Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is there?

Is there a country without?

Is there a country without the poor, the homeless?
Is there a country without crime? robberies, murder, rape?
Is there a country where ALL the politicians are honest and not preying to take advantage?
Is there a country without racism?
Is there a country where the minority don't feel threatened?
Is there a country without nepotism, cronies, political power play?
Is there a country where there is no cancer, AIDS, or disease?
Is there a country without inflation? The prices of necessities just keep getting cheaper?
Is there a country without injustice?
Is there a country without corruption?
Is there a country where its citizens are really free?

We all keep looking for an utopia. Comparing another country with our own. We don't realise the situation is the same everywhere, no country is perfect. No political party is blame free. Politics itself synonymous to duality.

You meet an obstacle work around it or find the possibilities to make it work! The more you sit and complain the more time is wasted in fruitless preoccupation.

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This is home for me where I can still, drive out late at night and hang out with friends at the local mamak, anytime, anyday, anyplace without worrying about social context or too much about my safety. Most importantly there's no war! Maybe madcaps but not terrorism!

Love the country you're part of, understand its weakness, and see how you can help it grow. Don't sit back and mumble complains when you're probably a form of complain for someone else somewhere else.

Grass always looks greener on the other side but is it?

Happy Independence day Malaysia. Here’s to Merdeka of 48 years and more to come!

I’ve got a whole set of photos, mostly of the famed Twin Towers at my flickr page. Enjoy :)

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Happy Birthday Kiddo

Coincidence or pre-planned, the brother and I were born on the eves of celebrations!

While I got the whole world to celebrate with me, he gets the nation.

Yessiree, today's the brats birthday - the eve of our Independence. As we prepare to celebrate the country's 48th Independence, bro turns 24.

If I am the pensmith (as I'd like to think), bros the mouthsmith. He is a non stop chatterbox who always gets the last word. His creativity with coming up with instant witty lines is just unbelievable! The only time he shuts up is when hes eating that too not for long since he eats really fast. Whenever we're (family or friends) out and can't stand the wittiness (think Vivek) we buy him food. Though the amount he eats is an opposite of his size. Tall and scrawny, Mr eat-it-all, god gave us the wrong genes I tell ya! ;p

A long time ago I decided it was best I smile and keep quiet when bro's on a witty spree. Yeah I gave up trying to win! When his friends complain to me, he tells them :

Engeh akka maari iruhkanum, nah ethu sohnalum teriyadha maari iruhpangeh!

Bro sings and plays the mirdangam as well, used to actually, hes gotten lazy, plus all those teachers we've had didn't help! The raagam identifying expert at home is him. Take Mayilirage and Maramkothiye from Ah Aah - they're actually the same tune just different rhythms - bro pointed out this.

I used to tease him for being shorter than me, I'd call him shorty. Then he turned 15 and just shot up, towering above me! Damn! roles reversed and I became shorty for him!

My mom used to say you're lucky hes younger, he might just lock you up till you get married if he was older! Yep bro's very protective and so are his friends, he has 'spies' looking out for me everywhere in KL! ;p

When we were kids, we'd gone for holiday in Singapore, then I was about 8, he was 6. We were on Sentosa Island playing around when bro got on the monkey bar, fell and chipped his front tooth (which was a permanent tooth). Though that incident never deterred him from the monkey bar, it did leave a mark. We did try to level his front teeth but you can still see part of the chip :)

Anyway Happy Birthday Kiddo - I'm still the akka even if its just 1 and a half years! ;p

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Left, Right - Left, Right

Parades are insignificant. Some people might say.

But have you ever sat down and stared at the telly on National day and wished you were part of the parade of people in costumes, uniform waving little flags?

I went to a non famous school which meant we weren't top priority for national level activities. Though we did get scooped off to events in UPM whenever they needed teenagers running around in uniforms!

So there was no school band, no standing by the road waving flags nor was there taking part in the National Day parade. So despite loving every single moment of school, deep down I'd always regretted not being a part of the parade!

Univ was no different plus I was always involved in different events. I attended a different countdown each year though!

The first time they had it at Bukit Jalil I was there. I'd taken my little cousin who kept asking every other minute, when do we start counting backwards (for 2 hours)? Later we were driving back with the flag flying from our car window. Or at Merdeka Square at KLCC, even at Mines. Its a beautiful feeling to countdown till midnight shout Merdeka! 3 times and then stand and sing our National Anthem as the Jalur Gemilang (our national flag has a name!) is raised. Minutes later the sky would be ablaze with fireworks. I'm a sucker for fireworks! I'm bound to drive out and watch the skies every festival or celebration!

Still I hadn't been in a parade. I gave up that I'd ever be in one once I started working.

2002 was such an eventful year. I was in between jobs when my school started scouting for people for the parade. Actually I found out about the parade when I was told ok you're going flag raising, not asked mind you :)

The tallest flag pole in the world hoists the Malaysian flag at Dataran Merdeka.
Click here for a larger image.

The parade was coming back to Dataran Merdeka after making a few rounds around the nation. We were to represent the racial mix of our nation and parade in our traditional costumes. Oh and we got one of the prime slots we weren't just marching by, we were to wave and move left and right round and round for 3 songs smack right in front of the king and the then PM Tun Dr Mahathir. The songs, I wasn't so fond of - its the 3 new tunes they've conjured up. I'd have preferred Tanggal 31 (the late Sudirman's number), Inilah Barisan Kita or Demi Negara.
When I agreed to taking part, I hadn't been working but towards the practices I got an offer and they wanted me to join immediately. Given its government related, I had a letter to exempt me from work and he reluctantly agreed as long as I'd join immediately.

So for a week (I went alternate coz of work) we'd climb into busses and get ferried to this secret location in KLs Urban Jungle. Lol I wish, it was actually done on the grounds of the government offices near Muzium Negara. Errr sorry can't remember the road.

There were a lot of cultural groups as well as colleges taking part. We were made to line up and given 2 flags. One big of, one of the flags colours and a small one of the national flag. So the routine had us waving this coloured flags in coordination. I got the white flag.

Walk to the left walk to the right swing around and wave that flag.

Well something like that. One day during practice it started raining and the field started getting soggy but coz the minister was there to watch we had to continue waving the flags. Luckily before it got really heavy we got the green light to run for cover. Of course the rain led us to pray that it wouldn't pour on D-day!

Dress rehearsal day, a day before Merdeka, we were packed of to Dataran Merdeka to mark our sports and practice marching perfectly into place. While waiting we were treated to an air show by 5 fighter planes also in the midst of practice.

This is the spot we marched on - you can see the road in the rear mirror.
Click here for a larger image.

