Friday, April 29, 2005

Fav Blogs

I was planning to list out my favourite blogs on the sidebar. So I made a list and it grew and grew. I didn’t know how to make it short. So I decided I’ll post it instead :pppp

Here’s a list of my Fav blogs from my postings. By the way its arranged from first posts till current. Its a long weekend, I’ll be back only on Tuesday. Monday’s a public holiday - yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

See you guys. ;ppppp

Oh do tell me which one you guys liked :))

Fav Blogs

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Ps : I have memory decision making problem. Love everything, shortening to even this was so hard :ppppp

Netru engeh ooruleh........

.......Padmashri Kamal Hassan - 2 hour live interview kuduthar.

What did I tell? For next 2 months ingeh all celebrity downloadingnu, sohnenna illehya?

I caught the last 20 mins only. I just got back from shopping :ppp

Anyway old man looked good in a black suit and black shirt. :ppppp

Though there was one giggling maniac interviewing him. Most probably he’ll be premiering M.E somewhere in KL today.

Either TGV or GSC I guess since Colisuem is busy eating Chandramuki profits :))))

Err no I’m not going to go try for free tickets :pp hehhehehe

I’ve got plans and an early and long day tomorrow. :pppp

That Four Letter Word

Humm must be movies time - last three post all on movies nvm nvm ensoy :ppppp

I so want to watch this movie, but I don’t know if it will get shown here.

How many gods to pray for to see this.

Credits role agum bothu - I want to scream hey I know the director - he’s a fellow blogger. :pppp

GSC??? Astro???? Veenai Trading???? Any takers?????

Anyway that was before seeing the photos. After seeing them I so want to see the movieeee.

Image hosted by
(Pic : TFLW)

Sudhishhhhhhhhhhhhh Malaysia release iruhka?????

Image hosted by
(Pic : TFLW)

I’ve already started liking one character - pls place all guesses in comment box.

Correctah guest pahnravangehluku duttu nehi. Confetti undu :ppppp

The That Four Letter Word movie website.

Sudhish’s blog.

Chemman Chaalai take two

I’ve already told you how much I loved the movie here.

I’ve also wrote about it here and here.

I just saw their promo poster for the screening in San Fransisco. Beautiful if you ask me.

Here’s their website, please ignore the runned frame. I hope they changed the music by the way it was shot with a digital camera and the screen did not tear ala M.E - maybe it isn’t about how much money you spend, but how smart you spend it. Here it is.

Image hosted by
(pic : Chemman Chaalai)

The thing is its going to be featured at the 48th San Francisco International Film Festival. This time around 3 Malaysian Films are being featured. 3 films that I have been rooting for.

So if you’re anywhere near there around April 21 - May 5 2005, please go watch

The Gravel Road (Chemman Chaalai)
Show Times
Fri, Apr 22 • 4:30 pm • PFA • GRAV22P
Sun, May 1 • 1:15 pm • Kabuki • GRAV01K
Wed, May 4 • 9:45 pm • Kabuki • GRAV04K

Show Times
Sat, Apr 30 • 6:00 pm • Kabuki • SEPE30K
Wed, May 4 • 10:00 am • Kabuki • SEPE04K
Thu, May 5 • 5:00 pm • Kabuki • SEPE05K

Princess of Mount Ledang (Puteri Gunung Ledang)
Show Times
Thu, Apr 28 • 8:00 pm • Kabuki • PRIN28K
Wed, May 4 • 1:30 pm • Kabuki • PRIN04K

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Panama .......

No you can’t be serious.

We don’t have a choice

(What! What’s a panama??)

(Over the phone : A panama?????? Nooooooooooooooo)

(Cool so this was how it happened the first time!!!)

Nah it didn’t work the first time


What the hell is the gibberish up there???

Well to find out watch Sahara.

Its a entertaining, non stop action, no slow blur moments and before you know it its 2 hours and movies over. Slapstick action entertainer. They’ve brought a new meaning to flying over the Sahara.

Its a nice first time watch with its moments.

Hehehe love the gun scene that comes out in the promos.

They’d get out of the jeep and drop their guns. So the rest 2 drop a gun each.

Steve Zahn drops one then 2 then on and on some 10 guns I think.

When I saw the scene start, I started laughing while the theater was quiet and people were about to give me weird looks when they realised why I laughed and everyone started laughing.

I like the BGM but occasionally sounds as if trying to emulate Indiana Jones (How could you??)

Image hosted by

And here’s the one movie the Sidekick saves the world, while the hero’s busy saving the gal. Hehehhehehe.

If you decide to go don’t think just watch and enjoy.

Here’s a nice interview on Steve Zahn.

I watched it at TGV Mines, aaaahhh TGV does have better seats and its built in such a way screens are big eventhough the theater is small. I shall pray and hope for miracles to get tickets to watch Star Wars at TGV KLCC. The best place to watch a movie or should I try IMAX at Timesquare.

Hummmmmm ;ppppp

Rain rain come again.

Ferrari blogleh innaiki morning rain pathi padichen.

Apoh I said rain is beautiful if before lunch after lunch or at night.

Its after lunch and its raining cats and dogs here. :)))))


See I only have to mention rain and it comes all for me.
Ps : Chennaileh Mazhai illaiyahmeh, engeh plance ticket dohhhh Mazhai pehyumm. :pppp

This is really cool

Got this from Magix - a really good one. Do try it guessed mine in 23 guesses.

Wow I was shocked.

20q NET

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Scenic Mountains

Here are more photos from near the Ambupani temple.

Err for everyone looking for human photos, sorry I didnt take any. :p

Though there is a picture of a _ _ _ _ _ _ Heheheh will put it up soon.

And of course if you access the Flickr links - you’d get a bigger picture :)))

Here’s my Flickr page

Image hosted by
The mountain from different points.
Click here for a bigger image.

Image hosted by
My favourite part of nature - trees. :)
Click here for a bigger image.

Image hosted by
The mountain from different points.
Click here for a bigger image.

Clever Tagline....

.......... created by yours truly and a friend. :p

what say you?

This human is naughty! Understatement of the year! :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ithu 2 much

People say Satellite Tv is a boon. I say its a curse.

Prior to having Satellite Tv, we had only 3 channels.

Life was sane then.

Read my relationship with Tv here. Less choices and no matter what most of everyone was watching the same thing. Then came the Satellite Tv which introduced to my fathers glee - one whole channel dedicated to Indian programs. Tamil programmes to be precise.

That became the end of my trying to watch football, english, chinese sitcoms and english movies. Daily the Tv blared only the Indian channel in godly hours. If I wanted to watch anything else, I had to stay up late and watch after 11.30 pm only (that also depends if the daily Tamil movie aired is good or not) When serials stormed the country, it became worse, WW3 erupted if anyone changed the channel. Sure I liked some of the serials, but I was no addict and no way would I watch everything.

However my mom, was a certified Indian women she watched the prime time slot, the morning repeats and every blessed show on that Channel no matter how crappy it was. I still have no idea why we have CNN, live sports channels, AXN, Star World, Cartoon channels. And in this people ask me why we don’t subscribe to the movie channels.

