Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Image Change

As you can see, I’ve changed the title image on my blog.

Now before you ask where I stole this, I didn’t. :p

This was something I worked on years back, during the time I built my kolam website. They are a few more but I can’t seem to find them and have no idea where I’ve stored them online :(

But I did steal the images of the dancers from elsewhere, so don’t ask if its me :pppp

This being the 308th post on a 179 day old blog, I thought it needs a new look.

Sorry I probably won’t change the black background. I love the colour black :ppp

Coincidentally the last time I did such a post it was on the 79th day of my blog. Hummm didn’t do it consiously but I do love those numbers :ppp

Blog visitors are at 12912 - nice number huh! :ppp

Old story fresh look.

We were watching TV at home, when the Kadhalar Dhinam movie trailer came on. Instantly we were attracted to the Dhandiya song and Sonali Bendre’s costumes and dance moves. So friends and I were eagerly waiting for the movie.

The release weekend, I booked tickets at the then newly opened Summit GSC theater. Walked into the the ticket counter area and found a huge crowd and we were quite late. So I walked right up to the counter ignoring the crowd to see if I could pick up the tickets without standing in line. Yes I could! As I was picking up the tickets, the guy behind the counter tells me

Movie nalleillehngeh - poi pakurathu waste vehnumna nah ungehluku vereh movieku ticket tarehn. :pp

I looked at the crowd, they were already quite pissed with me and I still wanted to see the movie. So I declined.

Us 3 gals went of to our seats and there were my all time favourite moviegoer. I love to hear comments from the crowd on the movie as long as he doesn't narrate the story clip by clip.

So movie starts and we’re put face to face with girlie boy of the year - and we sat through reel after reel of the torturous movie. Now why we were still sitting there? It was coz of those guys sitting in front of us, they would say something and we would laugh, we would comment something and they would laugh - a classic movie theater symbiosis relationship.

We couldn’t help but make fun of Kunal and groan everytime he cried (he cried that many times). One thing ran through our minds :

Adapavi oru Sonali dance adhureh trailerah pothu engehleh ehmatitingehleh - :pppp

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Anyway the scene of him carrying his veshti in the middle of that beautiful park came and for that one of the guys exclaimed.

Dai kalleh paaruda, shave panniruhkan, pombulah pillai kall mari iruhkuduh.

Half of the theater burst out laughing.

Then came the ultimate scene. Whole theater was quiet. He was imagining professing his love to Sonali and then he starts crying and for that one guy said :

Ennala ivahn sonalieh vidah 3 times more aluvuhran.

For that the 3 of us burst out laughing and the whole theater turned back and looked at us.

Of course we sat there acting as if we were oblivious to the stares :ppp

Monday, May 30, 2005

Three Too many

Since I had such a moppy previous post, what with people coming in and leaving sad, decided shall steal this from Ferrari who has happily found a new gf.


and ..... Vichu


hummm it was
thats about it - rest have always been my name :p


My eyes
My smile
My hands


I like everything about me - I’m a very content person :p




The death of a friend


err 4
My wallet
My handphone
My car (practically live in it :p)
My innitial ring (worn it since I was 12)


Diamond ring
(shame on you if you thought only that :p)


someone who doesn’t bore me

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):

I’m deeply in love.
I can swim.
My voice was featured on a live recording.

Ithil ethu unmai?? Hummmmm :ppp


Nice long hair :p
Broad shoulders


Visit the ladies (Hey I’m being honest :ppp)
I’m bored - I wish some clown will come to my office and do a number and give me balloons :ppp
have something hot and spicy that I cry tears of joy (done! Done! done!)


VIP - Veyillil illatha pohlapu
DSP - Doctoring Sarcasm PhD
CBI - Coffee Blogger Interconnection




Visva darini


Go on all the scariest, fastest roller coaster
Travel around the world
Watch Man U play at Trafford


I am tagging hummmm Kay, Prav and Optimist endra Murali

I want to see what they spin out of this :p

Saturday, May 28, 2005

It’s June.....

Driving to work, I realised June’s arriving.

Memories flooded back. Why did it happen? Why at that precise time? Why couldn’t it have happened a day later? 8 years back my friend met with an accident and died at the spot in June.

My friend, Ramx invited me to this chatroom on ICQ and introduced me to 2 guys. One was Gopi and the other was fidgeting to tell his name.

Him : No I’m not telling.
Me : Why?
Him : You’ll laugh.
Me : Why would I laugh?
Him : You would, everyone does!
Me : No I won’t.
Him : Promise you won’t laugh.
Me : I Promise!
Him : It’s........... Senthil... DON’T LAUGH.
Me : Duh why would I laugh?

It was at the height of the popularity of the Koudamani Senthil comedy pairing, poor thing used to be so self conscious. So the of us would be chatting away in our own chatroom on ICQ. 2 from Ipoh, me in KL and another in Seremban. From Led Zepplin to Bob Marley, football to gals. Everything under the sun was discussed and yakked.

Ramx was the romeo, suave womens man. Gopi and Senthil were the hardcore rockers who only listened to rock and heavy metal and they were single. I used to tell them wait till you guys fall in love, then you’ll ask whose Led Zeppelin. They claimed it would never happen.

Then Gopi fell in love totally blurred. I became his official advisor, what do I do, what do I get her. Soon Senthil fell in love over the net with this gal in Singapore. He was online for hours, chatting her up and he even introduced her to us. Led Zeppelin flew out of the window.

Visi ipohlam rock pudhikarathileh, senti than!

(Visi, rock doesn’t rock me anymore, I’m all for mushy songs now!)

I teased them mercilessly for which they both just smiled. Then Senthil moved to KL to pursue his studies. He was too madly in love by then. Unfortunately he could only access the net over weekends when he went home.

So every night (during weekdays) at around 11.00pm, he’d call me either after calling her or before. I couldn’t call him, it was the days before handphone was as common as a wallet. Dad will fume at the calls, why was he calling so late at night???

Visi come lets meet, how long will you tell me no?

I was wary of meeting net friends (even how close we were), so I’d tell him wait, the time will come. So we remained faceless friends. Weekends our group got back together online.

He went to watch City of Angels and came back all mushy. It seems the rocker dude that he was cried watching the movie. After all the teasing I did, he made me promise not to tell the other guys.

One Saturday morning he called me. That was the first time he had done so. He was at the bank waiting for his turn.

Me : Hey how come you’re calling today? Didn’t you go back?
Him : I’m calling from Seremban, dad’s handphone. Chumma un nyavagam vandadhu (Just thought of you).

Me : Lusu, whatcha up to?
Him : I'm at the bank. Hey I haven’t slept you know, was up talking to her. Miss herla.

Me : Dai you should sleep properly. Tomorrow you’re picking up parents right?
Him : Hey airport is very near, but jolly after one month I’m gonna see my parents!

Me : Whatever you do sleep properly, you can talk to her later also.
Him : Seri da I’ll see you online tonight, Monday I’ll call you.

That day I thought, from next weekend I’ll call him at home. Night we saw each other online. When it got late we chased him to go sleep, but later we found out he was still online chatting with his gal. Sunday night Gopi was missing from chat, Senthil shouldn’t be online, he’d be on his way to KL. It was a weekly routine all of us knew.

Monday night, 11.00pm turned to 11.30 to 12pm. There was no call from him. I went online to find a message from Gopi.

I need to talk to you, wait for me online. Time was 7.00pm Monday.

Senthil’s gf pinged me, she had gotten the same message. She tells me Senthil hadn’t slept at all, he only left the pc to drive to the airport. By then we were both worried, why such a message and she hadn’t got a call as well.

Me : Intha Senthil lusu engeh? Innaki ehn call pahnaleh, Paandi naaliku kupdhathum.

Where’s that Senthil clown. Why hasn’t he called? Wait let him call tomorrow, I’ll give him a piece of my mind.

Gopi comes online and puts the 2 of us in one Chat room.