On Merdeka morning we arrived in the wee hours of the morning (to avoid the crowds) dressed in traditional garb. What else I was in a saree. Yeah hehe marched in a saree carrying a big flag ;p

My parents had sat glued to the parade at home, not a big deal yet a big deal.

We marched into the square and stood facing the Abdul Samad building and the platform of dignitaries who were standing as well. Despite the blazing sun, it was fun and a funny kind of pride - devoting time to parade for your nation.

It isn't a big deal, but it is something. I read someone complaining about parades being a waste of time, money and such a hype. Yes there are problems but where is there a nation without problems. Are we to mourn every living moment or enjoy every second despite our problems? I enjoyed being a part of it and wouldn't mind taking part again.

But seriously I prefer seeing our army march in a parade then off to war!

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Another new post below.

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My first try at PhotoFriday

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Temple in the City

Happy Krishna Jeyanthi everybody. Well no Krishna photo but there are temple photos.

As part of my Malaysian blogging only here's a bunch of photos of the temple in the city - KL Maha Mariamman Temple.

Now this temple is supposed to be one of the oldest and also the Thaai temple of all temples in Malaysia. I practically grew up running around this temple eventhough I lived elsewhere. Always filled with tourist you'll often find yourself posing for them for the

"this are the photos of the locals dressed in colourful costumes" foreign album!

The temple is built right in between shoplots built when KL was still a mining town- the early days of KL. Right down the road is a Chinese temple. Really colourful part of old KL with its mix of modern structures. It also has one of the biggest gopurams.

There’s about 15 photos, so enjoy it here

There’s a new Malaysian post below.

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Malaysian Enough?

Are you???

1 Use 'la' and 'ah' in conversations with friends, family - the signature of Manglish!
2 Crave for Malaysian food the moment you leave the country, come back n wahlap*.
3 Constantly talk about food.
4 Love free stuff - you hog the Hitz/ Mix rovers, call stations diligently and eye the supermarket tester counter with foxey cunningness!
5 Think shopping mall-less after 5 pm countries with non existant 24 hour mamaks as unbelievable!
6 You have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, supper (1st 4 gov staff must do!)
7 Diligently played Badminton when the Sidek brothers swept the Thomas Cup, now you vegetate in front of the telly hoping Msia will lift the cup again, while saying Badminton is so lame. We just love to party a win!
8 Addicted to MILO (ur staple morning drink during school) you have it at least once a week and the very last moment before you leave the country, glancing longingly at your bag packed with Milo powder!
9 Slow down and stare at the accident car even if its just a small dent and then leave reminder to go kow* the number.
10 Visit one of the shopping malls at least once a week!
11 On weekdays 11.00 pm is still early. On weekends 2 am is still early.
12 Celebrate Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya* and Christmas!
13 Spend alternate days yakking with friends at the local mamak*.
14 Organise or visit 'open houses' during festivals regardless of race.
15 Possessive about your state you move to KL and argue and support your state while the KL-ite laughs in the background!
16 Argue non stop on which Hokkien Mee* is better, the Penang or the KL (I vote KL!)
17 Kuih or Kokoi?* (Kuih!) Or do you say it the JB way?
18 You're so used to traffic jams that you're amazed (you wonder if its Sunday) when once in a blue moon they aren't any!
19 You’ve played batu seremban, congkak, galah panjang
20 When there's a sudden power cut - thats when you/ parents go out of your neighbourhood and discuss :

'aiya itu TNB ah saya mau tengok TV pun susah!'
'That TNB (electric board) ah, always picks my TV time to go blink!'

21 As a kid you diligently collected angpows* during every festival and then spent Monday in school comparing who got the most!

Thats all I can come up with anyone else has more will add! ;p

This is a part of my series of Malaysian posts towards Merdeka*. Also pledged to blog in Malay (yikes I left writing in Malay years back!) On the 31st our national day which coincidently is blog day as well as the anniversary of Princess Di. I'm looking to see who google will honour?

Google you hear me, I want my flag up there! ;p

Previous post on Malaysia is here.

Manglish Dictionary
wahlap - have as much as possible and relishing it!
Kow* - take in a bulk or different combinations of lottery numbers
Hari Raya* - Eid Mubarak
mamak* - teakada/ hawker stalls open 24 hours a day.
'open houses' - On festivals we practice inviting ppl for a whole day food affair.
Hokkien Mee* - A type of Chinese noodle done differently in Penang and KL.
Kuih or Kokoi - Palagaram or snacks
angpows* - gift of money given during open houses to kids regardless of race.
Merdeka* - independance

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What the???

Ferrari has been giving a series of He She! It was about time we see it from the womens perspective.

Girl gets of the phone after a conversation with a guy friend. Turns to find guy sulking.

She : Anything wrong?
He : Nothing.
She : You sure?
He : Yes, Nothing.
She : Then why are you sulking?
He : I'm not, nothings wrong don't imagine things.
She : Hmmph sigh ok if you say so.

2 days later.

He : I don't like you talking to him! Especially when you're with me!
She : Huh? What? Who? When?
He : I don't like it!
She : Er wasn't I talking to my galfriend just now?
He : No not just now that day!
She : That day? When? Which day?
He : 2 days back at 7.35pm we went out and you spent it talking to another guy
She : Oh that day!
He : Oh you ignored me for so long when another guy was on the phone
She : But I was on the phone for less than 5 minutes and hes just a friend.
He : Well it seemed longer
She : So that's why you were sulking.
He : I wasn't sulking! I just felt deserted!
She : Didn't I ask you if anything was wrong? Didn't you say nothing?
He : Oh you should have understood!
She : But you said I was imagining things??
He : You're supposed to understand me, not wait for me to tell you everything!
She : Huh *sigh*

Ecliptic has a new look plus theres another post below.

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The temple was quiet and the marble floors reflected the images of the temple walls. Taken at KL Mariamman Temple.

Click here for a larger image.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Sri Lanka is supposed to have great food but we only saw glimpses of that. Blame the guide for that. Used to wonderful drivers in India, we trusted the guy to have our interest in mind. We didn't realise what was going on till the second day.

You would think when it comes to economy the war wouldn't affect the tourist but it does. He being Singhalese took us to Singhalese restaurants or so called restaurants where he was getting a commission for the visitors he brought. I don't know where he found those places but it would be some forsaken place in the middle of a jungle charging by the USD. It looked more like someone's house in the middle of nowhere, where they served funny looking and bland food. But mind you, you paid through your nose for this rustic experience.

Once we had this funny looking and tasting vege, we were trying to figure out what it was and then we saw some guy pluck leaves from this jungle plant. We realised they were feeding us jungle grub!