Iruhkurathe pakka mudialeh ithule extra channels????

Worse I’m normally not at home, but everytime I come back it is some serial running on Tv.

Occasionally when they go out, I get to watch something, but on that day the Tv gods will conspire and there’ll be nothing worth watching on Tv.

If the Tv gods were not on my side then, do you think they will be now???

At least then it used to be only between 8.00pm to 8.30 pm and 9.00 to 10.00pm. Now?????

Nah ennathe sohlla edhunu sohlla (sing in Opari mode)

There’s a new Satellite Tv making its way here, MiTV. Now because of new unprecedented competition. Current satellite channel decides to offer its top subscribers we Indians another Channel. Previously we got selected progs, played few weeks later from its airing time on Sun Tv. Since new year we’re getting Sun live 24 hours a day and the existing channel is airing its own progs and selected Jaya Tv progs :(((((

Why am I frowning, this is good news no????


What I feared has happened, Tv gods are currently laughing their heads at me.

I didn't realise the pain at the beginning since I was busily going out but I knew something was wrong. Now daily WW3 happens at home.

My mom has taken over the Tv. From 7 to 11pm only serial. From 6 to 73, non stop changing.

I’m going mad listening to one serial song after the other. I cannot touch the remote to watch anything, WW4 is threatening to break out and wipe me of the face of earth.

Ennai kapathe yahrum illehya???


God please save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, April 25, 2005


I was at lunch with colleagues and a few part timers. Was asking them when they were leaving and when the Univ semester was starting. They tell me its now starting in July. I asked back so the seniors semester have been pushed back as well or??

They said no its being retained though they’re not sure (could someone reconfirm this for me?)

So the first thought that crossed my mind was

Awww so you guys miss the ragging, since by the time you’re in they’re having exams.

See where my mind travels. :p

Proceeded to tell them my ragging experience which brought back so many memories I’ve decided I’ll blog about it.

Ragging in Malaysian univ’s are normally not severe though there has been cases. There was one in my year.

Ragging is separated by race. The Indian students get ragged by Indian seniors, the Chinese newbies by their Chinese seniors and so on. The ones who normally get caught in between are the Chindians (Chinese+Indian) coz they normally look both ways Malayish or Chinesish. So if your under the impression the rest of the races don’t get ragged, change the impression.

There is a multiracial official orientation session (more like 2 weeks of torture eating horrible food and doing stupid things) organised by the colleges (the hostels you stay in are called colleges). This is done 2 weeks prior to the entry of senior students.

Once the seniors enter, the unofficial ragging starts. Here Indian juniors are put up to 2 main rules.

All female Indian juniors must wear traditional Indian wear for the first month of the first semester.

All male Indian juniors must shave of their facial hair regardless of age.

Now first rule was stupid given the fact we had to drudge around on our feet in blazing hot sun since our semester begins in bloody hot May (talk about planning). My college batch somehow escaped this after the first 2 weeks, since our seniors weren’t so hardcore.

2nd rule was hilarious to us gals as then you would see some guys looking really weird.

Here’s why this rules were implemented

The Indian wear so that you could identify a junior from any corner of the campus (yehnna akkarai)

The 2nd rule - was not only to identify a junior from any corner of the campus but also to ensure no Junior guy was found flirting with a Junior gal.

It seems the Junior guys are herded into one room and told hands and eyes of any junior gals for a month, since the first pick goes to the seniors. (Seriously I kid you not!!)

They go through even more but lets leave that for another day. So the Sunday before the first day of the semester, there was a meet the Indian club day. So we trudged there and got our first taste of ragging. Well my friends did.

Senior : Oi senior nickirehnn terilehyah???

My Friend : Hello anne

Senior : Annena?? Nambluku enna same appava? Vanakam senior sollu.

That was how all of them spoke gal or guy. Then my turn came, I was caught by a bunch of guys who had just ragged my friends.

Me : Vanakam senior

Senior : aaaa pER ENNa???

Me : Visithra

Senior AAAAA

Me : (Sevudhen per kekahlehya) Visithra

Senior : Seri entha oor?

Me : ingehthan intha oor.

Senior : Amma tayehhh vanakamma ennna manichirungehma, nengeh apdhiyeh pongehma nah intha maari pesuhnathu yarkithaiyum sohliradingeh. Dai intha ooru pohnamda, paathu nadungukungehda.

After that nobody ragged me coz I was from the same town as the Univ.

You see my town is famed for its Indian gangsters whose principal is

Nangeh disturb pahnuhvohm, anneh vereh yarahvathu disturb panna disturb ayiruhvangeh :pp

Then I met a family friend who became the second reason why I was never ragged as a Junior. He was the Indian Club president then. He spread a news that I was a lecturers daughter.

After that would any senior come near me with intentions of ragging.

Everytime a senior caught us for the next few weeks, and I told my name, the first reaction would be

Senior : Nengeh than antha pohnna? (enna mariyadhai) Nengeh intha ooru pohna?? Ungeh appa per enna??? (Murugapu nu sohlla oreh aasai but sohlale)

So sadly I never got ragged, instead seniors were very nice to me, they’d put me on their side and ask me to rag my own batch. Ragging all you have to have style.

Chair eduhtu dabarnu move pahnanum. Aprohm kall mehleh kall pohdanum.

Junior : Vanakam senior
Me : aaa Per, ooru ehlam sollu
Junior : Vaithyanathan, Perak
Me : Perak enna oor perah, un townku per illeh, ethuku enn time waste pahnreh???

Junior : So.... so so rrrrrrry senior, Ipoh
Senior : Ivengeh yaar teriuma
Junior : Teriyadhu senior
Senior : ethani varasam senior teriumma
Junior : 1 year?

Senior : Ivengeh super senior, engelukkehlam senior
Me : Vanakam Super senior.
Me : Aaa seri enna pahnna poreh ennaku?
Junior : aaaa terileh Super Senior

Me : Enna nee edha kethalum arrakureh bathil, no, terilehnu rombeh time waste pahnre!!!!
Junior : So.... so so rrrrrrry Super senior (the fella was really scared and all of us were stifling laughter)

So like this it used to go, I got so bored of ragging my own batch I decided I wasn't ragging anyone when I became a senior till one gal pissed us all off.

To be continued :pppp


For all the trouble I had to go in the morning, I’ve been pretty calm.

Well got ready to leave for work, and did what I normally do - started the car.

It wouldn’t start and the alarm started screaming its head off - tried again same thing. Tried another time after checking to see if anything that shouldn’t be on was on. Nothing was on yet the car refused to start.

Dang the battery must be dead!!!

So called brother to confirm. He came down blamed me for leaving something switched on. I was like wheii I didn’t.

So we had to push the car out to get it jump started with brothers car. Okay let me rephrase that not we, I pushed the car while brother sat inside.

