Friday, May 20, 2005

Branch of Life

Well I should have put this up earlier but have been busy. So since I’m going off on a long weekend (it’s Wesak Day this Sunday so we get Monday off :p), here’s some photos to look at.

Velliangiri Temple, Coimbatore

This temple is at the foot of the path to Then Kasi. I was told the pathway is passable only during Chitirai (Apr - May) due to the trecherous path and snow. Yep it snows in Coimbatore, well at the Velliangiri mountain tops only.

I loved travelling through the forest towards this place. Such a beautiful sight and I hear elephants roam the place. I love Elephants!

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I like this shot and of course my favourite tree is all over the place and what a huge tree!

For a bigger image click here.

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This is the hall I performed at.

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Another shot of Velliangiri.

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Art said...

Nice pics... But i couldnt figure out which tree this is...........

visithra said...

Err not any particualr tree, I just love trees. Avlothan.

Part 1 also has a tree photo :pp

Maran said...

2nd photo, Veerappan point of view ah?

visithra said...

Photo Guruvehh - err athu chumma bore adhichichu was sitting and having nice filter coffee apdhiyeh oru snap.

Actually didn't want people to recognise the place :ppp

Kay said...

Snow'aaa enna color color'aa reel vidara ???
Eppadi perform pannine ???

Ram.C said...

the first picture brings back the memory of my visit to the MARAN TEMPLE in Malayasia....(I mean, Marathandavara temple)

visithra said...

Kay : No colour reel, black and white realpa. When I was told pani vihlumnu, I asked a few times! R u sure? Here? In the middle of Tamilnadu??
Lusu chumma kelvi kekuriyah, illeh kethathe marandu kekuriya? Performance was goodda :ppp

visithra said...

Ram : The picture sure does remind of that place :))))

Did you enjoy your visit? Its one of the most peaceful place to go.