pahnen!
2 ) Mauvu too pullipu? No no uppuma endra thosai supera irundadhu
3 ) I'm an exhibisionist and can perform thosai miracles infront of people only?
4 ) Practice illehyo? - iruhkalam ;p but appavum practice illeh ;p

Nengeh enna nenekuringeh, pls feel free to make fun of my uppuma endra thosai?

Finally updated my blogroll - kadavaleh theres 95 ppl on it! Nalakalam I write long posts! ;p

To my non Tamil speaking visitors - sorry guys couldn't translate this - its funnier in Tamil ;))

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Oceans Apart

It was a beautiful place, just too damn isolated. Plus we coudn't swim in the sea coz it was kinda deep and infested with jelly fish though I never saw even one! Hummm

Took this on vacation last year at Damai Laut Resort, Off Pangkor, Malaysia.

But this spot was a gorgeous place to just relax and sleep on the beautiful sandy beach.

May 2004

Click here for a larger image.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


My friend was telling us his childhood stories. This one was so hilarious we were literally rolling in laughter from his action.

When he was a kid he used to go swimming at the nearby pond without his dads knowledge. Because the pond was deep, his father wouldn't allow him to go but of course where is the fun in listening!

So one day he was happily enjoying a swim with his friends when he decided to go underwater to test how long he could remain in.

He came out to find dad sitting on a bike parked on the nearby hill staring down at them.

Appa!!! Ops!!

He immediately went back inside the water to hid. Of course he went home to a series of punishments and nagging!

Kudah irundha naiyingeh sohlirunnda apdhiveh vereh engehyavathu swim pahniruhphen! Kaututangeh drogingeh!

If only the donkeys with me had signaled that my dad was there I could have escaped! Cheh they betrayed me!

Appa - dad

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I trapped the sun!

Click here for a larger image.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They hated us

This is probably gonna be the last of my school flashback for the time being. Now I’ve told you about the gang, the boys and the bullying. What is school without the teachers? You only heard one story, so here goes the rest.

Remember I told ya the teachers hated us? Well most of them did.

You see the normal practice at our school was, we had the same teachers in our last 2 years (form 4 and 5) for continuity. The problem with us was we weren't stupid and neither did we like intellectually challenged teachers. So if you couldn't keep up with us we would point out your mistakes and challenge you.

The first english teacher got the brunt of it! She incidentally was our class teacher as well. She used to construct sentences incorrectly and sometimes even spell words wrongly. English being my favourite language, the gang and I would pinpoint it all the time plus she was quite boring. Then the was the Maths master, who was also the one of the assistant principals then. He too used to get bullied and despite his burliness, we never were afraid of him plus someone went and snitched on him.

Year end arrives, it was the last day of school. English teacher walks in lectures for an hour and tells us how much she hates us and that she's never gonna teach us. Right after Maths walks in and again lectures us and calls us ungrateful and to go to hell after saying his leaving the school (not exactly but nearly the same). Seriously if they had done their work, we wouldn't have this problem.

So there we were teacherless and then we're told our add maths teacher was willing to teach us maths as well. Funny right, teachers are throwing us away and here there's one willing to teach 2 papers! That's where we were great, if you did a good job we would give you your due respect, and she knew that and probably had a soft corner for us. She went on to become our No 1 favourite.

However we were to have a different English teacher (ET2) we were familiar with. Oh everyone knew our notoriousness! We actually gave her a nickname that she actually was smart enough to find out but of course we denied it. Hehehe am not telling the nick here ;p

So ET2 used to come into class and tell us what the teachers complained about us and telling us not to try it on her, plus she was wary of us, scared to get to know us. Her english was ok so nothing much to correct, there were no fights but we weren't lovey dovey as well. Then 2 months after school reopened in form 5, the ET2 was to get reviewed by who else but our ex teacher who had just become the head of the English Department.

Thats when I deviced a plan to get back at the teachers and make sure no one ever forgot us.

The plan was, not to respond (witty remarks) or correct ET2 no matter how tempting it was. Believe me it was hard. All we were to do was say yes and no teacher. That day she walked in and gave us some modules before ET1 came in. We were already under project ETR (ET revenge), quiet and just smilling back when ET1 cautiously walks in. We got up and greeted her and quietly sat down. ET1 and ET2 blinked at our quiet class. If there was one thing we were known for, it was the noise!

ET2 started lessons and picked me and a friend to respond. The both of us were the gang leaders in english class. All we said was yes teacher, no teacher, Ok teacher. She tried someone else, she tried lame jokes, made a mistake to test us, asked us questions that we could give witty remarks. Nothing worked, we just sat quietly and obediently smiling back and answering only when needed.

They were so shocked, you could hear them ask is this really the same 5 Sc 1 I left?

That day the school was rife with what we had done. Both of them were shaken in disbelief. ET2 realised we had played them out, and from that day decided it is best to be our friend then our enemy and warmed up to us, often defending us against other teachers taunts.

That's when she decided to make english class exciting and we had endless word games where the class was a riot. One time in a game, I accidentally wrote Cinemo instead of Cinema and we were gonna lose points for the missing "a's" leg when I jumped up and said

no no I spelt it the Indonesian way! Hehehhehe oh well I tried!

The class broke out in laughter and till today when we meet - they still bring up this joke!

Add maths teacher was a darling. When we flunked add maths in form 4 (the whole batch who took the paper, we took the honeymoon year literally ;p), she didn't give up, instead she became the reason why our class was doing maths every single free time.

We'd be discussing the latest movies while meddling with algebra and trigonometric. She finished teaching our syllabus (both subjects) 3 months before SPM (O levels). We thought she wanted to do extra revisions, little did we know she was leaving.

We were devastated to learn she was going, since we did idolise the petite women. We organised a surprise party for her. Did I tell ya we didn't get permission from the school?

Right after the period before her class, ended, we quickly shut the doors and arranged the class, and drew a welcome on the board. For extra time we sent one of the boys to go delay her. This was one of the naughtiest boys in the class. She later told us, she was wondering why he was running around her like a puppy and was assuming he hadn't finished his homework ;p

Distracter did a good job and she was surprised. So there we were making noise enough to bring the school down when our Chemistry teacher who was also an assistant principal walked in to see what was going on. Mission innocence kicked in and we told her

Teacher please join us. Sorry we didn't ask permission, it was all so sudden, and so sad teachers leaving.

She bought our story and joined us for a while before telling us, just keep the sound down. Hehehe

She was another excellent teacher who understood us, plus we all used to drool over her ;p

The gals on her excellent dressing sense, the boys on her.

Sadly the replacement to our Maths goddess was another intellectually challenged specimen who was also had an ego as big as a house. Each of us lost 25 marks in our trial paper coz she was too "challenged" to accept that she was wrong!

Teaching's a beautiful profession, sadly not everyone is a great teacher. The ones that are, you remember them for life. These teachers will never be forgotten.

Update : Today's Shamgar's 55th birthday - Happy Birthday Shamgar ;))

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Concrete? No Jungle!

What do ya do when you're sick of concrete jungles?