Did the jump starting, cars all ok now. Still have no idea what's wrong, need to go see my mechanic in the evening. Sigh I just had the car serviced while I was in India. Waste.

Batteries are horrible stuff, they normally die on you when you’re on your way for something or at something.
The first time a battery died on me was on my way to a function. There I was all dressed up in a saree and all, and we come out to find the car conked. Called my dad and took another friends car. So dad came and tried jump starting it but it wouldn’t so they got a new battery and dad didn’t scold me. :))))

Brother did and he’s a younger fella. :(((((

My mom used to say, you’re lucky he ended up the younger one. Imagine if he was older.

He’d lock me up in the house for eternity! Brrrrrrrrr...............

Sunday, April 24, 2005

MalargaL Malarvaay

....chinnach chinna aththumeeRal purivaayen cel ellaam pookkaL pookkach cheyvaay...malargaL malarvaay

Image hosted by


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Foggy Mountains

As promised I’m putting up the photos, but it’s going up in batches. So bear with me :p

We were taken to this Ambupani Murugan Temple near the Veliangiri Mountain range in Coimbatore on the 8th of April 2005. The temple is exactly at the back of Marudha Malai.

We didn’t actually climb to the temple, we ended up visiting the Agasthyar meditation hall at the foot hills. There’s a few stories associated with the place. According to legend, the temple is the spot where Hanuman meditated after the Ramayana war. (This was the info told to us so if I’m wrong don’t shoot me :p)

Image hosted by

So the place is supposed to be sacred for both Saivites and Vaishnavites. The Agasthyar meditation hall below, was set up by a kattu yogi (yep he’s called jungle sage).

According to him this was also the spot where Agasthyar and a few other sages performed a series of yagnas. He went on to tell us, that till today the ashes from the yagna can be found under this huge boulder at the back of the hall. Surprisingly till today the perimeter around the boulder is sandy with no vegetation, while the whole area is green.

Image hosted by

Click here for a larger image.

The boulder a closer look

This the boulder.

We were there early in the morning and the whole mountain range was enveloped in fog. Really beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and freezy. Yep cold in summer. :)))

Image hosted by

Click here for a larger image.

Down the road we were taken to this Thirupurasundari temple.

This huge Thirupurasundari was seated in the middle. Nice vibrations.

It was definitely a peaceful place, beautiful scenery, quiet surroundings and vast fields

Friday, April 22, 2005

Bird Watching

Err not the "Bird watching" but really I sat and did some bird watching yesterday.

Well it started like this, when I got back from India, and reached home, My mom excitedly bugged me, you know a bird’s built its nest in our house. Being quite tired, and needing to go to work in a few hours, I looked at the couch, the pillows and immediately dozed off.

Then yesterday around late afternoon, I suddenly heard a shriek. I was like huh what happened.

Pochi pochi, antha nasahmana punnai, nah pothi pothi pathukathenn, yehn pilleh pochi.

I checked myself all ok, I remember seeing my brother in the morning - he was also all ok - and phone didn’t ring. So which kid, which cat?

And then another shriek.

Visithraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Visithraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iruhku iruhku, onnu iruhke.

So I went out, leaving my tv, to investigate the suddenly emerged sibling.

Sigh the instant sibling was a baby bird. It seems there were 2 babies in the nest and now there was only one but who'd fallen out of the nest.

See my area has a high density of cats. Reason being we’ve got one too many students leaving nearby, and everytime they leave they just abandon the cats and the strays start loitering every where else. So we suspect the cat attacked the nest and got of with one of the babies, while one escaped.

We were now faced with a problem, putting back the chick into its nest.See we were city bred, never played with that many animals. Mostly you have dogs and cats. The problem with chicks are, they’re extremely soft in their growing stages, and this particualr chick had just grown, and besides scrambling around, it couldn’t really move or fly.

But one of us had to put it back in the nest. My mom immediately backed off since she can't stand squeamish things. So I was left with the task. I tried stroking the chick, it was so soft and was becoming frightened. Then decided I’d wear a wool glove since it will be a familiar touch.

That’s when chick decided it had different ideas.

There I was gently trying to pick it up, and it started scrambling towards the house grill, finally it got caught in between the grill. Then I tried to coax it out, but stupid bird refused to come out, finally after getting scratched it came out and sat facing me.

Not knowing what to do, I prayed (see what I pray for - kadavalehhh :p) and proceeded to give the bird a lecture.

Look will you stop being a stupid bird, and let me pick you up and put you in your nest!! That’s all!!!!

Miraculously, when I picked it up, the bird didn’t move and then I noticed how cute the thing looked in its nest. Went and got my camera and clicked away. Now hopefully parent birds would come back looking for the kid.

Few hours later I heard chirping, went out and saw the 2 parent birds. We earlier thought it was the common house sparrow (chittu kuruvi) but it wasn’t. I have no idea what bird it was. The daddy bird had a black tuft that looked like a mohawk and black rings around its eyes and a yellow bottom. Anyone familiar with the type?

So of course by then I was enamored, and wanted to get a shot of kid and parents. That’s where it got hard, they’d fly to the nest notice me and fly away. I tried standing and sitting quietly but birds decided I was intruding their space. Then had a brilliant idea.

Hoping the birds were stupid, I went and sat in my car.

Hheheheh they were stupid or they decide getting out of the car will take sometime. They flew in and I got some nice shots I hope. Mother bird was easier to take then the dad.

Daddy bird was such a routine maniac. He’d first go to the tree, then the wall, then my bike top handle, then the middle and only then fly to the nest for a split second. Sure sounds boring, but it was quite fun then, trying to get shots. Funny they weren’t bothered about the flash.

It was also beautiful to watch the feeding, its not everyday you get to see this.

Then the devil in me came out, I went to the nest and jerked the nest. The baby bird immediately dashed upwards with mouth wide open, So did that a few times to get nice close up shots. Poor thing, but don't worry did it a few times only.

Hopefully the pictures come out right, as you guys know by now, you have to wait. :ppp

Ps : On another note I’ve got the India photos scanned, will upload each with a story. :))

Life rule no 1

Wherever you go play with the baby there.


In case you forget something the kids mother will recognise it. Why am I posting on this?

Well yesterday morning went to buy breakfast, nice authentic Chinese breakfast :ppp

So there I was waiting for my food and sighted this cute kid. Spend the next few minutes playing with the kiddo, who was enamored with my finger and phone. Paid for my food, said bye to the kid and drove off.

When I reached home, I suddenly realised my Hp was missing.

Searched the car, up and down, and got my mom to call the cell. No mario brothers ring tone to be heard. I panicked since this was how I lost my first mobile, leaving it at a hawker centre.

Drove back to the shop, tensed up, shut of the Sachien song playing on my audio :

Phoneneh tholichithu, unnaku ennadi paathu - nu self thupuran :p

Double parked and practically dashed to the shop, baby’s mom was just leaving. She excitedly smiles and tells shopkeeper there, its her phone and goes on to tell me.

I recognised your phone.

