Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Yaaru yaaruuu??? Ennathu vohlraning all :p

If you didn’t guess from the title - you’re a certified blur case who should not be a Southie.

How can you not know?? Enna avamanam? Enna Kohdumaii???

Ithai ehn athai kathirundhal? Ehn vithandeh pathi kethirundhal?

Besant nagar muniamma kethirundal? Enna agummmm?????

Hhehehehe seri seri i shall stop all the drama.

Ahem I have bookings for tickets for the first day first show screening of Chandramuki, not 1 not 2 but a dozen. :pppppppppppppppppppp

All my friends asked only one question -

deivameh how the hell you got tickets??? I wanttttttttttttttttttt!!!! Hehehe oreh standard shocked reaction.

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(pic : Behindwoods)

I also have tickets to Mumbai Express first day Show but not first screening. :))))

Who cares its thalaiva that we want to see first.


Harish said...

enakku oru ticket!!

(apadiye oru flight ticket-um) :)

visithra said...

adadaa ithu enna flight ticket kehkum vahramma? ehhehehe

no da i ran out of tickets and uhhh give u also waste - :pppp

IBH said...

Enakum oru ticket :(((( this mite be the first movie of thaliavar that am not watching first day first show...:((( I remember the day I watched padayappa and of course Baba and the ruckus i created in the family disowned me that day :)

Kay said...

Nanna enjoy pannu, Me goin for the on april 29..

Dont write anything about the movie after watchin :)

visithra said...

IBH : family kudda ehlam thalaivar padam pakka kudathu, pillaiyah nee nu kehpangeh, my amma did sathi, she prayed I cannot go movie yesterday, now can only go today night - nvm nvm - i see for you and come okva :)))

visithra said...

Kay : Ithu not fair, India pathi no writing, Food pathi no writing, now Thalaivar pathi no writing?????? Well athu ehllam movie patha enthuva pohruthuruku - rombeh nalla iruhndadhuna i cannot control i will blurt out :p