Friday, April 29, 2005

Netru engeh ooruleh........

.......Padmashri Kamal Hassan - 2 hour live interview kuduthar.

What did I tell? For next 2 months ingeh all celebrity downloadingnu, sohnenna illehya?

I caught the last 20 mins only. I just got back from shopping :ppp

Anyway old man looked good in a black suit and black shirt. :ppppp

Though there was one giggling maniac interviewing him. Most probably he’ll be premiering M.E somewhere in KL today.

Either TGV or GSC I guess since Colisuem is busy eating Chandramuki profits :))))

Err no I’m not going to go try for free tickets :pp hehhehehe

I’ve got plans and an early and long day tomorrow. :pppp


Maran said...

"one giggling maniac interviewing him'

More like two idiotic laughing hyenas to me.

visithra said...

Both were laughing is it??? Sigh thank god didn't catch the whole thing - those 2 are the vjs i least like

hey nice shots - need to link it here :))