Well ya find yourself a real jungle then!

We were actually looking for a place to celebrate our friends birthdays when my brilliant friends decided we should go for a picnic.

So after years of staying away from the mats and greens, ants and iguanas - yesterday we boldly ventured into unventured frontiers - Lake Gardens (aiya the one with our our tugu negarala! ;p)

Coz it was all my friends, my guy friends were slightly disquieted on coming (at first), you know how we can bully, so explains. But after blackmailing about calling their grandmas and moms, and damaging them even worse, they relented and turned up sharp on time ;p

My telco provider probably went rich with the amount of smses I was sending every 1 minute in reply to the number one question of the week.

What to bring? ;p

The saddest part of the whole thing was the youngest person of the group was the only one diligently cooked the food she brought, the rest cheated by buying cooked food and pastries!

2 fellas couldn't turn up at the last minute, cheh what fun they missed! No worries we are making sure they realised how much fun they missed.

Oh yes by the way if you’re wondering what Vijay was thanking me about? Vijay flew to India via KL, so before he left I helped confuse him with too much information on travelling in KL. Unfortunately couldn't meet him coz of the picnic, though I did invite him to join us (meetaa nu solli vendaveh vehndam sohlitar!)

He too contributed dearly to my telco, unfortunately I think I confused him with my hyper speech (I was driving around trying to locate 3 missing gals after locating one who got answered in sign language so that made me hyper) and ahem my tamil (donno if he understoodla - ana reply pannar ;p).

There we were 7 of us with loads of food, mats and bags and suddenly see 2 ppl wearing heeled sandals! Errr slipper got lost it seems.

So while we trudged looking for land to settle down, they trudged in heels ;p

First spot got quickly canceled when its slightly sloppiness caused a few to slid and slip.

First the 2 guys went

Machan u don't leave me I don't leave ya.

In 2 mins we got one fella to go take something from the car, little did they know it was all part of the plan. Muahaha

The step got repeated when first victim 'left' in the pretext of taking something when 2nd one came back ;p

We were planning to steal this small electronic bike this kid was driving past us every 10 mins, luckily we found better things to do. Like chasing this iguana we saw (mind u it was the gals who were chasing not the guys) into hiding, scaring the daylight out of the birds, being noisier than the kids in the park that we successfully chased away this family we had come looking for peace and serenity and also making this uncle think 4 times about walking past us!

What he didn't know is everytime he turned his back to us, his daughter turned back to look at our boys! ;p hehehe

After cutting the birthday cake (we decided not to smear anyone with cake since the ants and mosquitoes were attacking everyone even without sugar) and gulping the food we played Ibu ayam. I was all geared up for galah panjang and someone else wanted to play kabbadi but this was as fun! Especially when the wolf n ibu were such experts!

Of course some of the chicks did beat up the wolf for catching them! ;p

We were screaming our heads off and laughing even louder. All that running led to a game of cards. We played heart attack, tried to play snap and 21. Heart attack was far more fun then the 2 card games. How to play?

Well separate the cards into sets of four X the number of ppl then shuffle. The game is to collect the 4s the fastest and put it down. The last person to put it downs the Donkey! Errr I got caught the most and had to do a forfeit of telling vadivelu jokes (which am not good at)! Lusu I tell ya this ppl!

Then we played charades. My team was the master at giving tough items and guessing the fastest. The other team picked up fast and managed to give us 2 tough ones as well.

Some of the words were

wake me up when september ends (hehehe they didnt get this)
brickfields (heehe we guessed this the fastest)
At your own risk (this was tough I tell ya)
Muthal Mariyathai (this was hard)
Engehyo ketha kural
Lemon tree

Before we knew it, it was 6.30 and the boys were trying to leave and watch yesterdays big match. Of course don't we need embarrassment.

We were talking about naming the group while walking, when I loudly said Machan. Only to find 2 Indian guys sitting behind the tree! Err you should have seen how fast their heads turned!

Aiyo aiyo aiyo nvm nvm its all in the game! ;p

Then we got sidetracked to take photos, hehehe such hilarious shots and of course my friend had to go and call one of those 2 guys from earlier to snap it! It was all revenge I tell ya!

Then we shot of to a restaurant after all that food for a drink and we nearly brought the place down with our noise! Ahh what fun ;))

Oh yes don't miss :

Duke of Hazzards (stupid slapstick comedy n very sexy too! Don't forget to catch the bloopers at the end) and

Charlie and the Choc factory (not bad though they sang a lot but funny).

Friday, September 16, 2005


I did say I enjoyed bullying boys didn't I. Trust me I made sure non of them were hurt in the process of having fun ;p

Some of them actually went on to thank me making life so much fun ;)

You see I have this thing for shy boys. The moment I identify one, I make it a point to get them out of their shells in the most unusual way. I flirt! ;p

In my class we had 4 boys like that. Up to form 3 there were 2 and the other 2 joined us in form 4 only. Of course with shyness came public speaking problems, stuttering in front of the class, making circles on the ground and basically dancing at the front in nervousness. Can't see a fellow friend suffer like that you know!

So right after identification, starts the unshying process. I'd chase whoever's sitting next to him away and bug the poor guy. I'd lower my voice and ask silly stuff and say silly nothings. The poor things would blush ferociously at first, then they'd slowly start changing, answering in words other than yes and no, suddenly learning a wit or 2.

Then we groomed them to speak in front of a crowd, stop dancing, flaying ur arms, funnyla. We'd mimic them and they'd laugh with us. We'd give them tips on how to approach the gal they've been eyeing, what to say, what not to, how to behave.

They were a grateful bunch. Got loads of thanks when we all split when school finished, my autograph book is filled with thanks, jokes and of course thanking me for all the fun I gave during english class! (that's another story)

At Univ I found only one shy guy and he too was grateful for the help.

Then there's my currently dormant hobby, making guys blush ;p

Whenever we were bored, my galfriends would cajole me to make one of our guy friends blush. It was all simple stuff. I never said anything dirty nor did I ever touch them. I just flirted with them! ;p

First the guy had to be fair or lightly tanned and not extremely confident on his looks. He also had to be a friend who knew I was mischievous and not hitting on him.

All I'd do is lower my voice and compliment him. Sometimes out of the blue I'd walk to them and say

Wow you look good today. Shirt looks so good on ya. Where have you been hiding all this while? ;p hehehehe

We had one guy in our gang at Univ who would turn tomato red everytime, so naturally he would be the most sought after victim. And the moment I start they'd take it for a while and when it gets to bad they'd just run away! ROTFL was so funny.

Now you should understand why I thank god for being dark! ;p

Or if it were malay guys I'd just say in a lowered voice

Abang (insert name) sinilah. ;p
(Honey/ dear come sit here)

Lol they'd blink and run away.

Sigh so hard to find such gullible guys nowadays! ;p

Priya has mooted the idea for an online rowdy group which Jagan says am already qualified to join with my previous post.

Don't you think so? ;p

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Today's the day Malaya+Sabah+Sarawak were join together under the name of Malaysia. Singapore gained its independance this way as well but later opted not to join Malaysia and to be an independant country.

