Sunday, April 24, 2005

MalargaL Malarvaay

....chinnach chinna aththumeeRal purivaayen cel ellaam pookkaL pookkach cheyvaay...malargaL malarvaay

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Kaps said...

If I hear a song called "Sneghidane" the only thing which comes 2 my mind is the Vivek + Kovai Sarala comedy in a Vijay movie.

visithra said...

Comedy addict kaps : you just spoilt the song for me. Waste :pppp

Kay said...

awesome song.
ponnuku kalyana aaasai vanthuduchi :PPP

visithra said...

Adapavi oru song kooda post pahna mudialeh - ipdhi sohlriyehhh - nonsence kay!!!

Goda Monkey Kay!!! :pp

Kay said...

nee ennathaaan sonnalum seri un aaasai un postliye theriyuthe :P

visithra said...



Nahne engeh ooru maamis intha kelvi kethu uyirahvangurangehnu avangeh kuda hide and seek vilaiyadukithu iruhkehn - nee ennanu blogle torture pahnreh :(((((

Goda Kay monkey :pppppp

Alex said...

I could never understand the first few lines of the song(never occured that i shud look it up till now)... you enlightened me by posting it...
My mom's all time favourite.. Thanks a bunch!


visithra said...

Am mailing u the comments coz its old archives - ;)

Alex : this is my all time fav too ;)) I just love the words ;)) NO prob