Was I happy. So all my bonding with strangers children had some goodness besides the instant entertainment. :ppppppp

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sightings sammandams

Tomorrow I’m on holiday :))))

Well it’s prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Humm and they installed a new pope today? Hummmm


Anyway lets leave that story. Remember I said this must be celebrity meeting month? Well let me explain.

040405 - cool number huh, realised it after seeing my boarding pass. I was at the airport on my way to Chennai.

There we were walking into the waiting room, right next to a majestic view of the Boeings, when noticed a group of 4 sitting nearby.

Sat down at my chair and before I could settle down, one aunty comes gushing

Yaarunu teriyidha???

Then I realised who they were, so that’s why they looked familiar. They must have been down for IFF 05.
Oklah I’ll tell you who they were.

Sharu Hassan - Kamal’s brother - he was quite snobbish, formal looking, but was happily laughing away with the group.

Saranya - from Nayagan fame. - So sweet looking and very pretty.

And her husband (this I found out then) Gomathi Nayagam (uhhh I don’t know his real namela) from Annamalai fame.

We smiled at them and they grinned backed at us. The thing is we were quite surprised, Gomathi Nayagam was actually good looking, he looks like a soda dappi on screen and very friendly, with a gorgeous smile.

Ahem if you’re looking for photos - sorry I don’t take photos of celebrities, I think they deserve a private life and I don’t get autographs also.

There has been only one time I did get autographs and my bro took photos.

Shall talk about it another time. How I fell in love in a split second with a Raavanaan :p


Anyway at Coimbatore, the day of my performance, well right before it, Bombay Jayshree performed and there were other greats sitting in the audience as well. Freaky if you ask me performing in front of them.

Thankfully it went well and I have unofficially been dubbed Vatapi gal (kadhavallehhhhhhh)

We got nice applause and great comments from the musicians.

In the next 2 days, we met Bombay Jayshree 3 times personally for blessings and congrats. Also there were Birgu Maharaj, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, L Subramaniam and Y Gee Mahendran.

Well those were the ones I remembered. All I know was after the performance, we just jumped Hallejulaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and spaced out - we were practically sleeping since they woke us up at bloody 4am.

I only found out Y Gee had been there for the performance, when he casually mentioned in his speech that evening -

Nahnum kalaiyileh nadhantha Pre Arangetram performance maari than..... Hehehehe

when I heard this I burst out laughing (thankfully I managed to do it silently), and my partner in pain who understands limited - very limited Tamil, looked back in bewilderment. So people remembered us. :ppp

So is that enough celebs?? Well there might be more since this is official celebrity landing month in Malaysia. Every Indian summer, we suddenly find ourselves with one too many Star Nights, Cinema shoots and Star Meets.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

1st half 2nd half

How do you spoil a movie, which was going smoothly hilariously in the first half?

You put in a sizzler number, oh what the heck put a few and waste some 45 mins of movie time, people won’t notice.

What crap and not enough trying to imitate another movie, slightly unsuccessfully since, heroine can’t really act that well and has limited expressions, and always on the verge of laughing.

That my friends was Sachien.

I so truly enjoyed the first half, and then breaknu sollithu Vijay left, in that split second (we have no intermission here, right after intermission signal the movie starts immediately) the whole movie came tumbling down like humpty dumpty or was that Jack and Jill?

Enna dance choreography, enna comedy timing, enna jokes - first shot itself was a comedy shot - ponnuge pathi oru reel

Gals relationship like basketball Apohpo kai mathikithe iruhpange, bounce pahnikithe - kadisileh basket pahniruhvangehlam :p

ehheheheh hilarious

The couple next to us also found it hilarious - I think we were the loudest noisemakers in the theater. Actually whole theater was laughing. But dubbing was bad - u could actually see the 2 second miss.

Image hosted by
Nah enna sohla varehnna - antha expressionnu onnu iruhkuleh - athu unnaku ledhuma

Enna dance choreography - I love how they done Vaa Vaa Thalaiva song

Raju Sundram has just kalukufied the song.

Actually all songs were good. I seem to like Devisriprasad’s music.

The script kept taking hits at previous Vijay movies, and even a Mouna Ragam scene, a similar market scene from Idhyathai Thirudathey - and of course too much of Kushi. Most of the time Harini kept trying to emulate Jothika in Kushi, yawn they even had the same handshake thing.

Harini’s expression was limited to smile, now stare, now scream, now try not to laugh.

Anyway the jokes between Vadivellu and Vijay were good and then it happened.

Ethuku than avala kondandangelooooooooooooooo.

Alright I agree she's one hot sizzling hoochie mama, but why the hell give her some 45 mins of strutting around and we’re left wondering uh what's going on here.

I’m talking about Bipasha Basu. Ok you wanted her in your movie, fine have that one sizzling song (I hear its banned in Chennai theaters, heheheh well its being shown here :pppppp) and then continue the storyla.

Image hosted by

By the way she looks good in the song, and the dance is good. All the dances are.

Athuku you put her for no reason in a 45 min time slot?????

She came she did a catwalk, swayed left and right, took a bike ride, did a dance routine, cooed a bit, sat at a table and gave free advice.

Ithuellam edhukupa?? In Kushi it was well done, there was a reason, there was a story, here there was nothing. Yehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn???????????

Yehnn ipdhi oru time pass waste????

Such a good first half killed by a waste 2nd half - ithuenna 1st half 2nd half varamma???

Can I go to the theater and say - Sar ennaku 1st half mathum twice pothu kaminge - antha waste 2nd half apdhi basket pahnirungeh!!!!! Mudiumma??? Ethukuvangehla?????

After doing a great 1st half realising he needs to fill the movie which he has deliberately copied of Kushi and not knowing what to do, he brings in a kanavu Kanni, who just did that kannavufy the movie. Waste director.

Enjoyable 1st half +Waste 2nd half.= Sachien.

Ooosi Confusion

Sunday night friend called to go for Sachien, unfortunately I was blacked out fast asleep. So yesterday smsed an apology, and again got an invite but with her family, nah yoschi book panna try pahnapoh I got tickets to both Sachien and Mumbai Ekspres. Oreh confusion achi ethe pakka.

Vithleh amma ethu pahkringehnu ketha, amma anything sohlrange.

Vijayah Kamal?

One minute Kamalaa :(((( next minute Kamalaa :)) nu pohnangeh?

Engeh amma confusion rani, confusionleh nambheleh confuse akiruvangeh.

Seri romanceah comedyah?

Ennaku anything ok, nee thanne pay pahnreh, oosi movie anything ok!!!

Hummmmm Amma too much.

Seri radio stationleh enna pathu varudho, athaku pohlamnu patha radioleh

Vahlve mahyam intha....... Nu oru pathu vandhuchi

Kannediril aduthu vanduchi

Oreh confusion achingoo, cinemavoh 2 different place.

Leftah rightahnu orehhh pohlambal.

