Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Toy ;p

Yep got my self a new toy.

Went and got my self a new phone after 3 years. And who mooted me to get it? My mom. Yep at home my mom is the one who keeps mooting me to get new stuff. Change this change that, change your car, your pc.

Me being the certified kanjus (I take after my dad) I take years before I do anything and optimise the usage of all my belongings.

My previous handphone Nokia 3310 was bought in 2002 because I lost the forced upon me (my dad wanted to be able to get in touch with me at all times) first mobile Motorola. Well I accidentally left it at a hawker stall. Rushed back to find the brick gone.

Why was it called brick?

It was quite an old model (2 years) though small and my friends would play around with it though they were impressed it had the UK Orange Stamp (imported it seems waste pasange). I wasn’t bothered if I had or didn’t have a phone. See brother had a phone as early as 15 years old, few years before I got mine. Parents were quite bewildered why I didn’t want one. I believed mobiles were evil, people can track you, well that was then, now its a necessity with all the travelling and going out I do. I don’t think I can live without one now, sigh gone are the days of total privacy.

Now this 3310 has served me well, with its numerous falls and being thrown around, it withstood it all until sometime early in the year. The battery did a take on me, it just shuts itself of in the middle of an interesting conversation even on a charger like a jealous boyfriend. Once again friends kept telling me to ditch it and get something new - Mahabaratham, Ramayanam ehlam tangeh mudialeh.

See I know people who change phones weekly. Waste I tell you!

Yesterday, it crossed my tolerance limit and I got back to find brother on the way home. So off we scooted to get ourselves them mobiles.

And there I sat trying to figure what to buy. I wanted to get a Nokia but here’s the thing. I’d end up paying more for the brand then the features. So we actually decided to get a camera phone. I never thought I’d do this, and didn’t think Sony Ericsson would be a choice.

Now the decision was left on whether to get the K500 or F500i. Feature wise there’s really no difference. The only difference is picture quality on the F500i was a lot better. Design wise, K500 was really sleek and pretty while F500i looks slightly plastic.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

So there I sat wondering which to buy. Brother was going for design and getting the K500 and hoping I’d get F500i, so we wouldn’t end up taking each others phones.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Finally I settled for the F500i, coz the images and video was a lot better. Ok now don’t come and compare it with higher range mobiles :p

I haven’t had time to explore my new toy and need to go back and get my mp3s. We were there way after the shop closed. He was having some problem with his laptop so told us to come back another day.

Now doesn't that gives me time to look for what to download? :)))


Sangeeta said...

Congrats on your new phone...enjoy! :)

visithra said...

Errr an indulgence after a long time :ppp thanks for stopping by :)

Kaps said...

I moved from a Nokia to a Sony Ericsson 2 months ago. The picture (screen) is quite rich. You will get some time to get used to the way SMS works in Sony Ericsson.

Pls charge quite often as Sony Ericsson generally come with shorter battery life. BTW I have a K700i.

visithra said...

Kaps : oooh a K700i :)) Yep I heard about the sms, still getting used to it, though its the camera n mp3s ive been playing with :p The lock keys r taking some time to get used to

The battery life depends on how many movies and songs u play. Ur previous Nokia wouldn't have had this 2 features so it seems so. But its really luck - u never know which battery ure gonna get :ppp