Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who would you take?

Every morning, HITZ comes up with some wacky topic to discuss with its listeners.

I being very the blur in the mornings and also since I observe morning silence, I never even try calling in. Today's topic was funny.

Anyone watches Lost the adventure series on AXN. No? Watch it, its awesome.

So in that line, who would you bring if you’re stranded on a deserted island? They started with family, then celebrity, then sports personality, then cartoon and then I reached my office. So I’m posing the question here with my own twist.

Who would you bring?
1. Family or friend
2. Celebrity
3. Sports personality
(Added just for you cricket fans)
4. Cartoon
5. An object (don’t tell me some electronic gadget - Hello where got electricity on a deserted island?????)

Here’s my list.

1. I choose friend coz if I choose family one of thems gonna be lonely since there's only 3 of us and those 2 can’t live alone, I can. This was a touch choice, I had 2 names on my mind immediately, but since we’re thinking Lost I choose my adventure freak wacky friend, Sam. (one of my best friends - non blogger)

2. Celebrity - Johnny Depp
Err huh? Weird choice? Well I’m no mad fan but he’s an interesting person who has a life besides movies and imagine all the wacky conversations we could have.

3. Sports personality
I have no idea - can I skip this? I love football but for a team play so can I bring the whole team - daily free match? :pppp

4. Cartoon - The dragon from Mulan or Donkey from Shrek (Eddie Murphy in short :p)

5. An object - Swiss Army knife - the cool one with 30 different things springing out :ppp

So what's your list? Don’t be a copycat ;p


Hawkeye said...

1. my wife.. coz i dont wana live w/o her :-) (u may think why he is putting so much ice... read on)
2. anybody in the following list.. beyonce knowles, aishu, shilpa shetty, bipasha basu, anna kournikova, trisha, reema sen ( well.. u know why)
3. the brazilian female soccer team (u know why too...:-) i figured one or more of them have to chose me at least some point in the future..just to keep the human race in the island alive)
4.daffy duck or bugs bunny.. ( i figure an identical-twin combo wud attract the ship's attention)
5. Solar Powered T.V with magical cable connection.. then I dont need wife/beyonce/aishu/brazilian_soccer_chics.. just TV is ok.

hey... u said u want our "honest" opinions..

p.s: I just wanted to irritate my dont mind the 'whacky' answers:-)

visithra said...

Heheheh Mrs Bharathhh - see all the hidden secrets are coming out!!!!

Then I shall bring The Brazilian Men's football(soccer) team - and ur plans of female dominance will be squashed heheheh

Solar powered TV??? 1 and 5 to counter 2,3, is it??? :pppp

Oh yes appreciate the honest answers :pppp Do tell me if you got dinner and hows the sofa :pppp

IBH said...

family - of course hubby dear! yaam petra inbham peruga iv vaiyagam :)

celebrity - George Clooney ..what? you dont know why am taking him?? drooooollll! ;)

sports personality- mmmmm!mmmmm!!better off without neyone!

cartoon - Winnie the pooh!

object - my iPod!

VJ said...

hmmm, interesting...
lets see

family - my cousin from US, he wants an adventure, he gets one now...

celebrity - the famous Thilangadi Varalakshmi...i cant stop laughing everytime i read this me!!!!!

sport personality - F1 McLaren team (they might be able to build a boat u know)

cartoon - Inspector Gadget and The Simpsons

object - wind powered laptop with satellite uplink

p/s immediate plan to leave the

visithra said...

IBH, hehehe nalla ehnam - valarga valamudhan

ohhh Georgey boy, Brad Pitt fits the scene as well imagine Troy - drooooollll! ;)

Grrrr ingehyum gadjetah?? - most put you all on techless week - nalla torture gameah iruhkum :ppp

visithra said...

Cousin vaalgha - errr me? Hehhehe it still tickles me today :ppp

wind powered laptop??? Grrrr u ppl so attached to your gadgetsla - waste :ppp

hehehe enjoy the island then - hope the island doesnt enjoy u :pppp

Me said...

i have an exam tomorrow but couldn't resist this one ;)

1. Family or friend - My girl friend both family & friend hehehe

2. Celebrity & 3. Sports personality 4. Cartoon - no 3rd person allowed

5. An object - defn my kannadi ;)

visithra said...

Hehehe no 3rd partyah? Private island?? Heheh Ensoy :pppp

Kannadi??? Err I think its rarer to see people who don't wear kannadi, so athu part of urself - maybe you want to add another object? :pppp

Good luck for ejams :pp

Whoosh said...

