Monday, May 02, 2005


I had a wonderfully perfect weekend. Everthing I love to do jumbled into 2 days :))))))))

Yes everything. What fun :)))))

I'm still on holiday, but lazing around.

Certain events brought me to certain conclusive thoughts, will post need to rub it in hehehehe.

Met people who had been planning to strangle me but dropped the plan hehehehe

Errr so many people visited the blog and my fav posts but didn't say which. Hummmm waste. :p

Do read and comment. My blogs nearing its 10000th mark. Shall celebrate the 10000th visitor. :ppp

Now I wanna go laze somemore, bye bye. :pppppppppppppppp


IBH said...

I have read most of ur blogs :)
ellame nalla iruku :)

thennavan said...

Will I be the lucky one? (10,000th visitor). Then I can say (pathth)aayiraththil oruththan amma naan, ulagam arindidaatha piravi amma naan :-)

Me said...

ennaku innum rendu varam aagum onga ella postyum padika so no comments adhu varaikum on ur fav posts

read 3 still lot more to go

visithra said...

IBH : Thanks gal :)))

Thennavan : sadly you missed by 2 spots - you were number 9998 - so antha pathu padhe mudiadhu hehehhe

Me : athukuleh ithu archiveleh porah chance iruhku but definitah comment pahnanum okva :ppp