Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mirror Image

Thanks to Reflex for pointing out the mistake. This photo is of the Kanci Kamatchi temple tank.

I actually wasn’t sure which temple it was and had done a search. Another website had pointed out the tank as Ekambareswarars as well. Thus the mistake.

Kamatchi Temple, Kanchipuram.

I like this shot, the reflections in the water. Taken during Nov 1995.

Click here for a larger image

Ekambareswarar Temple

The first time I walked into this temple, I was bewitched by its rustic beauty. I walked the dark pathways captivated by the serene beauty. This wasn’t one of those well kept places but nevertheless I was sold.

Although the main altar was dedicated to Ekambareshwarar, I was totally captivated by the Panjamuga Vinayagar at the corner of those dimly lit passage. Somehow I always have a sense of Deja Vu at this temple, as if I’ve walked through its halls before. Don’t ask.

During my last visit there in 2002, I found this cute granite Panjamuga Vinayagar statue which my mom has successfully broken :(

The tree in the courtyard was lush and blooming, its huge roots snaking through the grounds. Sadly the last time I was there they had trimmed it. Its former glory just a memory.

We returned a year later (1995) to fulfill a vow Amma had made for Appa’s operation. You see amma subscribed to the Thingal Viratham, associated with the temple. Anyway parents arranged for an annadanam. That's when we were told (then) the priests were underpaid and the temple ran on private funds (explains the unkempt-ness). I have no idea how true this was but when we were invited to their home it did seem true.

It was this small house on the same row with the temple, inside it was separated by sections. Each section housed a family of at least 4 and we saw at least 25 grown up’s in that small, very public space. We were overwhelmed. That day for the first time I had a mango soda. I detest mango (yes such people do exist) but I had no heart to decline their hospitality. So I gulped it down with a smile, while cringing on the taste inside.

15 priests blessed us that day.

I often hear people (here at least) criticising temple priests of being money minded. Why can’t people see it as a career. Everyone wants advancements in their careers, better pay, better benefits, a more luxurious life. But when it comes to a person who is doing a service for us, we cringe at the money that departs our wallets.

Take a typical day of a priest. On a normal day, wake up by 4 am, early morning abhishegam, early morning prayers, mid morning abhishegam, mid morning prayers. The temple closes at 12 and he scoots of home for lunch and rest. By 4 pm hes back to the temple for evening abhishegam and evening prayers. By the time the temple closes at 9, he’d have worked for 15 hours. This doesn’t even take into account special poojas or festivals, where work doubles. Its an underpaid, overworked job. Yes some are smart and they’re making money out of it but most of them aren’t. Yet we cringe, and group to complain about them.

Point is its a job.

Ps : Memories of this place often riles me up.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What matters what doesn’t?

Truth is none of the things I asked in the previous post matter.

A friend once told me, soul mates aren’t confined to marriages. You probably won’t marry a soul mate but you definetly would have at least one as a friend. That was one discovery, time drew in another.

A friend could be of any gender,
8 even 60,
U could be a Man U fan, and he/ she ur sworn enemy (liverpool that is),
You could love the classics while he‘s/ she‘s a punkhead,
You could know nothing about your friend, yet you share their joy and pain,

you could be on opposite sides of the globe,
never meet, but you know they are your friends.

From blogging I discovered another thing, friendships are built from the heart. None of the below matter, you just know that person is your friend.

A toast to all my blogging mates :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


What's the ingredient of friendship?






What matters what doesn’t?

Monday, June 27, 2005

This and that

Early last week, as I was window shopping, I came upon this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a Chinese nymph. Feeling very adventurous I got the puzzle and since then whenever I’m home watching tv, I’ll be putting the puzzle together. That’s how I ended up online yesterday, in frustration!

You see the whole thing mainly consists of one colour and its shades, I’m going mad trying to figure it.

Saturday at a friends surprise birthday party at a club here, we were entertained by an all rounder band and a dj with a good ear for music. These 2 are never both so good but it happened. The 2 female vocals, the male vocalist, the 2 guitarist, the basist and the keyboardist all could sing, really well. Oh the way they jammed and caressed those guitars, was just breathtaking. The drums were perfect, the pitch enthralling and one of the female vocalist held this glory note. Wow!

Whenever the ensemble was on a break, the dj would play a host of music. From yesteryear hits to current favs. Sigh... I was entertained! ;p

Oh yeah I met Paul Moss there. That scowl he has throughout judging the Malaysian Idol, well its permanent!

Surprisingly, given all the dancing I was doing and the late night, I woke up in 3 hours. After an hour’s unsuccessful attempt to go back to sleep (sigh I’m becoming too responsible), I was up and to my delight Malaysian Idol 2’s replay had just started. There I was enjoying the fire duo and rocker dudes when momsie decides I should resume chauffeur duties.

We were all over KL, Bangsar, Brickfields, Jln Ipoh and finally Klang! She found everything, yet I couldn’t find the single thing I was looking for. Grrr

Anyway now for some linkin -

I found this photo blog that really impressed me. And though the two already on my blogroll are great this one is awesome!

I especially like these - of snails on a sandwich ;p

Kiddo should like this ;p

And then there's this blog from Time’s blog list which I found at Sashi’s and saw it again at Kaps.

I’m really late but Happy 2nd Birthday to the Malaysian Ping ;)
A compilation of photos and accounts can be found here

And what is the world cup (football/ soccer whatever they call it in your part of the world) without ads?

Check the past ones here

More soccer commercials and

Check out this months ad awards Peugeot and Rexona especially.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hear Ye!!! Hear ye!!

Drum roll please *drrrrr drrrr drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr drr drr drr*

Magix @ Curses @ Harish has finally successfully watched Thillu Mullu.


Sadly it means we can no longer tease him of his not seeing it.

Next Target : Find what other movie we can tease him with! ;p

Friday, June 24, 2005

Lat tali Lat tali tam plom ;p

Often when I look at children of this century, I pity them. Back from school, they remain behind closed doors buried in homework or busy with their playstations. Nobody plays out in the yard, or go out cycling, finding adventures only on a tv screen. We had fun as kids and the multitude of games we had, I don’t think kids nowadays play these games. Besides football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, chess, cards and carom we had home grown games. So instead of playing Badminton (that’s the club I joined for the compulsory sports club) we played these games (often since the teacher rarely showed up ;p). Let me give you a brief on the games.

Skipping ropes - I can’t skip to save my life! It was a girlie game and I was a tomboy.

How it is played.
Two people hold a long rope of rubber bands and swing the rope. As the game proceeds the number of swings and antics you did got more intense.

Batu Seremban - err this has an english name 5 stone I think, can’t remember. This I was ok at but it wasn’t my favourite.