So today ends the month long celebration of independance.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful country ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Snitch and Pawn

As you guys have continuously pointed out, I have wrote bucket loads of things. I was wondering if I wrote about the teachers at school. Read about my physic teacher here and comment ok. Hilarious stuff that women.

I've always been naughty and have vowed to be naughty till my last breath! Life is so interesting that way.

I'm just flooded with stories this week. Normally I never tortured people but one gal who used to suck up to the teacher and one boy used to be at the receiving end of our tortures.

Now the gal deserved it since she had the habit of snitching about us (not that it mattered since she never had proof), sucking up to the teachers, pathetically trying to be a teachers pet (she never succeeded) plus towards the end madam actually jotted our trial marks and passed it off as hers for preliminary Univ application which ended up in my hand coz the person wanted me to clarify if it was the truth! The nerve!

Of course she got called names, and the gang never let her in on the fun. Of course snitchers need to be taught a lesson. Women (who was also a prefect) used to leave early from school on thursdays as during our last period, the teacher never came n it was moral studies so we were quite happy.

We started noticing only after sometime, coz u know we were busy having fun. So one day we waited till she was out of the school, then we marched to the discipline teachers room and made a complain (the whole class went)!

Teacher how can a prefect break school rules? Hehehe

She got blasted the next day, since she was no where to be found. Not being able to do anything to us, her mom went and complained about us to another friends mom. Who instead told her off! Hehehehe

Now the guy, I'd have to admit was an innocent pawn. It was just circumstances were against him. He was new in school, a junior by 1 year and I had just returned from India after skipping school for 3 months.

The moment I said update after our hugs and hulla during my sudden appearance in the assembly, all I heard was about this new cute and handsome guy in school everyone was drooling about. The argument was I had to give my certificate of approval but the guy was on sick leave that day so I spent the whole day listening to gals drool over him which started getting on my nerve.

You see whatever I said was gods word in school (deiva vaaku), so the gals and guys mainly from the junior class (who idolised our class) were waiting for my words after inspecting the guy.
So the next day we were all standing at the balcony when the guy walks by and ok he was cute but I had to put an end to all this drooling. So I said

Cheh ivlothanna? Ithuku ivlo buildup ah? Nonsensela u gals!

That's all? He ain't that cute for all the drooling you gals did! Nonsensela u gals!

That very second the gals stopped drooling and the poor thing lost his lustre. He must have wondered what happened to all the attention! ;p

We were never introduced, we never spoke, even once, I wasn't even bothered!

However it didn't end there. I think in the history of schools this would have been the first time a cute guy was made fun off.

The school was trying to implement a no moustache rule and this guy used to sport one but he was also (a prefect) trying out to be the next head prefect. So off went the moustache.

That day as always we were walking languidly late to the assembly when he pops in front of us. Dear lord I broke out into laughter! He hurried away while I was still laughing.

Now this was the time the country wa swarmed with workers from Bangladesh who had one thing in common weird looks of shaved chins! And he looked exactly like that.

I blurted out "Oh my god he looks like a bangla (err short form for Bangladeshis)"

Thats all I ever said. That started the horrendous torture circle. I had created a monster. His whole class, half the school called him a Bangla and made the stupidest jokes. Sometimes it was so pitiful, but I never knew my words were gold! I still feel sorry for him ;)

Only I can make a cute guy feel bad hehehehehe ;p

Funny thing was when he went of to univ, he ended up being orientated by a friend (then a new internet friend) who decided to torture him with questions about me. He must have thought dear god she haunts me everywhere I go!

Interestingly he had such nice stuff to say about me. I think he was just scared I'd make Univ bad as well! ;p tee hee

But seriously, funny as it was I occasionally felt bad at the horror I had created, so sorry fella! The devil made me do it! ;p

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Happy Onam

'Onam Aashamshagal'

I ain't part of bali kings people if you're wondering ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Those were the days ;)

Answering all your questions the other day, memories of school flashed by in 246 RGB colour. My last 2 years at school (Form 4 & 5 - O levels) were one of the best times of my life. My class was made up of 14 gals and 14 boys. Interestingly unless for one couple (the gal was new in school) no one was dating anyone though we did jibe around.

Anyone who walked in to see the class monitor was tagged as the monitors partner. Till the person left we would be teasing the poor soul and our gullible monitors ( we had 1 gal and 1 guy). Then there were the Cs of the class. Chan, Chen, Chin, Chong, Chong!

My classmates were an awesome bunch and despite being the best class in our batch, we were also the most notorious, noisiest and most of all most of the teachers hated us!

If you walked by the teachers room, you can bet you'd hear someone complaining about us. Though we did have teachers who loved us and we in return showered them with love and respect.

I remember the time we got voted ugliest class and got publicly humiliated by the principal which followed with a 1 hour lecture from our class teacher. So that weekend we got together spruced up the class, painted (the class and ourselves) and redecorated. We went on to win the most beautiful class for weeks! The first time we did, we shouted so loudly, we again got reprimanded for not behaving like the best class (actually he called us a bunch of hooligans)! Actually the principal hated us, so whatever we did, we still got scolded!

I remember once he walked in, saw us talking (there was no teacher), scolded us and told us we were on his black list. We listened quietly but the moment he was a few steps away we went back to yakking only to have him return and glare at us! Hhehe not that we were bothered.

Every morning we'd be early in school, not for school but to start our morning game of chess, one day the princi was blaring away on the mike about punctuality during monday morning assembly and there was half the class watching me and my friend play chess. I had to give up the game, as we were nearly 40 mins late! Luckily we were stationed at the side of the building, so our gang could sneak into the lines undetected. If you were wondering about the prefects, half the class is made of them and no one dared disturb us. Even when the teachers have their tri teachers meeting, no prefect was sent to our class. We were that well known for bullying.

I was the official hair masking agent of the class. The boys used to sport bits of long hair. If caught the discipline teacher would become an instant barber and wreck their hairstyles. So before any sportchecks (we had this once a month to see if we were following rules) happened, we'd already be informed of the it and then operation mask it will begin. Nail clippers came out, the boys lined up for inspection by me, and jewelery and other things were hidden in our special hiding places. Till we left school no boy inspected by me ever got caught with long hair.

I was also innocent eyed teacher cajoler (not to be mistaken for teachers pet, informer or suck up). Remember I told ya no one knew I was actually one of the masterminds behind all the things we did. Well when ever we felt like going on class trips, I'd come up wtih the stupidest reason for the school to take us and they'd buy it!

One time 2 classmates were going for the debate team at a gals school. So I managed to convince the teacher we needed supporters and she believed me (much to the joy of my classmates) and of we went. Thinking my boys should behave in front of all those gals, I told them be at ur best behaviours. Little did I know gals at gals school were as bad as it can be. My poor boys just sat there in their best behaviours coz I had told them so. 10 mins later I told them, "no more rules just make sure you make more noise then them" and they did!

Whenever we did chemistry experiments and repeatedly told not to mix, mixture A with B. We will still mix and wait for it to explode. I will once again act shocked, scared and say

Sorrrrr...rryy teacher, I accidentally mixed.

