Saturday, May 14, 2005


... I can’t spell in Thamizh.

Huh what ohnum purialehleh? Well let me explain.

You see I can read and write in Thamizh but my spelling is very bad and my pronunciation is also quite bad but understanding of the language is quite good. Why the disparity you ask?

Lets go back in time and I shall tell you an andha naal kathai.

One fine day in 1979 I was born just in time to welcome 1980 (It seems the womb was not a place I wanted to be to party in the 80s!!). Appa was extremely happy, he had a baby gal with curly hair, whom he spent the next few years doting, photographing and showing off.

If you see my baby photos, I’ve got umpteenth of me being carried by Appa, and nearly none of him carrying bro, pavam thambi.

Seri seri I shall come back to my story.

So daddy being very the enthusiastic about his little gal, decided kid shall only speak and be spoken to in English so the English usage would be awesome. The rule was even applied to my grandma’s (Grand dad’s all pohyeh poyachi before I even said hello to the world!)

This coming from a Thamizh school educated man!

The irony is they spent 2 years wondering if I was dumb, since it took me that long to open my mouth and talk. Later on they came to regret the fact that I could actually speak, mom still complains.

Athuku nee pesameh uhmaiyah iruhndiruhkalam - Mom’s main liner.

So every single person around me spoke only in English, while dear old soul me wanted to speak in Thamizh. By the time bro was born and started talking, they realised it was stupid and I had been but a guinea pig (experiment panna vereh kid kadaikaleh??? Disadvantages of being the eldest!).

However they still persisted with the no Thamizh rule till I was 7 and a half (being born end of the year has soo many advantages), when I put my foot down and said I want to learn Thamizh.

So off I went and joined the weekly once Thamizh class at school as I wanted so much to learn the language. So coz of those 8 years I took into task to learn how to read and write in Thamizh and even sat for a major exam at 15 just to continue learning. (The fact that I failed it coz of my spelling inadequacies is a different story but I’m very proud of it!)

I grew to love the language, I’d attend talks and poetry discussions just to listen to Sen Thamizh. Its such a shame what my dad did, and I’d point it out everytime he corrected my pronunciation when I sang Thamizh kritis and he spoke such beautiful Thamizh. Waste appa!

So today though I can write and read Thamizh, my pronunciation is quite near to crap, which eventually led to spelling crappyly as well but my understanding is quite good, be it thuya thamizh or madas thamizh.

Vazhaipazham neeku vaaradhu - very sad very sad (must be why I hate the fruit :ppp)

College bookleh - one waste friend had signed

Ehkaranathukum Bf kudah Thamizh pesiradeh - oodhi poiruvahn. (this point however didn’t apply)

Whereelse brother took it for granted and never learnt how to write or read in Thamizh which he now regrets but speaks well pronounced Thamizh.

Enna oru twist and turn right???

Well that’s why my Tanglish is slightly weird and the other fact is I do not re read what I write. If there are mistakes and someone points it out, I do the necessary changes, otherwise its all fair for all. (No Fair and Lovely does not apply here)

What a beautiful language Thamizh is and often I’m sad that I unconsciously butcher it but the tongue is just too westernised :(((

Athukunu I don’t talk in a dashu bushu vehlakaran slang sorry me no ennaku konjam konjam tamil terium character.

Occasionally I’m quite happy dad put the 8 year rule, coz otherwise I don’t think I would have had such a thirst to learn Thamizh refer to bro for proof :p

I went through great pains to learn the language, even risked red marks in a major govt exam just so I could learn more. (School rule - you don’t sit for the exam you don’t get to learn :(()

Thamizh thaai yehn Naavil nardanam aadha maruthu vithal,
Angilanthin mogam pidhithi poi ehn Naaval naruhbilamal nadakurathu,
Naan seintha puhniyam, Thamizh thaai ninaivil nardana asaivu
Intha amuthu endrum pozhiya ehn inniya venduhtal.

Points to ponder

1 Sorry to all who have stared and tried and finally figured out what I had wrote.
2 Er no way I’m starting a Thamizh blog
3 I’ve tried correcting, it sounds like a memorised act which I only use when I sing
4 I love the language too much to say I won’t use it.
5 Please bear with my atrocious spelling, I’m not going to stop :ppp just be glad its romanised and not in Thamizh characters :pppppp

Ps : if anyone wants to complain please go find my Appa, though currently not available on Earth :pp


Maran said...

"Waste appa!" LOL.
Visithra I speak OK at home but at office I talk like some tamil tv host. Tamil konjam konjam therium English sutama varathu! :-) I also don't why.

visithra said...

Maran : Err Damil Vaazhga! :p

Which tamil Tv host Malaysian or India? U not premi, geetha, and whose that dance adikithe host pahnuvahleh - as if aliens were flying and she was king kon trying to catch them right??? :pppp

F e r r a r i said...

Aaaha aaha. Tamizh thaai idha padicha romba sandosha paduvaa. Pronounciation konjam tough dhaan. Not so easy as it looks like. Venumnaa sollunga. Tamil bloggers naanga ellorum solli tharom.

And many people(including me) dont know how to write proper tanglish.

For example. moolai--> corner. mooLai -->(brain)

Indha madhiri neraya keedhu.

P.S. December end la birthday va? Ok ok. Point noted :-D

Kaps said...

Vaazhga Un Tamizh Pani.

BTW why do you use "Waste" so much?

F e r r a r i said...

Kaps. I have a doubt. If she is pronouncing 'West' as 'waste' :-))

sen said...

Visithra ethukellam tension agathinga.There are lot of peoples like you, including me.I also cannot write properly in tamil, you hardly need it nowadays.

