Saturday, April 02, 2005

HITZ.FM : I was right!!!!!!

See told you to believe me. :)))

The suspension of the HITZ.FM Dj's were a hoax.

A briliantly executed April Fool's prank. Hehehehhe so many people fell for it. I couldn't stop laughing. Really good one guys.

Read my previous posts on it. See how fast I figured it out given the fact I get to listen to HITZ only when I drive to and from work. Music's banned at the office, yeah I know crap. :)

Its here and here.

Next time believe me :ppp


Murali said...

echoos me....but wat is

IBH said...

Hey Visithra,

Kelambiyacha India ku??? Have a great trip and enjoy there in my name too ;))))

Papi said...

the moment my bro SMS about The morning crew sabotaging, I already knew it was a hoax.

But I don't agree with the way they handled calls from concern listeners.

Maran said...

Minnal FM! :p

Grey Vampire said...

yeah same question wat is HITZ fm ....a malaysian radio channel r wat????

visithra said...

Murali : U're echoosed - its the top english radio station here - the link is on the blog itself. By the way how come u didn't turn up for the meet ???

IBH : Kehlambi tiripiyum vandach - had fun besides the one irritation :))

Papi : When you act it has to be believeable - even though you know people are getting hurt, being slightly lenient would have given away the whole thing - i especially like the lawyer who called up hehehe - he called up again the next morning - saying i really believed u guys :p

Maran : Minnal??? Lol enna radio 6 rasigan? Well it does seem to be better than THR now

Grey : There's grey Vampires? Hummmmmm less vicious is it :p And how did garfield end up with vamps? Hummm by the way welcome here ohhh Vampire :p

HITZ : Its the top english radio station here

Anonymous said...

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