Instead of getting scolded, our teacher will check if I was ok while making sure I wasn't covering up for the boys! Hehehhe

I was also the gal you made plans with to scare the other gals. Innocent face comes into effect here again. Because they knew I wasn't scared of creepy crawlies, I would be asked to call the gals or hand them the booby trapped box or pencil case. The shrieks from the gals were oh so funny!

Opocot, Mak nkau, yah rabi! Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Were just some of the words!

Ohh those were the fun days, I miss blowing up experiments, convincing teachers, bullying boys and just being the innocent tyrant! ;p

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The Sun, a manmade lake, setting in orange.

Beautiful. Just Beautiful ;)

Click here for a larger image

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Looks like....

You know how I love looking at clouds right?

Looked up one day and saw this cloud. Doesn't it look like India?

Click here for a larger image

Another post below.

1 birth, 2 weds!

What happeneds when your mom is part of 13 siblings, her mom another 6 and her dad another 7, whose each sibling had at least 6 kids and your dad another 11?

You're related weirdly to 1/3 of the country and related to another half!

Weird is when you walk into a wedding and you realise oh god everyone here is wrongly related to you just coz your niece and nephew are your age or older!

The cons of people marrying out of their circle is, you suddenly find yourself related to too many people who are related to even more people. Everytime you go out you might accidentally meet a new cousin you never knew existed.

Then you get invited to weddings where you know the groom n family just enough and you realise even your mom doesn't know 9/10 of the people there!

The weekend was crazy. Why? Why? Do people pick the same day to get married, have bdays and plan outings? Why was last weekend so mad???

I think the whole country decided to pick last Fri and Sat to get married, get engaged, celebrate bdays or celebrate something. I didn't know anyone who didn't have to attend a wedding! Everywhere I drove by, some hall or house was having a wedding!

I had a nieces wedding, a cousins wedding and another cousins birthday party to attend all at the same time! And all three were different sets of relatives! Oi you people think we've got superhuman power can rush everywhere and stay for the whole thing?

I enjoyed the nieces do a lot. Was at her home since thursday for the nalangus. Helped tie the saree for her. Made sure she got bullied with all the vohlapufying of sandhanam, manjal, kunkumam. Cajoled everyone to hit her properly with the ammi kall. Of course she threatened to do the same to me but little did she know the ammi kall of my house is so big and heavy, no one would dare to try tricks! He he

Then we'd go stand outside the house and tell her aik no stepping beyond this border! ;p pavams she! He he

Next day I was supposed to draw mardhani (henna) for her. It seems the women who was supposed to do her makeup told her to do it herself since she wasnt free on friday. Yep the women takes money and gives orders!

Of course my recent re-addiction to comp games kicked in and I scored a double of my highest points in front of an audience of 4 kids! Thats when the drama began. Suddenly bridal lady turns up and starts bossing around.

Niece was telling her she had asked me to put the henna, but she just brushed it off that her daughter with do it. Poor niece felt so bad but I had no prob since I was helping my cousin with the decorations. 45 mins later the gal walks out and asks me to draw since she actually doesn't know how to draw.

It was already getting late so I continued from the 2 fingers she had drawn. Then momsy walks in looks and walks out. Then she comes in and tells us oh I only bought this for my daughter to learn on her, give me back the tiub. Told her excuse me I don't do this for business. She walks out complaining despite everyones explanation. Niece apologises again despite my telling her I wasn't bothered.

By the time I finished it was 2 am and I had to work the next day. Surprisingly I got up and reached work on time (yayyyyyyyy). Came home to find visitors at home, so lunch got delayed even further and by then it was time to get ready to attend a birthday and 2 weddings.

One wedding was gonna start late so we drove of to the other which was pretty but pretty boring as well! By the time we finished one and went to the other, the fun wedding hall was nearly empty. First thing niece tells me is the bridal lady apologised for her outburst. You should have seen her hands, the colour of the henna was so dark!

Ate at one wedding, managed to avoid food at second now will our evading skills work at birthday party? Nearly!

Every 2 mins an aunt, uncle or cousin will inquire if we had eaten. So we kept changing places and saying oh yes we had! I don't think anyone bought our story! Luckily the discussion of the day was another cousins wedding preparations.

He started complaining, you know guys spend more nowadays then gals. Of course we rebutted and gave him the points. Even without dowry, the women can't go to a household without jewelery, household stuff or all the other sirus! Of course he agreed!

Now after that tiring run around, will everyone please get married and celebrate events on different dates! Let me enjoy each please!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Fragile life

Sept 11 shocked and affected the whole world. I don't think I'd ever forget that day. That night when I first found myself staring at a plane crashing into the WTC towers, I gaped in horror. As I continued watching reruns of the attack, the smoke and people running away, I just sat transfixed, horrified at how easily a person could take anothers life.

I was still in a daze the next day at the office. Everyone was abuzz with the same news. Still horrified we went about our work.

Around mid morning, we suddenly saw ppl running towards our office building. Confused we looked out of our windows. We were just a few hundred metres away from the then worlds tallest twin towers - the Petronas Twin Towers. Then we found out.

The police had received a call from an anonymous caller : there was a bomb in the Twin towers!

Click here for a larger image

For a minute we were all quiet, we just looked at each other, someone's screen was showing a report on the Sept 11 Tragedy and there we were sitting ducks next to a building that might explode anytime.

We started joking how stupid these people were running into our building which too would be destroyed given how close we were. We kept looking outside, the police, bomb squad, ambulance (someone had fainted), firefighters and a bevy of reporters were all at the foot of the towers.

Truthfully I've never been afraid of death, only of not being able to say goodbye to everyone I cared for. I sincerely hope when my time comes, I'd somehow now, throw a wonderful bash to spend with all that I care for, laugh my heart out and sleep to never wake ;)

I started emailing and calling my friends up, in my normal jovial manner. There I was laughing away, while being reprimanded to be serious and to take care. I had decided if I was to die, let me have a few laughs first ;p

Nearly 7 hours later we find out it was a hoax and ours wasn’t the only building affected.

Life teaches you a few lessons, this was one of it. I'd always known this but this definitely reestablished my views.

Life is to be lived with what matters most, family and friends. Work is important but its not the most. You don't want to regret not being able to have spent time with friends and family coz of work. Remember most of the people who survived the tragedy, did so coz of the simplest things. Their day to pick up donuts, late coz of their children, family or friends. You can plan your life as you wish but understand it is such that your plans can mean nothing in the course of life and the flow of fate. You might be alive today, but remember tomorrow might never come. So seize the opportunities you have. If you love someone, tell that person. You don't want to regret one day, when its too late. Don't postpone meeting friends, they might just vanish from your lives one day. I've lost 2 friends this way.

Live your life. Sprinkle it with joy, fun and mischief. Don't sit back and hold yourself coz you think it isn't proper, what might people think or coz you thinks its too risky. I'm not telling you to do things illegal by law, just the smaller joys of life. Don't live a life you might regret one day for not doing what you had wanted to do.