How it is played.
There’s 5 small stones or 5 small bags of sand (tiny stuff). The game is to throw one stone into the air and grab the stones on the floor. The number you need to grab varies as you proceed.

Bola Chap - Ok I didn’t know how to spell that. This was played mainly by boys coz it hurts (their balls didn’t follow the regulation of IDBF). Thankfully I was sane enough not to play it. Its actually Dodge Ball remember the movie. I sat and watched them instead ;p

How it is played.
You hurt your opponent by whacking him with a ball! The team most wincing in pain loses.

Tic Tac Toe - Okay we have a Malay name for it but I can’t remember. Its an universal game, I ain’t explaining it ;p Its not one of my favourites though (wait that's coming) ;p

Ibu ayam - Ok it directly translates to mother hen but later (much later) on I found out it meant something else as well (I was an innocent kid!, then). Er lets leave that.

How it is played.
The mother hen has to protect her chicks from the big bad wolf. Mommy stands at the front with hands wide out into the open ala Titanic, while chicks hold on to her and form a long line. So you’re dragged around by mom and the line snakes about. Chicks at the end normally get caught pretty fast.

Freeze : Ah this I liked, what fun.

How it is played.
When the tagged (no memes here) person shouts stop everyone freezes. So now tagged goes around trying to make people move without touching them. So million and 1 jokes are told and comical faces are done. Winner is either the tagger or the last person who remains unmoving. Try stifling laughter and you’ll understand what fun we had.

Catch and hide-and-seek - Do I need to explain the ultimate Kiddos game? Try hiding in a school, we had to put boundaries since occasionally people got lost (err no one found them since they decided hiding 3km away was awesome) Catch normally was themed, police and thieves, Robin hood and the Sheriff (hey I was a creative kid!). Also our catch had the chup (time out signal), you could take a break if you were first enough to realise you were gonna get caught. Ultimately many games ended with loser complaining the chup was no fun.

Ah now to my favourites ;)

Galah Panjang - I don’t know its equivalent English name, I don’t think its even played anywhere. Literally translates to long bamboo (I have no idea who comes up with these unimaginative names) But it was so fun.

How it is played.

You need 2 teams - at least 5 on each side and a big court with drawn borders. This is why we joined Badminton besides it being the in game (Sidek brothers were winning left and right on home ground), we needed the court. So based on the size of the team, we would station ourselves at the border lines. Imagine the badminton court it is broken up into boxes. One big box and 4 small ones. The point was to escape the border guards and reach free land at the end of the court that is. So the team which is looking after the border has to catch the other teams who run around trying to get to so called free land. The space in the box is considered neutral ground but if you’re not careful someone could grab you (without leaving the borders that is).

Come to think of it, this is such a political game...... Hummmm

I was always voting to play this game :)

I grew up went to University and still managed to persuade bunch of grown ups to play it on a camping trip. Hehhehe my persuasive powers are legendary, my teachers would tell stories!

Water balloon fights - This is awesome, if people warned me earlier and I had extra set of clothes and wasn’t wearing something expensive that is. I actually played this only after going to Univ. As a kid we just picked up the hose, and hosed people down before someone accidentally sprays the inside of the house and mom comes yelling with rotan (cane) in hand. hehhehee

Campus grounds, camping grounds. You know its on, if venue of party is in some open ground infested by mosquitoes though once the games began no mosquito could keep up!

How it is played.
Drench the other person with water filled balloons? Duh! There are two ways to play impromptu, hit everyone or create 2 teams and have a water balloon war! Wars are best done with big groups and hideable space. Jungles are good!

Bottle caps - remember Coke and Pepsi used to be bottled? Err you can still get those in India right? We don’t have them anymore :((( Rare finds now!

Anyway the bottles had caps and those caps were games of joy!

How it is played.
You needed 5 good conditioned caps. You stack the caps together and then using both ur little fingers, you separate them. Now if they end up facing the floor it can be taken out of the game. The upwards facing are to be hit with the remaining. (2 by 2 where you are not to move the ones you are not hitting ). You are allowed to pick one cap to remove from the set also to be removed without moving other caps. However the caps you are to hit are picked by your opponent, that’s where it gets harder!

How do you hit them?
The way you play carom. Sometimes the caps would stack up in three and this is called bridge. This is where skills come in hand as you try to hit the cap on the other side without moving the rest. I was a pro at this! I would still play if I could land my hands on some bottlecaps. You see I used to have a huge collection shiny beautiful caps. My mom hating the sound of our tireless playing, came up with a white lie. You shouldn’t play such sounds in the house bad feng shui! Gullible that I was and not intending to risk mom’s wrath, bro and I will stop playing for that moment!

Only problem with this game is a lot of twists and turns need to be done, with a lot of sleeping on floors/table tops trying to hit the cap. Very unfeminine, appropriate clothing necessary.

Hehhehee besides that it is oh so fun!

And of course how can I forget the way we decide games. We’ve got a song for it.

How it is played.
2 reps (if team)/ the whole group swing their hand's up and down while singing

lat tali lat tali tam plom

Er don’t ask what it means, I have no idea.

Occasionally this is done a few times since probability of everyone showing same part of hands are quite high. Then if still unresolved, a game of 1 ,2 zhom ( er bird and stone?) between the last 2 remaining victims are held to determine who gets to go first!

You had a choice between bird, stone and sky.

Bird + stone = Stone wins
Bird + sky = Bird wins
sky + stone = Sky wins

Of course there’s also all those hand games (equipped with a song), some to the extend of having steps and quirky music. This changes according to the season but somehow spreads through all schools! I suspect Macarena got its steps inspired by school children!

Now who would like to join me for a water balloon fight? ;p

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I was supposed to leave but decided not to leave since our young temp staff would be left alone. Poor thing, shouldn’t freak out such a young thing.

Anyway I’m reminded of my office buildings ghost story. It seems after work hours, after Magrib (muslim prayer time) to be precise, the lift has its own story. It will stop at the 13th floor, to a pitch dark floor where both entrance are locked. After a few seconds longer than it should, the lift would close. Now my office on the 19th floor, and is the only private company in the building, every other floor is occupied by government offices. By 4.30, 5pm everyone would have gone home.

Occasionally my colleagues travelling alone in the lift have experienced this.

Once at 12 am, my colleague was standing down at the lobby waiting for the lift. As it travelled from the 19th floor, the lift stopped at the 13th floor before moving down to the lobby.

To my colleagues bewilderment, when the doors opened no one was inside.

Hummmm ;p

Now I’ll be taking same lifts down, hehehe chiao ;p


I like this song and the lyrics, mostly the tune. There's this 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2,3 that keeps reappearing and all I wanna do is waltz to it.

Viswanathan sir is so jolly. Everytime I see him on screen I want to pinch his cheeks. Reminds me of Santa.