1 - friend definitely.. And i have a friend in mind too..

2 - celebrity.. Shreya (Unakku 20, enakku 18).. definitely!

3 - Sports personality - Sania Mirza... ;) (actually I hate her.. but what the heck!)

4 - Cartoon - Hobbes...

5 - Object - Mobile phone ofcourse... dont u think i ever want to get out of that place.. :)


Praveen said...

1) friend thaedi pudichu azhachuttu povaen :D

2) Celebrity...naan irukkaeney poraatha :D

3) Sports Personality... Sania Mirza ;)

4) Cartoon...Superman for transportation :D

5) Object..edhuvum vaenaam, ivangaley pothum :)

visithra said...


Welcome here :)))

Shreya, Sania Mirza - hummmm :pppp

Hobbes! Thats one of my favourites :ppp

Err deserted island got satelite connection??? Hummmm lusungeh all attached to tech :ppp

visithra said...

Prav : rombeh nall kahnum ehpadi ejams

instant gf??? Hehehehe adohda Sania no Mallika??

Superman?? Pathu Anti vanthura pohrar

heheheh no object??? Hummmmm adohda :ppp

F e r r a r i said...

1. Friend who can understand formula 1 and football :-D
2.Celebrity- Kareena. I will teach her how to dance decently(Enakku dance aada theriyadhu. adhu vera vishayam)
3.Sport personality-Brazil beach volleyball team. I can ask Kareena also to play along with them, resting some player. Rotation policy :-p
4. Item-->Oosi nool. Wardrobe malfunction aana stitch panradhukku :-D

visithra said...


Football? Entho team?

Kareena mayakam sutho suthunu suthuda??

While rotation......???? :ppp
Cartoonn pudhikadhoo???

Oosi nool - aaha enna oru sindhanai- Clap Clap - I'm impressed

See people you don't need tech on a deserted island - you need wardrobe malfunctions :ppp

F e r r a r i said...

Cartoon pidikkum. Naane oru cartoon dhaane :-D

Uma said...

Aaaha Ferrari loved the oosi nool, as Visit says enna oru sindhanai. Very impressive :)

Okay Visittu my take on things:-

1. Has to be my other half. Did consider taking my son, but the child will be miserable without the TV, internet and PS2, so he gets left at home with proper supervision :)

2 & 3. Not bothered, did consider Johnny Wilkinson for a fraction of second but to be honest will be happy to swap the personalities for two good books

4. Simpsons

5. Solar powered Satellite phone (swear didn't copy this and #4 from VJ, thought of these even before I read his comment!) Anyway Sat phone is to keep an eye on my son and be a pain even if I am miles away :)

visithra said...

Ferrari : Awwww entha character??? :ppp

visithra said...

Uma, I double agree :ppp

hehehhe nowadays kids huh - hed prob sat on one spot on the beach with his ps2 if he could :pppp

Ahhh books - yes definetly

and be a pain even if I am miles away :)
----hehehheheh poor kid :ppp

Kay said...

Sooper topic kalakku

1. Vini
Vini irukum pothu no 2,3 and 4
I dont want any object, i want to stay there for ever with Vini. :))))

visithra said...

Kay : Yep nice one Danks pa :pp - but ure answer very bore

Vini???? Lifele nee no funny
No object - ithu Lost maari - unforseen things ehlam varum

Sangeeta said...

1. My mom (cant live with her)
2. hubby (we've appeared on t.v) so he qualifies for this slot
3. one
4. Tenali Raman
5. a Robot who do all the work:P

Sangeeta said...

who does* all the work:p

visithra said...

Sangeeta : Appeared on TV - ooohhhhhhh,
Does your kid watch Nickelodeon's Tenali Raman?
Clever clever - a tech maid - I'll second that :pppp

Rhyncus said...

With so many people around, especially the ones who you care about, the island can no longer be called 'deserted' now, can it? :)

visithra said...

Rhyncus : Welcome here :)

It does seem so - that's what the series Lost is about - so many people but you're isolated from the world.

Whoosh said...

Err deserted island got satelite connection??? Hummmm lusungeh all attached to tech :ppp

U forgot that airtel ad where the flight crashes into the jungle and the female calls her dad?? Sure u must have seen it on cable tv! ;) Loose ponnu!

visithra said...

Vikkki : First athu Jungle ithu deserted island :pp

Second ingeh no Airtel ads, sondha ads tholaiyeh tangeh mudialeh, ungeh ooru ads vehraiyah?? Aala udungehpa :ppp



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