Gopi : I’ve got something to tell you.
Me : Yeah what’s with that message, you’ve got me worried here.

Gopi : Visi, Senthil passed away on Sunday morning. He met with an accident on the way to the airport. He died on the spot.

Me : Noooooo you’re joking right? I just spoke to him yesterday. Dai stop playing like this.

Gopi : I just came back from his funeral in the morning. I didn’t believe also till I saw him. If you don’t trust me call Saravanan his cousin!

By then, I knew he wasn’t lying. Senthil was his best friend.

Me : Why didn’t you tell me earlier?????

Senthil had been driving his car towards the airport with his younger brother and best friend and cousin Saravanan. He fell asleep on the wheel hitting the curb.

He never woke up, for all the sleepless nights, he decided he’d take eternity.

Parents hadn’t seen the son for a whole month. They had just arrived from India and were waiting for the son to pick them up. The younger boy was in critical condition, unknowing the brother had passed on. For health reasons, the news of his brothers death was withheld for a month. When he first woke up, the first thing he asked was how was anna (brother)? Sara escaped with just a head scar.

I was shaken. He was only 18, we were the same age. It was my first brush with the death of a friend. It was painful to realise that I would never meet this friend of mine. Everytime he had called I could have met him, but I hadn’t. I could have! I cried for a week. He had so many dreams. I had no face to match the voice.

I didn’t know his family, neiter did his family know me. If I went to see them, what do I tell the already heartbroken mother.

I called Saravanan, 2 days later believing yet unbelieving.

Sara was heartbroken. Why did he only escape? Why? Was all he could ask. Senthils mom would start crying everytime, she saw Sara. Sara stopped going there. We became friends, mostly to try to get Sara out of the depression. Sara just kept getting worse and one day months later he stopped calling. Still alive but missing.

Our group of 4 never got back together. We couldn’t take the silence of 1. We drifted apart, after Gopi sent me the last photo he, Senthil and Sara had taken. We know we’re around, we just don’t talk anymore. It took me a long time to try to forget but come June I remember. Somewhere in some corner I know the other 3 remember as well.

That day I vowed to not let another friend pass without a face. I did manage, until October 15 2004. That’s another story.

Funny, tears can still cloud my eyes today.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Is that a ......

Yes it is!

Caught this on the morning near the Ashram in Veliangiri.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Click here for a larger image.

I like the shot and look closer its not a cow it is a donkey.

Everyone who sees the photo, keep asking me why you took a shot of a cow and I tell them its a donkey. That was the first time I saw a donkey in India.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

First time I saw one out grazing freely. I think I’ve seen them at farms only.

But I like the photo, with the background and all.

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Pandora’s box

Its the wedding season. Everyday when I reach home, theres some new wedding invitation sitting on the living room table. Every weekend since 2 weeks back, theres a wedding or an engagement to attend over the weekend. I’d be lucky if there weren’t 2 different weddings on the same day. Its exhauting trying to find gifts.

Anyway yesterday got back to find a card on the table. Suddenly saw my name on it (silly on the guest list not the brides space :ppp) Which friend of mine was inviting me without telling me they were getting married? I took a double take at the name and started laughing.

Wow how the hell did this end up here, personally delivered. I had to wait for mom to come back to discover the details.

Well the 2 that turned up at my doorstep were my ex roomates at Univ. Its been 6 years since I heard or saw them. This isn’t a case of lost contacts, I’ve lived in the same house for 12 years and in the same area for 21 years and my house telephone number has remained the same for 21 years. Its just a case of I’ve used your hospitality, now I don’t need you anymore.

The thing is my house is just next to the Univ, because they were my roomates, my parents took care of them, found them a house when they moved out the hostel, invited them for home cooked meals and when they went on semester breaks, my house would turn into their storeroom. All the while I’d be the one making sure we stayed in contact after we moved out of the hostel rooms. I’d realised then that this gals were actually using me and my family’s kindness but to me I wasn’t gaining or losing anything so I wasn’t really bothered. I also knew behind my back they had been trying to poison my mom not to allow me to take part in activities. I knew all the while what was going on but I never let the cat out.

Right after the last semester, they went back to their hometowns and then communication practically stopped with me still trying to maintain contact.

One of the gals had been in a relationship but marriage was bound to be a problem. Gals parents were against inter caste weddings so I used to sit and listen to her worry late into the night. One day through a mutual friend I heard she got engaged. That was the last straw for me, what kind of friends waited for a stranger to pass me the news. That day I said no thanks I’ve had enough. A few days before the wedding I got an invitation by post, no calls, no emails. I didn’t attend.

That was 6 years back.

Yesterday 2 of them came by to invite me to one of their weddings 1 month in advance (wow). Thankfully I wasn’t at home. Wow they still remembered where I lived. They haven’t seen me for such a long timela, no numberla (aik never been changed and its in our college book - humm), please ask her to come, please make sure she comes.

Aiyoo enna pasam ivlonahla engeh pohnuchii???

Best part they could actually ask my mom how much is she earning? I was like huh????

I have no interest in rebuilding such friendships. I’m one of those people who will do everything possible for a true friend, for fakes I could discard them like disposables :p (hehehhe thats so funny)

My mom and brother insist I go for the wedding. Brother gave me a oneliner :-

Virodhiya irundhalum madichi kuptha pogahnum.

Sigh I hate it when he makes sense. I’m just wondering why now, what do they want?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Perur Temple

Back to my CBE travel photos. The last stop on the Veliangiri road was the famed Perur Temple, Patteeswaraswami Temple.

Built by Karikala Cholan, this temple is situated 7 Kms west of Coimbatore near river Noyyal. It is dedicated to Lord Siva. The presiding deity of the temple is known as Patteeswarar and His Consort, Pachai Nayaki. It is also known as Mel Chidambaram.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Click here for a bigger image

I liked the ambal here. Irritating was the young priest at the sannadi, all I asked was for a small archanai but he’d refused to do it without the receipt. Sigh earlier the achagar at the Sivan sannadi had compiled. I was running late, had to get back to my hotel to find the travel agent.

The kanagasabhai was really beautiful, but I couldn’t stand and stare at each pillar as a Villaku poojai was about to start. Each pillar was adorned with a manifestation of Shiva.

I couldn’t take photos as well, there was this old lady following me and telling me no photos each time I snapped a shot and all I did was snap the outer area. She’d suddenly appear out of nowhere to reprimand me. Hummm

Got this from here

The presiding deity is Shiva and the 'Swayambu Lingam' is the idol worshipped here. This sanctum is the joint effort of the Chola, Hoysala and Vijayanagara rulers during their reign. The greatest attraction of the temple is the 'Kanaka Saba' or the golden hall which is adorned by a gold plated statue of Nataraja bestowing blessings upon the two sages - Gowmuni and Pattimuni. The gopurams and pillars of the hall are exquisitely carved out sculptures highlighting Dravidian architecture.The significance of Perur temple in earlier days are unfolded in the poetic creations of Arunagiri Nather and Kachiappa Munivar. The temple stands on the banks of the holy river Noyyal called 'Kanchi Manadi' by the locals. Pilgrims from all over visit this spot to pay homage to their ancestors. It is believed that the mortal remains of the dead turn into white stones after about 144 days.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Click here for a bigger image

More links and photos here and here.

The thiruvilla at the temple takes place during Pangguni Uthiram.
Nice temple with lots of old wooden chariots.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Who will it be?

So its up to the last 2.

I became a fan of the series American Idol, last season.

Fantasia, George, Jennifer and Latoya just blew the stage each time. I still think last season I heard better renditions. Say in 12 performances I’d have heard at least 5 great ones each time. And there was so much emotional drama, your heart felt everytime someone left.

This time around, they’re all good but most of them lack that passionate singing. I had earlier been rooting for Anwar Robinson. What a voice and good looking too but that’s where it ended. Somehow he was a performing klutz, mechanically delivering all songs after the first 2 great weeks and ending it with a brilliant last note. Yeah great last note but what happened to the song at the start middle?

