Monday, April 25, 2005


For all the trouble I had to go in the morning, I’ve been pretty calm.

Well got ready to leave for work, and did what I normally do - started the car.

It wouldn’t start and the alarm started screaming its head off - tried again same thing. Tried another time after checking to see if anything that shouldn’t be on was on. Nothing was on yet the car refused to start.

Dang the battery must be dead!!!

So called brother to confirm. He came down blamed me for leaving something switched on. I was like wheii I didn’t.

So we had to push the car out to get it jump started with brothers car. Okay let me rephrase that not we, I pushed the car while brother sat inside.

Did the jump starting, cars all ok now. Still have no idea what's wrong, need to go see my mechanic in the evening. Sigh I just had the car serviced while I was in India. Waste.

Batteries are horrible stuff, they normally die on you when you’re on your way for something or at something.
The first time a battery died on me was on my way to a function. There I was all dressed up in a saree and all, and we come out to find the car conked. Called my dad and took another friends car. So dad came and tried jump starting it but it wouldn’t so they got a new battery and dad didn’t scold me. :))))

Brother did and he’s a younger fella. :(((((

My mom used to say, you’re lucky he ended up the younger one. Imagine if he was older.

He’d lock me up in the house for eternity! Brrrrrrrrr...............


Harish said...

And I thought my sis was the only gal scared of her younger bro! :P

hope she doesn't read this! :D

visithra said...

Ahem I'm not scared of him, but he tries his best to scare me

When I need favour from him cannot scold him back you know :ppp

ur sis reads blogs?? Who?? Err Harish sis hiiiii see what he told about u :)))

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Poor guy, your bro !! With a sis like you, who needs an enemy/conspirator ?! ;-)


visithra said...

Hummm ithu not fair - u should be sideing me

Sob sob my bro bullies me not the other way round :(((

Kay said...

"The first time a battery died on me was on my way to a function. There I was all dressed up in a saree"

Now i know y battery died :PPPPPP

visithra said...

Adohda - the first time I drove the car I was wearing a Saree - apoh nikathe car ehpadi 3 years kalichi saree pathu ninuchi?? Nonsense :p

Kay said...

probably car first warning kuduthu irukum :PPPP

Nee ketkaaam second time potta vudane car dead :PPPP

visithra said...

First warning?? Ehpo 3 yearsku munnalehya?? Ithuthanne serilleh

Athu second timemum illeh 3rd timeum illeh - countless time :ppp

Praveen said...

Ippo patuteenga-la, inimae thirundhiduveenga :)

visithra said...

Errr ennathe pathen??? Ehpadi thirundhenn

Prav unnaku kachalla??? Kerchief Kachalla?? Athan ipdhi blurrah oru postah???