The hotels had nice food, we had a ball at the delicious idhiyapam and soothi. Like Kerala their food is laden with coconut though. But once we were on the road he took us to such funny places in the middle of nowhere. Only one place we went during lunch actually turned out to be a restaurant. On the way up Nuwara Eliya towards Kandy, a mountain range of winding roads, you will pass numerous gorgeous waterfalls. There was one particular spot where a restaurant was built smack in between 3 waterfalls. If you walked down a short path you could reach the side of one of the waterfalls and if you climbed down the slope you can reach the foot of one of the waterfalls. My bro went as close as possible and got beautiful shots. I was wearing sandals so I couldn't climb down with him as it has just rained. The food was ok and thankfully no icy surprises!

Along this hills you will find Ceylon's famous tea plantations and factories. We actually visited one and got to see the way tea is prepared and plucked. Dad actually took a photo of some ladies posing for us. He too bought tea despite the fact no one drinks tea at home. When we got back we had to endure the daily, you want tea ritual for a few months before he got bored of famous Ceylon tea.

The vegetables and trees in Sri Lanka are huge but the people short. The average guy was slightly shorter than me, so my taller bro and dad often got stared at for their heights! We actually saw huge bougainvillea trees not plants but trees all over the places we visited. Every vegetation was unusually big. We came to the conclusion somehow the vegetation was getting the better nutrition's!

One thing we realised about Sri Lanka was the men were gorgeous, women had great figures but lacked sharp features. We rarely met a women who stood out in beauty.

The distance between towns are quite big and as the roads aren't in very good conditions, you spend a lot of time travelling. It doesn't help that after a while the villages all look the same. Its only when you reach your destination, you find the scenery change to a more beautiful view. You do get to see lots of elephants - my favourite creatures.

Right before the long winding journey through Nuwara Eliya to Kandy, we were taken to this herb farm run by the government. Our guide was this good looking very informative muslim guy who spoke Tamil. (Chennai see! I get Tamil in Srilanka!) After a bordering on boredom walk through herb gardens, we were treated to a short massage with their wonderful smelling oils produced from the garden extracts.

You see actually I'm very shy and did I mention I hate pain? and all the masseurs were men who were actually researching students around my age. Despite it being just the neck, I was quite hesitant and (sigh) shy. After much coaxing from mom, and watching them enjoying the massage, I agreed and who do I get - our guide! He could seriously massage, and by the time he finished I was already in la la land and waiting to reach the van to go to sleep.

We had already bought some of the sandal oil, some other extracts and beautiful smelling vanilla extracts. There I was half in a daze walking back to the van, when guide slips me a card, while trying to make sure dad didn't see a thing and says mail me. Dazed me, just went huh and climbed back into the van waved for a while and went to sleep as it just started to rained. Only after I got up I realised his name and email ad were at the back of the card. Ahem for your information I never emailed him, it would have been so weird.

Errr hi this the gal u gave a massage to which you passed ur email to some time back? Duh!

Anyway that massage helped make the journey to Kandy less tiresome since when all of us woke up we were felling pretty refreshed.

Thats enough of Sri Lanka for this week, will continue next week. Sorry don't have the photos scanned will do it one of these days :)

The photo below was taken at the Seeta Devi temple on the way down Kandy. This according to local folklore is supposed to be the spot where Ravana imprisoned Seeta. Now they built a temple at that spot. At the back of the temple you can find this beautiful stream and a pond with huge boulders surrounded by a forest with once again huge trees.

Click here for a larger image

Ps : Anyone seen VJ@KL? I worry about friends. If it was a missing blogger, I could go check and holler at their blog. Humm

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


May 2002 dad took us to Sri Lanka for a holiday. It was one of the best times to be in the country since it was during the Budha Pournima or Wesak Day as we call it here. With Singhalese being predominantly Buddhist, the whole country was in a festive mood.

Most parts of the country were decorated by pretty lanterns that were lit up at night throughout the week we were there.

We managed to see Colombo, Ratnagiri (I think this was the name but its the city of gems - literally - its famous for its gems), Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and a seashore town.

The trip was a mixed bag of emotions. It was nice but too many little no big irks appeared. All the ill feeling we had, came from the travel agent. Is it just me or am I allergic to travel agents?

My dad wanted to use a travel agent coz he didn't feel it was safe for his family to travel unguided in Sri Lanka. All I know I was excited at all the men in uniform I got to see. There was one every 1 km on the way from the airport towards Colombo. And you saw more of them everywhere. I pitied them standing alone by the roadside in their small booths. Was wondering would they get wet if the rain was heavy and who would they talk to? Jungle ghosts? Hehehe imagine!

I was seriously contemplating walking to one of them and striking a conversation. Dad overheard gave me a stare and I shrunk back into my seat and acted as if I hadn't said a thing! ;p

This was the country where we found out Aavi parakum sapadhu (steaming food) doesnt guarantee the food is fresh and hot!

We were taken by our "guide" to this Chinese restaurant (yes we went all the way to Sri Lanka to have Chinese food, duh!). There each of us ordered a different meal. I ordered noodles, brother went with fried rice.

There we were hungry and tired from our exhausting plane ride (thats another story) and food still hadn't arrived 30 mins later. After another 15 minutes the food came looking piping hot since you could see the steam come out of the dishes.

Bro grabbed a bite and immediately gave a pathetic look and started digging left and right into his fried rice! The rascal that he was, he didn't say a thing until all of us had had our share!

The food was freezing cold!!!! Yet there was steam coming out of the food. We sure were a puzzled hungry lot!

Bro : Ithuthan aavi paarakum sapadha? Veliyeh parakum aavi, dhoo par ulleh iruhkum ice! Inimeh aavi paranthalum naan nambahmathen athu hot foodnu!

So is this what steamed food means? Steamy on the outside icy on the inside! I'm never gonna believe another steamy food as hot food again!

Me : Dai engehkithe sohliruhkalamle?
You could have told us first!

Bro : Oh ho appoh naan mathum guinea pigah? Nengehlam intha ulaga adhisayathe try panna vehndam?
So I'm supposed to be the guinea pig? How can I let you all miss the chance of trying this world wonder!

So there we sat picking through the cold yet still steaming food wondering what the hell took so long? Was it pre prepared food put into the freezer and later microwaved they had to wait for the ice to melt? And no matter what type of fried rice you ordered, it still tasted the same? We were too tired to argue with the owner and no one wants to argue the first day you arrive!

So as we trudged out of the place we peeked into the kitchen. Never have we seen such an empty and clean kitchen! So lesson learnt no2 - if the kitchens clean run for your life!