Have fun, enjoy life, it might not be there tomorrow ;))

God bless all those who lost their lives or a loved one.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Answero Answer

Well, here are the answers to all your questions! ;)

Some of it is in Tamil coz it is so hilarious when in Tamil. Translation didn't sound nice ;p Sorry people ;))) And the catch wasn't a tag!

How many mookuthis do you have? Will they be more than the number of shoes and handbags in the Imelda Marcos museum.

------Lol this question had me rotfling

I've got 5 but I'm so lazy I have been using this one for 3 years ;p Sorry can't challenge Imelda ;p

How many "waste" do you use in a single day. Do you recycle them?

-------waste is currently taking a nap coz I've successfully got everyone to use it! He he am using nonsense now ;p Waste will come back one day! ;p

What is the most embarrassing thing u've done in public?

---- this is funny. Got into a crowded movie hall and walked straight into the MENS. Luckily no one was inside errr doing business! Saw them urinals, went ops, ran out and hid in the womens peeling with laughter.

Was jumping around (in embarrassment) much to my friends amusement!

If u see a fly that's been bothering u sit tantalizingly on a sottai man's head in front of u, would u be tempted to swat it? If yes, with what?

--------Nope I wouldn't. Fly pavam, erkanaveh valiki valiki uluvudeh - kasthapadratha jeevanneh ehn tholai kudukahnum?

What's the weirdest thing u've said/would say to escape from the traffic cop who's jus pulled u up committing a traffic offense?

------- I've only been stopped by a cop twice. Ennaku innocent face, u see ;p
But I escaped by saying my cousin passed away (which was true) that's why I'm speeding. He let me go ;)

what's the funniest line said by a payyan kadalai potufying u?
------ Well I'm actually very choosy with friends - so besides the boys in my class in school I wouldn't talk to most of the indian boys in school.

So one occasion class cut adichi (skipped class) was sitting in the canteen with a prefect friend. I cut class and hang out with the prefects (so no one can catch me!) ;p

One of the top prefects comes by talks to friend (this one appoh appoh looku vidhuvan) and offers some chips to her she takes some. I was sitting quietly and looking elsewhere. Then he offers me the chips. All I did was look up,

heheehe nu sirichitu odhiyeh poithan!
heheehe he laughed and just ran off!

I started laughing nonstop! ;p I still have no idea why he did that! Hehhehe boys!

Or the time I got cornered by classmate/ friend who started listing the different colours of my pavadai thavani from 2 3 thiruvillas I went in a gap of 6 months. I myself couldn't remember what I wore. Heheheh so funny! You men got nothing else to do ah? ;p


Have u ever met someone who starts talking to u very excitedly but u have no clue who he/she is and u r trying to recall the name. how did u handle the situation

------lol love the qs. Happens often, too many ppl know us. I'd actually start digging to know who while trying to act nice. I forget names easily so I'd ask for their numbers and ask to spell their name. Hehehehe

My moms the best she will continue talking grandmother stories and then when you ask who she'll say err I don't know! ;p

F e r r a r i
1. When was the last time someone proposed to you?
-----this one propose marriage or propose dating? We shall go with the dating - err recent ;p

2. What is the first thing you do, the moment you hit the bed?
-----play with my phone games, which I do every single free hour, even while watching tv. Got I'm getting addicted! ;p

3. Tell your favorite Indian food item (The answer for this can be used for blackmailing in future)
-----panner anything - very hard to get here ;(
but no worries am not easily tempted ;p

4. Who is your least favorite tamil actor (His photographs will be used for blackmailing)
----- least fav hehehhe karidi who else!;p

5. Tell one naughtiest thing you have done in your life till now
-----life now? Lol eh I cannot remember past lives la ;p

----- I've done a lot! I was never a school prefect but all my friends were and they listened to me. The head prefect had been studying with me since std 1 right up to form 5 (O levels) and he used to be scared of me (respect). I was the school gal rowdy in a pinafore (dress). So one day this junior prefect comes to me to try to show her power.

You see I normally wear a ring and have long finger nails which is against school laws. So she comes to me in my class and tells me to take them off or she'll report me. There I am sitting on the table ( the moment teacher leaves I sit on the table!) Surrounded by prefects and this brat tries to dish me!

Oi you go around the school and get every single student to take off their chains, rings n cut their nails. Then come back to me, and I'll think about it! ;p

She got shocked and left.

After that the gal idolised me ;)))

Arjuna Speaks - by the way welcome here ;))

Kollila irunthu muttai vanthucha , illa muttai-la irunthu kolli vanthucha?
---muthai irundu kolli vandhu - kolli iruhndu vandhathu muttai - aprohm kolliyum muthaiyum serndhu kolli muthai muthai kolli annadhu

Captain Vjkanth pugaluku Karanam:
1)Avaroda Kaallala ellarayum eti uthaitha karnama?
2)Ellaryum pesi pesi-yai kondratharkakava?

---------Rendum illeh - Damil avar dhai mozhi - Damil Damil Damil ;p

Mottai thalai-la ethanai mudi?
-----adohda 3 places leh iruhku - eyebrow, nose hair ear hair ;p
(hehehe idhu ehpadi ;p)

who do u think is the best blogger ? visithra has got to name the person (only one ) whatever visithra answers , other then the person mentioned will get a free hit at visithra ...:-) . how is this ?
--------Grrr you just want to mattify me huh! ;p lol - avar illehna nambhelam meet panni, blog panni iruhpohma? hehehee

withour, we couldn't have met, or blogged ;p


Adhu Epdi Muppadhu vayasulaiyum Mazhalai Thamizh pesa mudiyudhu Visit?
----30 years old reach pahnoneh sohlrehn ;p

Ungalukku Pooraan mela bayam kedaiyaadhaaa.. Nadu Nethila Eppavum Onnu Ukkaantu irukku?
----no no pooran pavam, yaarum love panrathilleh athan - neethila nelliyah vithuthen ;p

Worst and Best Pick up line?
-----worst pick up experience was at school also
--- I made the mistake of talking to this guy at my tuition class who was also from school. He got different ideas and started getting weird. Everyday he'd come early to school and wait by his class window on the 3rd floor. The moment he sees me he'll start shouting my name while doing that stupid mouse noise. So irritating, I stopped talking to him! ;p

Actually don't like pick up lines - I think its stupid. I prefer if a person introduces themselves.
----- I was impressed by one guy recently - his friend had my number coz he was my friends friend. I was angry with something when they smsed asking if they can talk to me - I said another time - they said ok no prob have fun and kept their word and didn't pester. I think thats cool ;))

Sirippu Sigaram Manoj Vs Karuppu singam Captain.. Compare ?
----- Onu sirichaleh bayam varudhu onu pesinalleh thalai suthudu ;p

When there's no blog in ur Url.. y do u blog rather slog to blog?
----- My Url has my name - title only there's no blog - waste idhukudah terileh!Ehehehe;p

I slog to blog coz i blog to slog cos blogging is a slogging less blogging ;p

Common Question:

Visitku paada theriyum.. Aada Theriyum.. Badhil Solla theriyume..

