Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's a field day

...for my small town.

It’s all over todays papers mostly for the wrong reasons but quite interesting.

Something in the air? Ooh la la :ppp


F e r r a r i said...


Adhu enna field day? Vayal la iRangi velai paapeengaLa? By any chance you are a vijayakanth fan?

visithra said...

Humm ingeh kethu ungeh blogleh use panniruhkingehleh wait angeh vandu tiripi kekuhrehn :pppp

Aiyo abishtu me no Vijayakanth fan - though he is a very humble unasuming man, ddin't even recognise him when I met him accidentaly.

F e r r a r i said...

BTW. Something in the air???
Enna nadakkudhu? You are talking about going to a island, shopping etc etc.
veetla payyan paakarangaLa for you? :-p

visithra said...

Ferrari you cease to amaze me. How do you divert something elsewhere to entirely different topic?? Enna talent!!!

Veetla momsie won't dare try that, ponnu too independent and stubborn. Podi un vishavathil thalaiyida maathennu sohlithange. Nee achi un vaalzhkai aachinu - do whatever you want sohlitangeh. Me oreh jolly hehehhe.

Kay said...

"Something in the air?"
Enna di love'aaaa, love naaa enkitta sugestion kelu, i am like a god father in love matters :PPPPP

visithra said...

Ooreh pathi pesuhna - kadhalnu kekuringeh - ithuleh enna teriyidhuna - ungelukehlam athuthan nenupu - abhistu