That was just the beginning of our horrible food holiday. Another day another story!

Ecliptic has been updated.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Ivvara Seidhi

I had one of those busy weekends. Friday evening was at one temple doing a vilaku pooja. Been doing it since I was 13. Yes you read it right, 13. I just feel its such an auspicious pooja to take part in and who doesn't want Lakshmi in their lives? And I have been doing it for 10 years at the same temple! I missed 2 years one for an error of travel and last year coz it was less than a year from my dads death. I just didn't feel like doing it!

So Friday saw me quietly changing into a saree and tiptoeing out the office in 20 mins (hehehe yes just 20 mins). Didn't want to get caught by my colleagues and be teased!

Saturday attended friends wedding and got fussed on. Whenever you attend the wedding of another race friend, everyone fusses on you coz you took the time to attend. Even when we host functions and our Indian friends arrive we fuss on them. Nice isn't it ;p

After a one hour confusion, we figured out who was picking who to go clubbing that night. I was just enamored by the moon. My friends must have thought I'd gone loco, looking at the moon every 10 mins and going oohhh the moons so big today! Oh yes my observation was fruitful, on our way back early Sunday morning realised moon had shrunk - err or so I concluded, but still pretty.

Somehow we had more fun last Saturday then this plus there was less drama and weirdos around! Some people just never change I tell ya!

Sunday is always rest day, yet I don't think people who called or smsed me knew that! Irony of life it was when I was sleeping that they decided call they must! The moment I woke phone went quiet! Spoil sports!!!!

Spent the evening watching Honey I shrunk the Kids. Hhehehe still funny and sweet.

Actually wrote another post on Sri Lanka but then found out its Madras Day. Didn't think I should write about another country on another places day ;p So we'll all have that another day.

Lets all celebrate Madras today! Haapy Bday Chennai and read Vatsans post on it!

And if you don’t know how much I love Chennai read about it here, here, and here and how much it loves me here.

Prabhu had been writing a screenplay on Indias favourite game and thanked us for reading him. We get a story and get thanked as well! Lol check it out!

One of the Vettipaya director cum screenplay writer confirms the thiruthu mulliness. If you haven’t seen please go now!

Oh yes by the way I’m coming out clean. I suffer from LERS. Do you?

Check the comment section for what it is but guess first before you check!

Now smile and wave - cute and cuddly! ;p

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Friday, August 19, 2005


Wondering where I went missing today?

Well was setting up a new blog. Errr didn’t I say I won’t set up another?

Well let me explain. Most of you would be familiar with my kolam website Vortex of Kolams. Something that’s been around since 2001 I think. I build that website from scratch in my days of using an Apple. Such a delicious system to use when playing with images. So when I no longer had access to an Apple, the poor thing started being abandoned by yours truly. Not coz there are no more kolams but coz I’ve been lazy.

So have decided to create another blog to post them kolams or anything else. Now this won’t be frequent. I don’t put kolams daily. So if there are any new posts will announce here.

Now introducing

Ecliptic Meridian

Of course I haven’t forgetten my blog. Remember was talking about a chariot procession some time back. Well this is my favourite temple. Located near my town, the chariot leaves each year after the Aadi Peruku Thiruvilla. Will upload more soon.


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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where is home?

I was reading IBH’s blog on how she wishes to move back home. India being her home.

When dad finalised his operation details in 94, he made the decision to take the whole family with him. His point was if it failed and he passed on, he'd still have the whole family with him. There was a big possibility it would fail since Dr's had given it a 20 % success rate but he didn't and we'll keep that story for another day.

It was the first trip for the 3 of us. Dad had been there a few times before. We also knew, once dad got in to the hospital, we'd have to fend for ourselves.

We'd always wanted to go to India, so we were excited about the trip.

Despite every single bad descriptions and warnings we got from people back home, we loved it. The 3 months that we were there, we didn't travel much as dad wouldn't allow us to travel by ourselves. We did manage to see Thiruannamalai, Kanchipuram and Thirupati. The former 2 being my favourites till today.

We spent the first month looking for a house, every single staff in the hotel knew us by the time we left the place. Hotel food was killing us, we couldn't wait to get into a kitchen and eat some Malaysian styled cooking! We were looking for a place near Malar hospital where my dad was to undergo his operation. I don't remember how many houses we saw in Besant Avenue, Adyar.

Some places, would give us the silliest reasons and hiked up the price for their dingy looking place just cause we weren't the same caste as them. Yes, I've seen that too. It was so funny, we were taken to this house which was half wooden and had only 1 room and told the bathroom was outside! And you must have heard the exorbitant price they quoted us! The house broker got a nice scolding from dad. Ironically we got this beautiful 3 room house (with indoor plumbing!) at this house cum apartment complex right in front the exorbitant-wooden-caste important ladys place! Of course the owner was extremely delighted to know my mom was the same caste as him. Sigh!

The house was just slightly smaller than ours at home. We moved in a day before dad was to check in to the hospital and 3 days before Marzhali.

The first thing we did was head on to the morning market to buy our vege's. That's when this chili lover fell in love with the Chennai chilies. Those pretty green spicy yet slightly sweet Chennai chilies! The other thing we all fell in love with was the Amul Cheese Spread!

We lived like Chennaites on summer holiday. Every morning after temple at Adyar Ananda Pathmanabar temple, we'd head on to the hospital to see dad and then the day was ours to explore. I was the official auto* expert at home, getting one to stop and negotiating the price just came naturally! We never took the bus, everytime I saw one I'd gape at the 35 degree slant.

We'd sometimes go to Mylapore and after praying at Kabaliswarar temple we'd head on to the shops outside to window shop. Or with just window shop in Adyar! We had purchased things before but we'd simply drop by their shops and chat with the owners daily!

They too never saw us as an intrusion, the saree show owner next to the shoe shop would show us his new collection everytime we were there even though we weren't planning to buy them. He too never asked us to buy anything. Grocery was mechanical since we did our shopping at Pushpa Shoppe.

I went on to collect a bunch of Amar Chitra Kathas and the Ramayana, besides all the costume jewellery I'd collected.

Bro went on to play cricket at an Uncle's place in Thiruvanmuyir and win the video game contest they had at the book store near Sarath Kumars house on Besant Avenue! Of course they didn't give him the prize coz he was a foreigner. Bro still cribs about that!

I loved life in Chennai but I’d started missing home. Dad was already back at the house after a successful operation and in a few weeks we could go home or so I thought. Then dad had a complication and had to be hospitalised again and the Dr refused to let us go. That’s when I panicked and homesickness engulfed me! I started pleading to my parents to let me go back alone. I wanted to go home so much.