Shuhhh don’t tell him ;p

Interestingly its an opposite of the dance verse which translates to

Where the hands go, the eye follows,
Where the eyes go, the mind follows,
Where the mind goes, the expression follows,
Where the expressions go, the essence of mood follows.

Movie Name: Panam Padaithavan (1965)
Singer: Soundararajan T M
Music Director: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy
Lyrics: Vaali
Year: 1965

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa
Manam Pona Pokkilay Manidhan Pogalaamaa
Manidhan Pona Paadhayai Marandhu Pogalaamaa

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa

Nee Paartha Paarvaigal Kanavodu Pogum
Nee Sonna Vaarthaigal Kaatrodu Pogum
Oor Paartha Unmaigal Unakkaaga Vaazhum
Unaraamal Povorkku Udhavaamal Pogum

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa

Poyyaana Sila Paerkku Pudhu Naagareegam
Puriyaadha Pala Paerkku Idhu Naagareegam
Murayaaga Vaazhvorkku Edhu Naagareegam
Munnorgal Sonnaargal Adhu Naagareegam

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa

Thirundhaadha Ullangal Irundhenna Laabam
Varundhaadha Uruvangal Pirandhenna Laabam
Irundhaalum Maraindhaalum Paer Solla Vendum
Ivar Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vendum
Ivar Pola Yaar Endru Oor Solla Vendum

Kan Pona Pokkilay Kaal Pogalaamaa
Kaal Pona Pokkilay Manam Pogalaamaa

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


We were on holiday in Penang. Ok not a holiday but there for a performance where we got to see Penang only after the sun went down.

Anyway we were driving past Gurney drive when one guy tells the other 5 of us, he needs the loo. Where do you find one in the middle of a drive along the beach in the middle of the night?

So we stopped at the first hotel. We’re told the lobby access was closed. We drive on to the next and we get the same response. By the 4th hotel, due to the jumping around of friend desperately in need of a loo and his non stop chatter on the topic, all 6 of us desperately needed a release.

6th hotel came and seeing 6 people with desperate looks, the security guard gave us the green light and ran we did.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chitaps to the rescue!

One of my uncles came by and my mother decided he’d be perfect to drill marriage into our heads. So she started pohlambufying, that both kids were playing hide and seek at the topic.

Uncle tells mom.

Uncle : Vangeh Anni, sapada pohlam. Nanh oru full indian meal vangitarehn.

Mom : Errr yethuku pa na sapthuthen.

Uncle : Ungaluku ipoh kalyana sapadhu thanneh vehnum? Nah ehlam vangi tarehn aprohm sweet kuda vangi tarehn. So oru Kalyana sapadhu tiripti vahrumleh. Kalyana pecha eduhkavehndam.

Me and bro : Hehehehehe super idea Chitapa!

Mom : ennapa nee. Neeyahavdu butti madi sohluvehna, nee idea kudukuriyeh.

Hehehhe Vazhga Chitapa!

Misplaced Patriotism

Sigh. So all this while we’ve been dictated on what we should and can watch at a movie theater.

Despite slapping an age restriction tag, they still decide that a tag means more cuts should be given. And no they don’t stop there, Malaysian movies can’t be shot showing the country people doing wrong or outdated stuff. Malaysians are all hip and happening you know!

Now its confirmed, we’re to be patriotic while watching a slapstick comedy.

How low can this people get? Why are they treating our national anthem so pathetically? Isn’t it degrading the country and the anthem to have it sung by people who can’t wait to ogle at Angelina Jolie?

Do they really think, while listening to it people would feel more patriotic? Don't they realise they would have slapped a fake smile on while imagining what goodies are in store?

Damn its not even played at political functions or umpteenth launches and seminars! Why the theater?

Who came up with this bright idea to humiliate our national anthem??

Monday, June 20, 2005


If you’re here looking for an Anniyan review, please wait you will be redirected to Ram C’s review or Prav’s, that is if you click on one of the links ;p

Instead what you will get is why I liked the movie and why you shouldn’t listen to me! ;p

Warning! Do not proceed if you are allergic to Chick Flicks!

Remo! - those 4 alphabets created havoc among us gals that night. I haven’t gushed and drooled over anyone like this for such a long time.

The unbelievable part was I hated how the promo photos looked, reminded me so much of Kunal in Kadhalar Dhinam.

And then Kaadhal Yaanai and Kannum Kannum Nokia happened!

And both me and friend gasped at the same time. Of course we were also ogling at the cute dancers as well. Now we understood why her sister had insisted on re-watching the movie just one hour after the first time!

My friend was about to go out for popcorns when the song Kaadhal Yaanai happened and that left her glued to her seat for the next 2 hours of the movie.

What the hell happened, how the hell did he get so droolishes???

Kannum Kannum Nokia in KL was just awesome footage and more gorgeous Vikram. Believe me, if you thought we were the only donkeys going awwww ooooo, we heard the same response from the gals at the back.

Image hosted by

Ok besides that the jokes were hilarious.

Ithukaga Kamaleh kupdhanumma joke was classic!

And yes as everyone suspected it was a rehash of Indian, Gentleman and Mudhalvan, with a lot of irregularities and illogical explanation, yawn.

First Rules Ramanujam - was strictly irritating. I don’t know how many aiyos I said. But Vikrams acting was really good, the manner, the capability of annoying you by the 3rd frame.
Worth it.

Of course later the sudden changes of expression were also well done.

I actually found the train scene funny, heheheh guilty of the same as in started with movie songs which ended in bhajans in the middle of the night ;p

The website was beautiful but could have been better but definitely dark.

Before Garuda Puranam view was revealed, all the killing in a method right from the top reminded me of Brad Pits Seven Sins movie. Same method you die how you were.

Oh for godsakes will people stop with the Matrix fight scenes. I loved Matrix but not Matrix Reloaded. That was like a typical Indian movie ( ok rephrase Asian movie), hero is god, Hero is GOD! Please so damn stupid.

Is this Multiple Disorder season in India? Chandramuki now Anniyan? Next enna Mukiyan -na?

What's with heroine being so stupid, she can’t recognise a guy with a hairstyle change? Ok so heroine was blinded by infatuation, she couldn’t tell the difference between Remo and Ambi, but what about everyone else, Vivek the supposedly smart police also couldn’t see the difference?

How does his hair turn from straight to curly as willed? Ennaku antha ragasiyam vehndum.

There’s too many illogical settings for this version of good can only prevail true violence.

As already pointed out by others, too many chances to report who Anniyan really is but no one does that, why was he killing the common people, when eradicating the big guns would be a better idea since one small fella gone another is just gonna appear? Why was Shankar contradicting his own statement, periya pulligal than nasakanumnu?

Why would a mad man want to invite people and tell them they should change besides where did he get the money?