Kadisiyil pohnathuuuuuu.......... Aduhta postleh padichikingoh :ppppp

Monday, April 18, 2005

Kahlupufying vaitheruchals :p

Now after trying to write this last Saturday, and unceremoniously having my file eaten up and me complaining here, let me try continuing the story. Hopefully its as nice.

Well ahem where shall I start. Ok remember I complained about GSC and the screw up of my tickets here, well I finally got to see the movie on Thursday but at a different time.

Anyway though they told me, they’ll make sure I had my tickets, I still went earlier and got the tickets in hand by 6.45pm for the 8.45pm show. This time was a different batch of ppl watching and slightly less, instead of 12, 8 of us watched. The others couldn’t wait another few hours to watch Rajni’s movie.

Around 8.45, the movies start time, I got a call from an unknown number which had me ROFL after canceling the call. Here’s the conversation :

Me : Hello?
The guy : Madam, I’m calling from GSC, are you picking up your tickets?
Me : I’ve already picked it up.

Ehheheheh how is it??

Am I great or what, till GSC calls me with consternation to ask if I’ve gotten my tickets.

Visithra coolah iruhpa, pongitha ooreh bayapadhum. :pppppp (oreh rajiniya illeh? :p)

When I told my friends, one fella went

V ure the man .....errr gal hehehhehehehe.

Anyway went in and scanned the theater. I was slightly disappointed, ehlam aunty, uncle, chinna pillayeh ukandirundahge, very few big groups of fans. Whistle ehlam kadehkadanu oreh sogam. GSC also screwed up here, the theater was a medium sized one only, bad bad. That very moment I vowed I’d go watch it again at Colisuem if it was good (remember this line for later).

1st scene vandhuchi - one too many cars, and then Thalaiva vandhar. Enna oru opening, Rajni looked sooooooooooooooo good, I wanttttttttttttt that photoooooooooo.

Me and my friend were sitting and rasikuraning his machoness. But sad no whistle or thalaiva shouting, only some clapping and some small noise.

Then for the sake of no spoilers, shall just say


Enna movie, enna Rajni, enna excitement. A lot of people were concerned when the director was announced as P Vasu but seriously love what he has done.

He has done a good job of satisfying (as much as possible) the fan’s in the first half and then moving straight into the story in the 2nd while celebrating the heroine who overshadowed Rajni there. And it was done in such a way you’re kept guessing whose the Chandramuki.

No way I’m telling who - all I can say is that actress rocked!!!!

Enna acting, superb performance.

That’s the beauty of Rajni, he has no ego that he allows a heroine to outshine even him.

You can watch the 2nd half a million times, and still come out awed and everyone played their roles well.

Image hosted by

I loved the movie, though there was no punchline but it wouldn’t have suited the movie if there was one. :p

Read more and see Rajni’s first appearance at Prav’s.

Unfortunately for me, I made the mistake of inviting 2 Kamal fans for the movie. There were making fun of some of the stunts. So in between they’d suddenly laugh and I’d start warning them. Then they’ll be quiet for a while, and then start back.

When I asked why you came then, they tell me, you invited of course must come. Grrrrrrrrrrr waste waste.

I actually had to threaten that I’ll throw them out if they continued. Luckily at least one was clapping, cheering with me. Nonsense. The other got a whack inside the theater itself.

Came out and gave both a whack to the response

Whei you’re beating us in front of so many people???

You deserve it, I warned you and then sabham them no getting chance to watch Kamal movie for some time at least ehhehehe. As of today they still haven’t gotten tickets to Mumbai Express.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there is a god hehehehhehehehe

Athu first story - vaaitheruchal storyku vahruhvom - shall we go for a break???

Vehndam vehndam ill continue :p

See remember I said if its good I’ll go watch at Colisuem (the best place to watch a Tamil movie in KL). Well I never imagined it will happen so fast. Friday night, I took mom to go watch Mumbai Ekspress at GSC. On the way too much traffic, it was getting late so I called the theater to ask on my booking. Then they tell me I booked at another theater and not theirs (mind slightly blurred but all for the good :p).

Actually mom wanted to watch Rajni’s movie and not Kamal’s, so I shot of to Colisuem, ticketless.

We reached there to find, tickets sold out. Seri blackleh kadaikummanu oru alpa asaiyileh was standing there looking around. I so badly wanted to watch it on a big screen, and with the fan antics. Then noticed everyone holding one type of card, then I thought gone cannot get ticket, since its an invite.

I had no idea what was going on since, you know I just got back, nahtuleh enna nadakuraning still blur a bit :p

Amma kept saying come go, I don’t think we can get. I decided waiting might work, since I’ve been lucky before :p

Then amma asks the lady standing next to us if they had extra tickets (since she heard they had 19!!!), we came and all sold out. Then the aunty tells my mom, she’ll try and then she tells her husband. He tells us the same thing, he’ll try and see. Then the whole group leaves the area, and my heart sank a bit though earlier slightly embarrassed.

Then suddenly we see the uncle looking for us, 1 minute later he hands us 2 of the cards.

When I asked him how much, he tells me its for free. I was so overjoyed not only was I going to watch the movie again, in the best cinema, I got it for free.

I have no idea why he gave us, our theory either he’s just a very nice man or he knows us from somewhere heheheheh.

Thanked them both and rushed to go upstairs, then I notice cameras and mike being set up downstairs near the screen. Was wondering what was going on.

Then remembered the interview over our local Tamil radio station - Minnal (formerly known as radio 6). Prabhu and Jyothika were in town.

Heheheheh have you guessed???? No? Sutha Waste nengeh ehlam!!! :p

It was a premier show, attended by non other than Prabhu and Jyothika.

Hhehehehhe no vaitheruchals ok.

Nah luckyah iruhnda nah enna pahnuvehn.

This must be celebrity seeing month, I met quite a number already all by not even looking for them.

Heheheheh Anyway Prabhu was sweet, Jothika gorgeous and cute. She so the kiddishly cute. Try telling a kid to stand in one place, they’ll start swaying left and right. Well she did the same, sooo cuteeeee and she spoke in Tamil. Not some broken ennaku konjam konjam tamil teriyum with english slang thing but nice normal Tamil.

Errr sorry no photos, I don’t run around with a camera and I don’t take photos or autograph of celebrities. :p

Athe vithu thallu.

You must have seen the screen and how the movie looked. I was totally blown over. Enna sizepa. Somemore they showed Adandha Idhanda Arunachalam.... videoclip.

Antha aruvathuleh smsed friends to vaitheruchal kehlupufy and one freind sends me sms :

Podi, I’m also there upstairs Hehehehehe

And watching the first appearance of Rajni on the screen there was just electrifying, and I got my whistles. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

But the scene that got the best whistles was the heroines mega climax - ahem the ones who watched it will know which one. I was clapping away though I suspect coz Jo was in the cinema, they were slightly well behaved.

Now I’ve gone mad about the songs, the songs just have grown on me, I might go and watch again at Colisuem hehehehe

So don’t miss the movie, its worth it especially when its free. Hehehehehe

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre!

Remember the last time I went clubbing, I came back and complained my head off here. Well last night, we decided location change was very the necessary.