When he left, I don’t think anyone really thought oh my god there’s a conspiracy going on. He didn’t deliver. Not until Constantine left, did anyone really feel a connection to the singers maybe we miss season 3s singers. I’m not sure but those people were professional heart string pullers.

By the 2nd week the singer I’m rooting for now, started standing out. Each performance was energetic, passionate beautiful and so emotional. If you thought Carrie, you must be joking.

Bo Bice is just incredible and what great hair (sorry couldn’t resist :p). Each week he belts out a wonder after another.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I’m hoping he wins, he really deserves to. I would have preferred a Vonzell and Bo finale but who knows what those people who were voting think. Anyway vote well, please.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Lets have a long haired rocker Idol!

Update 1 : I watched half the performance last night - slept through the rest :p

Read the comments on foxesonidol.com and I think Bruce is right - Bo doesn't want to win.

Look at the pathetic songs they gave them - what crap the 2 songs choosen for them were.

Grr let the rocker be the rocker!

I do still hope he wins but I wouldn't want him to change himself or his style.

So lets hope for whats the best for him.

Update 2 : Right after saying this read on the Idol Blog - Carrie's the new winner. truthfully I ain't upset, after seeing last nights songs that is.

Entha BhAgyamu.....

Weekend was exhausting yet fun.

Fun in the sense, I actually find prayers rejuvenating and it gives me some kind of peace which is fun too me and of course the new kiddos and boyfriends I made.

Exhausting in the sense, I was on my toes the whole time with barely 1 hour to sleep in between and the forsaken food. Amazingly we weren’t hungry just dying of thirst for iced cool water.

If there are 2 things I can’t live without it is ice and chilli. A total no no for singers but I can’t help it I’m addicted! :ppp

This was the second Kumbhabishegam my family had been actively involved in. Of course I’ve attended quite a number as a devotee, even got to sneak in into Thiruvanmuyir Marutheeswarar temples Kumbhabhishegam. Don’t ask I’m blessed with loads of luck, god wise. The weird part was its happened about 12 years apart in 2 different temples.

The problem with being actively involved is, not everyone appreciates it. There we would be trying to make sure everything goes on as schedule and one idiotic bunch will be trying their best to create problems and expecting to beget the same respect we get without doing anything. People are incredible.

All my life I’ve met so many versions of this people, my age, my parents age, monsters in the guise of kids. Thank god it was me. Someone else in my shoes would have long retreated to some cave to become a hermit. It’s come to a point where nothing fazes me. I’d go oh yeah so or laugh it off but occasionally I do wonder what’s wrong with this people.

Is it our fault that people trust us? Is it our fault that people respect us more?

A 50 something has been competing with me for some 20 years! An eight year old bugged the hell out of me for a few years by being a pain and again trying to compete with me. I understand if a peer did those, why embarrass yourself when the age gap is so huge!

I guess it riles people that my mom still gets respected the same way she was before she became a widow. Do you refuse to do things you’re invited to do just because some idiot is jealous? That’s stupidity, living as a doll people twist left and right.

The 50 something crossed the line the other day, verbally attacking my mom. I told her off, while smiling. The smirk on my face reeled her up so much she said something unlady like much to my amusement, that I started laughing.

I'd already brushed it off but somehow god decided I should be redeemed from those words the very next day. The main pathachari had given me his handphone to hold during the prayers. When I returned it to him, he was amazed to see his mobile provider had sent him a reload bonus. It seems that was the first time it had happened, so he spent the next 5 mins embarrassing me by broadcasting my rasiness to those present. Hehehe it was very cute.

Sometimes, things seem irrelevant, but it does wonders in reassuring you not to worry.

Sometime back, this sadistic man told me and a friend - probably you don’t have the talent or gods grace after spending an hour demoralising us. The thing that riled me the most was the gods grace part.

Before going out to do errands I had lamented out loud how could he say I have no gods grace? As I backed out my car from the verandah, this car stopped behind mine and out came this temple priest with prasadam in hand to bless us at home. Mom and I were dumbfounded, he had no reason to appear at our home that day.

Anyway 50 something was told off, to shut up or leave by the management. She decided shutting up was a better option, though she did try to sugar up the priests to which they caught me and lamented -

"Yehn maa pohne, ipdhi pothu arukuralehhh!" Hehe

Being complimented is one thing, getting it from a senior musician, now that's priceless. Slightly embarrassing though being praised, in the middle of a crowd for something you had sung, for the thalam you had matched to the percussion at the spur of the moment but nice :p

Entha BhAgyamu.......

I must have done some great thing, somewhere in some birth, for all the bhAgyams I’ve received.

At the end of the day, things that should have riled me didn’t really matter.

kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa......
yaathum maRukkaatha malaiyappaa - un maarbil
Ethum thara niRkum karuNai kadal annai
enRum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakku
onRum kuRai illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa

Friday, May 20, 2005

May the Force be with you.

Never go to a shopping mall twice in a day, you’ll get confused on where you parked.

Wednesday was the day, the D day I'd been waiting for.

What what what????

Star Wars (Duh!) or as my none fan friends call it Natchathira Pooru :ppp

So of I sped at lightning speed to purchase my tickets.

Behold! What joy - 2 rows from the top - at the theaters biggest auditorium. Yayyyyyyyyyy

Throughout the next few hours - I took the tickets out a few times to check if it was

1 Still there
2 The right tickets
3 It hadn’t vanished by some Sith force :pppp
4 And to personally gloat to myself that I had 1ST SHOW tickets!

Hehehhe yes yes weird :pp

In between hours, were spent at the temple. Just before I was supposed to leave, I’m called to sing. While doing that bargained with god - since I’m singing, no traffic jams, no road blocks, no closed roads and please get me a parking :p

Walked into the theater area and got a shock whoa so many people. Looked around to see :

Hey Anakin in the flesh with a light saber!

2 Darth Vaders - One with just the head gear.

Heehhe were this people fans or what!

Ning Baizura (Malaysian celebrity) was also there undisturbed by fans.

Friends arrived 15 mins before movie - ticket vangiyacha ileh?

Illehpa waiting for you all. (you should have seen the horror on their faces)


Nonsence, eveningeh vangiyachu. Enna Seats teriyuhma?

Went in to find, the three costumed fans were in the same theater happily waving their lightsabers.

Friend : Screennuku sambhrani pohdama iruhnda seri
Me : Pohtalum pohdungeh!

After 30 MINS of ad (grrrr) movie starts and people start cheering and clapping.

Friend : Err ticket check pannu Chandramukiyah Star Warsahnu?

Gee this was the first English movie I’ve gone where people cheered.

The movie!

Movie was good, awesome if you ask me but then I’m also a blinded fan so I might not be trusted.

Why its good?

1 Obi Wan yielding his light saber left and right at any given time (awesome fights)

2 Yoda stealing the lime light with his suave moves (all the duels you’d want to see, beautiful if you ask me) Yoda! Yoda! Yoda!

3 Chewbacca makes a sneak appearance (awww so cute)

4 Leia’s the smatter kid right from birth (Luke has this blur look even at birth)

5 R2D2 kicking ass with his intelligence - hehhe the droids were so fooled!

6 It’s really dark - there’s that power rush - Vader! Vader! Vader!

All in all the fan here says its awesome!

Hit by the force, I said bye to my friends and stood at the lift. 3 mins later as the lift arrived, I realised I’m at the wrong entrance. Grrrr tiripi nadeh!*

tiripi nadeh - start walking again.

Branch of Life

Well I should have put this up earlier but have been busy. So since I’m going off on a long weekend (it’s Wesak Day this Sunday so we get Monday off :p), here’s some photos to look at.

Velliangiri Temple, Coimbatore

This temple is at the foot of the path to Then Kasi. I was told the pathway is passable only during Chitirai (Apr - May) due to the trecherous path and snow. Yep it snows in Coimbatore, well at the Velliangiri mountain tops only.

