Saturday, March 26, 2005

This guy is so creative

Banksy as he is infamously known in the UK, has a habit of sneaking in his own art work into unsuspecting leading Musuems. See the images here.

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That’s not all he does, have a peek at how views lady justice.

Sure graffiti is damaging, not to mention expensive to clean up but isn’t it creative.

Banksy, from Bristol, aka Robin Banks, has been hailed as "Britain's most celebrated graffiti artist".

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Find some of his work here and here a fan gives you a look at all his stuff right down to the grafiti. More images here.

Read an interview of him here and another article with info on his escapades.


He talks about his stencils of Jewish women at Belsen, daubed in fluorescent lipstick - an image as poignant as it is grotesque. "Now I could never do that on the street because it's just blatantly offensive." But in a gallery he can show it in context. "It's actually based on a diary entry from a colonel who liberated Bergen-Belsen. He described how they liberated this women-only camp, and a box of supplies turned up containing 400 sticks of lipstick, and he went nuts - 'Why are you sending me lipstick?' But he sent it out to the women, and they put it on each other, they did their hair; and because it gave them the will to live it was probably the best thing the soldiers did when they liberated that camp." He tells the story beautifully. "See, that's talking about how the application of paint can make a difference."

You can read and find links at as well though, that wasn’t where I read it.

His website is here.

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Like his slogan

Just because we don’t care, doesn’t mean we don’t understand.

What a rebel!


Kay said...

Nee intha postla eluthinathu ethume puriyala. Am i dumb :(

visithra said...

Nah not dumb - the guys a rebel of norms. He expresses his feelings and views mostly political - through art and normally grafiti - check the image of the british era guy carefully - he's holding a spray can

The monalisa - a symbol of serenity is holding a weapon - so it symbolises world peace is no longer an option even for the symbol of serenity