Vidai Vegu Viraivil..
Visit Valai Padhivil

Kavidhai Kavidhai :)

---------- hehhe kavidai super - ehn bathil ehpadi? ;p

whats with mukkuthi and visitu?
------ this is one old story - started from a myths post and one tag. Click the links ;p

1) What will you do if ur mookku bayangarama arichufies while vaasichufying Veena in concert?
-----excuse me wait pls sollithu, arichify and then continue ;p

adachai tensionleh ohnumeh teriyadhupa - kai valichakudda - fingers sethu pohnu sollithu vasipohm ;p nonsense ;p

2) How many temples have u visited in ur life? Describe all the "waste" experiences that u had with "lusu" people there.
---- err 979? Enake terileh pa uhu uhu uhu (Nayagan style) To describe all I will need a few blogs.

3) What will u do if Vaasthu Lion K. Nagapaambu says that vaasthu padi u have ur mookuthi on the wrong side?
----un vaashtu vukku dooo ;p Ehn face ehn mookuti - Nonsense! ;p

Err by the way I don't even know who he is! ;p

wht wud u do if u were to spend one day with gaptain?
--- errr i've actually bumped into captain. I wouldn't even realise he was there. Even that day my friend had to point him out. But I'd tell him

excuse me I have a tight schedule , kabali pohnum, tnagar pohnum, mylapore tailor pahkanum, friends pakanum, beachleh bajji sapdhanum, adyar sutti pakanum, sweets vanganum, pondy bazaar pohnum, mylapore kabali pohnum, thiruvanmuyir maruthu pakannum, adyar pathmanaban hi sohlanum - can u keep up with me?

uma-va paaka poracha kya palagaaram vaangittu poveenga? Y?

---------Athirasam - adhuki adhuki rasatha (navarasam) sohlrangehleh ;p (this the first qs i answered)

h-a neengha khuthaghaikhkhu ehdhuthirhukheenghalha? edhuku ihthanha h poththu pehsarheengha?
------ yes yes h kum ennaku blood relations - yaralum pirika mudiyatha bandham - andhan othi othi vahran ;p

for more explanation read


here's mine - would you leave planet earth, with a group selected individual, and travel to planet mars to start a new pioneer colony, with no option of returning.

if yes/no, why
------ Easy No, I love trees and nature too much. Can't live in a place without green or just artificial greens. :)

what is the most embarrassing thing someone else has done in front of you? and how did you react?

----- Lol this is probably gonna get rated 18sx. Was at a night beach party with a bunch of friends. One of us had gone into the water. We were sitting on a bench and having a chat when this gal who had just gotten into the water was introd to us.

Said gal was wearing a transparent white thin sports top. I found out a few things that day. Thank god I was dark, I ain't attracted to gals and am capable of keeping a straight face in the most absurd situations! ;p

As to me asking questions, I only have one at the moment. Which is the one question that had made do some memory search?
----Actually there was 3 (the 3 long ones on pick up lines and naughtiest thing) but by the time I posted Muahaha, I had already answered 2.

Wokay that's all had fun answering them. Would have been more fun if everyone was sportive as well.


Update 2 : Sigh scrape the catch, I’ve heard too many protests. The game isn’t fun anymore. Will post up answers today evening, no catch. So everything else below is crap! ;)

Lol yesterday while watching the rerun of Rockstar: INXS, after coming back from nieces nalungu, I decided to check Uma's blog with the mobile. Lol then I saw Uma's update and the added qs, I actually worried. Adapavingehla!

As I was wondering how I'm gonna answer, interestingly I'm on a roll and have answered all but 1 (which needs some memory search).

So bring on the questions if you want, you already know I'm a sport, so go ahead ask more ;p You've got till Monday evening my time (08.00 UTC KL). Will post answers on Tuesday.

But here's the catch - if you want me to answer your qs (honest humorous answers) you have to agree here in the comment box that you'll agree to do what I tell ya to. No worries its not illegal, or physically challenging just mentally! ;p

This includes people who went ahead and placed disclaimers on their blogs! ;)))

Idhu ehpadi iruhku? Hee hee

Watcha think I won't do anything? Muahahahaha ;ppp

Oh please be a sport and agree (Just say I agree) - this is so fun! ;p


Update : Don't worry there's 3 options, I ain't cruel ya know ;p

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shadow games

Took this at a Narasimha temple in Andra, India - November 2002.

Click here for bigger image

I love this shot - mom n dad walking away - the rusty gopuram and the sun playing shadows game ;)

Uma's still looking for questions here post is here ;p

What to ask?

Got in the morning, was checking my mail when I read this comment by Vijay.

Witchu blogla conspiracy brew pathi theriyuma???

What is this morning morning conspiracy?

Then logged into Uma and saw why! ;p Tee Hee so funny. Awwww Uma love ya too.

My recent 7 tag (which I originally got from Still) has worked exactly how I hoped it will. The chain reaction is such, I think by the end of the week, most of everyone would be tagged with the 7s.

Yes yes I am the culprit ;p

So Uma has decided to take revenge (I think she got double tagged ;p) and create a tag of Qs you’d like me to answer! Kaps has already started of with qs! Waste! ;p (Happy?)

So to help my dear Uma, please head to her post here and add your qs or you can even leave it here and will tell her to pick it up.

Have fun people ;)))

Ps : By the way find this so cute, am smiling from ear to ear! ;p

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

G Paya

Todays G Paya's Birthday! Happy Birthday G paya ;p

I just love G paya. His big dondi, the cute poses - oh so cuteeee.

Eventually I developed this love to buy Ganesha's, everytime I find a nice one he ends up at home with me. Not many given most of them don't look so different.

My car dashboard used to be adorned with a bunch of them - then when I took over dads car, I never got to putting them up donno why. Plus mum confiscated a few for herself :((((

There's even one in the office.

Then a god I probably konjufy the idols like teddy bears ;p

My all time favourite is this stone 5 faced ganesha I bought in Ekambaram temple, Kanchipuram, India. I carried the darling home safely and used to cradle it everyday when it was in my room. Then I made the mistake of putting it in our house hall coz my mom asked to.

One day I took it to cradle and to my horror it was broken in two. It was just a week after putting him outside. The culprit had pieced him together, thinking I'd never realise! Sigh it was none other than my mom. Sob sob. So I placed him inside the cabinet only to find she broke one of the faces of a few weeks later :((((

Click here for larger images

Grrrr pavam my g paya, it survived a year unbroken in my room!

Anyways Happy G paya Day everybody ;p

There’s a new image on Ecliptic Meridian ;)))

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What was it?

What was the weird photo in order yesterday?

So did I torture you guys yesterday? Hehe I had fun reading the guesses. So one person did guess right. Though he (yes it was a he) must have seen it from the side, there was no way you could have guessed otherwide.

Was it an alien spacecraft? (OK have been humming the star wars theme, so don't tell me I didn't warn you).

Ready to shoot me for continuing to blabber but not tell ya what it was?

Now after all the why there's a read more question. We'll give it some work, click on it to find the answer.