I loved travelling through the forest towards this place. Such a beautiful sight and I hear elephants roam the place. I love Elephants!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I like this shot and of course my favourite tree is all over the place and what a huge tree!

For a bigger image click here.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
This is the hall I performed at.

For a bigger image click here

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Another shot of Velliangiri.

For a bigger image click here

For more explanation and photos check the below links of my previous blogs.
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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Did you end up here this way?

I’ve been preparing this list for some time now.

I’m amazed at what brings people here, and do realise after posting this its gonna be worse but what the heck google did it before, it’s bound to do it again. :ppp

Certain words have been blocked out or changed, in the hopes people don’t end up here that way again. So kandukandingeh :pp

Top ten searches
"he blushes when he sees me" - yep someone actually searched this I am not kidding - n this wasn't the first time they did this search.

kanavvu kanni - Err????

muniammma blogspot - Muniammma???? Kadavalehhh - Chennai rowdy vanthu thedah pohra :p

chinapress+tamil s_x stories - the only 2 words on my blog was the first 2 n see how it landed here. Sigh

vcd chitti tamil serial - Nooku teriadhoo nah illegal vcd global centre modhalalinu???

HOW MANY TAMIL CHANNEL IN MITV ? - I'm also doing marketing for this people according to Google.

kaps the mens store italy - Err Kaps ure a men’s store in Italy :ppp

women looking for men - Huh ithu no matrimonnial site

chandramuki download



kay kolam - Kay nee ehpoh Kolamma marineh??

chandramuki jothika

who am i? - Nee yaarunu ehnaku ehpadi pa terium. Aiyo! Aiyo! Aiyo!

kolusu on feet - aprohm thalaiyilehya pohduvangeh?? Waste!!!!

What is the best dish to eat with fish kulambu (what the?????)

put on a pakama - huh???? Whats that

Rest Searches

c70 blackout lights - Err??

s_x, blue, bf, image from indian ( the search led to my blog though there was no such words hummm weird)

car parking empty place indicator for 4000 cars - Yaarupa nee??? Ipdhilam searching??

there's no free lunch cartoon - Free lunch?? Cartoon? Anyone can see any connection?

chandramuki movie watch



pierced her nose tamil
- hummm Tamillehthan nose pierce pahnuvange

Nose stud and Chennai - Mookuti vilambaram kudukurah maari illeh?

Imagine if I had Ads - nagai kadai vihlambarama iruhkum


does rani mukerji go out with anyone has she got a boyfriend - Errr sorry I’m not a gossip centre - and don’t want to know who she goes out with as well.

locattion map to everywhere (am I some map peddler?)

Weird but true stories.

Google panna sadhi they endded up at my corner.

Waste Google!!

Auto vs Computer

I'm not sure how old this is or if its true, but hehehe its still hilarious. So enjoy the forward.

For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the
auto industry and stated, "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon."

In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics (and I just love this part):

1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.

2. Every time they repaint the lines in the road, you would have to buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You would have to pull to the side of the road, close all of the windows, shut off the car, restart it, and reopen the windows before you could continue. For some reason you would simply accept this.

4. Occasionally, executing a maneuver such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would have to reinstall the engine.

5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast and twice as easy to drive - but would run on only five percent of the roads.

6. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all be replaced by a single "This Car Has Performed an Illegal Operation" warning light.

7. The airbag system would ask "Are you sure?" before deploying.

8. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out and refuse to let you in until you simultaneously lift the door handle, turn the key and grab hold of the radio antenna.

9. Every time a new car was introduced car buyers would have to learn how to drive all over again because none of the controls would operate in the same manner as the old car.

10. You'd have to press the "Start" button to turn the engine off.

For those who love - but sometimes hate - their computer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tomboy Tales

One of my earliest childhood memories, is staying next to this family with a daughter and 2 sons, all elder than me and my bro. I grew up a tomboy, always running around with the boys playing football, bicycling and to an extent even wrestling (mom was at ends on how to get me to act like a gal :p).

And then we moved from there but we’d still visit. During one of our visits as a 6 year old, we the adventurers decided we should go bicycling. What's so adventurers in that?

What you don’t know is it was one bicycle and 4 people. A 15 year old (main pilot), a 9 year old, a 7 year old and a 5 year old and it was a BMX cycle which don’t come with a passengers seat. So me and my bro were seated on the front bar while the fourth was standing on the bars that come out from the centre of the back wheel.

So 15 year old starts cycling and we manage for awhile, and we start bragging (all 4). That's when he loses control and we inch closer to the bicycles main target point - the garbage bin. Imagine Indiana Jones screaming as he’s chased by a boulder, that’s what we did and - bang - contact happened and we landed smack on rubbish.

Here’s the cute part while all of them fell outside on yucky smelly rubbish, I landed smack in the middle of the bin head down into a pile of paper. So I escaped the yuck and we all escaped bruises but we did not escape the ridicule. Our parents came running at the sound of the commotion and burst out laughing while we grinned back stupidly.

Till today whenever we meet, this is the story they tell everyone and we 4 give each other that andha naal nyavagam look.

Last Wednesday the aunty passed away. We had just met anna no 2 at the Varnam Concert on Friday. That evening out with friends, I had been re-telling this story and laughing away.

When I heard the news, I told mom - pogurah vaisu pogathan vehndum.

I’m quite unaffected by death in the sense when a person is old and passes on, I’m not affected by it but if they were young with hopes and dreams, it troubles me right to the depth of my heart.

There’s a saying - you should not cry at a funeral, the soul will be reluctant to continue its journey. People used to say easy said then done and then my dad passed on. We stuck to it, and I can vouch it can be done and should be.

That night I was there till 2.30 am doing what’s best for the soul - singing gods songs, thevarams and the sivapuranam. The last best thing I could do for an aunt of my childhood.

Ps : This was the post that took the longest to give a title. 1 week actually.


We’ve heard of lecherous eyes and wandering hands but normally they’re frowned upon.

Well the soon to be hottest job on the market should be - Airport official. Why??

-----A new X-ray machine that can virtually undress a passenger to see what lies underneath will be installed at several US airports within the year, USA Today reported on Monday.

The machine, however, also shows down to the bare skin, including fat rolls and all, a capability that violates privacy, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

WTF!!! Government sanctioned peep shows?

Here’s the link of the article on this newly discovered technology.

Ps : Sorry forgot to put a link to the article

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Short Bits and pieces

Last Friday : Clubbing

----- Ordered Coke from bartender, he laughs at me.

Next table person looks at my glass and goes Coke? Here? And laughs at me.

Grrrrr waste ppl. Can’t a person enjoy their Coke???

Saturday : Work, lazing
----- Previous night came back late yet working the next day so came home and hit the couch. Bro comes down, ready for his friends wedding. I open one eye, look at him and say pants no match - wear black or white.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghnu oru scream - groggly open eyes 10 mins later to find bro had changed. Not bad I still can make ppl do things hehehhe

Sunday : Uncle’s 1st anniversary, wedding, shopping, dinner

At the wedding, busy snapping running kids photo, mom has plans to disown me with all the snapping I’ve been doing.

At shopping, between moms banter with the sales boy (like watching a tennis game, left right left right) - I’m wondering which one enjoys whose company more. Hummm

Monday : Seminar, Dinner, Movie

Realised in 3 inch heels, I’m just an inch away from hitting the 6 feet automobile height limit bar at the basement parking. Deliriously happy looking above loads of ppls heads hehehe :ppp

While waiting for movie to start, friend and I took turns terrorising this small kid (we were tongue showing - yes I do it often at ppl not on my replies only :p). He’d turn left my friend would show, he’d turn right and I’d be waiting - finally father realised kid was doing left and right dance and took kid away. Either he thought we were going to kidnap the cute fella, or he thought we were tackling him :p

This is simply called nenupu :ppppp

Watched a wonderful movie - highlight being wonderful crowd response - back 2 back someone had something to say - loved it. Will blog about the movie soon.