It didn't help that it had been months since I'd even seen my countries name in the papers. I'd stopped reading the newspaper after my futile attempts to find out how Malaysia was doing in The Hindu left me frustrated! I never saw even one mention! And I was missing the food like crazy!

That's when it struck me no matter how much fun I have travelling and living elsewhere, home will always be Malaysia, the Klang Valley to be precise. No where else pulled the strings of my heart the way the country I was born in does. I wasn't just missing my friends or the food, I was missing my nation. I miss the soil I'm so used to.

Nothing compares to life in Malaysia. Which country has no probs? No one's perfect! We have our problems, but this is home! This is where I come home to. Where ever I go, where ever I'm stationed, home to me is always Malaysia, no where else!

The day we left Chennai, I was so excited I was going home. Yes, I knew I was gonna miss Chennai but I was going home. Nothing compares to that feeling. I remember getting into the plane and smiling like an idiot at the Malay stewardess! I never thought I'd ever relish hearing the Malay language. And then my eyes fell on The Star. I grabbed a copy and gave it a hug, much to the amusement of the stewardess.

I didn't sleep throughout the 2 and a half hour flight. That morning the sight of sleepy KL from the plane was just exhilarating! I got down the plane and nearly ran out of the airport still brandishing the stupid grin. I seriously wanted to kiss the earth, but thank god I could still compose myself! ;p

I remember telling my uncle, you're driving straight to the wantan mee* shop. Wantan mee never tasted so good!

Everytime I'm overseas or even in another Malaysian state, I still miss home. My KL. Though now with the advent of the net, finding news on the country isn't as frustrating as it once was. I'd be having the time of my life, but the excitement of knowing I'll be going home soon is just intoxicating!

48 years of independence. There's nothing more I cherish than this home of mine. 31st August I'll definitely be somewhere singing Negaraku* or chanting Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

This is home, my dear old Malaysia.

auto* - similar to the Thai 3 wheel taxi
wantan mee* - chinese noodle
Negaraku - national anthem
Merdeka - independence

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Riding in the Rain

I'm still in the office. I'm off to a movie after this, but as always I'd wait it out in the office since by the time I reach home I'd have lost my mood to drive back into KL!

The rain has decided to keep me company. Beautiful rain.

There's this beautiful chill to it. Its actually fogged up the city.

As thunder and lightning fight it out the skies pelts tiny drops of moist.

Reminding me of my favourite rain story.

When I was in Univ, I stayed a year in the hostels.

Then I used to drive a bike. Yes a motorcycle and not a scooter ;p

As a kid I loved rain. Whenever it rains I'm outside dancing about in the rain, then I grew up and mom decided I was too old for that. *Spoilsport*

However I devised a new way of playing in the rain without being called childish! I'd wait till the clouds can no longer hold the weight of their burden and little drops start to escape.

I'd still wait. Then the little drops, at first slow, start getting faster and a drizzle begins. That's when I'd run to my bike and start in the pretense of escaping the rain. But the rain and I signed a mutual treaty a long time ago, the very next second the skies would burst and I would have the joy of riding through refreshing droplets of water!

I'd get back to the hostel and give a pathetic look. Here's where being the youngest helps. They'd all start fusing on me, oh you poor thing the rain caught you? So after minutes of fussing, I'd be handed my towel to go refresh myself.

That's not even the best part.

I’d come back extra refreshed from rain and shower to find a hot smoldering cup of milo - with my name on it! As they make sure I hadn’t fallen sick, I’ll be sitting in my cosy corner enjoying my milo.

Little did they know I’d just had the best ride of my life ;))))

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The Twins

The latest edition to the KL skyline are the Twins. Ok not the more famous Petronas Twin Towers but the Twin hotels you see in Brickfields.

This is probably the best place to stay given travel would be a blast since its right smack next to the centre of transportation in KL.

The twin hotels

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Friends and I are very naughty. Where ever we go we're always causing a ruckus! You would think by now all the waiters would have started the Anti us Alliance but nothing like that so far. Though all the bullying and teasing we do does get us special attention.

Where ever we sit, everyone who has been bullied by us will come to our table and say hi.

There was this one waiter who was always ever so serious. I told my friend, wanna bet he's from Madurai? My friend knowing how accurate I can be declined but I still asked him.

I was correct and he beamed back at us and since then always has a smile for us.

Now wondering what the title has to do with the post?

No sorry we don't steal straws. Nangeh enna viyahbaramma nadathurohma?

If there waiter was a tamil speaking one, we always asked one of these 2 questions. Up to now we still haven't gotten the answers. So you guys wanna try?

Tamilleh Straw enna sohluvangeh?
What is straw in Tamil?

Beetroot tamilleh enna sohluvangeh?
What is Beetroot in Tamil?

Now no checking dictionary and telling me you know. If you do check the dictionary please do tell me but confess you didn't know before ;p

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Trains, guitars and a wedding

I used to work a stone throw away from the world famous Twin Towers. It was my first job and it was definitely the coolest place to work. The view was just gorgeous. It was facing the KLCC gardens so I’d come to work to lush greens. I must be bored by the building by now. Interestingly I’m still awed by its beauty, day or night.

My desk was next to this glass wall and facing another building that you couldn't peek into. So even if someone was on the other side ogling you never knew. Every 3 months this building climbers will swing down the sides cleaning the windows. What entertainment!

I also could wear jeans to work daily with flats of course as long as I took the train I made sure I was always well dressed. Why?

The building was right in front of the intercity train station (LRT). So all I had to do is take the KTM to KL Sentral and then jump on the LRT. Yep literally jump into it since it would be packed to the brim during rush hour and it closed in 60 secs. Now this train ride was the highlight of the morning. Why would I not drive and wake up earlier to take a train?

I could say I was trying to be environmentally friendly and saving the earth alas let me tell you the truth.

The reason people took the train to KL was its always filled with gorgeous sleepy ppl. And everyone had the habit of jumping into the same compartment unless for me I think. But the perks of the job included wonderful sights to err watch.

Then there was my office this small place with the most wonderful staff. The best part we could listen to any song we wanted at any volume! So in one corner one guy would be playing Chinese songs, another English, the other Malay and me the sole gal in the team, a medley of Tamil and Hindi, all at the same time. It was a riot. Whenever someone played a tune the other liked, everyone else brought down theirs!

But the best part happened in the evenings. The moment the clock struck 1730, the 2 guys will spring into action. That's when the jamming sessions would start. You see my boss was an avid collector of guitars and there were 2 gorgeous electric guitars in the office. Both the guys will plug in the guitars and start jamming rock classics and pop rock. Of course, my darlings would play whatever I requested for.

