Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today in brief

Thing’s I’ve been reading in my favourite daily The Star today. So many news can’t help but blog about it :p So I’m keeping to the weeks trend, million one news in one post. :p

Here’s an article about matchmaking Indian women in Malaysia - should give a different notion to Malaysian Indians.


Hear Ye Hear Ye
FAMED Carnatic vocalist K.J. Yesudass will be performing at Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, on June 4 2005 in aid of the Sri Shenbagavalli Ashram, an orphanage in Sungai Besi.

Accompanying him would be S.R. Mahadeva Sharma on the violin and Sri Tiruvarur Bakthavatsalam on the mridangam.

I wanna go I wanna go....shall devise some plan to get permission from teacher, at least I’d go for the percussion oh goody. :p


The global Indian sphere will be converging at Kuala Lumpur in June, for the Symposium on Holy Tamil Script Tirukkural from June 17 to 19 2005. More than 500 delegates from 30 countries are expected to attend.

An exhibition tracking the history and heritage of Indians in Malaysia would be unveiled at 5pm on June 17 at the National Museum. The free exhibition will run for two weeks. Followed by a cultural show that will be staged at the PJ Civic Centre on June 17 and the grand opening event at the Putra Indoor Stadium on June 18.

For more information, contact 013-330 2643 (Panjamoorthy), 016-319 2000 (Kanthan) and 012-335 1796 (Nalendran).


Hehehhe a hilarious article on naming a child and why parents can be so dumb at that very moment they’re supposed to register the name. Think Mallu kids would have loved to have lived in Spain, apparently they prohibit names which confuse gender.

Will speak on my name, and the million blunders people do on it, one of these days.


Malaysia has its own dog breed? Humm didn’t know. Read it here and the dogs so cute.

Image hosted by

Ahem I’m a dog person and you are?


Kuala Lumpur International Airport came in fourth. Yippie. *confetti* Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read this.

If you didn’t know today’s 3 months after the Tsunami. God bless their souls.


Kay said...

This arranged marriage is bull shit concept, probably a good one for losers who cannot find someone to love them....
Where in the hell does parents get an idea that they have a part to play in deciding a partner for thier son...
C'mon give us a break....
Sorry konjam tension aaayiten...

Harish said...

Hey.. me a dog person too :)
(hmmm.. is that why ppl keep callin me "dei naaye"??)

anyways, I've got a new dog. called Bozo! :) err.. it's my cousin's actually.. but it's as good as mine!
A 25 day old male German Shepherd pup.. can't wait to see it!

Anbu said...

First time here...Read your post on Men and Women...It was v good...

Anbu said...

First time here...Read your post on Men and Women...It was v good...

Freeyavedu said...

Me planning to write a post about my dog soon. Neenga ezhuthura plan vanchu irukeengala ?

Murali said...

Arranged marriages!!
hmmmm!! Kay was a bit too harsh on em.
i mean can every one be tall , smart n handsome like Kay..tat gals keep circling around him all the time
NO!!! What about poor guys like me...

Arranged marriages is the only resort for us....

Harish said...

dai Optimist..
namba college-ae innum mudikala da! nee over-a future pathi think pannrae!!

nee sight adikara ponnu unakku set aana ipadi ellam pesuviya nee? :P

VJ said...

arranged marriage yesteryears:
parents decide everything, no room for discussion or even a casual meeting with opposite partner to get to know him/her...

arranged marriage nowdays: parents would introduce few potential partners, its up to both individual to "clik", partners may take their own time to decide if he/she is the one, you make the final decision...

Kay said...

optimist macha !!!!

I am really sorry for what i have written as comment there. i never meant to be so harsh sorry i am in different kinda problem.....

Macha oru ponnu love pannanum na alagu thevai illa nalla attitude thaan venum.

apparam innoru vishayam Kavala padathe nee vena paaru nee sight adikara ponnu unaku OK solluva :). TIPS venumna en kitta kelu :)

visithra said...

First of all - didn't expect this post to have this many comments hehehe ehlarukum danks pa

Kay : Arranged marriage/ love marriage has its pros and cons - that all uncharted terrotory, one of these days if i dare will write :p

visithra said...

Harish kanna : After reading the dog comments around the blogsphere figured that out - hehehe unnaku dog than kalyanam kathi kuduhkanum :p

Ohhh I love German sheppards - sooo cutee and fierce - now i like the small cute doggies they carry around - reason they can't lick toungues too short

Give Bozo a hug for me :p

visithra said...

Hi Anbu

welcome in - thanks :)))

Free : nope don't have a plan to write about dogs - lol ylah asking me - but i did get inspired by one of ur posts - will post it soon :p
Opti : hehehhe quite a concern - but let life takes its course - love a arranged ah godku than terium, nambeh kaiyileh illehpa :p

harish : nalla kelvi nalla bathil - hummm sight adi? Yaaru yaaru? :p

Vj : You're Malaysian right, that's the latest Malaysian trend but in India it still hasn't caught up - that's Kay's concern - being tied down to a stranger :)

visithra said...

Kay : Different? Hummmm? Need advice?

Aisehman kay enna oru dialogue - nice nice :)

Aha - Opti heard that? tips are awaiting - anuhbavam pesuhdu :ppp