Here’s the thing though, as we were walking out discussing the movie, this lady out of the blue says yeah (my friend hear it as thanks). We both froze wondering "huh???? what? Why?"I still have no idea why or what made her said whatever she said... Hummm.

Tuesday : Pickup, drop off, temple

Temple near my place is doing its Kumbhabhishegam, so shall be going daily till Sunday.

Wednesday : Temple, and
.....(only true fans will understand next coded song)

ta da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa da, da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa da da da da - dadadadadaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or

dhennnnn dhen de dhennn dhen de dhe dhen dhen dhe dheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Please decode it yourself and guess in the comment box! :ppppp

Ps : Anyone says wedding song, will get a whack post for being so unimaginatively boring!!!

Monday, May 16, 2005


Err don’t get ideas :pp

I’ve been out the whole day on business matters. Just got in, so in case you’re wondering where the hell I went missing and was about to send out a search party.

Hold on your horses, I’m just busy :pppp

Saturday, May 14, 2005


... I can’t spell in Thamizh.

Huh what ohnum purialehleh? Well let me explain.

You see I can read and write in Thamizh but my spelling is very bad and my pronunciation is also quite bad but understanding of the language is quite good. Why the disparity you ask?

Lets go back in time and I shall tell you an andha naal kathai.

One fine day in 1979 I was born just in time to welcome 1980 (It seems the womb was not a place I wanted to be to party in the 80s!!). Appa was extremely happy, he had a baby gal with curly hair, whom he spent the next few years doting, photographing and showing off.

If you see my baby photos, I’ve got umpteenth of me being carried by Appa, and nearly none of him carrying bro, pavam thambi.

Seri seri I shall come back to my story.

So daddy being very the enthusiastic about his little gal, decided kid shall only speak and be spoken to in English so the English usage would be awesome. The rule was even applied to my grandma’s (Grand dad’s all pohyeh poyachi before I even said hello to the world!)

This coming from a Thamizh school educated man!

The irony is they spent 2 years wondering if I was dumb, since it took me that long to open my mouth and talk. Later on they came to regret the fact that I could actually speak, mom still complains.

Athuku nee pesameh uhmaiyah iruhndiruhkalam - Mom’s main liner.

So every single person around me spoke only in English, while dear old soul me wanted to speak in Thamizh. By the time bro was born and started talking, they realised it was stupid and I had been but a guinea pig (experiment panna vereh kid kadaikaleh??? Disadvantages of being the eldest!).

However they still persisted with the no Thamizh rule till I was 7 and a half (being born end of the year has soo many advantages), when I put my foot down and said I want to learn Thamizh.

So off I went and joined the weekly once Thamizh class at school as I wanted so much to learn the language. So coz of those 8 years I took into task to learn how to read and write in Thamizh and even sat for a major exam at 15 just to continue learning. (The fact that I failed it coz of my spelling inadequacies is a different story but I’m very proud of it!)

I grew to love the language, I’d attend talks and poetry discussions just to listen to Sen Thamizh. Its such a shame what my dad did, and I’d point it out everytime he corrected my pronunciation when I sang Thamizh kritis and he spoke such beautiful Thamizh. Waste appa!

So today though I can write and read Thamizh, my pronunciation is quite near to crap, which eventually led to spelling crappyly as well but my understanding is quite good, be it thuya thamizh or madas thamizh.

Vazhaipazham neeku vaaradhu - very sad very sad (must be why I hate the fruit :ppp)

College bookleh - one waste friend had signed

Ehkaranathukum Bf kudah Thamizh pesiradeh - oodhi poiruvahn. (this point however didn’t apply)

Whereelse brother took it for granted and never learnt how to write or read in Thamizh which he now regrets but speaks well pronounced Thamizh.

Enna oru twist and turn right???

Well that’s why my Tanglish is slightly weird and the other fact is I do not re read what I write. If there are mistakes and someone points it out, I do the necessary changes, otherwise its all fair for all. (No Fair and Lovely does not apply here)

What a beautiful language Thamizh is and often I’m sad that I unconsciously butcher it but the tongue is just too westernised :(((

Athukunu I don’t talk in a dashu bushu vehlakaran slang sorry me no ennaku konjam konjam tamil terium character.

Occasionally I’m quite happy dad put the 8 year rule, coz otherwise I don’t think I would have had such a thirst to learn Thamizh refer to bro for proof :p

I went through great pains to learn the language, even risked red marks in a major govt exam just so I could learn more. (School rule - you don’t sit for the exam you don’t get to learn :(()

Thamizh thaai yehn Naavil nardanam aadha maruthu vithal,
Angilanthin mogam pidhithi poi ehn Naaval naruhbilamal nadakurathu,
Naan seintha puhniyam, Thamizh thaai ninaivil nardana asaivu
Intha amuthu endrum pozhiya ehn inniya venduhtal.

Points to ponder

1 Sorry to all who have stared and tried and finally figured out what I had wrote.
2 Er no way I’m starting a Thamizh blog
3 I’ve tried correcting, it sounds like a memorised act which I only use when I sing
4 I love the language too much to say I won’t use it.
5 Please bear with my atrocious spelling, I’m not going to stop :ppp just be glad its romanised and not in Thamizh characters :pppppp

Ps : if anyone wants to complain please go find my Appa, though currently not available on Earth :pp

It's a field day

...for my small town.

It’s all over todays papers mostly for the wrong reasons but quite interesting.

Something in the air? Ooh la la :ppp

Friday, May 13, 2005

Kadavuhlehhhhhhh ennai mathum


Grrrr ehn pakathuleh 2 muthalungeh ukandiruhkungeh. Renduh munnu nalleh enna paithiya kaari aka pakudungeh.

IPR enna athu propertyah? Engeh vangehlam?

Ithu ethuku capital (Aa - antha capital - financial capital illeh) ithuku ehn illeh?

Ithu oru periyah arichinu - confusedah iruhkunu vereh sohludungeh.

Yehn yehn padicha muthalla iruhkudungehlehhhhhhh

Check panna sohnathu vereh, pahnrathu vereh - aiyo aiyo aiyooo


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who would you take?

Every morning, HITZ comes up with some wacky topic to discuss with its listeners.

I being very the blur in the mornings and also since I observe morning silence, I never even try calling in. Today's topic was funny.

Anyone watches Lost the adventure series on AXN. No? Watch it, its awesome.

So in that line, who would you bring if you’re stranded on a deserted island? They started with family, then celebrity, then sports personality, then cartoon and then I reached my office. So I’m posing the question here with my own twist.

Who would you bring?
1. Family or friend
2. Celebrity
3. Sports personality
(Added just for you cricket fans)
4. Cartoon
5. An object (don’t tell me some electronic gadget - Hello where got electricity on a deserted island?????)

Here’s my list.

1. I choose friend coz if I choose family one of thems gonna be lonely since there's only 3 of us and those 2 can’t live alone, I can. This was a touch choice, I had 2 names on my mind immediately, but since we’re thinking Lost I choose my adventure freak wacky friend, Sam. (one of my best friends - non blogger)

2. Celebrity - Johnny Depp
Err huh? Weird choice? Well I’m no mad fan but he’s an interesting person who has a life besides movies and imagine all the wacky conversations we could have.

3. Sports personality
I have no idea - can I skip this? I love football but for a team play so can I bring the whole team - daily free match? :pppp

4. Cartoon - The dragon from Mulan or Donkey from Shrek (Eddie Murphy in short :p)

5. An object - Swiss Army knife - the cool one with 30 different things springing out :ppp

So what's your list? Don’t be a copycat ;p

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Flashback Take 2

As promised here’s the second half of my Flashback post.

Due to all the ragging I did as a junior with the blessings of my senior, I had no urge to rag anyone in my senior year. However my ex roommates from college decided we should do an outing of it.