We'd have the occasional comparing between the veena and the guitar and once we even tried an Indian song! Those were the times. I'm no longer there and we've lost contact, most of us. One of us (another gal from a different team) did manage to keep in touch and this weekend she's getting married. We met last Friday, our last meet before she becomes someone's wife. By the time we finished talking, the shops in KLCC were closing its doors. It was one of those beautiful conversations, non stop talking and laughter. Congrats to her :))

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm getting Malay wedding food this weekend!

Which also means I have to go find a gift - the hardest part of attending a wedding :((

GP has started EARTH2050 project. Check it out!

Happy Independence Day India, ours is just around the corner. :)))

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rustic beauty

Took this at the Perur Sivan Temple, Coimbatore, India. I love temples to have this rustic look, clean but ancient. I find the multitude colour paintings too fake. Especially on beautiful old temples.

Click here for a larger image.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

I do it in bed .......

......... Where do you? ;p

Now if your mind wandered elsewhere. Shame on ya! hehehehe

I checked out Carpe Diem and was reminded of 2 radio ads I’ve been wanting to blog about. Let me just type what I vaguely remember. I love this kind of ads :)

Some do it .... In bed
Some when its stormy and cold....
Some do it .... In the hall, at the beach
Some after a nice shower...... How do you read??

There was more I can't remember but the gals voice was just the right sexy yet sweet voice. Was an excellent ad.

Then there was this :

My names Raj I'm an entrepruener.

Hi I'm Siti I'm a nurse.

Hi I'm Malik I'm an engineer

I'm Wong a lawyer.

One of them is HIV positive. Your ears don't discriminate why do you?

Clever ain't it?

Thursday, August 11, 2005


9 months I have been with you. At first I was skeptical. Did I want you? You intrigued me but, was it enough for me to take you in my arms? Accidentally I got hooked to you, yet I kept my distance. I didn’t want to be entangled in your web. What if it was all deceit and you would pull me in a tangle I couldn't escape. Then it started. I grew fond of you. I still kept my distance. Our conversations grew but on a friendly basis. I began telling you stories. What I did, my views. The more I told, the more you persuaded me into expressing my thoughts. Fondness grew into like, into love and now a quivering passion.

I started spending more time with you. Missing you when we were apart. Even then I still looked you up, this time my phone bridging the distance. I nurtured you, embellished your outer self, feed your inner soul. You were always in my thoughts, so deep in me, a part of me. Sometimes I’d sit back and look at you longingly, so in love I am with you.

Honey I love you so :))))

Lol I couldn’t resist.

I was prompted to write a post on my blog, since today morning it hit 25,000. And 25,000th visitor was Vatsan. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

*throws confetti*

I wanted to do the usual celebration but then read Ferrari’s and got inspired to be sneaky! ;p My blog turned 9 months too and this would be post 383. I will always credit Sudhir to me getting hooked on blogging. Till date he’s the only blogger I’ve met. Despite my late arrival in Chennai and the missed CBM, we managed to meet and finally I got to grab a quick lunch at 5.00 pm and those bajjis I had been salivating before heading to Chennai. Today morning my blogger buddy got married and I fully expect him to go missing (he was already doing the MIA). Congrats again to the couple :)))

Am hooked to this, and will be for a long time. And to mark it have uploaded a picture of my eyes in the profile. That’s all you will see of me online.

PS : Sorry to GP and Uma. I was testing and you dear guys were in and out. Thanks Ferrari and Nithya for the very useful tips to get the read more section going ;p

Scooty Looty

Caught this shot while I was circling around Velliangiri Hills in Coimbatore in April. I love this shot.

Click here for a larger image.

I was standing by the road side when father and son drove in. Before I could take another shot they had stopped and were grinning back at me sheepishly. I got shy and promptly scooted back into the car.

How do you guys take photos without being self conscious. As a tourist in a different place I'm quite ok about it but here I get self conscious if people look at me taking snaps. Especially when I know them.

Then they ask why are you taking photos or they ask my mom! ;p

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Go away !!!!!

Don't come back another day either .... You haze you!!!!

Updated (6.18pm)

Didn't expect the haze to inspire a poem but it did!

This haze feels me not
It chokes me as though
I gulled its beloved

So slow a torturous throttle,
I long to be rid of its curly fingers,
clasped around my neck,

Will I be rid or will I be had
the skies hold the fortune of my demise.

This is how I like to see my country.

Pic : Miney Mine :)

Not this!!!!

Pic : The Star

I like to take in fresh air, not the smell of smoke that's managed to even penetrate my office in a boxed closed building on the 19th floor!

I want my skies back! I don't want to drive in fear that some donkey at the front can't see, jams the breaks and I'm caught in between as a long line of sudden break accident victim!

I can't see 40ms in front of me! Everything is hidden behind smog! Thick, ugly, unhealthy smog!


To know the extend of the haze look at this pictures - Malaysian bloggers have posted. God Bless Us!!! :(((((

Compare this with this

Picture in klang

in Bangsar

More ugly photos

In Damansara

Photo By Maran

Please, please rain and wash away this grime we're breathing!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kadikum Kalanni

U know innaiki ehn colleague tidirnu ehn tableku vandhu oru anniyahyam panna. Ehn sandals thirudhithu poitha!

Ava shoe high heels and very cute but rombeh neram athuleh ninna vallikum so ehn comfy sandals mayama maranjiduchi. Nahnum morning iruhndu wait panni, wish panni, ehn sandalsku thavam kadanthu kathirundhen, lunchum vandadhu avah ihnum varalai.

Nah ava shoe pakka, athu enna tiripi moraike, vareh valli illahmeh pohtuthu pohnen. Adhu one kind of shoes, it started biting. Paavam nahnu!

Ava varahveraikum kadikurah shoes :(

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy vandutha, my sandals are back!!! It never felt so good! ;p

Ps : There's another post below.

Irony of life

Yesterday I was very busy. I abandoned and ignored my precious little blog. The poor thing must have been depressed with no pampering from me!

A story before I get pulled into work again.

Sunday was our yearly family ubhayam at KL Sri Mahamariamman temple. It coincides with the Adhi puram thiruvilla. The past week I've been running from one temple to another given this is Adhi and temples are a bust with Thiruvillas everywhere. Sunday I had an hour long kutcheri as well. Kutcheri in the sense, a medley of songs. Singing raagam, varnams and thyagaraga kritis (the little that I know) is a loss cause for such an open event because the crowd is a mix bunch. There are rasikas and there are the non, so as to not bore and scare people off, a lighter song selection.