"Thamizh thaai yehn Naavil nardanam aadha maruthu vithal,
Angilanthin mogam pidhithi poi ehn Naaval naruhbilamal nadakurathu"

Thamizh seriya spell panna mudiyallannu sollittu, Ethukku ivallo kashtapadringa, freeya vidunga :).

visithra said...

Ferrari : I keep trying but it doesn't flow - it sounds so mechanical. Doesn't work for a nonstop chatterbox. Despite the tease by my audience (yeah yeah nah story sohnna nallairuhkuhma waste ppl), they'd prefer I talk in a flow. Bro sits and makes fun while I rub it in that he can't read :ppp

I know I know about the Tanglish :p

Err it was not jotted to be noted, anyway it has already been documented, archiveleh iruhkum. :p

visithra said...

Kaps : Thanks, Err you have a lot of sandhegams. Curiosity killed the catnu kelvi pathethilleh??

Waste is my word of the moment so is Nonsense. The point is to use it in my own style, ppl notice like it and start using it and then I change the word! Been doing it for years :pp

Look around a few bloggers are already using it :pp

Also when ppl hear the word by anyone else they're automatically reminded of me!

Clever or not ? :ppp

visithra said...

Ferrari : Grrrrrrrr I said my tamil pronunciation is bad not English. Nonsense :ppp

visithra said...

Senthil : I love the language too much to not be bothered. Err I like sen Thamizh, I will sit andhai vaai and watch such speeches! :ppp

F e r r a r i said...

Appo oru nalla tamil vaadhiyar paathu kalyanam pannikonga ;-)

visithra said...

Appo oru nalla tamil vaadhiyar paathu kalyanam pannikonga ;-)

Grrr ooru makkal than kalyanam kathikohnu jebbam pahnrangehna - bloglehyumma?? Nonsense ;ppp

F e r r a r i said...

Kalyanam 1000 kaalathu payir. Adha poi nonsense nnu solliteengaLe.

But ippadi solravanga ellam konja naaL kazhichu enna pannuvaangannu theriyum :-p

visithra said...

Adohdaa - nah vanthu sohlrathu onnu seiyuratu onnu allu alleh - rombeh naalahveh ithe sohlikitu iruhkehn :)))

GratisGab said...

ROTFL, I don't know Tamil but your title cracked me up!!! :)

VJ said...

ur Tamil seems OK, just like :)

Harish said...

indha pudhu thamizh spellings-ku pinnaadi ipadi oru kadhaiya? :)

neenga nichayama Vijaykanth fan-a irundhe aaganam! Damil vaalga! :)

Me said...

sorry visthra if my comment on ur tamizh had offended u :(

me can speak spashtama in tamizh but cannot read and write more than a word (some how leart to write my name). time kadachidhuna idha padichi parunga

i don't find tough reading ur posts now a days. reading most of ur fav blogs helped me out in this. ippo lam unga "H" aa automatic aa ennoda mind delete pannidradhu so reading becomes normal.

once again sorry if i had offended ur tamizh

Ram.C said...

hi visithra

first time here... thru kaps blog...

liked the lay out.. since it is similar to mine :-) :-)....

If you want you can go to this site, for tamil fonts...

I hv used it regularly for my site.

enjoy.. keep visiting mine in

Kay said...

Me iva kitta poi sorry'laaam kettukittu :PPPPP.

Visit unnoda nonsense word nalla paravittu iruku.
Next unnoda waste parapuren.
Neeeyum mudinja ennoda worst'u parapu
Damil Vaalga, damilai kolai pannum Visit oliga :PPPP

visithra said...

Gratis : hehehe glad it did. :)))

visithra said...

Vj : I think its also a Msian slang - we speak slightly different

visithra said...

Harish : yehlatukum nan kandipa oru story vechiruphen - athu appo appo kalti viduven - grr u got the wrong person - ferraris the biggest fan of Vijayakanth :ppp

visithra said...

Me : Err I was not angry - lol I think you guys have met quite a number of instant sulking gals - Kay does this sorry thing often also hehehhe
2 day I have no time - i will read that soon - scouts promise :))))

I've been teased about it my whole life so kinda used to it - actually indians here speak tamil slightly different - something like my writing - angry nah straightah sohliruvehn :ppp

nilu nilu engeh appakithe sohlrehn ehlam sohlamaten :pppp

visithra said...

Hi Ram,

welcome here. Yep noticed, did I come by last week? Err have bad memory occasionaly forget where I comment if im not a regular heheheh

Glimpsed n saw the similarity :pp

err la zha laa, da tha spelling - i very bad so no unicode for me - thanks anyways :p

visithra said...

Kay : Nee sorry ketha nyavagam iruhka??? Hehehhe

Waste and nonsence - pahrapiyudan - i will change my word hehehhe

un worstu ehn nonsence maari vahruma hehehhhe

Ennaiyah Oliga sohnai - ithai ehn athai kethuruhkanum, ehn tata kethuruhkanum - neeyehna engal ooru pengalku manjal araithaiya, urhukai senji thandiyah???

Ps : Hhehehe err thats all i remember of the dialogue heheheh

Prabu Karthik said...

Hmm. i thought using Tamil writer (unicode)as suggested by Ramc is the best way to learn thamizh.

my suggestion is, go to some thamizh blog sites and try to reproduce one paragraph in thamizh.

Do this consistently,your language will surely improve.

visithra said...

Prabhu : Err I can read and write and speak - just can't spell. Reproducing?? Have tried.

I spent a year learning for an exam in school just to polish reading and writing.