So instead of my favourite hangout place Bangsar, we headed to an Indian discoteque. Well the last time I complained not enough attention, no kann kalluvuraning, this time too much attention yet no kann kalluvuraning.

The fun part was Devuda Devuda rocked the dance floor 3 times.

Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre!.....................Repeattuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now somehow after the movie, I'm going crazy about the songs, its either I'm engulfed with Rajni mania or Im seriously enjoying it. Unfortunately I have no idea which it is.

The band was really bad, until he sang a TM Soundarajan song - yeah at a disco, TM Soundarajan - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - my eyes nearly popped out hearing the song.

They practically killed a few songs, best part they thought they were very good.


Occasionally they'd be singing some sad old love song, you seela what songs all got played for a dance floor music

Kadhal Valarthe (valarthu enna kuthichor akka pohrangehla?)

Ladjavathiyeh (ipoh latcham, ladjam, lanjam ehlam kethoma????)

Apple Penneh (Ipoh nangeh apple kethoma???)

Nala kahlam Jingku cha Jingku cha nee padhama poithan.

But then every 3,4 song would be a good one, even had some good 80s songs. Luckily the Dj had good taste.

Vethaleh pohtha (Amaran)
Ram bam bam
Aasai nooru varai
Anne nodeh paathu
Pethai rap (oooo brought back memories and I still remember the lyrics :p)
Some Vijay songs - but no aeroplane song :((((

And some other songs that I can't remember. You see I actually haven't slept. I came back at 5am, slept for 2 hours and went to temple, then went to take class, had late lunch with a friend and here to check my inbox, and its already 4pm. So if my memory doesn't work I can be forgiven.

The on e irritating thing was the first time we hit the dance floor and got back, half of our table was taken over, by the end of the night 3/4 was gone. Patheticly our Coke glasses sat at one corner of the small table, while we crammed between 2 chairs.

However we had entertainment in the form of 2 guys.

One was desperately trying to hit it off with my friend, it took him 4 drinks before he had enough courage to bug her. The prob was, he looked so girlish, imagine Sai from Boys movie and even girlish. We were making fun of him for a long time - as my friend said

Pombla pullaiku pants pohta maari irundhanu - hehehhehehehehe

The second case was hillarious ok - for a long time he was standing at his table and doing pelvic aerobics. You should have seen the rhythm,

1, 2, swish that hip
1, 2, swish that hip
1, 2, swish that hip
1, 2, swish that hip

With precise rhtyhm, and unprecidented moves, from the beginning to the end of the night, thats the only thing he did luckily in beat to the songs. No change, no variety and no boredom, best part it was well swished - must be years of practice to get that hips to swish like a gal - hehhehehehehehe.

Of course was so good to hear this a few times :

Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre! Arre!.....................Repeattuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


You know what, there I was tpying an extremly wonderful Rajnifying post. When there's a sudden blackout which lasts a jujube 3 seconds. I had saved the file and all so I wasn't so worried. Ehnakengeh terium what was going to happen.

Now I can't find the file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enna oru post teriumma??????


Clue it had Chandramuki, GSC, Colisuem, Rajni, Jothika, Prabhu and 2.

Ohnum purialehya??? Puriyahma iruhngeh, I'm too irritated to retype now.

So maybe tommorrow or Monday, I will write, ippoh I'm hungry - here lunch time already, had no breakfast also, So bye byeeeeeeeeeeeee have a nice weekend.

Image hosted by

Suspense can wait another day, believe me you want to read this and no its not a spoiler.

That mention is especially for KAY, who has been religiously going to every site and posting please don't put a spoiler. Pavam payan pohlachitu pohgatum :pp

Oneh oneh sohlrehn - Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Vazhga hehehehhehe

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Sometimes in life you arrive at crossroads where you have no choice but to make drastic decisions. Knowing the depth of the decision, you plan it out, rehearse and make sure emotionally you’re strong enough to implement it.

And then when you implement it, not even half of the rehearsed is uttered.

Emotionally you’re shaken,

words that once flowed, now mangled up undisclosed, untoldtask finished,

the depth of it sinks into you - pulling you with it

abyssal, deeper, agitated

Thursday 12.05am

When someone tells you lets meet at Thursday 12.05am, do you

Leave home at say 11.45pm Wednesday or 11.45pm Thursday.

As far as I know, I’m only aware of international timing, I didn’t know some places practiced their own timing, which we all are miraculously supposed to know.

Maybe its someone’s vaitheruchal*

Fez up faster who ever did that!!!!

See I had booked movie tickets for 12.05am Thursday. So yesterday evening after work I went to pick up my prized Chandramuki tickets. I went 5 hours earlier so that I could get all my 12 tickets. There I am standing at the counter and they go oh ooo - booking cannot release, system jammed.

So they tell me to wait for awhile. I'm like ok I’ll wait, I’ll be nice. 5 mins went, 10 mins, and finally the last straw 15 mins, CALL YOUR MANAGER NOW - I glared and said without raising my voice - but that was enough to get the manager out.

He apologises and tells me you come later we’ll release it for you. Of course he got it for me, I come early and you can’t give it, what crap is this. What if I’m late and you release the tickets. They assure me it won’t happen, they’ll inform everyone the priority of my tickets.

Then I reconfirm, its this evening are you sure I won’t have another person explaining this stupidity then.Then they tell me, its not today, its tom night.

I was like WHAT????????

GSC has its own timing?

You’ve got your own time zone is it????

Then they idiotically explain some crap - to them it means Thursday you arrive at 11.55pm for the movie - if it states 12.05am Thursday.What crap right?????

Anyway now I’ve had to wait another day to watch my movie - sob sob.

Doesn’t help my friend sends me sms saying he’s on his way to watch it for the 3rd time.

Its sooo good it seems. Pavi pavi.

GSC you suck big time and don’t worry I’ll make sure I complain about this to the relevant authorities.

Vaitheruchal* stomach burning - jealousy

Mommies know everything!

I was out walking with my then 4 year old daughter.She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in hermouth. I asked her not to do that..

"Why?" she asked.

"Because it's been laying outside and it is dirty and probably hasgerms on it," I told her in my best mommy voice.

At this point, she looked at me with total admiration and asked, "Wow! How do you know all this stuff?"

"Uh," I was thinking quickly, "...all moms know this stuff. Um, it's on the Mommy Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mommy.

"We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information.

"OH...I get it!" she beamed.

"If you flunk, you have to be the Daddy."

~taken from a forwarded mail
hehehehehe :p

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Inniya Puthandu Vazhtukal

Tomorrow's the Hindu New Year or Thamizh New Year as well as Vishu and Vaisaki.

So since everyone goes missing when its a holiday (in India that is, I’m still working)

Inniya Puthandu Nall Vazhtukal

Image hosted by

Kathiravan varahverkum in nan nall
Puthiyathor varusham,
Puthiyathor anubhavam,
Amuthai pozhiya,
Vasantham malara,
En manam kannidatha Inniya Vazhtukal.