Wait, wait don't you wanna guess for the last time?

This is what it was.

So Bawangred wins. He guessed it right though I'm very sure he has seen the majestic sight before from the side. So I owe you ice-cream and everyone clap please :)

Ok the advert is this huge ad panel across the Seremban Highway. Now the only way to see the monster as a space ship, alien, rib cage xray, weird insect, deep sea fish, acupuncture, thiru shivan pooja photo, thaipusam, rowing sailors, bridge, stadium, putra lrt, and vehicle is from the side, best viewed at this particular traffic light.

The thing is so bright and pretty, in case the town has a blackout, it will still be bright courteous of alien mothership!

Space ship?

1. The mid view
2. Mothership preparing to land
3. From afar - landing successful
4. Now we shall disguise ourselves as a highway advert panel! ;p

Told ya beware, I've been humming the star wars theme! ;p
Well if you're wondering how I got the shots or even if you aren't I'm still telling ya, I walked, I drove and (no I didn't huff and puff and blow the house away!) made illegal turns ;p

OK there's 2 other posts at the bottom. Enjoy toodledoos, oh dear I've gone loco. ;p

Star Wars turns me geekly loco ;p

WW2 mortar bom

A WW2 mortar bom was just found near my office building. When my colleague walked in telling us bom bom, we thought he was joking.

Looked out to find the cops had confined the area off, plus a bomb squad’s there accessing the bomb.

If its still around during lunch shall go poke my nosy nose in the area. ;p

Update : Now before you guys jump your guns and throw me of the cliff for being curious I didn't go coz they'd already cleared it off by lunch. Whatya think they'd keep a bomb for 4 hours and wait for me to go see it?

But thanks for the concern ppl :)))

Prisoners in their own country

When I wrote Is there? I forgot to add

Is there a country which can withstand mother natures fury?

In the wake of Katrina, just 9 months after the tsunami - there’s a sparing difference. In one we saw ppl coming together, acting as fast and tough as possible, governments actually trying to make a difference. Then we heard cries, promises and taunts that we Asians weren’t doing a good job of having precautions set. And what did world class precautions help people of New Orleans? Nothing.

Despite knowing there was a huge calamity, not enough was done. Despite just seeing what nature can do, just 9 months back, nothing was done. Despite knowing in dire, all help must be utilised, nothing was done.

Not getting enough help - hungry victims were shot and called loothers, waiting to be saved in vain - a women died, with her, hope went as well.

Did we actually learn anything from the tsunami?

Prisoners in their own country, god bless them. May the trapped be rescued soon.

Ps : Wrote this yesterday, wanted to post it later but read Uma’s.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

I am vain

.......about my eyes. I am so proud of them two brown marbles, if ever someone was to make the mistake of assuming my brown eyes were fake, I'd jump to tell them nay it was god given.

So in an attempt to show how vain I am about them - I'm changing the blog header photo plus I have so gotten sick of the current photo even though so many people love it. I lose interest very easily you see. Plus seriously people kept thinking the gals (yes not one person a few) in the image were me. Ahem, I'm a dark skinned south indian! Where did the fair skin come from? Me no ardent follower of Fair and lovely!

People wishing to throw bricks at my vainness, please do so in my comment section.

On a serious note - lets applaud Daymoon for taking GP’s (Humanuniverse) poems and turning it into beautiful music. You can download the pop rock here and also find out more about GP. Love anthem of dust and the separations prelude (there’s some glitch couldn’t here the rest).

Watch this for eyecandy. Do not miss the video its captivating. It says Chinese, but some steps and poses looks like Odisi’s tribhangi. Cultural fusion or generations ago separated now we see the similarity?

Ahem now go on guessing what the picture below is, if anyone guesses it right I’ll buy you one unit of ice cream (no tubs) when we do meet in the future! ;p

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I’m not putting up a bigger image since it looks slightly too bright and grainy.

Plus I’m only taking part to see how creative I can be. You must see the other photos, this time really wonderful ones!

Photofriday : Order

Friday, September 02, 2005


This was really hard! Still had tagged me sometime back, I've been cracking my head trying to complete this. Phew its finally over!

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!
1. Travel the world! Or most of it ;p
2. Bungee jump (this I must do as soon as possible)
3. Drive/ Own a Ferrari ;p
4. Get on the scariest roller coasters (try everything) :)))
5. Dance on a moving trains ceilling (I keep wondering how they do it?)
6. Skydive
7. Tumble down a hill from inside a giant ballon (saw this on Amazing race)

Seven things you can do!!
1. Be less nice :)
2. Reply Emails as soon as I read them!
3. Start teaching again? Hummm
4. Smile at strangers (2 of my friends will be happy!)
5. Do not give Chandramuki (Big wide scary look) look at everyone who tries to smile at me! 6. Practice more
7. Go out so mom can watch her serial and avoid another argument!

Seven things you can't do!!! (this took the longest)
1. Take out trash ;p (Confession I just can't bro laughs at me each time!)
2. Get a Tattoo (I detest pain)
3. Backdown when my limits are pushed.
4. Be anywhere near a grasshopper
5. Tolerate egoistic, irritating people.
6. Jump of a highrise building to kill myself ;p (I abhor suicidisme)
7. Not have fun! ;)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!
1. Height (lol this is the first thing that makes my head turn)
2. Conversational skills
3. Eyes
4. Casualness (I do not like ppl who find mamak stalls/ kaiyendi bhavans unsuitable to eat)
5. Sense of humour
6. Smile
7. Sense of style/dressing (I do not date MGRs)

Seven things you say most!!!
1. Nonsense.
2. Waste
3. Adapavi!
4. Adding La to most words (I'm a true Malaysian)
5. Lusu!
6. Ithu 2 much
7. Now smile and wave - cute and cuddly!

Seven celebrity crushes!!! (I don't really drool but close to it)
1. Madhavan
2. Brad Pitt
3. Vikram as Remo on the screen not on stills! ;p
4. Will Smith
5. Beckam
6. Usher
7. Rob Thomas

Muahaha now to pick who gets to be tortured!!!!!!

Seven people you want to take this quiz.. (I’m going for ppl whom I’ve never tagged)
JVC (this is for tagging without doing the tag itself ;p)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ahem....Your Honour....

I was supposed to have posted our national language blog on Merdeka day but time had other plans for me. I’ve really been busy, having fun, so sorry guys ;p Thanks to eyeris for mooting the blog in Malay campaign and Dannyfoo for the Merdekablog. I had a hard time writing in my rusted Malay. And thanks to my non Malaysian visitors who took the time to scroll down and realise there was a translation for them, you thought I forgot you guys is it? ;p (Jeez sounds like some Oscar acceptance speech!). Phew I think that's enough of patriotism for now!

Right after work on the 30th, I had to attend a company dinner though I had plans with friends for a night of celebration. Well one must do what one must do! So I finished one and rushed to the other. The food, the music and the karoke kings came in an endless drove at the company gig. Funny it was, tearful in a second (a colleague was also leaving for another job) but definitely loads of fun! .

