Friday, March 18, 2005

This is Beautiful

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This world is full of beautiful people, but you would never know it by asking them.

In my life I have seen countless beautiful faces, smiles, eyes, hair,laughs, personalities, bodies, and souls, Yet I have never seen one person who admitted to how beautiful they were.

I have heard people talk about how old, ugly, fat, grey, wrinkled, out of shape, dumb and lazy they were. If I asked any of them to admit to their own beauty, even to the beauty of their hearts and souls, however, all I would get was their denials. Why is it seen as perfectly acceptable to constantly put ourselves down,but the height of arrogance to admit to our own beauty, goodness and worth?

There is a wonderful saying that goes, "God doesn't make junk."

Since we are all wonderful Children of God, we shouldn't put down God's work with these "junk" labels.

God didn't put us here to be ugly, stupid or worthless. God put us here to be beautiful, wise and loving. Let's stop being our own worse critics then and start living up to God's view of us.The next time you look in the mirror then see who is really there.

Look at the light in the eyes, the joy in the smile, the happiness in the laugh, and the love in the soul.

Look at the true beauty that is you. Notice that glorious Child of God who is staring back at you That is who you really are.

You are in that bright, beautiful and glowing love and joy that is within.

Don't ever confuse the soul inside of you with the body that carries it around.

Take my word for it.

You are beautiful.

You are wonderful.

You are special.

Now go out and share that beautiful, glorious, loving and joyous person you are with the world.

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