Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Floating feet

I was walking around T Nagar, looking for a particular shop I normally visit. Halfway I met some of the people I traveled on the train with. Did my usual HiBye and continued on.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks, something was pulling me back.

Boh Samboh Siva shambo shvayambo .....

That was the lyrics, that had arrested me. Sidetracked, I got in to the shop and asked for the cassete. It was Maharajapuram Santhanam’s Bhajan collection, just beautiful.

Ended up buying 13 cassettes, all carnatic and a few fusions.

When I asked them to try out the cassettes, the nice people assuming I was Indian, said I could bring it back if there’s a prob. I told them that’s quite impossible, ain’t from here.

3 faces looked at me in surprise, enna Tamil ivlo saralama pesuhringeh.

I heard this and was flying around the air, - avlo nallah illehyah ennaku zha, la, tha, da ehlam avlo nalla varadeh.

Illehma nalla iruhku, nee engeh ooru pohnutaneh nenechen.

That’s it my foot didn’t touch the floor for sometime, didn’t help when the music at the background was Kurai Ondrum Illai. :)))))

Ps : Have no idea what's the shops name, told you I just walked in but its in the row opposite Pothy’s and all. Nice place, very nice people.


Kay said...

U karnatic music ??????

Here i also feel the same in US.
Americans here say that
"nee namma ooru payan nu thaaan nenaichen" :)))

Harish said...

nalla marketing strategy :P

Kay, indha lollu-ku onnum kuraichal illa! :)

visithra said...

Kay : Yes me carnatic music, oi i went to India for carnatic performancela :))

aiyooooo tangeh mudialehyehhh - irundhalum intha maari iruhkakudathu :p

Harish : Ennathe marketing strategy - ithuehlam happened after I payed for the cassetes, I also agree kay 3 much pahnrahn :p

Anonymous said...

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