So of we went one late night, dressed karatly* in our bikes. You see when you go ragging you have to give an image that scares. So you can't go prim and proper.

What's Karat you ask?

Well karat means rust in Malay but it has another meaning among the Indians. Actually a few meanings, rowdish, modern, sexy. It really depends on how you use it.

In this context it meant rowdish. Also during these times you’re supposed to give yourselves funky errr peteh names. In case someone decides to complain. :pp

Landing at our college, I got sidetracked by an old friend who was enlightening me with what the boys go through. Then suddenly one gal comes and starts complaining.

Gal : Dai ennaku tangeh mudialeh. Avah rombeh timurah pesurah.
Me : Yaaru enna?

Gal : Pudusa Juniorah vandurukaleh aveh than - ennalam pesuhrah teriuma - apdhiyeh ariayalamnu iruhku
Me : Dai sohnathaneh ennaku terium pohlimbikithe pohna - waste

Gal : Antha moodehvi ehnna sohlra teriuma - boys kudah pesuhreh gals ehlam vihnapohnavangehlam
Me : ehehhe ehva aveh??

Gal : Vandahthurindu ithe puranam pahnra
Me : Seri nee poh nah aprohm vahrenn

I didn’t bother since I was busy getting juicy story from my friend. Then gal no 2 comes with same complain. I give same answer and continue with the conversation. When gal 3 came :

Gal 3 : Dai vahrennu sohlithu ennadi vahleh - nangehlam pesuhrathu avaluku jujubi maari nadanthukura
Me : Ethani per iruhkingeh angeh

Gal 3 : 4 per - un roomates ehlam iruhkingeh
Me : Seri vah pohlam So there we went armed with helmets.

I asked her to go in first. I barged in with the helmet.

Me : Ehveh athu rombeh pesikithu iruhkehva????
Junior :
(Gal got slightly shocked seeing helmet and all) aaa vanakam senior

Gal 4 : Ivehthan andhamaari pesuhna! Athula vereh ehn peruh Briyani Banunu sohna nambah mathra.

Me :
(Yerkanaveh we discussed the name so I had no shock - I gave a serious look) Amma athuthan avah perru - vehnumna poi registarleh check pannu - antha per than pohtu iruhkum - oru senior sohlra unnaku namba terileh?? Aveh per Briyani Banu ehn per Thilangadi Varalakshmi (actually can’t remember what my name was but its somewhere in this line - both the other names were right) Iveh Rowdy Rakkama. - eHLAM POI REGISTERLEH PAARU.

Junior : She was all blank and frightened
Gal 4 : Avehluku konja eduhtu sollu

Me : Ennamo kelvi pathen - boys kudah pesuhreh gals ehlam vihnapohnavangehlamnu nee sohniyahme???
Junior : Yes I think its morally remorse (
English answering some more - mandaiki mani ethuraning*)

Me :
One long lecture while swinging helmet (Junior listens while cautiously looking at helmet) Nee yaruhkudah palagurathu mukiyahm illeh boysah irunda kuda no thappu - anna ehpadi palagurathuthan mukiyam.

Junior : aaaa ok senior
Me : Iveh per enna...
Junior : Briyani Banu

Me : Avah per enna...
Junior : Rowdy Rakkama

Me : Yehn per enna
Junior : Thilangadi Varalakshmi

Me : Seri innimeh nah ipdhi kelvi pathen - semmaiyeh vihlum purinjatha?? Seri nah kehlambuhren Briyani unnah aprohm pathukurehnn.

Vehliyah vandhu sirichi sirichi vairuhdhan valichaduh.

Few weeks later at the College Dinner - Junior gal happily sitting and chatting with guys. Of course have to go thee muthuran.

Me : Aik I thought speaking to guys is morally wrong
Junior : errr heheheh hehehe I changed already senior Thilangadi Varalakshmi
Me : Hheheheh Apdhiya per sohnen - hehhehehe seri athu ehn per illeh. I’m Visithra

So this was the only ragging I did as a senior. I’m only called in for the serious ones. Apohthan Thilangadi Varalakshminu oru character uruhvaguhmm.

Just glad she changed for the better. :pppp

mandaiki mani ethuraning* - tension pahnrathunu artham

New Toy ;p

Yep got my self a new toy.

Went and got my self a new phone after 3 years. And who mooted me to get it? My mom. Yep at home my mom is the one who keeps mooting me to get new stuff. Change this change that, change your car, your pc.

Me being the certified kanjus (I take after my dad) I take years before I do anything and optimise the usage of all my belongings.

My previous handphone Nokia 3310 was bought in 2002 because I lost the forced upon me (my dad wanted to be able to get in touch with me at all times) first mobile Motorola. Well I accidentally left it at a hawker stall. Rushed back to find the brick gone.

Why was it called brick?

It was quite an old model (2 years) though small and my friends would play around with it though they were impressed it had the UK Orange Stamp (imported it seems waste pasange). I wasn’t bothered if I had or didn’t have a phone. See brother had a phone as early as 15 years old, few years before I got mine. Parents were quite bewildered why I didn’t want one. I believed mobiles were evil, people can track you, well that was then, now its a necessity with all the travelling and going out I do. I don’t think I can live without one now, sigh gone are the days of total privacy.

Now this 3310 has served me well, with its numerous falls and being thrown around, it withstood it all until sometime early in the year. The battery did a take on me, it just shuts itself of in the middle of an interesting conversation even on a charger like a jealous boyfriend. Once again friends kept telling me to ditch it and get something new - Mahabaratham, Ramayanam ehlam tangeh mudialeh.

See I know people who change phones weekly. Waste I tell you!

Yesterday, it crossed my tolerance limit and I got back to find brother on the way home. So off we scooted to get ourselves them mobiles.

And there I sat trying to figure what to buy. I wanted to get a Nokia but here’s the thing. I’d end up paying more for the brand then the features. So we actually decided to get a camera phone. I never thought I’d do this, and didn’t think Sony Ericsson would be a choice.

Now the decision was left on whether to get the K500 or F500i. Feature wise there’s really no difference. The only difference is picture quality on the F500i was a lot better. Design wise, K500 was really sleek and pretty while F500i looks slightly plastic.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

So there I sat wondering which to buy. Brother was going for design and getting the K500 and hoping I’d get F500i, so we wouldn’t end up taking each others phones.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Finally I settled for the F500i, coz the images and video was a lot better. Ok now don’t come and compare it with higher range mobiles :p

I haven’t had time to explore my new toy and need to go back and get my mp3s. We were there way after the shop closed. He was having some problem with his laptop so told us to come back another day.

Now doesn't that gives me time to look for what to download? :)))

Monday, May 09, 2005

Engehyummm Ehpohdumm

We were invited to the Mega Launch Concert of Varnam Tv last Friday.

Err what's that?

Well Varnam is the new all Malaysian Tamil channel set to make its way on screen with the launch of Malaysia's second satellite TV provider MITV.

Anyway rushed home, beat traffic, picked up extra invites for friends, found mom not ready yet and chatting with the neighbour, shooed her, sareed up, and beat traffic again.

That’s when I realised events at 7.00pm and not 7.30pm hehehe and I’d informed friends as 7.30pm. However didn’t pose a problem since it started only at 7.40pm something.

Met one too many people I knew, I tell you KL is too small. Every 3 degrees, its someone whom I know or knows someone I know or one of my friends cousins. :ppp

I ended up walking up and down the hall, to get my friends their invites since they were fashionably late. Waste pasange :pp

First - someone please shoot Premi!!!! I used to switch of the radio when she was on, now I had to sit through an evening of her hosting???? Grrrrrr thankfully the guy host was good - Ilamaran from Singapore. Really entertaining without looking dumb@ Premi.

So to blank out her voice, everytime she came on stage, we 3 would start a conversation. I pity the people at the back of us, we sure were making a racket.