And why didn’t Anniyan try to kill Remo for all the lavish spending and adugu veckuraning of his parents house?

Why? Why? Why?

Seri too many why’s.

The good thing about the movie is the message, hype doesn't win love probably infatuation but that doesn’t last. What is needed is balance aka Vikram who comes out of mental asylum utterly delicious and cool.

Perfect climax scene. Loved it.

Image hosted by
Now I know where I saw this look before, its the Beckham look, ithuyum copy tana? :(

Anyway Remo kage, gals ehlam poi few times pahkalam. Guys watch it at least once to get confused and ask - Why? Why? Why?

Chick Flick if you ask me! ;p

Booky Taggy

I seriously thought I’d escape this one, but of course dear Arthi and IBH had different ideas!

I love reading. My friends used to check the back page of our school library books for my name. I never disappointed them :p

As I grew older the library became inaccessible, books become too expensive. But I found a rent-a-book treasure throve and there, whetted my appetite for horror and romance novels (not Mills and Boon, this were the thicker versions) . Until one book scared the living daylights out of me. I gave away all English and Malay horror books immediately!

Then I found Kinokuniya in KLCC while working next door and spent endless hours reading books there mostly Indian Authors. So though I’ve read a lot of books I don’t own all of them. Though I wish I did :p

My grandad was an avid reader though I never met him, his books I did. I used to go to grandma’s and bury myself in one of those books. When my grandma decided she had enough of them, I was tempted to bring the whole collection home (some 300 books) but stopped short of 30 - 40 books.

I love fiction. Historical, mythology, mystery and investigations, all are favourites. Does anyone remember those books that you could choose different paths. Loved those books.

I love classics as well and have read quite a number, though Moby Dick (I’ve tried to read it so many times) continues to uninterest me.

As a teen I devoured the Hardy boys, Nancy drew and mystery books. I also collect books on temples that I’ve visited.

Books that I don’t read : Self Help books.

Ok now for the tag.

Total Number of Books I own:

about 100 doesn’t include endless list of books, comics and magazines I’ve given away.

Total number of books given to others and never came back :

some 40 Amar Chitra Katha’s, that my mom happily gave to a cousin without asking me! Didn’t she know bookworms don’t part with their books! :(

some 20 Horror books

Hardy boys, Nancy Drew and The secret 5 (I can’t remember exactly)

Total number of books flicked from others :

Err 1 - lost contact with friend

Does dad flicking one from an Army Library for me count? ;p

Last Book I bought:

There’s 8 new books waiting to be read since December 04 including Da Vinci Code ;p

Last Book I was gifted:

My all time treasure the whole set of Britanica Encyclopedia at 7 :p I bugged my dad to get me that for my birthday :p No body else gave me books :(

Last Book I read:
The Sixteen Pleasures by Robert Hellenga (About a women, self discovery and Frescos in the city of Romance Florence)

I am currently reading:
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant (About a women, self discovery and Frescos in the city of Romance Florence) No you are not reading it wrongly ;p

I was reading The Sixteen Pleasures when I purchased The Birth of Venus (after reading the back page). I didn't realise it was set in the same place until I read the first few pages at home (book was brand new all wrapped in plastic). The former is set in the 19th centuries while the latter in the 15th century. Some mind trick if you ask me!

Five Books that mean a lot to me:
Err probably can’t stick to 5 :p

1. Britanica Encyclopedias - My constant source for history and mythology reference.
2 Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm, Brothers Grimm - How can I not put this in I practically grew up reading them, I probably owe my imagination to these stories.
3. Geetanjali - Rabhindranth Tagore ( I love his works, so passionate would love to own a hard copy of this)
4. Shakespeare - this is the full works book weighs a tonne and was my grandads (its old and mine!)
5 India - A short cultural History H G Rawlinson(1954) - It was one of those books that had me smiling in triumph and boiling in fury.
6. Bharathiyar Kavithaigal - I kept borrowing someones copy that dad got me one the last time he was in India.
7 Poems - A collection of poems by western poets, been my companion for years.
8 The Burma Siam Railway - Dr Robert Hardie (Appa sutha book ;p)
9 Warwick the King Maker - Paul Murray Kendall (1957)
10 Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee
11 Wuthering Heights by EMILY BRONTE
12 Little Women by Louisa May Alcott,
13 The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Garfield (Yesterday was his birthday - he’s one year older than me :p )
Brenda Starr

Books I want to read

Wings of Fire – An Autobiography of Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam
I’ve read, heard so much about this book. Irony is I saw this book at the train station in Coimbatore, but I didn’t buy it since I wanted a new copy and then I didn’t have time in Madras :( so sad

A Suitable Boy : by Vikram Seth

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh

Michael Jackson: : The Magic & The Madness - J.Randy Taraborelli. - after reading this review by Bharath, I’m so tempted.

Who am I gonna tag ?
Ok this was hard since everyone was getting tagged and some people had had enough of meme’s. So here are my victims hehehe


Enjoy people!

Friday, June 17, 2005


I read a post
it was in jest

How jest turned to tears
I fail to comprehend

The blogger wasn’t at fault
intend he had none

Heavy is the throat
stifling those tears.

Happy Fathers Day everyone :)

I Saw you!!!!

A few years back, prior to my days of being permanently attached to my mobile (thank god) this took place.

Gal : I Saw youuuu!!!! I Saw you!!!! I Saw you!!!!

Me : Err huh what did you see - and I’m sure you can see me I’m not a ghost you know!

Gal : Akka I saw you on TV!

There I was enjoying my tasty karipap’s* and this kid bombards me with a continuous stream of - I Saw you!!!!

I try to take another bite, when someone else decides to tell me the same. After the 3rd person I go "alright where", as I reluctantly put down my karipap.

It seems they had seen me on this Malaysian indian program. And for the love of god, this was the day every living soul who knew me decided they had to sit and watch that boring program. All I did was receive a prize from the GOH for a few seconds. I have no idea how so many people could recognise me in that few seconds.

Parents came to pick me up and they filled me in on the highlight of the day and the number of people who called in to say

I Saw your daughter!!!! I Saw your daughter!!!!

I reached home to get a call from friend up north who of all days decides that program must be watched and procedes to tell me before I even say

hel....... I Saw you!!!!

Another few friends take the trouble to tell me and their parents, that gal is my friend and yes
They saw me!

That night a relative calls to tell us an uncle had passed on and then says in the very next breath

I Saw your daughter!!!!

Next day we went for the funeral and the first thing people tell us is (say it with me).

I Saw your daughter!!!!

This goes on and on till I’m quite sick of it. Best part I never got to see myself on TV. Grrr

Then mom asks an aunty how he died.

