Monday, May 09, 2005

Engehyummm Ehpohdumm

We were invited to the Mega Launch Concert of Varnam Tv last Friday.

Err what's that?

Well Varnam is the new all Malaysian Tamil channel set to make its way on screen with the launch of Malaysia's second satellite TV provider MITV.

Anyway rushed home, beat traffic, picked up extra invites for friends, found mom not ready yet and chatting with the neighbour, shooed her, sareed up, and beat traffic again.

That’s when I realised events at 7.00pm and not 7.30pm hehehe and I’d informed friends as 7.30pm. However didn’t pose a problem since it started only at 7.40pm something.

Met one too many people I knew, I tell you KL is too small. Every 3 degrees, its someone whom I know or knows someone I know or one of my friends cousins. :ppp

I ended up walking up and down the hall, to get my friends their invites since they were fashionably late. Waste pasange :pp

First - someone please shoot Premi!!!! I used to switch of the radio when she was on, now I had to sit through an evening of her hosting???? Grrrrrr thankfully the guy host was good - Ilamaran from Singapore. Really entertaining without looking dumb@ Premi.

So to blank out her voice, everytime she came on stage, we 3 would start a conversation. I pity the people at the back of us, we sure were making a racket.

So entertainment was not bad - really good stuff and not too bad ones - only prob we were getting hungry :ppp
As with all Malaysian events, they have the GOH speech at half time. 2nd guy who spoke started in english. That was enough to stir us.

"Dai ennada englishleh petel pahnreh - Tamil event solli ennada englishnu" - left and right this kind of comments were flying amongst my friends and audience.

Then he started Palum thelithennummm.....

He actually got applause's for speaking in Tamil. Yep here you get applauded for speaking in Tamil :)))

Anyway the entertainer that had us all impressed was this singer from Singapore. What confidence, and what stage charisma! Both times that she was on stage we were bowled over. Unfortunately didn’t get her name since as you know we tuned off everytime the host came on stage :ppp

Humm and then some dancers performed to the Cheena Thana song. Why I said humm, well remember the hot costumes they had on for the movie, well same dress and one really hot gal. Seriously she was smoking only problem madam had a costume malfunction, thankfully no Janet happened. Sad part was she continued dancing, costume stripping of is something normal, but as a performer you should know you’re expected to walk out and get it fixed. Madam however was oblivious, and continued dancing.

Again my guy friend was the one who first noticed, and it was a guy from the stage crew who had to pull her out since she wasn’t planning to come out.

Anyway then they started bringing in Malaysian artists (as in recording artist not the normal stage singers who do film songs).

There was also this group of dancers - didn’t catch their name and for the life of me can’t remember what song they performed to. They were really good and entertaining, while being decently dressed. See madam you just need to be good not stipped. :ppp

First it was OG Nanba, one of them was so cute (as in his actions). When they let out those irritating stage smokes, he started flying (err flapping his hands) around while waiting for their music to be aired. Entertainment it seems, heheh was funny.

We had just been talking about one Malaysian Hip hop group when they announced their name. Hehehe the 3 of us cheered our heads out. My mom jumped in her seat. Heheheh It was Chakrasonic. Explosive performance though I was sad they didn’t sing my favourite song. Our only gripe was, there they were rapping in Tamil when suddenly they speak in english only. Ennapa?? Lost of words in Tamil from all that rapping??

Hehehe one fella was cute though, as he left skipping out the stage (yep something like skipping) - he went Varennnnnnnnnnn??? Heheheh cute

Then Jesse, Tamila Boys, Hyperkinetics, off course the one too many previous contestants of Padal Thiran Pothi*, Supreme.Now Hyperkinetics - rapped in Tamil and spoke in Tamil. You go guys!!! They also did Petta Rap - Rahman’s hit accompanied by a bunch of break dancers.

By the time Supreme came on stage, we were very hungry (it was 11.30 already) So went out looking for food. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea, lobby was filled with people mingling.

Met a univ senior who happily introduced me as his junior to a few people. What's with seniors? They keep announcing you’re the junior years after you’ve left that life??

Then I was introduced to someone. Later when I asked my friend who was that, other friend quips hey he’s a member of Chakrasonic. Me and friend, whose friend introduced the guy were like Oohhh yes ahh hheheh we didn’t know.

Even though Lockup was performing later, hunger took its course and we left after my doing a 4th time entry running in and out of the dark hall to get my mom. Try doing that in a saree, very complicated.

So now that I’ve thrown a few weird names, its time I introduced the music scene down here in Malaysia. Shall do that in the coming days.

On another very sad note, I’ve been told (by mom) we’re getting that satellite group as well since brothers going to be on it :((((((

Ok the sad face was coz I was told there’s gonna be 10 Indian channels which makes it to total 12 channels siring my sweet old TV!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa intha kodumaiyeh yahrum kekamatingehlaaa??????

Ps : What the heck has the title got to do with the content? Well the songs been drumming in my ears, and couldn’t get any appropriate title so that's why. Also I had been hoping Kashmir Stones would come and rock that song, but they didn’t. Even more confused? I will explain another time.

Padal Thiran Pothi* - a famous singing talent competition in Malaysia.


F e r r a r i said...

Dress pinji poachi solradhu. Adha vittutu adhu enna wardrobe malfunction?

Kaps said...

Ilamaran is good...hv seen him on TV. I hv heard Premi on THR.FM.....but can't tolerate her.

visithra said...

Ferrari : There's a reason for that - otherwise how can I add the word Janet there? :ppp

Anyway dress pinji pohla - it slipped off.

visithra said...

Kaps : Yay another Premi hater - I should start a club - I used to switch of the station everytime her voice comes on.

Hey do you know this Singaporean singer, plump gal with an attitude - total performer think shes well known down there - i dont know her name but was totally blown by her performance.

capriciously_me said...

so, do we get to hear malay music? available online anywhere? sollunga madam..naangalum kettu rasikkarom :)

Harish said...

is there any event/function at all that u DON'T go to? :)

Freeyavedu said...

Been sometime since I visited ur blog. How come u didn't blog for 4 days ?

visithra said...

Caps : First don't call me madam dear - I think we're around the same age. Please call me by name. Yep Malay songs are available online but I plan to write on the Malaysian Indian music scene - and will put in the links as well - lots to write will take time :)))

visithra said...

Harish : Err there are, but I do get invited or chance upon a lot of stuff and innimeh will get more - anyway ennaku chumma iruhnda bore adikum - so weekends weekdays ehlam must do something :ppp

visithra said...

Free : Lol someone noticed. I wanted to see how far the previous post would go - see if men would defend their rights hehehe - but everyone seems to have retreated - n it was the weekend. How have u been? Hows new job:))))

Freeyavedu said...

Hi Visit,

Me doing good. Puthu job nalla pothu. In my training phase though.. Have to take few exams.

visithra said...

Free : Glad to hear - read ur cry for oracle help on ur blog - good luck :)))


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