So entertainment was not bad - really good stuff and not too bad ones - only prob we were getting hungry :ppp
As with all Malaysian events, they have the GOH speech at half time. 2nd guy who spoke started in english. That was enough to stir us.

"Dai ennada englishleh petel pahnreh - Tamil event solli ennada englishnu" - left and right this kind of comments were flying amongst my friends and audience.

Then he started Palum thelithennummm.....

He actually got applause's for speaking in Tamil. Yep here you get applauded for speaking in Tamil :)))

Anyway the entertainer that had us all impressed was this singer from Singapore. What confidence, and what stage charisma! Both times that she was on stage we were bowled over. Unfortunately didn’t get her name since as you know we tuned off everytime the host came on stage :ppp

Humm and then some dancers performed to the Cheena Thana song. Why I said humm, well remember the hot costumes they had on for the movie, well same dress and one really hot gal. Seriously she was smoking only problem madam had a costume malfunction, thankfully no Janet happened. Sad part was she continued dancing, costume stripping of is something normal, but as a performer you should know you’re expected to walk out and get it fixed. Madam however was oblivious, and continued dancing.

Again my guy friend was the one who first noticed, and it was a guy from the stage crew who had to pull her out since she wasn’t planning to come out.

Anyway then they started bringing in Malaysian artists (as in recording artist not the normal stage singers who do film songs).

There was also this group of dancers - didn’t catch their name and for the life of me can’t remember what song they performed to. They were really good and entertaining, while being decently dressed. See madam you just need to be good not stipped. :ppp

First it was OG Nanba, one of them was so cute (as in his actions). When they let out those irritating stage smokes, he started flying (err flapping his hands) around while waiting for their music to be aired. Entertainment it seems, heheh was funny.

We had just been talking about one Malaysian Hip hop group when they announced their name. Hehehe the 3 of us cheered our heads out. My mom jumped in her seat. Heheheh It was Chakrasonic. Explosive performance though I was sad they didn’t sing my favourite song. Our only gripe was, there they were rapping in Tamil when suddenly they speak in english only. Ennapa?? Lost of words in Tamil from all that rapping??

Hehehe one fella was cute though, as he left skipping out the stage (yep something like skipping) - he went Varennnnnnnnnnn??? Heheheh cute

Then Jesse, Tamila Boys, Hyperkinetics, off course the one too many previous contestants of Padal Thiran Pothi*, Supreme.Now Hyperkinetics - rapped in Tamil and spoke in Tamil. You go guys!!! They also did Petta Rap - Rahman’s hit accompanied by a bunch of break dancers.

By the time Supreme came on stage, we were very hungry (it was 11.30 already) So went out looking for food. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea, lobby was filled with people mingling.

Met a univ senior who happily introduced me as his junior to a few people. What's with seniors? They keep announcing you’re the junior years after you’ve left that life??

Then I was introduced to someone. Later when I asked my friend who was that, other friend quips hey he’s a member of Chakrasonic. Me and friend, whose friend introduced the guy were like Oohhh yes ahh hheheh we didn’t know.

Even though Lockup was performing later, hunger took its course and we left after my doing a 4th time entry running in and out of the dark hall to get my mom. Try doing that in a saree, very complicated.

So now that I’ve thrown a few weird names, its time I introduced the music scene down here in Malaysia. Shall do that in the coming days.

On another very sad note, I’ve been told (by mom) we’re getting that satellite group as well since brothers going to be on it :((((((

Ok the sad face was coz I was told there’s gonna be 10 Indian channels which makes it to total 12 channels siring my sweet old TV!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa intha kodumaiyeh yahrum kekamatingehlaaa??????

Ps : What the heck has the title got to do with the content? Well the songs been drumming in my ears, and couldn’t get any appropriate title so that's why. Also I had been hoping Kashmir Stones would come and rock that song, but they didn’t. Even more confused? I will explain another time.

Padal Thiran Pothi* - a famous singing talent competition in Malaysia.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Myths about


You know how men tell you they don't do this, that, they don't like this and that and then they accuse you of not being able to do things, make a decision or that you talk about too girlie stuff. Well I discovered a few things over the weekend and am here to bust men myths. Mind you the bunch consisted of my friends, my friends friends and my friends friends friends.

1. Men make immediate decisions

This is bull number 1. We ended up sitting in one spot waiting for one too many other men to turn up and still were undecided on where to go. Remember friend in electronic shop, well electronic, watches or shoes, men cannot decide without dallying around.

2. Old men are wise men

Age has nothing to do with being wise, if a person is lame they remain lame forever. They make rotten judgments and have old people type of fun

3. Men make great decisions and don’t need womens help

When a decision needs to be made, DO Not leave said area, they will mess up and you will end up thinking what went wrong

4. Men do not like soft toys

Big Myth, men love them soft toys, be it how small or big it is. If its cute they like it just like gals do.

5. Men take a short time to shop.

Actually they take longer to shop then gals, especially if its shoes and electronics. Read my previous post for proof.

6. Men do not discuss about clothes, grooming and accessories nor do they notice what women wear.

I grouped both into 1 coz I’ve got numerous examples.

We went out in a big group of friends, friends friends and friends friends friends.

I had a shawl on - they spent 5 mins discussing it from calling it a pohrvai to a kambli.

Out of the blue another 8 mins was spent discussing my mookuti (nose stud) and another gals.

Question was why mine was on the left while hers was on the right - errr I had no explanation - as far as I knew you pierce it according to which side it looks better. Made me wonder how long he had been observing us hummm.

Then they spent another 15 mins discussing how one guy’s always changing his hairstyle and another 5 mins discussing one guys locket.

Don’t even ask about my rings. I never knew people noticed them till out of the blue someone (a guy) asked me about my fiancĂ©, and when I said no such thing they said I was lying coz of the rings. You see I wear my own initials and a diamond ring on both hands ring fingers.

Errrr can’t a women wear rings without people to jumping to conclusions?

And there we were a bunch of gals, and all we spoke on grooming was remarking on one gals highlighted hair for a sec. No discussion nothing and men accuse us of talking about fashion all the time. Nonsense pasangeh.

So before you retaliate by saying it was just them (that particular group), I'll talk about this entirely different bunch I met the next day, some old friends.

I was enjoying my dinner cum supper when someone walked to our table and nearly freaked me out. Who wouldn’t when out of nowhere you see a pair of shoes at your side. Then realise its my friend and they’re sitting in another table - so I said I'll go see them later.

Then they proudly tell me - you know we saw u earlier but we weren’t sure if it was you. You look so different, so we talked about you for some 30 mins and we’ve been watching you from just now.

Adapavingelah ithu nyahyama - I didn’t even notice they were there.

They then spent another 20 mins discussing me with me.

Guys : You look different
Me : errr I changed my hairstyle thats all.
Guys : Nooo you look different more than that
Me : Ehnapa different vohlaradingeh - intha discussionnum seriilleh

Ignoring me :

Guys : Sometime back you straightened your hair right - nicela
Me : Err yeah
(huh you can remember something so long ago?)

Then they moved to the eyewear

Guys : Hey contacts look nice on you
Guy 2 : I think Glasses look better.Me : Err I prefer contacts and ahem this is my original eye colour
(waste pasangehla been using contacts for a long time!)

Guys : Ooooh we were just about to ask
Me : Adipavingela!!!

I try to change the topic, they ignore me and conversation ran to my earrings. They insisted I looked different, and all I’ve done is change my hairstyle. Waste parties.


This are just observations from 2 outings, imagine if I made public the rest :pppppp

There are of course different examples on the blogsphere itself.

The Dupata post by Prav
The Payal or Kolusu post, or Shopping post by Ferrari.
The nightie post by Bharath

So boys, men and kiddo would you like to respond?? Gals please do respond ;D

Disclaimer : Discussion should be only about the myths and not the examples. No diverting attention to other stuff. All above are nothing but the truth no fabrication or spicing up was done.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quiet day

Hummm seems like a quiet day, in the sense my commenting force seems to be missing though the visiting force is in full force. Errr :ppp

The boys are having their exams - good luck though don’t know how much icing Saraswathi would work hehehhe. Teenager and kiddo. So wheres the rest???