Oh nethu avar vandhu TV pathukithe iruhndar. Nambeh Tamil program pathukithu iruhkumbothe apdhiyeh poithar - TV pathukiteh poitar.

My eyes nearly popped out while my mom was stiffling a laughter.

Errr did I just shock someone to death? ;p

Karipap’s* - malay pastry similar to samosas

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Anniyan anniyahyam pannuthu!

You see Anniyan was supposed to be released on Friday here. So a big bunch of us were supposed to go. We’d planned and confirmed. All we were doing was waiting to execute plan "Anni". However Wednesday morning came and by afternoon Anniyan had successfully made a few of us mad!

In between the flurry of sms, emails, calls, websites and recorded machines, we came to find out a few things :

1 Anniyan is not releasing as per schedule but no they don’t decide to inform anyone - we all have mind reading capabilities.

2 Donkeys at theater booking websites decided they needn’t update their websites.

3 Halfway through booking prized tickets, cinema plays peekaboo and now you see it now you don't. Poof tickets and screening vanish into thin air only to appear elsewhere few seconds later.

In other words Anniyan has once again (build up too mucha terileh?) been delayed (film rolls not reaching on time) and my Friday plans have gone Kaboom. Not to worry I do have prized booking numbers for said anniyahyam movie at different timings the next day :p

Shankar unngaluku warning : Magane after all the trouble I went getting tickets, it better be good, illathi immediately I will come here and thuppufy your movie!

Missing Love in the 21st Century

Ever realise English songs in the 21st century are all about broken love, jealous lover, 3 timing boyfriends. Gone are the days of beautiful ballads that rocked the 80s and 90s.

Take Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting for you.

Ocean's apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Or Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

And the one thing i depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath i'm prayin'
That's why i'm sayin'...

Please forgive me - i know not what i do
Please forgive me - i can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me - this pain i'm going through
Please forgive me - if i need ya like i do
Never leave me - i don't know what i'd do
Please forgive me - i can't stop lovin' you

Cyndi Laupers - Time After Time

If you're lost you can look - and you will find me
time after time

If you fall I will catch you - I'll be waiting
time after time
After my picture fades a darkness has
turned to gray
watching through windows - you're wondering if I'm O.K.
secrets stolen from deep inside
the drum beats out of time

How come there’s no more English Love songs in this century?

Love is Passe?

Thank god Tamil songs haven’t given up on love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

MJ acquitted

MJ acquitted from all 10 charges.

As I heard it on the radio, I jumped in joy. Finally its over for now I guess.

I’ve been an MJ fan all my life. SO yes he’s become weirder by the years, but it isn’t wrong to be weird. I was glad he decided to pursue the case and I’m glad he won.

Image hosted by

The biggest regret of my life still is how I couldn’t attend his sole concert here in 1996 as 2 days later I was sitting for a major exam. Of course the 2 friends of mine who still went, spent the next few years rubbing it in.

One guy went on to sign my yearbook with this long essay of MJ songs written exactly 23 hours after the concert. Probably if we met now they’d still rub it in. I loved his music, the videos.

It was a family affair, all of us sat and watched him as we grew up, dad included. The phenomenal kid with boneless legs that created magic.

Every single video was awesome. Billie Jean, Bad, Beat it, Smooth Criminal, Earth Song, Remember the time and many more. He probably set new standards in video making.

I hope he decides to tour again and he’ll stop by here or nearby.

I’ll continue being an MJ fan for life, probably would be a granny rocking to Beat It.

PS : Unless you have nice comments about MJ, unless you are a fan, please don’t comment. This is no place to think the Jury was wrong! I would detest it. Sorry ;p

Monday, June 13, 2005

An eulogy

My computer, my dear old pc.

You’ve been with me since 1998 arriving just in time to steer me clear of boredom as my semester break began.

You were there when bro and I logged into IRC together for the first and only time.

You witnessed the million n one quarrels we had over who gets time with you and also dads fury when one of us were online way too long.

New friends, old memories, irc chats, icq pings, Yahoo messenger buzzes, you were part of all of it.

We reprogramed you numerous times and crashed you umpteenth times but you still remained old faithful.

You stood the test of time, virus and various abuse we threw at you.

Then you became mine, mine only, my precious when bro dumped you for a new one.

But you and I, we remained together accomplice to April fool pranks, chatroom brawls and acts we put up.

Alas your time was up, but I lived in denial and turned a blind eye at your increasing hangups and slower start ups.

Its been few months now since you refused to switch on beyond the background photo, but I stuck on to our friendship not letting you go content on just your presence.

Letting go meant losing you a friend, memories of days gone by.

Friend do I unplug your for the last time and give life to the one sitting in the corner waiting to be explored?

Or do I continue to be stubborn that you will be alright?

Sadly I know the answer but I don’t mind this few more moments :)

You know I know

.....Oor maakal don’t know.

Me : Hey how come this looks clear?
Bro : Coz its an original.
Me : I thought the movies still running in the theater?
Bro : Yeah it is (gives devilish smile)

The advantages of having a brother who works in the entertainment industry. Anyway it was a VCD for the movie Arinthum Ariyahmalum. Surprisingly movie wasn’t bad especially the second half. It was hilarious at that point.

You’d suddenly be shown a close shot of Prakash Raj staring at a kid sleeping, weird but hilarious.

Image hosted by

The scene where roommate gets hauled as part of room decoration in towel and covered with soap all frightened.

Or the scene where on the bike behind gf at a traffic light, he realises father and son are parked next to him. The following ennada teriyadha maari nadikurah scene was really good.

Image hosted by

So not bad enjoyed it. Good for a one time watch though I could see the jokes again (as in 2 3 times only). Oh yeah typical ending.

Ps : Title has nothing to do with the movie, athu chumma ;p

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lollu No1

Friend emails me asking about the Yesudas concert. This is a very good friend and me being me, I diligently wrote him a long email. And then he emails me this

Hey, u know something? I was at the jesudas show!!

Thanks for describing ever so vividly! Heheheh!

I know u feel like strangling me but I was laughing as I read your mail!

Grrr I immediately smsed him and he’s happily laughing away at getting a full blown review.

Lollu pudhicha friend! Oh then I forgot he is Lollu no1! ;p

Of Immi’s and smileys :p

Immigration officers are a weird bunch aren’t they.

I was reading Uma’s post and remembered my own experiences with them. Thankfully I’ve never had problems with them. I suppose they’re bored and tired, sitting and stamping passports of endless visitors. I subscribe to this golden rule, if your nice to a person they probably can’t scold or scorn you. So as I’m handing over my passport, I tend to smile and greet them.

Coming back from Chennai in April, a group of us were waiting in line. One of the officers was this grumpy man who kept giving the evil eye at every passport while scolding some. My turn came and :

Me : HelloOo Good Evening (wide smile plastered on my face)
He : (A surprised reaction etched on his face) ..hel...lo how are you? (smiling back)
Me : I’m ok, how are you?
He : I’m fine, where did you visit in India?
Me : I was in Coimbatore for a few days and then Chennai.

