Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Inniya Puthandu Vazhtukal

Tomorrow's the Hindu New Year or Thamizh New Year as well as Vishu and Vaisaki.

So since everyone goes missing when its a holiday (in India that is, I’m still working)

Inniya Puthandu Nall Vazhtukal

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Kathiravan varahverkum in nan nall
Puthiyathor varusham,
Puthiyathor anubhavam,
Amuthai pozhiya,
Vasantham malara,
En manam kannidatha Inniya Vazhtukal.

Wishes of peace, happiness, joy in a new day, new year, new beginning and a continuance of this friendship of ours :)

I shall be happily celebrating in a theater near here with a bunch of friends. Hoping for loads of noise and theater antics :pp

Ps : For more Kolam photos go to my Vortex website.

Pss: Watch this space for a review of THE movie :p


VJ said...

wishing u the same, lets look for a desirable year ahead...

Uma said...

Iniya puthaandu vaazhthukkaL. The Kolam looks amazing

Freeyavedu said...

Hi Visithra,

Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Vazthugal !

sen said...

Inniya Puthandu Nall Vazhtukal :)

Adaengappa !! said...

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

Kay said...

Damil puthaaandu nalvaalthukal.

Maran said...

Puthandu Valtukal

Me said...

visithra thats a nice kolam

Inniya Puthandu Nall Vazhtukal

onga dialogaa ctrl c + ctrl v potu ennaku therinja ellar blogleyum comment potachi

thanks :)

visithra said...

Vj : Thanks, wish for the best, strive for the rest - whatever the outcome its still a memory :))

Uma : Welcome here and same to you - thanks ;p

Free : rombeh naal kahnum :)) thanks pa :p

Senthil : Ahha haven't seen you around here for a long time. H r u? Same to u :))

visithra said...

Adengapa : Tamil Font :)))))))) Oh thats beautiful. Thanks Ungalukum ehn nniya Vazhtukal.

Kay : Nee rombeh Captain padham paakureh.....vely bad. :p

Maran : Thanks and same to you.

Me : Welcome here and thanks. Same to you and hehehe noticed the ctrl v - did my rounds in the morning - must continue later :p

Harish said...

thamizh puthaandu nall vaazhthukal! :)

visithra said...

Thanks kiddo :)) same to you :))

Sam said...

Wish you the same, Visithra.

visithra said...

Hey Sam - how r u?

Hows India? Adjusting? Where are you now?

Sam said...

India is good, still adjusting to the changes (once in a while I feel the pinch). ;) Overall it’s good. I am in Bangalore now. Are you still in India?

visithra said...

Nice to hear :))) In Banglore huh for how long and for holiday or work?

Nah Im back home - was there for a measly 1 week only.