Thursday, April 28, 2005

This is really cool

Got this from Magix - a really good one. Do try it guessed mine in 23 guesses.

Wow I was shocked.

20q NET


Praveen said...

Radio nenachu I won! :D

REFLEX said...

Good link, I thot of Gold and it guessed in 16 questions.

visithra said...

Prav : But still cool since it refuses to give up :ppp

Reflex :Got it from Magix, had to add it here :)))

Kay said...

Nonsense for a brilliant guy like me, ithellam onnume illa, what say u Visit ?????

visithra said...

Sondha bandhaku ehlam ingeh no varehverpu

athuvumm nee sohlla ithu nyahyama???