Tuesday, May 03, 2005

25 hours .......

........of no sleep and awesome fun! What more could I ask for.

I had the perfect weekend doing everything I loved doing, only thing missing was the beach. :ppp

I met old friends, new friends, made friends, hanged out, had great food, travelled, shopped, took photos, clubbed, went on roller coasters, movie and loads of conversation time all in 2 days.

Now that is what I call a wonderful weekend. Shall first brief you on my meet with old net friend and our first time meet.

My Indian friend of 8 years (He was the last of my IRC friends that I hadn’t met) now settled in Australia, was coming down on transit and I promised I’d take him around KL. To which he tells me I’m not sure if can trust a women’s driving. I’m proud to tell you after 30 mins of being in the car with me he declared I was a great driver :pppppp

However the first challenge was to identify the right person without looking like a doofus. Normally I’d set the meet in places where you can easily identify the person blinking looking for their faceless friend. This time not much of a choice, it was the airport and though Id seen his photo before, I wasn't so sure.

Thats when the adventure starts - you see this friend of mine has email replying deficiency syndrome - he dutifully reads emails but does not reply :pppp

Initially we were supposed to meet at the hotel he was given - coz I thought it would be in KL. Then when he finally sent me email on the hotel name n place on Friday - I told him, no change plans back to airport. But heres the thing he doesn't reply back - but I had the feeling he read the mail like he always does but just didn't reply - but I wasn't sure.

So went to the airport, arrived some 15 mins after the plane landed and went down to the hotel registration place to leave a message there. Went back up to arrival hall and found a strategic place to wait in between both exits - and wait I did.

30 mins became 1 hour and then 2 - by then all the cab drivers and travel agents knew I was waiting for someone n were getting very curious - and there I was wondering if I missed him since I had no idea how he looked like. I wasn't worried or bothered about the waiting - airports are tricky - I was worried I missed him - coz we couldn't recognise each other.

There was one guy who had come out and looked around and sat at the sofa fast asleep right from the time I arrived, I was wondering if I should wake him up and ask. Didn’t help when the next flight arrived from India followed by one fromt the middle east.

3 of them cab driver or travel agents actually came and asked me who I was waiting for and the 3rd actually gave me some good suggestions.

The guy suggested I check if he was on the flight - I knew he was on the flight and also his name was on the hotel list downstairs, Id already checked that but I still went ahead and checked at the office however they tell me its confidential try upstairs so I went there they inform me the same thing and suggest I try paging. Airport ain’t so helpful, I’m informed no public paging, KLIA was putting me on a merry go round.

So finally I decide I’ll try downstairs again, I walked out to see if anyone was looking for anyone blurly, walk back in and see a guy smiling and nodding at me.

So I was like hey how r u - and what happened inside (yep very direct :p)

He tells me I actually saw u taking the lift and I took the next one - I thought u went back coz I took so long. Long story short it seems he got slightly confused inside, stood on the wrong line, then went to get his transit pass, and also went gift shopping (that I figured out he didn't tell me :p)

He was quite surprised I hadn’t given up. Hummm I think my level of tolerance and patience is quite high. :)

I ended up taking the wrong turn out of the airport. You see signboards coming back from the airport are so messed up. Anyway at the end it turned out to be a blessing in disguise (continue reading to find out why).

Took him around Brickfields, my favourite town smack in the middle of the city, which is so Indian, my friend actually commented it feels just like India. Errr I'm not sure that that was a compliment or hummmm

Took him home introduced him to my mom and gave him some time freshen up. Wrong move, mom and him ended up discussing why I should be forced to get married, I practically dragged him out. Nonsense friends I have.

Took him for the must do in Malaysia - food tasting. He was sold for life.

Then of we went to the most popular and most photographed spot in Malaysia - the Petronas Twin Towers. It gave me an opportunity to photo click as well though we couldn’t go to the bridge since it was too late. (there’s a daily limit).

We clicked left, right, walked here and there in the blazing sun. Finally friend stands there in awe of the structure and tells me I could look at this the whole day.

And I was like dai adhi villum - no way I'm standing here in the middle of the hot sun for the whole day.

Luckily he dropped the idea and we had a view of the park over drinks (which was his idea :p).

That Saturday, was a day in history, a lesson was learnt. Never take men into electronic shops, they WILL NEVER come out. We were there for some 5 and half hour, I can give you a lesson on digital cameras and handicams, if time permitted he’d still be there. And men complain women take time to shop.

We met a soda pothi, a sidumunji and a few others who were working so slow I came up with a theory.

I think its a marketing tactic, work walk as slow as possible, that the customer gets bored and looks at something else and gets tempted to buy more.

Enna thinking illehya :pppppp

Very unfair was I became model for the day for all the snaps he and the sales person were taking to test the products - Hey I never said I'd be a model only agreed to take out was my protest - which he completely ignored - waste payan :pp

I had to do driving stunts to get him back to the airport on time, since he had become so engrossed in shopping.

Weird thing was he and mom both felt they’d seen each other before. Quite impossible since he was not in the country, when we had gone to India.

I’ve told him don’t you dare tell anyone I took you around KL. Just say I took you electronics shopping and as a plus you got to see the Petronas Twin Towers.

All manam prechanai* if that short visit was considered showing KL and here I was pondering and bugging everyone on where to take him for the last week.

manam prechanai* embarrassment

Evening went clubbing and bar hopping - will explain more in next research post.

My friend had come down from another state and was expecting to be shown a good time plus catch a movie or two. She was definitely shown one! I reached home only at 6am.

Next day we were supposed to catch Mumbai Express in the afternoon, I woke up in time for the movie, so she suggests we do my favourite thing. Go roller coaster riding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what fun, we were at BerJaya Timesquare’s Theme park. I’ve been there few times before but going again won’t hurt. The roller coaster is the longest indoor coaster in Asia Pacific.

My favourites are the roller coaster and the spinning orbit.

Then of to catch Chandramuki for the 3rd time at an awesome theater with awesome seats. TGV KLCC just rocked. Sadly no sound effects from the crowd.

Supper saw me being surprised by old friends and discovering even more weird stuff. Shall explain later.

All in allm, was a really good weekend, with enough of everything. :ppp

Most of all I’m happy I got to finally meet my friend after so many years.


Maran said...

and how do you feel today?

visithra said...

I'm all refreshed :ppp Monday was officially laze around day though mom didn't allow kept bugging me every hour :(((

Kaps said...

Never take men to Electronic shops.....continuing from where u left....never take women to jewellery / saree / cosmetics shops.

visithra said...

Kaps : heheheh we never denied we take long time to shop, its men who do - I've got a post coming up on this. Watch out for it :p

Kaps said...

Thanks for Blogrolling me. I'll look out for your nxt post on shopping

visithra said...

No probs, it was way due. Who said it was about shopping :pppp Its up read it.