He : Didn’t go anywhere else? Did you visit Ooty? I’m from there!
Me : It was a short trip this time been to quite a few places in the south and I’ve never been to ooty.
He : You should visit Ooty! Very beautiful place.
Me : I will one day.
He (hands over passport) Have a nice trip. You must came back to Ooty one day when your married with your husband!
Me : Err.... Heheheh (now where did that line come up from?)

Walk to my waiting group who are staring at me in disbelief.

Friend : He just scolded me! How did you do that?
Me : Simple just smile, you can’t scold a smiling person!

Works like a charm each time ;p

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Uma, U know.....


Ungaluku Uma teriyuhma??

She’s the famous commenter that we all miss if she doesn’t come around commenting. She has finally been bitten by the blog bug and has started......(drum rolls please......) !!!!!!! Blogging.
Although I’m extremely happy I’m also sulking that it has taken me 3 days to find out by myself, that she has started blogging. Uma never told me :((( Sob Sob.

The other lusu’s around the blogsphere that I VISIT often, didn’t tell me either. Waste Pasangela!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ithu nyahyahma????

Best part ehnnaku avangeh blog pathi terileh but my name few times blog mention ayiruhku.

Sob Sob. I dooo with you all. *Sob Sob*

Ps : Everyone else please have fun at Uma’s - I like her writing :)))


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kana Ayiram Kan

Great musicians are humble souls. The more knowledge one has the more humble they become. I’ve met a number of great Carnatic musicians and all of them have been nothing but a picture of humbleness. They’re ever ready to impart their knowledge and be a guiding hand to amateurs.

Dr KJ Jesudass was another great musician of such stature. Arriving late at the concert (organisers fault), he went on to apologise to the crowd and clear the air that the concert was beginning late not because of the politicians late arrival. He had arrived around 6ish it seems.

I for one was glad it started late. Quite seems as if it happened just for me. See the posters read as 7.30pm.

Image hosted by

I had to go get the tickets at the venue (Err didn’t want to buy tickets that I might not be able to go to), I called the number on the poster to be told yes we have and the guy just canceled the call before I could say anything Rude idiot!

So I left at 6.50pm and surprisingly there was traffic so I arrived only at 7.25pm. Lady luck was definitely smiling at me, this guard had a VIP parking lot waiting for me inches away from the hall entrance. Guard actually openly asked me for money, already late I asked him if RM 3.00 was ok, he was ready for anything. Sigh.

I went in, bought my ticket, and got into the hall, had nice seats right at the centre of the hall and then I overhear someone saying it should have started at 7pm. I was like huh what???

5 mins after I got in, the shows introduction started. Few things I noticed. The show was supposed to be a Carnatic concert. The problem with Malaysian organisers, they tend to force the artist to sing cinema tunes during a Carnatic concert and my fears were further confirmed when I saw a lot of attendees looking lost.

Worse many gals were dressed for a cinema concert than a Carnatic concert. Why is it people cannot dress according to a function?

This should have been held at Istana Budaya, they would have been kicked out.

And for heavens sake why can't they wear a saree or salwar?

I was met with further disappointment when KJ Jesudass said :

Amma ehpadi pillaigaluku sohluva. Sweet tarehn, but first nee sadham sapdhanum.

I sat sulking and crossing my fingers hoping he wouldn’t do that. Its not everyday we get a Carnatic concert. Nevertheless I enjoyed the concert.

Image hosted by

He started of with a varnam in Sarasangi, followed by my piece Vathapi in Hamsadwani, Ritigowlai piece on guru, A kriti in Yogini, One of the pancharatna kritis saadhinchenE in Arabhi, Nagumomu in Aabheri, Thaye yasodha in Thodi (the main piece), A few short songs in Kaanada including Alaypayudeh, Harivarashanam and few other songs in Madyamavati.

I was quite happy, quite a few of my favourite ragas. I love the virutham in Ritigowlai and the alapana in Yogini. Beautiful. Of course Alaypayude was a classic.

He sang this song Kana Ayiram Kan vehndum - muruganai. Wow loved the song. It seems the lyrics were written by a Muslim poet, composed by a Hindu sung by a Christian (him). Wow isn’t it! Anyone knows where I can get the lyrics to this song? I tried googling couldn't find it.

TaniAvarthanam being one of my favourite parts in a concert, I really enjoyed the exchange between the mirdangist and ghatam vidwan. The mirdangist was really good, crisp delivery of jathis and theermanams. When they both merged, I think the ghatam vidwan couldn’t put up with the speed he started doing this gimmick throwing the ghatam in mid air. Wasn’t impressed.

Unfortunately couldn’t get the names of the artist, the emcee’s mumbled through.

Violinist was also wonderful. We were told this was the normal group he performs with.

Then KJ sir suddenly started Mahaganapathim much to the amusement of the mirdangist to which he answered :

Antha paguthiku oru arabham sUda vehndam?

Typical kutcheri exchange was going on. If your group of musicians are your normal batch, you tend to have secret sign languages going on stage.

KJ sir was really humorous. He had us laughing nonstop with his banter. Of course he told the age old tani joke.

It seems once Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer was supposed to give a concert in a wedding ceremony at Tanjore. The bride's father requested that his son (bride's brother) play the Mridangam for MV Iyer. He also added that his son is a budding artist. MV Iyer agreed on the matter. After the concert was over, the following happened.

Bride's Father (BF): en Son eppaDi vaasicaan?
MVI: avan enga en paaTukku vasicaan. "avan paaTTukku" vasicinDirundaan.
BF musters some courage and questions MVI.
BF: enna aanalum neenga avanukku tani aavartana koDutirukkanum!
MVI: Oh! atha kEkkarElaa !! KutchEry poora avan thaniaa thaanE vaasicinDirundaan. atanaalathan...


Hheheh I love this joke.

He had something to say about today's dress sense. Call me old fashioned but that's what I feel, sohnar.

Ipoh iruhkura dresses iruhkeh, ethu ethu teriyakudadoh athu athu teriyirahmaari dress pahnrangeh. Nalakahlam ennaku moonum pasange. Vara pohra ponnugehla nenecha than bayama iruhku :p

There were other jokes which I can’t seem to remember.

He spoke about Tsunami as well. How everything keeps pouring in but nothing reaches the ones in need. Speaking of that remembered this sad irony kind of joke he had told.

He had just come back from Sri Lanka. There he was told this old man (around 95 in age) noticed the animals at the beach shore moving in wards. Then he had exclaimed

Aiyoyo maha vehlam varah poguthe.