Then I had to do road racing stunts to avoid the traffic and reach our meeting spot. Reach I did only to be told friend was stuck elsewhere.

Remember I was saying last Tuesday was such a meet a friend day? Well Kay is back to blogging, temporarily missing VJ@KL and Ghost Particle turned up unscratched much to my delight! Well it didn't stop there arrived at the club to find my friend there as well. And for the next 15 minutes friend and I tried fruitlessly to signal him over the crowd but no he refused to look at our direction! Calling him didn't work either since the nation decided this was the best time to jam them networks! We had our own small countdown while watching the telly showing the celebrations everywhere else. Finally when we gave up signaling, he sees us! Errr that's where I got scolding for not inviting him as well.

In between the twist, tecno and rap dancing, friend decides we should kumi adhi and do the classic podi hand gesture to a rap song! Actually it was Gwen Steffanis Hollerbak Gal ;p It was very funny I tell ya! (people interested in knowing how to do kumi adhi (folk steps) to Hollerback please remember, we will have to charge you for our Jeebomba secret!)

Of course there was the usual I shall invite myself into your circle and dance with ya even if I never bothered asking (not that I'm gonna say yes - I'm a recluse outside my circle of friends ;p)! Also there was the guy practicing a mixed up version of Taekwando cum-Kungfu. Bruce Lee would have been so proud of his attempts to assassinate us by flaying his arms where ever he wished as though we were punching bags!

After a long series of byes and being reprimanded for not inviting (again) and supper we headed home. Next day woke up in time for the morning parade, only to be accused by mom for not taking her for it. Huh! And when did she tell us she wanted to go? During the parade of course. In between running here and there and scribbling the story I had managed to extract from her, it was time to go for cousins daughter's birthday.

I pity the kids they would have gotten confused on the number of grandparents they had. I think my grandparents hobby was having children! ;p My mom was telling one, we're all your pattis and I was sitting next to here. Of course I jumped and said kiddo all of them not me, I'm your aunt who you can call sis! After a while of playing games with me the sis came naturally!

By the time we got back it was already 11 something. Next week I'm gonna be pretty busy shuffling from nalangu to wedding after wedding. One niece and one cousin are getting married and err no not to each other ;p

Now before you jump and tell me, how come you're not married while your niece is?? Well they were actually family friends until my cousin married their uncle. He he of the story is one of them was my schoolmate now I've got a same aged nephew! ;p

Some updates. Andhimazhai sent a mail asking to post on their site as well some time back (thank you I’m still thinking) also discovered 49 media has been capturing my posts with pictures in it. I’m uncertain if it was automated or a member has been plugging them. Thank you to whoever it is, much appreciated. Want to see photos of the Merdeka parade? Click here and here for the video

A few questions

1 Why is romanised tamil called as tanglish in the websphere? Isn't tanglish Tamil+English like Manglish, Malay+English?

2 What did google feature in its logo yesterday? BlogDay, Princess Di or Malaysia?

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Merdeka - Ibuku melaung

Untuk memberi laluan kepada penyediaan kerayaan Kemerdekaan Malaya, tarikh Kemerdekaan maklumkan beberapa bulan sebelum hari yang sebenar. Ketika itu Ibu berumur 12 tahun dan menetap di quarters Polis Kampung Attap. Ayahnya seorang pegawai polis dengan cawangan khas bermula dari pemerintahan British, penjajahan Jepun kemudian Communist dan ketika Malaya kembali ke tangan British sebelum Malaya Merdeka.

Sementara wakil kerajaan baru menyempurnakan hal ehwal kemerdekaan, rakyat mula melakukan persediaan untuk merayakan penyampaian bersejarah ini.

Malam 30 Ogos 1957, rakyat bandar Kuala Lumpur berpusu ke Dataran Merdeka. Di situlah orang British bermain cricket dibawah bendera Union Jack yang selama ini berkibar megah di Malaya. Untuk kali terakhir rakyat Malaysia melihat bendera Union Jack berkibad dibuai alunan angin malam itu. Anak-anak kecil tidak terlepas menyaksikan hari bersejarah itu.

Datuk saya telah membawa kesemua anak-anakynya untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada sejarah. Keadaan penuh sesak dengan warga kota yang tidak mahu ketinggalan dari menjadi sebahagian sejarah menidak bolehkan ibu dari melihat apa yang berlaku di padang. Tetapi tepat ketika jam 12 malam menandakan 31 Ogos 1957, Union Jack di rendahkan unutk Kali terakhir di bumi Malaya, dan Jalur Gemilang dikibarkan buat pertama kalinya!

Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman, perdana menteri pertama kita menjulung tanganya ke udara sambil melaungkan Merdeka! 7 kali. Launganya disambut penuh emosi rakyat yang hadir melihat pengisytiharan Malaya yang Merdeka. Malam itu yang hadir berpusu balik, terharu akan kemerdekaan tanah air mereka.

Pada hari keesookannya, rakyat berkumpul di Stadium Merdeka untuk nemyaksikan buat pertama kalinya perbarisan Kemerdekaan Malaya. Pagi itu datuk bertugas menjaga keamanan di stadium, sambil keluarganya hadir menyaksikan perbarisan pertama itu. 2 abang ibu yang ketika itu remaja di sekolah menengah, berpeluang mengambil bahagian hari itu.

Begitulah ibuku menjadi saksi kemerdekaan tanah air kita.

Ps : Maaf dipinta, kesibukan semalam tidak memberi masa untuk saya menerbitkan belog ini semalam dan kalau tersalah tersasul.

(Click read more for Translation in English)

The date and announcement of independence was done a few months before the actual date to make way for preparations. Mom was then a 12 year old and they were living at the Kampung Attap Police Quarters. You see her father was a police officer with the special branch right from the British rule, Japanese occupation, communist regime and again the British rule before Malaya (old name of Malaysia) attained its independence.

As government heads were discussing the nitty gritty of the handover, the people were busy preparing the celebrations to mark the historic handover.
On the 30th of August 1957, the people of the city Kuala Lumpur thronged the grounds of Merdeka Square where the British played cricket under the flying Union Jack. For the last time the people saw the Union Jack blowing away in the cold night wind. Even children were taken to witness history take place.

My grandpa brought all his children to be a part of history that day. The crowds were such, my then 12 year old mom couldn't really see what was going on in the fields. But as the clock stroke 12, ushering the 31st of August 1957, the Union Jack was lowered for the last time and our own Jalur Gemilang was raised for the first time.

As the Late Tunku Abdul Rahman our first Prime Minister raised his fist and cried Merdeka! 7 times to denote our independence, the crowd echoed his cries. Everyone walked back that day as cars were left by the sides of the roads away from the newly independent crowds.

The next day once again the people flocked to the newly built Merdeka Stadium to witness the first independence parade of Malaya. While grandpa was on duty that day, his family sat at the stadium to witness the first ever independence parade. 2 of my moms elder brothers then teenagers in high school were part of the marching students.

That was how my mom witnessed Malaysia in history.

PS : Sorry I couldn't post this yesterday was too busy.