Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Flashback Take 2

As promised here’s the second half of my Flashback post.

Due to all the ragging I did as a junior with the blessings of my senior, I had no urge to rag anyone in my senior year. However my ex roommates from college decided we should do an outing of it.

So of we went one late night, dressed karatly* in our bikes. You see when you go ragging you have to give an image that scares. So you can't go prim and proper.

What's Karat you ask?

Well karat means rust in Malay but it has another meaning among the Indians. Actually a few meanings, rowdish, modern, sexy. It really depends on how you use it.

In this context it meant rowdish. Also during these times you’re supposed to give yourselves funky errr peteh names. In case someone decides to complain. :pp

Landing at our college, I got sidetracked by an old friend who was enlightening me with what the boys go through. Then suddenly one gal comes and starts complaining.

Gal : Dai ennaku tangeh mudialeh. Avah rombeh timurah pesurah.
Me : Yaaru enna?

Gal : Pudusa Juniorah vandurukaleh aveh than - ennalam pesuhrah teriuma - apdhiyeh ariayalamnu iruhku
Me : Dai sohnathaneh ennaku terium pohlimbikithe pohna - waste

Gal : Antha moodehvi ehnna sohlra teriuma - boys kudah pesuhreh gals ehlam vihnapohnavangehlam
Me : ehehhe ehva aveh??

Gal : Vandahthurindu ithe puranam pahnra
Me : Seri nee poh nah aprohm vahrenn

I didn’t bother since I was busy getting juicy story from my friend. Then gal no 2 comes with same complain. I give same answer and continue with the conversation. When gal 3 came :

Gal 3 : Dai vahrennu sohlithu ennadi vahleh - nangehlam pesuhrathu avaluku jujubi maari nadanthukura
Me : Ethani per iruhkingeh angeh

Gal 3 : 4 per - un roomates ehlam iruhkingeh
Me : Seri vah pohlam So there we went armed with helmets.

I asked her to go in first. I barged in with the helmet.

Me : Ehveh athu rombeh pesikithu iruhkehva????
Junior :
(Gal got slightly shocked seeing helmet and all) aaa vanakam senior

Gal 4 : Ivehthan andhamaari pesuhna! Athula vereh ehn peruh Briyani Banunu sohna nambah mathra.

Me :
(Yerkanaveh we discussed the name so I had no shock - I gave a serious look) Amma athuthan avah perru - vehnumna poi registarleh check pannu - antha per than pohtu iruhkum - oru senior sohlra unnaku namba terileh?? Aveh per Briyani Banu ehn per Thilangadi Varalakshmi (actually can’t remember what my name was but its somewhere in this line - both the other names were right) Iveh Rowdy Rakkama. - eHLAM POI REGISTERLEH PAARU.

Junior : She was all blank and frightened
Gal 4 : Avehluku konja eduhtu sollu

Me : Ennamo kelvi pathen - boys kudah pesuhreh gals ehlam vihnapohnavangehlamnu nee sohniyahme???
Junior : Yes I think its morally remorse (
English answering some more - mandaiki mani ethuraning*)

Me :
One long lecture while swinging helmet (Junior listens while cautiously looking at helmet) Nee yaruhkudah palagurathu mukiyahm illeh boysah irunda kuda no thappu - anna ehpadi palagurathuthan mukiyam.

Junior : aaaa ok senior
Me : Iveh per enna...
Junior : Briyani Banu

Me : Avah per enna...
Junior : Rowdy Rakkama

Me : Yehn per enna
Junior : Thilangadi Varalakshmi

Me : Seri innimeh nah ipdhi kelvi pathen - semmaiyeh vihlum purinjatha?? Seri nah kehlambuhren Briyani unnah aprohm pathukurehnn.

Vehliyah vandhu sirichi sirichi vairuhdhan valichaduh.

Few weeks later at the College Dinner - Junior gal happily sitting and chatting with guys. Of course have to go thee muthuran.

Me : Aik I thought speaking to guys is morally wrong
Junior : errr heheheh hehehe I changed already senior Thilangadi Varalakshmi
Me : Hheheheh Apdhiya per sohnen - hehhehehe seri athu ehn per illeh. I’m Visithra

So this was the only ragging I did as a senior. I’m only called in for the serious ones. Apohthan Thilangadi Varalakshminu oru character uruhvaguhmm.

Just glad she changed for the better. :pppp

mandaiki mani ethuraning* - tension pahnrathunu artham


VJ said...

u are funny!!!!!!!!!!

Sangeeta said...

:) me blogrolls u

anantha said...

Adada Thillalangadi Varalakshmi a :O

visithra said...

Vj : Thanks thats a true story you know :pppp

Sangeeta : Thanks for blogrolling - I have to do my list one of these days :))

Anti : I'm not sure if its that name but something like that :ppppp Avahlum nambuhnaleh athuthan siripu hehehhehe

Harish said...

whiskey visithra-nu vechurukalaam :)

visithra said...

Grrr I no like that name - adi vihlum :p