KJ sir told us:

6 arivuh ulah manida jehnmam nambhe maha buthisalinu sohlithu, kaladhaiyeh muthalnu sohlrohmeh. Oru kaludaiavathu sethupocha???

We the six sense human exclaim our greatness while calling the donkey brainless. But not even one donkey died!

Probably humility is all we need - he expressed.

Now back to the concert. He sang Poo Malai from Sindhubairavi and this old song which I can’t remember coz Poo Malai has refused to leave my mind :ppppp

He sang this Malayala film song - Rama katha. Wow what a composition. Was the first time I heard it but seriously it was beautiful.

Those 3 were the only cinema songs he sung, I was laughing inside.

Sweet tarehn tarehn sohli (he kept mentioning it) he blindfolded the non Carnatic attendees.

Nala rusiya sadham vaithu sweetuku bathila payasathai thandar.

I was so tempted to thank him, but I wasn’t feeling like walking through the huge crowds to reach him .

Have a few snippets of the songs recorded in my phone :))))

Beautiful concert, now if only TN Seshagopalan would come!

Monday, June 06, 2005


Had a nice weekend :)))

Slept in on Saturday morning despite my mom waking me at 5.30 am to drop her at the temple. When I finally woke up, she’d already left without bothering to tell me bro was back to take her. Grrrr

Saturday evening attended this beautiful concert by K J Jesudass. Will write more on that later. By the time I reached home and headed to bed it was 1.15am and I had to be up by 3.45am to get ready and leave for the airport. No wasn’t flying anywhere though would have loved too. My friend was stopping by after his month long stay in India.

I accidentally set the alarm for 3.15. Groggy me finally got out of bed at 4am. Was supposed to meet him at 5.00 am. Yeah what a time to meet for coffee :p

Half way on my way to the airport, mom calls and yells in fear+anger.

Where are you????????
Err didn’t I tell you I was going to the ariport??
Oh yeah I forgot hehehe.

The thing is mom was fast asleep by the time I got back from the concert so she hadn't really seen me :ppp

We had a good time, talking, watching his videos of the trip, roaming and snapping photos of Malaysia’s beautiful airport, watching the sunrise, planes take off, playing with the Kodak picture maker and him bullying me with his videocam.

Poor thing was already missing home and his niece and nephew. Cute kids running around posing for the camera :ppp

I was told gals in remote areas are still not allowed out after they attend puberty, not even to relatives functions. I was like what???

So probably explains why they have such huge age attending ceremonies aka Kadhal the movie, probably it was a way of telling the gal.

Look all you want now, this the last time you’re gonna be out for a long time :pppp

He showed me this very sad video of his friends parents. It seems his friend hadn’t gone back for some 8 years. His mom was crying. Quite sad and no it wasn’t because he couldn’t go for financial reasons.

On the way back, the clouds were having a field day hanging so low, looked like cotton candy. I had to attend this really funny call for my mom at home.

Aunty at home?
No amma’s not in.
When will she be back.
Err i’m not sure ain’t back yet.
Aunty’s back?
Give the phone to her please.
No amma’s not back yet.
Aunty’s not back?

She finally understood some 2 mins later after the repeat of the above. Hehehe

Fell asleep and woke up with a headache. Probably from sleeping with my contacts on longer than I should be wearing it. I still have the headache and its Monday morning!

Watched 2 not so old movies for the first time. Sleepover and don’t gasp Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers :p

You see when it was released in 2002, I was in India travelling. No way was I watching it in a Tamil script (Why is it shown with Tamil script???). And by the time I got back all my friends had watched it and it wasn’t playing in the theater’s anymore, so I missed it.

Sleepover was ok. This is probably the best way to describe the movie. Took it from IMDB

It's a disposable girly teen twist on Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but buoyed by Vega's strong screen presence. You know you shouldn't enjoy it, but you're probably going to.

Now headache be gone.

Sigh it refuses to listen to me, and I refuse to pop a pill.

I hate medicine, especially for pain. Does anyone realised the amount of pills we pop into our system. So much till we become immune to the normal dosage and have to take a bigger dose. That’s why I stay away as long as possible and recover faster when I need to :)

Ps : Looks like WHO agrees with me as well on this pill popping culture that is.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I like to .....

........ move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it

If you have no idea what rubbish I’ve just written ....well then you haven’t watched Madagascar!

Oh what a fun movie. I was laughing my head off. This is definitely one of my favourite animation's of course it isn’t Shrek but its still good!
Image hosted by

The mall where I watched it was having a toys month and the stage was occupied by life sized puppets of the movie characters. The cute penguins and lion were all over the stage.

David Schwimmer or better known as Ross from Friends was his usual klutz, this time a pill popping giraffe. I just love the expressions on the animals, totally awesome.

The penguins! Oh where do I start with those monochromatic animals. Hehhehe loved the James Bond part, it was like a sequenced dance or when they the small guys were the gallant heroes. I suspect this was a geek revelation, the small guys ain’t just small and cute!

Image hosted by
Just smile and wave - your mission is to be cute and cuddly.

Look out for the monkeys, see if you can capture the Tamil movie tea kada sitting people doing thing! If I tell more this will be a spoiler!

Image hosted by

Question : was the King of the Lemurs speaking in an Indian accent or Jamaican - I couldn’t figure. It was Jamaican at first and then it suddenly switched Indian. Humm

And don’t leave when the credits roll. They play the song again with all the characters taking turns dancing to it!

I actually walked out and sat elsewhere to finish watching it :ppp

You can listen to the song here

Check out their website cute!!!

Now say it with me :

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it ........

Ps : I so want to dance to this song!

Congrats Thayirsaadham

News No2

Thayirsaadham is off to get married.

Congrats and wishes to a new life.

A new day,
A new beginning,
The union of Souls
The marriage of hearts.

Congrats again!

Deliriously Happy

What more could I ask so early in the morning?

Accessed my inbox to find 2 wonderful news. I can’t seem to contain the excitement but I can’t really give out the news. (Damn not fair :( :p)

Congrats to one and welcome back to the other :pppppp

******* Throws confetti around ********


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wars, Virtue, History

I love war movies. Heroism, valor, virtue, battles, sword fights bewitch me. Most of all I love history. As a 7 year old, I wanted as a birthday gift the complete set of the Britanica Encyclopedia. Greek mythology, Richard the lionheart, Barons and Dukes, Kings and pharaohs, they all fascinated me. The triumphs, defeats, the art, the romance, what a web of wonder.

I’d probably would have become an archeologist, if there had been sufficient paths to it here. I remember waiting eagerly for world history lessons that were to begin at 16 in school. To my utter disappointment it wasn’t world history more of a one sided repetition.

