Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sightings sammandams

Tomorrow I’m on holiday :))))

Well it’s prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Humm and they installed a new pope today? Hummmm


Anyway lets leave that story. Remember I said this must be celebrity meeting month? Well let me explain.

040405 - cool number huh, realised it after seeing my boarding pass. I was at the airport on my way to Chennai.

There we were walking into the waiting room, right next to a majestic view of the Boeings, when noticed a group of 4 sitting nearby.

Sat down at my chair and before I could settle down, one aunty comes gushing

Yaarunu teriyidha???

Then I realised who they were, so that’s why they looked familiar. They must have been down for IFF 05.
Oklah I’ll tell you who they were.

Sharu Hassan - Kamal’s brother - he was quite snobbish, formal looking, but was happily laughing away with the group.

Saranya - from Nayagan fame. - So sweet looking and very pretty.

And her husband (this I found out then) Gomathi Nayagam (uhhh I don’t know his real namela) from Annamalai fame.

We smiled at them and they grinned backed at us. The thing is we were quite surprised, Gomathi Nayagam was actually good looking, he looks like a soda dappi on screen and very friendly, with a gorgeous smile.

Ahem if you’re looking for photos - sorry I don’t take photos of celebrities, I think they deserve a private life and I don’t get autographs also.

There has been only one time I did get autographs and my bro took photos.

Shall talk about it another time. How I fell in love in a split second with a Raavanaan :p


Anyway at Coimbatore, the day of my performance, well right before it, Bombay Jayshree performed and there were other greats sitting in the audience as well. Freaky if you ask me performing in front of them.

Thankfully it went well and I have unofficially been dubbed Vatapi gal (kadhavallehhhhhhh)

We got nice applause and great comments from the musicians.

In the next 2 days, we met Bombay Jayshree 3 times personally for blessings and congrats. Also there were Birgu Maharaj, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, L Subramaniam and Y Gee Mahendran.

Well those were the ones I remembered. All I know was after the performance, we just jumped Hallejulaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and spaced out - we were practically sleeping since they woke us up at bloody 4am.

I only found out Y Gee had been there for the performance, when he casually mentioned in his speech that evening -

Nahnum kalaiyileh nadhantha Pre Arangetram performance maari than..... Hehehehe

when I heard this I burst out laughing (thankfully I managed to do it silently), and my partner in pain who understands limited - very limited Tamil, looked back in bewilderment. So people remembered us. :ppp

So is that enough celebs?? Well there might be more since this is official celebrity landing month in Malaysia. Every Indian summer, we suddenly find ourselves with one too many Star Nights, Cinema shoots and Star Meets.


Harish said...

Not bad..

I thought I was the only one lucky enough to come across so many celebs :)

visithra said...

Dear this is just this month :p I got somemore for lifetime :ppp

one celeb even nearly ran me down in Tnagar :ppp

F e r r a r i said...

In Madras tamil sightings means something else ;-)

visithra said...

Humm I didn't know - what does it mean? Cheesecake? :p

And ahem I only said sighting, then celeb sighting - how did your mind get clouded with tamil sightings? :ppp

Uma said...

Visit, sounds exciting. Celebrities photos vendaam, but you must have photographs of your performance. Do put those up.

visithra said...

My performance photo - i have pathetic 2 - the person I gave the camera, was a worse kanjus then me :p

Unfortunately I won't be putting any photos online - Msia's very small very easy to be spotted by strangers - not everyone comments - also I sadly have stalkers - so no photos :))

Kaps said...

Gomathi Nayagam's name is Ponvannan

Uma said...

Visit, sensible decision!

With regards to Ferrari's comment read it as 'In Madras Tamil (moochu vidaadha padikannum idhu varaikkum) sightings means something else :) Ippo puriyudhaa? Don't know where you got the cheesecake from :)

IBH said...

sometimes rubbing shoulders with celebs gives u some sorta thrill..u know u can gush abt it with ur gal friends and start off a conversation from there on ;)) I remember now my celebrity shoulder orasifying..:)

1. I vaguely remember seeing Silk Smitha(Come on she deserves this space) and Baghyaraj shooting for avasara police 100 ,just outside our house...
2.I used to share the same road with Y Gee Mahendran when I was in Virugambakkam!
3.I remember seeing Mahesh Bhupathi and his then gal friend Swetha in Bangalore airport , when i had gone there to receive my real life celeb, my then boy friend!;))
4.I sat next to Udhavum Karangal Vidhyakar during our school 25 silver jubilee function.
5.Ahem! hold on guys! I met Thalaivar when I went to his shooting spot to invite him for our school 25 th anniversiary...he being an ardent follower of Swami Chinmayananda founder of our mission!

now after seeing him and rubbing shoulders with him do I need to say abt anyone else??ahem!ahem!!! ;)))))

Praveen said...

Engala ellam meet panni irundha list innum perusa irundhirukkum ;)

* said...

hi visitra, what was the venue in cbe?

visithra said...

Kaps : Thanks for the info :)

Uma : Thanks,
Ahem I'd like to say purinjithunu but unfortunately I don't - So someone pls explain

Cheescake - engeh local tag - but if anyone wants to know, they'll have to tell me what Tamil sightings means :ppppp

visithra said...

IBH : Kadisiyahhh sohniyehhhhh - doda ehpadimaa - ithuehlam no fairrr - nah Damil man ah than pathiruhkehnn - I so the vaitheruchals heheheh

Prav : hehehehhe apdhingreh???? Nenupu yaareh uthadu :pppp

* : Shivanjali, Vadavalli - on the way to Marutha Malai