Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday 12.05am

When someone tells you lets meet at Thursday 12.05am, do you

Leave home at say 11.45pm Wednesday or 11.45pm Thursday.

As far as I know, I’m only aware of international timing, I didn’t know some places practiced their own timing, which we all are miraculously supposed to know.

Maybe its someone’s vaitheruchal*

Fez up faster who ever did that!!!!

See I had booked movie tickets for 12.05am Thursday. So yesterday evening after work I went to pick up my prized Chandramuki tickets. I went 5 hours earlier so that I could get all my 12 tickets. There I am standing at the counter and they go oh ooo - booking cannot release, system jammed.

So they tell me to wait for awhile. I'm like ok I’ll wait, I’ll be nice. 5 mins went, 10 mins, and finally the last straw 15 mins, CALL YOUR MANAGER NOW - I glared and said without raising my voice - but that was enough to get the manager out.

He apologises and tells me you come later we’ll release it for you. Of course he got it for me, I come early and you can’t give it, what crap is this. What if I’m late and you release the tickets. They assure me it won’t happen, they’ll inform everyone the priority of my tickets.

Then I reconfirm, its this evening are you sure I won’t have another person explaining this stupidity then.Then they tell me, its not today, its tom night.

I was like WHAT????????

GSC has its own timing?

You’ve got your own time zone is it????

Then they idiotically explain some crap - to them it means Thursday you arrive at 11.55pm for the movie - if it states 12.05am Thursday.What crap right?????

Anyway now I’ve had to wait another day to watch my movie - sob sob.

Doesn’t help my friend sends me sms saying he’s on his way to watch it for the 3rd time.

Its sooo good it seems. Pavi pavi.

GSC you suck big time and don’t worry I’ll make sure I complain about this to the relevant authorities.

Vaitheruchal* stomach burning - jealousy

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