I’ve hit the 10000th mark. It was someone from Malaysia googling about Chemaan Chalai.
*throwing confetti yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy throwing confetti*

In reference to this post on Kamal being here, Maran has some shots of the screen, with Kamal on it here.

Interestingly there was a big Rajini Vs Kamal argument taking place on a group I’m part of. I had nothing to say till someone exclaimed Kamal’s a genius.

Of course I said no way - good yes, genius no.

Kamal fan’s were ready to kill me when I rebutted with a link to Senthil’s page. To which I got a reply why do you hate Kamal so much. Err I just don’t think the word genius can be used to identify him, talented yes.

Sivaji Ganesan = Genius. Now that I agree!

Even more interesting I met a bunch of them Kamal fans over the weekend, all ready to strangle me but finally they decided not to go through the plan. The argument continued there.

25 hours .......

........of no sleep and awesome fun! What more could I ask for.

I had the perfect weekend doing everything I loved doing, only thing missing was the beach. :ppp

I met old friends, new friends, made friends, hanged out, had great food, travelled, shopped, took photos, clubbed, went on roller coasters, movie and loads of conversation time all in 2 days.

Now that is what I call a wonderful weekend. Shall first brief you on my meet with old net friend and our first time meet.

My Indian friend of 8 years (He was the last of my IRC friends that I hadn’t met) now settled in Australia, was coming down on transit and I promised I’d take him around KL. To which he tells me I’m not sure if can trust a women’s driving. I’m proud to tell you after 30 mins of being in the car with me he declared I was a great driver :pppppp

However the first challenge was to identify the right person without looking like a doofus. Normally I’d set the meet in places where you can easily identify the person blinking looking for their faceless friend. This time not much of a choice, it was the airport and though Id seen his photo before, I wasn't so sure.

Thats when the adventure starts - you see this friend of mine has email replying deficiency syndrome - he dutifully reads emails but does not reply :pppp

Initially we were supposed to meet at the hotel he was given - coz I thought it would be in KL. Then when he finally sent me email on the hotel name n place on Friday - I told him, no change plans back to airport. But heres the thing he doesn't reply back - but I had the feeling he read the mail like he always does but just didn't reply - but I wasn't sure.

So went to the airport, arrived some 15 mins after the plane landed and went down to the hotel registration place to leave a message there. Went back up to arrival hall and found a strategic place to wait in between both exits - and wait I did.

30 mins became 1 hour and then 2 - by then all the cab drivers and travel agents knew I was waiting for someone n were getting very curious - and there I was wondering if I missed him since I had no idea how he looked like. I wasn't worried or bothered about the waiting - airports are tricky - I was worried I missed him - coz we couldn't recognise each other.

There was one guy who had come out and looked around and sat at the sofa fast asleep right from the time I arrived, I was wondering if I should wake him up and ask. Didn’t help when the next flight arrived from India followed by one fromt the middle east.

3 of them cab driver or travel agents actually came and asked me who I was waiting for and the 3rd actually gave me some good suggestions.

The guy suggested I check if he was on the flight - I knew he was on the flight and also his name was on the hotel list downstairs, Id already checked that but I still went ahead and checked at the office however they tell me its confidential try upstairs so I went there they inform me the same thing and suggest I try paging. Airport ain’t so helpful, I’m informed no public paging, KLIA was putting me on a merry go round.

So finally I decide I’ll try downstairs again, I walked out to see if anyone was looking for anyone blurly, walk back in and see a guy smiling and nodding at me.

So I was like hey how r u - and what happened inside (yep very direct :p)

He tells me I actually saw u taking the lift and I took the next one - I thought u went back coz I took so long. Long story short it seems he got slightly confused inside, stood on the wrong line, then went to get his transit pass, and also went gift shopping (that I figured out he didn't tell me :p)

He was quite surprised I hadn’t given up. Hummm I think my level of tolerance and patience is quite high. :)

I ended up taking the wrong turn out of the airport. You see signboards coming back from the airport are so messed up. Anyway at the end it turned out to be a blessing in disguise (continue reading to find out why).

Took him around Brickfields, my favourite town smack in the middle of the city, which is so Indian, my friend actually commented it feels just like India. Errr I'm not sure that that was a compliment or hummmm

Took him home introduced him to my mom and gave him some time freshen up. Wrong move, mom and him ended up discussing why I should be forced to get married, I practically dragged him out. Nonsense friends I have.

Took him for the must do in Malaysia - food tasting. He was sold for life.

Then of we went to the most popular and most photographed spot in Malaysia - the Petronas Twin Towers. It gave me an opportunity to photo click as well though we couldn’t go to the bridge since it was too late. (there’s a daily limit).

We clicked left, right, walked here and there in the blazing sun. Finally friend stands there in awe of the structure and tells me I could look at this the whole day.

And I was like dai adhi villum - no way I'm standing here in the middle of the hot sun for the whole day.

Luckily he dropped the idea and we had a view of the park over drinks (which was his idea :p).

That Saturday, was a day in history, a lesson was learnt. Never take men into electronic shops, they WILL NEVER come out. We were there for some 5 and half hour, I can give you a lesson on digital cameras and handicams, if time permitted he’d still be there. And men complain women take time to shop.

We met a soda pothi, a sidumunji and a few others who were working so slow I came up with a theory.

I think its a marketing tactic, work walk as slow as possible, that the customer gets bored and looks at something else and gets tempted to buy more.

Enna thinking illehya :pppppp

Very unfair was I became model for the day for all the snaps he and the sales person were taking to test the products - Hey I never said I'd be a model only agreed to take out was my protest - which he completely ignored - waste payan :pp

I had to do driving stunts to get him back to the airport on time, since he had become so engrossed in shopping.

Weird thing was he and mom both felt they’d seen each other before. Quite impossible since he was not in the country, when we had gone to India.

I’ve told him don’t you dare tell anyone I took you around KL. Just say I took you electronics shopping and as a plus you got to see the Petronas Twin Towers.

All manam prechanai* if that short visit was considered showing KL and here I was pondering and bugging everyone on where to take him for the last week.

manam prechanai* embarrassment

Evening went clubbing and bar hopping - will explain more in next research post.

My friend had come down from another state and was expecting to be shown a good time plus catch a movie or two. She was definitely shown one! I reached home only at 6am.

Next day we were supposed to catch Mumbai Express in the afternoon, I woke up in time for the movie, so she suggests we do my favourite thing. Go roller coaster riding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what fun, we were at BerJaya Timesquare’s Theme park. I’ve been there few times before but going again won’t hurt. The roller coaster is the longest indoor coaster in Asia Pacific.

My favourites are the roller coaster and the spinning orbit.

Then of to catch Chandramuki for the 3rd time at an awesome theater with awesome seats. TGV KLCC just rocked. Sadly no sound effects from the crowd.

Supper saw me being surprised by old friends and discovering even more weird stuff. Shall explain later.

All in allm, was a really good weekend, with enough of everything. :ppp

Most of all I’m happy I got to finally meet my friend after so many years.

Monday, May 02, 2005


I had a wonderfully perfect weekend. Everthing I love to do jumbled into 2 days :))))))))

Yes everything. What fun :)))))

I'm still on holiday, but lazing around.

Certain events brought me to certain conclusive thoughts, will post need to rub it in hehehehe.

Met people who had been planning to strangle me but dropped the plan hehehehe

Errr so many people visited the blog and my fav posts but didn't say which. Hummmm waste. :p

Do read and comment. My blogs nearing its 10000th mark. Shall celebrate the 10000th visitor. :ppp

Now I wanna go laze somemore, bye bye. :pppppppppppppppp