Wishes of peace, happiness, joy in a new day, new year, new beginning and a continuance of this friendship of ours :)

I shall be happily celebrating in a theater near here with a bunch of friends. Hoping for loads of noise and theater antics :pp

Ps : For more Kolam photos go to my Vortex website.

Pss: Watch this space for a review of THE movie :p

Enna Nyahvam ithu??

Don’t go nenups after reading the previous post. Read this and you’ll understand my nehlamai.

When I was in Coimbatore, that Friday we went on an excursion of the outskirts of Coimbatore. I’m told there’s not much outing places in Coimbatore itself, as its a great place but bore place it seems. Don’t shoot me, this were the exact words of my friend.

Anywayz we went to this meditation centre in the middle of a dense forest. I hear there’s elephants, sigh didn’t see any. From the day that I first knew my friend, he has been singing praises about this place, and constantly yaks about it. And I’m no mediation lover, I can’t sit too long with closed eyes, I can sit but as long as my eyes get to wander and kann kalluvuhran. :p

The place is called Dhyanalingam, and is nestled in the foothills of the Velliangiri hills.

Here’s some information on the place :

Nice article

About the founder

The foundation and prison outreach

Ok the place looks nice and all, then we’re told to leave our bags, and I was like hey!!

There I was carrying every single money I had and all my documents, and he wants me to hand it over. The man assures me and I gave him one look and decide oh hell, if it has to go it will.

Then we’re told to gather and listen to the instructions before entering the meditation hall. I was standing quietly listening to the instructions in Tamil.

There’s no abhishegam only self meditation. No making noise, no talking, no wearing jingly things, please take out kolusu’s, walk softly and be there for at least 15mins.

Then he turns to me and my friend and goes

Avangaluku Tamil puriyumma?

I was like huh - why the hell he’s asking such a question. Nevermind nevermind I’ll forgive him.

Image hosted by

Then we go in and come face to face to this huge magnificent 13-ft Shiva linga, where people are silently pouring water on. Earlier on I’m told no photographs are allowed inside or outside. Rats anywayz got a photo of the forest outside.

Image hosted by

Then friend leads me to the walls of the place. The hall is built like a dome, more like Budhist Stupas. Where the walls are lined with small compartments for a person to sit and meditate solitary while facing the Lingam. Nice concept.

When I sat down I realised why the silent instructions, every single sound was magnified, and the constant flowing of the water and the shape of the dome contributed to this beautiful sound vibration. You could actually feel your senses tingle, and at times felt as if you were being lifted.

Image hosted by

Well I think all that vibration can be attribute to :

- The shape of the hall
- the near silence that magnifies sound
- the constant flowing water
- the marble floors you sit on - marble cools the body and causes tingling.

Well I tried closing my eyes, of course I couldn’t, then a tune came in my mind and I started silently humming it. Now that was more fun. So ok it was peaceful,Then after some 30 mins we came out, I saw this beautiful floral kolam in an urali.

We’re walking out and my friend starts bugging me so how was the feeling. He’s extremely proud of the place, so I told him oh it was ok, nothing much hehehe.

Well it wasn’t great or awe inspiring but nice. There was actually this beautiful verse etched on the side, that really impressed me, I was discussing it when a voice tells us vehliyah vandhu pesuhngeh ma.

We were out at the compound, at least 15 m’s away from the hall, nonsense. So I couldn’t get the words.

Then when I look at her she asks me, are you North Indian madam.

That got my blood boiling - what nonsense, there I am dark and all, dressed like a Southie and responding to her Tamil and she asks me this!!!!!!

Ehna nyahyam????

Ok so Malaysian’s have that different look, and you Indian’s are so great at figuring it out, but intha maari ehlam kehkalama???

Luckily another person didn’t ask, sure would have scolded them in Madras Bashai :p

When I first came down, it used to be are you Singaporean, sigh that time no one knew Malaysia and I used to get so irritated, now this. Very sad, very sad.

Went to get my bag, and the guy gives a knowing smile - don’t worry everything's safe.

Friend tells me to check - I told him:

I wouldn't have given if I hadn’t trusted.

What say you :))))

Floating feet

I was walking around T Nagar, looking for a particular shop I normally visit. Halfway I met some of the people I traveled on the train with. Did my usual HiBye and continued on.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks, something was pulling me back.

Boh Samboh Siva shambo shvayambo .....

That was the lyrics, that had arrested me. Sidetracked, I got in to the shop and asked for the cassete. It was Maharajapuram Santhanam’s Bhajan collection, just beautiful.

Ended up buying 13 cassettes, all carnatic and a few fusions.

When I asked them to try out the cassettes, the nice people assuming I was Indian, said I could bring it back if there’s a prob. I told them that’s quite impossible, ain’t from here.

3 faces looked at me in surprise, enna Tamil ivlo saralama pesuhringeh.

I heard this and was flying around the air, - avlo nallah illehyah ennaku zha, la, tha, da ehlam avlo nalla varadeh.

Illehma nalla iruhku, nee engeh ooru pohnutaneh nenechen.

That’s it my foot didn’t touch the floor for sometime, didn’t help when the music at the background was Kurai Ondrum Illai. :)))))

Ps : Have no idea what's the shops name, told you I just walked in but its in the row opposite Pothy’s and all. Nice place, very nice people.


Yaaru yaaruuu??? Ennathu vohlraning all :p

If you didn’t guess from the title - you’re a certified blur case who should not be a Southie.

How can you not know?? Enna avamanam? Enna Kohdumaii???

Ithai ehn athai kathirundhal? Ehn vithandeh pathi kethirundhal?

Besant nagar muniamma kethirundal? Enna agummmm?????

Hhehehehe seri seri i shall stop all the drama.

Ahem I have bookings for tickets for the first day first show screening of Chandramuki, not 1 not 2 but a dozen. :pppppppppppppppppppp

All my friends asked only one question -

deivameh how the hell you got tickets??? I wanttttttttttttttttttt!!!! Hehehe oreh standard shocked reaction.

Image hosted by
(pic : Behindwoods)

I also have tickets to Mumbai Express first day Show but not first screening. :))))

Who cares its thalaiva that we want to see first.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Indian Weather

When I told my friends I was coming down to India, for a short trip. The first thing they told me was - are you mad going in Summer.

So I told them in all the times, I’ve been to India, its always been wonderful weather, summer or winter, never made a difference.

So once again the gods smiled on me, ahem my arrival.

I walked out of Chennai Airport trying to figure out where to take my connecting flight when the sky rumbled, and heaven opened its doors welcoming me (heheheh literally). It rained cats and dogs, and Chennaites blinked at the rain. We blinked back.

I’m sure everyone who was in Chennai remembered the rain it was exactly at 10.45am on Monday 040405 (nice number huh :p). I remembered coz I was setting my phone to Indian time.

We walked back in, trying not to get drenched and was told by the coffee guy, this was a great amazement, since its summer and there hasn’t been rain for a long time. It was so heavy, Chennai airport experienced 3 power failures that morning and our connecting flight was delayed some 50 mins.

