Saturday, April 16, 2005


You know what, there I was tpying an extremly wonderful Rajnifying post. When there's a sudden blackout which lasts a jujube 3 seconds. I had saved the file and all so I wasn't so worried. Ehnakengeh terium what was going to happen.

Now I can't find the file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enna oru post teriumma??????


Clue it had Chandramuki, GSC, Colisuem, Rajni, Jothika, Prabhu and 2.

Ohnum purialehya??? Puriyahma iruhngeh, I'm too irritated to retype now.

So maybe tommorrow or Monday, I will write, ippoh I'm hungry - here lunch time already, had no breakfast also, So bye byeeeeeeeeeeeee have a nice weekend.

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Suspense can wait another day, believe me you want to read this and no its not a spoiler.

That mention is especially for KAY, who has been religiously going to every site and posting please don't put a spoiler. Pavam payan pohlachitu pohgatum :pp

Oneh oneh sohlrehn - Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Vazhga hehehehhehe


Harish said...

naan mattum thaan innum paarkala methinks :(

vendaam.. type pannaadhenga.. azhudhuduven! :)

Praveen said...

hai! Ur blogger comment window loaded in a jiffy!! :)

Usual-a Internal Error 505 sollum unga site-layum Vani site-layum...ellam Thalaivar-oda power! :)

Waiting for the review...and hey I din include a spoiler! :)

* said...

hey praveen, harish :-)

visithra said...

Haris - me thinks that is also true - you only not yet see - heheh sorry da i have to tell but tom - :p

Prav : thats coz of heavy traffic da, weekends not much so its easier :p, not reviw actually but naliki wait pannu :p

* : ennahtu prav, harish mathum kannuku teriyudha?? :p

Kay said...


Yen kastam enaku. Thalaivar padam elarum paarthuteenga naaan mattum pakaala :(
How unlucky me.

* said...

saying hi in alphabetical order :p

what is ennahtu

* said...

chandramuki paakaame naan irukken :) Naan innum Aboorva Ragangal/MurattuKaalai/Padaiyappave paarkale, probly 2040-la Chandramuki thiruttu download panneetu oru offline message pottu solren unakku. Thadiyum kannaadiyum eduthittu vandhiru :)
(CP Kaadhalikka Neramillai(1965) 1999la paatha namma yen CM 2040-la paaka koodaadhu?)

visithra said...

Kay : hehehh pavama than iruhku but I must blog about it - I shall be in this mode for a long time hehehhe

* : Antha maari than iruhkahnum

Ennahtu - enna ithu
mathum - only

then unnakeh rombeh lateah terileh 2040leh pakka???

Gindy said...

It sucks when that happens. But, it does happen.

Sam said...

So is it worth watching? I am not sure if I should listen to you, since you blog so much about Rajini I think you will be too biased about the movie.

visithra said...

Gindy : Yeah, anyway my protest made them sit up, they actually called me to check if i took the tickets. :)

visithra said...

Sam : Hummmm not fair but nvm nvm, well it was good, especially the second half. Now to believe or not is ur problem, but You make fun of my Rajni I sabham uduran you don't get to see CM or ME for some time at least heheheh.