When I was 15, I met one of the history lecturers at Annamalai University in India and that became our short friendship that covered the British rule, historical monuments, legends and heroes. Alas, I do have a very bad memory when it comes to names, his and some in history often elude me.

Anyway what prompted this post was the movie - Kingdom of Heaven. I sat captivated by the flash of clashing swords, chivalry, the war tactics. The humanity of Balian. And for once, finally, I saw Orlando Bloom as a Hero. Every other time I saw him in an epic, I’d cringe, why him. I see no hero in him. There he was a magnificent hero, human as well. As he and the small band of knights stood defending Karek against the battalion of Saladin, valor and greatness shined through, finally Orlando had bloomed I thought.

Image hosted by

The movie is definitely good, I didn’t even feel the time fly.

Though I wasn’t familiar with this part of history, I knew the director would have taken "creative liberty" (I hate this phrase). Jerusalem has never interested me. I was more of a Richard the lionheart fan besides his crusade.

So I checked and was glad I had not known the history before. It was more atrocious then Troy. I watched Troy and went "huh isn’t it" every 10 mins. Thank god I didn’t know the history.

A short account of history, the Balian played by Orlando wasn’t young at that period nor the only son, nor was he a blacksmith nor was he in love with Syblla. He was actually married to Sibylla's step-mother Maria Comnena, Dowager Queen of Jerusalem. Syblla had a crush on the elder brother Baldwin which is actually Balian (different spelling only).

Why on earth do Kings and Queens have to be so unoriginal when naming their offspring's or crowning their successors???

Tiberias was actually Raymond III of Tripoli the Prince of Tiberias (how original, our director is).

However virtuous aged man Balian did knight all who will raised their swords to defend the people of Jerusalem and successfully negotiated their release from Saladin not freely though (a handsome ransom were illicited, and the rest sold as slaves).

Image hosted by

Like Wikepedia puts it, Kingdom of Heaven was a largely fictionalized version.

Here’s what I hate about the phrase "creative liberty". Most people don’t read! Most people detest history and find it boring. These people make up 3/4 of the world. Now these people would have gone for the movie and assumed that was history. They would never have bothered to find out if what they saw was fiction or truth. Zero in to the future, what if all that is left is this 3/4 and the world knows its history through these "creative liberty" movies? History will be rewritten.

Anyway for those who are interested, you could read this links below for the real story.



Battle of Hattin



Guy of Lusignan

This link will explain how fictionalized the movie is.

Kingdom of Heaven

One thing did occur to me. Probably Jerusalem was built on land not meant to be lived on (Hindu thing, certain lands are meant for certain use only). Probably explains why there has never been peace there. This never ending war could likely be best described, through this verse in the movie :

Balian asks "What is Jerusalem to you?"

Saladin replies "Nothing.........It is everything"

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tadhim Dhirana Udanita

I was 7 and a half, sitting in a temple wide eyed watching my neighbour akka dance. I went home and pleaded to Appa to let me join. Appa said next exam if you are the top three, I’ll let you join. I aced the exam and that was the beginning of my 18 years love for Bharathanatyam.

Malaysia being Malaysia, no one teaches the art to see it flourish but rather teach shorter cuts and think how to make money out of the student then imparting the right knowledge.

When I first started learning, I was taught only 30 of the most commonly used steps and no theory lessons. The only 2 mudras I knew the name of then, was Pataka and Tripadaka. That was the first 2 teachers. What I did develop here was my own style and wide range of expressions. Probably because of all the performances I was doing, about 2 per month. That’s a lot for an amateur who does it as a hobby. So I learnt lots of choreography, learning to choreograph as well but I knew something was missing.

First teacher left our town, that's why I moved to the second. Second teacher decided I was too much of a competition for her daughter, so I said no thank you and left. 3 years later my school successfully veered me into joining them. I didn’t perform as much, but I took the effort to relearn everything right from Step 1 all for my love for the art. There I was someone who had learned up to varnams, relearning the basics. Later I realised I hadn’t learned it wrong, just didn’t learn all. I had exams to take and theory lessons to learn.

It was such a contradiction relearning basics, while teaching others. Expression and style were one of my fortes. That year I was left to task to train 3 first time students (over 30s) to act out a short dance drama. It was Meenakshi's story. Papanasam Sivan’s Devi Neeyeh Thunai.

Rhthym oru pakkam pohvohm, nahnam apdhina ennanu pohnuchi.

They would say - Visi pohdumdaaaa.

I would say - Akka ihnoru time pannungeh.

I think I tortured them but hearing those applause they were grateful. Then my teacher exclaimed I never trained them, my student did. I started singing for dance repertoires, small dances (mostly children in the beginners stage) and bigger pieces as well. I spent all my free hours there, practicing with the dancers, guiding them on the right step, the right expression.

yato hasta stato drishti
yato drishti stato mana(ha)
yato mana stato bhavo
yato bhav stato rasa

Where the hands go, the eye follows,
Where the eyes go, the mind follows,
Where the mind goes, the expression follows,
Where the expressions go, the essence of mood follows.

I was always left with the task of molding young kids since I had a knack with children and the patience. Try getting a 6 year old to sit in aramandi and hold her Alapadmam right. I’d cajole, blackmail and occasionally give a light whack when they decided akka’s head was a good place to sit.

I was also teaching them vocal at the same time. Teaching in the sense, I’d take my teachers classes when she wasn’t free or the training periods. You see I had the patience to polish. I loved underdogs, the quiet ones with potential. I’d sit and help them out. Small boys were my specialty. Not many came for such classes. The ones who did, were surrounded by a bunch of giggly gals. So they’d either be naughty or quiet. I’d make them sit next to me and personally hear them, soon they got over their uneasiness and started singing. Grateful parents ended up giving me guru dakshan as well that years that I taught their children. I was touched.

Teaching has this beauty to it. The training is quite challenging especially children. But its all worth it when you see them perform decked in their best, giving their sincerest effort. Then you develop this sense of pride, look my kids are performing.

The kids and their parents were very attached to me. Some to the point, preferred me to take their classes then the teacher itself. Probably that's were the problems began. Each time I performed, the front row will be filled with tiny tots who would have badgered their parents to bring them and then they would cheer much to my amusement.

Once after training them for a children’s orchestra, we had this small certificate of participation ceremony. We were all cheering for everyone’s name and then mine was announced. The kiddos that I had bullied and glared at into behaving, cheered their hearts out. The school president was amused - My what a fan base you have.

5 years I saw those children grow and develop their individual talents. Every exam I’d be there for moral support after the hours of training I’d have given. Right up to walking them up to the door and hugging them for support while asking -

remember all your Jathis and Saptha thalas?

Teachers, children and teaching are all in the past now. Things happen. The kids still ask, why don’t I teach them anymore. I do my own choreography now, and dance once in a blue moon no make that a rainbow moon.