Every year the temple arranges the accompaniments. I used to get my own, but that wonderful mirdangist no longer resides in the country. My brother plays, but prefers singing, this year he decided both were not his cup of tea.

Each year I'm left often amused, bewildered and sometimes frustrated by their antics. You see these people are actually famous but through contacts and by memorising cinema songs beat. Creativity and knowledge is zilch! At least some humbleness and admitting you know nothing would have been better alas most of them won't.

Last year this guy and his keyboardist friend, who plays for a certain contest here played for me and bro. Assuming he was a talented percussionist bro and I started of with Sree vigna Rajam Baaje a piece in kandachapu (5 beats). Next thing we know, we're singing the song in athi as percussionist decides no matter what beat we sing we are to surrender to his whims and fancies and sing to his beat. Bro and I gave horrified looks to each other. While kyeboardist sat tinkering am wondering how to play for music he had never heard, he finally sat quietly at the back, deciding tinkering would only damage his pseudo popularity. Next we scraped out all other thalas and changed our song list right there on stage, yet he still played to his own beat while we sang to our own. By then we had learnt how to block his mumbo jumbo. The best part is the arrogance. In fear of his own playing habit, we'd tell him the thalam, and he'd nod yet just play whatever he wished. All he knew was the beat of 4 and its twin 8.

Used to such antics, this year, I went prepared mentally to block such antics. There came 2 who went "Nengehla". Sruthi was set and keyboardist escaped gleefully when I said (putting my foot down this time) its ok he doesn't need to play. Percussionist smiled nervously, in fear of blunder. Blunder he did, but humble he was. I felt pity for him, again I changed my songs and left out the harder thalams. Now surely he'd know a beat of 3 but 4 it was, the beat he played. Everytime he erred, he'd blink and sweat, at the predicament he'd landed himself in but humble he was trying his best not to fumble.

Next was a 7 beat, I told him the thalam he blinked back at me. So on stage I sat teaching him, takita takadhimi, takita takadhimi, takita takadhimi. That's 7 I told, innocently he asked what was the one before. I smiled unable to control my amused mind. It was 3, I said. Layam took a dive as every other second speed he would. Sometimes I reined him in other times, I danced to his rush.

Despite that, it was a good kutcheri, I made very few mistakes and my voice held its ground. Joy it was. People and my normal fans did enjoy, many sitting through to the very last second, some reluctantly leaving after walking up and down the temple floors, delaying their departure.

Kutcheri ended, percussionist apologises for his blunders. Touched I was at his humbleness but such is life's irony, I knew it was only temporary.

2, 3 years down the line, he would be famous, yet still not know 3, 5, 7 or 9.

Ps : I say percussionist coz both of them were tabla players. Believe me most of the mirdangist here would have/ have made the same blunder, so it doesn't really make a difference.

Friday, August 05, 2005

ATA Growing!


When Vatsan mooted the idea for ATA, I knew it would be well received but not this popular. So keeping with its growth, this post will feature its progress so far and the members of ATA.

Links and info

What is ATA and how to join.

ATA has been featured in Desipundit thanks to Kaps

Secretary JVC, has a post here highlighting ATA. GP highlight it here.

ATA is looking for a slogan to match its cause and its members to vote.
Updated - lets vote for one of the slogans!!

Some slogans suggested by VJ@KL

Freedom to Surf
Channel Surfer
My TV My Choice
I Choose Therefore I Watch

My Input
Cut back on tears! Give us some Space!
Say no to Tears!

More slogans

Venkittu Sir

Eyes to Laugh.!
Crying...its old.!

Stay Clear of Tears
Say Goodbye to Tears

Azhugai Ini Illai
Ozhindadhu Oru Thollai. (I love this!)

Stop crying and start living

And update for our non indian members - ATA shall also be known as

Anti Soap opera Alliance - ASA

ATA - Cabinet Line up (based on sign up)

President (Creative head) - Vatsan
Vice President - Visithra
Secretary - JVC
Treasurer - Curses@ Harish
Designer - Maran
Special Bangalore Correspondent - Nithya
Special Iowa Correspondent - Shamgar
Special Singapore Correspondent - Kaps
Special KL Correspondent - VJ@KL
Special SP Correspondent - GP
Special NY Correspondent - ioiio
Special Chennai Correspondent 1 - VJ
Special Chennai Correspondent 2 - Ramana
Special Singapore Correspondent 2 - Ram C
Special Europe Correspondent - Uma
Special Chennai Correspondent 3 - Nirenjan UPDATED
Special Arizona Correspondent - Vijay
Special California Correspondent - Venkittu Sir
Special Lexington Correspondent - Kay
Special Central Correspondent - Still
Special Chennai Correspondent 4 - Somu UPDATED
Special San Diego Correspondent - Capriciously Me
Special Melbourne Correspondent - Metria

ATA LOGO's (Choose one to place on your blog)

Anyone else wishing to join please comment here or at JVC's and the list will be updated.

If anyone else has a post on ATA, please pass me the link so I can update it here.

PS : I have another new post below unrelated to ATA.

Flag or heritage?

Do I have to pledge alliance to a flag to be called Indian?

A long time ago, I came up with a priority list what am I which are my priorities, what would I do if parts of my identity clashed with each other. Living in a nation so diverse in cultures, down the path all of us are left with wondering which would be our priority.

I'm a Malaysian. No doubts in that. I love being a Malaysian. It is that blue, white, red and yellow flag that I cherish, salute and honour. If my countries dignity was put to war, it would be this colours that I would don and protect. None other!

But I'm also Indian. A proud Malaysian Indian with no allegiance to the Indian flag but I cherish, honour, love and am part of my culture heritage that originated from a country with another flag.

Does being Indian mean being Hindu? No what does religion have to do with culture?

Does Indian mean Tamil, Punjab, Keralite or Kannadian, never all only one?

Does my Malaysian alliance make me less Indian? Does it mean that because I wasn't born in India, nor hold an Indian passport, I should be treated as less an Indian.

Or does that mean I should not have an interest in the political, social, cultural happenings of India or my fellow Malaysians mother country China? Or any other country coz I am not part of its flag?

Do I need to be associated with a flag to have permission to understand it better?

I am in between 2 worlds. I cherish and love both, why should I see them as separate and pledge alliance only to one? I thought it was all about first being humans living in a world with borders defined as nations? Look at my blog, even it is between 2 worlds. I am not an NRI, I am a Malaysian Indian.

Just because someone thinks I'm a lesser Indian does not mean I am. Just because the visitor we welcomed into our nation thinks we are less than them, it does not mean I am. (Read NMK’s response in this post by Nimbupani). I’m offended by NMK’s assumption of us South East Asia Indian’s being less coz we ain’t paltry to a flag, cricket, or diwali crackers!