For the next few days it rained so much, the organiser at Coimbatore were perplexed as they had prepared for Summer, not the freezing weather. It would get really cold in the late evenings and even the mornings with breezy afternoons.

Nangeh vanthuthan mazhai vanthuchunu ayiruchi though my CBE friend refused to agree. Avanuku oru duh :p

Ahem see I was right I had beautiful weather. ;p

So the next time Chennai wants rain, please send me a plane ticket. Hehehehheheh

Ps : For those who think I made the story up, I’ll give you my flight details hehehhehe.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Sincerest Apologies

How stupid can a person be???

Really seriously how stupid can they be??

How irresponsible can a person be?

Truth is I’ve been fuming my head off since 11pm Friday night.

Oh by the way I’m back to sweet old Malaysia. :)))

But first let me finish mumbling and grumbling - I so want to and definitely deserve to!!! :p

See as you guys know, I mooted the idea for the CBM, which took place on the 9th of April 2005 at St Thomas Mount.

I WAS SUPPOSED to have arrived in Chennai at 5.30 am on 9th of April 2005 but here’s what actually happened.

I normally do my own travel arrangements but because we were going with one group and everyone was using one travel agent, so I left everything to them. So the night before I left for India, I called her (yep its a her) up and asked is all ok, tom morning, my passport and tickets are with you. Yes, yes don’t worry all's ok.

So cutting that story short, I arrived at Coimbatore on time and all went on as scheduled. See travel agent was also travelling with us and had arrived on the 6th night and that's when I saw her for brief time. My performance was the next morning, so I thought I’d catch her after that and reconfirm my travel arrangements back to Chennai.

That evening, the next morning and Friday evening, she was no where to be seen and everyone from Malaysia was looking for her, to reconfirm their travel arrangements. So since I never saw her and she never contacted me, I assumed all was well and I got ready to leave but I kept getting the feeling that something was going to go wrong.

Friday night by 11pm I was packed and dressed to leave for the airport when my roomate walks in fuming. She starts grumbling her ticket has been messed up and she's leaving earlier then planned. The feeling of something was wrong grew stronger. I dialed her hotel number, hoping she’d be in. She was and here’s what she had to say :

Me : Hi akka, Visithra here my flight is all set for tonight right?

She : No you’re leaving tomorrow afternoon at 2pm by train.

Me : Huh???????

There I was all packed and ready with no flight or travel arrangements at bloody 11.30 in the night. Called my friend up to see if I could get an earlier train to Chennai. Friend tells me reservation counters are closed at that hour. There’s a 6.15am train but I’ll have to try my luck, no promises. At that moment I wasn’t feeling so lucky, I wasn’t in a good mood either.

Put the phone down and nearly screamed my head of with censored grumbling. What to do was sharing the room with a 9 year old and his mom. The mom joined me in the censored grumbling.

How irresponsible could she be.

She didn’t even have the courtesy to call me and tell me about the changes, oh for heavens sake she could have left a message with the hotel. Noo she was so stupid to assume I held a phD in mind reading.

Sighhh And who in their right mind books a ticket in the middle of the afternoon in Summer, and one which arrives at a god forsaken time?????

And sadly I wasn’t the only one she messed up the travel arrangements, what kind of crap job was this. Use me and I will leave you high and dry or even stranded.


Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot! Stupid! Idiot!

So that is how I missed the bloggers meet I mooted. That's how I missed meeting everyone. So sorry, I’m still upset about her stupidity. Would anyone care to donate some brain to her, even a used one would be far more better than what she has.

Because of her, I spent every blessed waking hour and minute yesterday running around Chennai like a madwomen no breakfast no lunch, trying to squeeze 2 days of things into one.

I heard you guys had fun without me, about 11 people turned up huh. I’m still irritated with this years number 1 stupid women.

I couldn’t call anyone as well since, I didn’t take down anyone's number besides Sudhir’s.

At least I had bajji :pp

Thanks Sudhir for tempting me to go get some despite all the running I still had to do.

Once again sorry people. Shall come visit your blogs later and grumble somemore :ppppp

Damn I so wanted to meet you guys, I even had small cute gifts.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

HITZ.FM : I was right!!!!!!

See told you to believe me. :)))

The suspension of the HITZ.FM Dj's were a hoax.

A briliantly executed April Fool's prank. Hehehehhe so many people fell for it. I couldn't stop laughing. Really good one guys.

Read my previous posts on it. See how fast I figured it out given the fact I get to listen to HITZ only when I drive to and from work. Music's banned at the office, yeah I know crap. :)

Its here and here.

Next time believe me :ppp

Friday, April 01, 2005

Invite Yourself CBM

What the hell is CBM??? - well it was coined by the person I’ve dubbed KOA, go ask him.

Okaylah I won’t be so bad its - Chennai Blogger’s Meet.

Officially I’m not sure if I can use the term but nvm nvm shall use it for now.

As you guys know I’m coming down to India and this time next week I’ll be there.Well I remember inviting a lot of people but personally I know only a few Chennai Bloggers. All the other bloggers are all over the world. :)

So we (the few bloggers that I know) have decided to meet, date time has all been set. That’s when I was asked is this by invitation only. I actually remembered I opened the invitation to everyone and somehow I ended up upsetting some people. Anywayz sorry and here’s the details to the Invite Yourself CBM (coined by Magix)

Hear Ye Hear Ye you are hereby invited to the :

Invite Yourself CBM

Date : Saturday 9th of April 2005

Time : 5.00pm (Chennai time don’t ask me if its Malaysian time duh :p)

Venue : St Thomas Mount (opp to St. Dominics near the "Halt n Shop" shopping complex)

Ahem no the venue won’t be changed to Marina’s. It seems people are bored with that place .... Sob sob I’ll miss my bajjis.

So please come by, after today I’ll most probably be missing from the blog and the net so this is official no change, no but’s, zilch. :ppppppp

So I'll see you guys there. Looking forward to meeting you people. :)))

Ps : You’ll probably see this in a few other blogs later, its the same thing.

All I can say is pavi pavi!!!

Well it looks like Kribs made a fool of all of us. The oldie bloggie, pulled a fast one on all of us. Check his page, it was all an April Fool’s joke, and his happily laughing and literally rolling around the floor. But I did suspect, was to wary to post a goodbye post.

Now if only Buaya69 would say the same thing. Buayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where are you. Hummmmm

Update on the Hitz April Fool thing.

It seems Mesh the manager, screamed on air and management suspended both Rudy and JJ. Who then went on to take over the studio, threatening to pull the costly cable. Mesh is also supposed to be suspended.

But I’m no way believing it, I still maintain its a really well done April Fool’s Joke.

How long you guys prepared for it huh? :ppppp

Happy April Fool’s people.

I actually had something planned out, but too many things and somehow don’t feel like fooling anyone. Oh yeah Happy Birthday to my friends father, he was born on this day of fools.