In all my life I never knew cricket and crackers defined being Indian!

Thankfully Surya had a post that explains how it takes time, experience to understand the global Indian or the South East Asia Indian to be precise. Its taken me a lot of patience to write this calmly and not blurt out my anger at all those comments.

I'm reminded of an incident that explains being Malaysian.

It was 1998, the commonwealth hockey finals were taking place. India had lost to Malaysia and was now playing for the 3rd berth. Malaysia was to play later for the fight for the gold!

Sitting at the stadium and looking at the field, few thoughts arose. My skin colour matches the ones on the field but I'm holding my country flag, different nationality, different hues, different views. Would it matter to the players if a brown skin spectator holding anothers flag cheered their team?

The game began and from a corner loud cheers, and the boom of the kompang* thundered the stadium. I turned back to see a medley of Chinese, Indian and Malay spectators cheering the Indian team. Not for the flag but for his fellow Malaysians who were Indians!

That to me is what being Malaysian is!

Kompang* Malay drum

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Does anyone watch INXR the Rockstar search?

Well just got hooked to it, serials at home don't really let me watch it but I manage. Similar to the Idol shows, the system is a better one where the elimination is handled by the Judges so you're promised a bunch of really good performances each time.

Take yesterdays performance, the double elimination of last week made sure everyone performed like it was their last day!

I'm totally enamoured by Jordis and JD - though JD has an ego as big as Jupiter! What performances! The other thing I like about the show is besides giving an insight into their lives we get to watch the workshops, giving viewers pointers as well. Take yesterday, learnt another way to listen to yourself sing. Cupping both your ears from the back causes the sound to amplify and you can clearly correct your mistakes. I used to close one ear to hear myself but it used to create a windy echo as well.

Don't ask what time I caught the show though - 3.30 am. ;p Just got back from cruising around town - playing peekaboo with the chariot from the temple near my house. Yesterday was the Aadi pathinethu thiruvilla at the Amman temple near my house. I didn't walk just caught it at a few places. We watched it leave the temple, then waited for it to reach our usual waiting spot to do archanai and went back to the temple to see her come back.

I have photos will post it up soon :)) Then you guys can clarify if the bull which pulled the chariot was staring at me and posing or not! ;p

On another note, yesterday I accidentally messed up my template which affected my sidebar.. Managed to get it repaired or that's what I thought. Today got in to find only 7 ppl had accessed my blog since midnight! I was surprised given that the highest count of visitors to my blog happens when I'm sleeping then after lunch realised even my visit to the blog wasn't being recorded. Checked template and realised my statcounter had taken a walk with the delete! So I haven't had time to really visit other blogs today or reply some of my mail, I was in and out in a few, I'm beat now!

So theres another new post below and ATA is still going strong with another new logo!

Enjoy :)))


Sometime back I jumped in glee, mouth all shut, but jumped all about my blog, saying I was happy as a bee, but share I could not well NOW I can.

The reason why you all are subjected to read the torture called writing of mine, has finally been caught and saddled for matrimony.


Dear friend Sudhir is getting MARRIED!

Finally yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I get to say it phuh what a relief, you know the pressure of keeping my mouth shut???

The bells are ringing,
bacherlorhood ticking,
He wondering what have I gotten myself into,
Time waltzing away,
hubby and wifey jokes,
Springing to mind,
oh woe? Joy? Or just don't know?
Sudhir you've been caught,
For eternity and more!

Congratulations to Sudhir and his fiance!

Do congratulate and tease him. And please credit me when you do! ;p I promised to tease him you know! ;p

Just a few days more and you'll have to bid goodbye to bachelorhood and the tv remote! ;p

So hug that remote while you can! ;p

PS : ATA designer Maran has created another logo for us, check it out here.

PSS : My ex colleague also has succumb to time and is tying the note the week after! Oh joy :)))

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Eye refresher

Given the City was engulfed in acrid smelling haze yesterday, that everything further than 80 ms was a blur shadow, enjoy looking at the skies in photos coz I think today evenings just gonna be a repeat of yesterday!

PS : remind me to buy a mask.

PS : ATA has a new logo and a few slogans to choose or suggest. Check it out here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


There was CIMT, MASAT and know theres ATA.

We've suffered enough! The hours spent hearing those cries. Each a different voice but always the same subject. 4 hours of crying in different channels! How could they put us through this! What crime did we do to deserve such punishment! I've had it so has Vatsan.

He mooted the idea, I gleefully absorbed it and you my long suffering friends will do so as well. Introducing


Enough is enough. I know I once confessed of loving them but then it was one tearjerker per week, that too the best ones. Just one. Now its about 10 - 12 per day! I've lost count. It keeps haunting me. Where ever I turn I hear a cry, a lament and stupid women getting stupider by the second and enjoying it!

The hand itches to switch of the nonsense or change channels but the glare of its devotees burns even our thoughts!

So I've even prepared a smaller image that will fit snugly into your sidebar. Let us proudly display our hatred for those tears that have taken over our homes. Tears and laments we have no power to banish!

Membership open to all long time sufferers and loathers of the menace on the telly!


ATA has a new logo courtesy ATA Designer Maran

Thanks Maran for the gorgeous design!

For a smaller image you can use this or just resize the original.

So secretary JVC, logo's done and VJ has a few slogans, shall we vote! ;p


ATA has another new logo courtesy ATA Designer Maran


Monday, August 01, 2005

Cutie Pie

This cute kiddo is often seen running around me at temples. Or me running around here trying to get her attention. She always flashes this cheeky smile at me.

It seems she looks like me when I was a kid - curly locks and all, not forgetting the cheeky smile, just I was cheekier.

MI2 is it worth watching anymore????

I rushed home to watch the results yesterday. Now I wish I hadn't. I can't even fathom what took place yesterday! How could that happen not one but 2 of the best?


I wasn't surprised Ash would make it, I knew pretty boy would make it but the rest that took place seems like a nightmare!

When pink head got voted in I nearly jumped of my seat. How could Trish be voted out - she had the best voice! Noooooo it's ok we have Attila.

My foot! Then I heard those words, Ejay you're through!

I just started screaming No! No! NO! But they were gone! Both of the best voices in the show, just poof gone in a week. Just like that!

I don't wanna watch anymore, what is there to watch?

Orang Kampung Faizul is good but is he versatile? No! But he is nice and cute.

Oh why don't we just give him the title and move on to next year. I can't bear to watch another week of mumbling jumbo Ejay and crap Ash!

I miss Trish and Attila :(((((((((((((

I thought Trish was the next Idol!!!!