Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Take care

Last night as I was driving back, saw a petrol station crowded with people, of course it was an accident, and both sides had called their respective friends and family. Accidents are family events here.

Then noticed half the neighbourhood enveloped in darkness, blady hell there’s a blackout. I was hoping it didn’t extend to my area, or I’d be having a restless sleep.

Thank fully no such thing. Got in switched on the telly, to watch Grounded for Life. Hilarious at 12.45am.

Then my house phone rings, I normally wouldn’t pick up since it would be for mom, but this was so late, must be something important or another death news. Calls early in the morning or late at night normally me someone's critical or dead. Fact of life.

"Anyway a voice goes did you feel the tremors????"

I was like "huh??"

"No our flat shook and every where else also, there’s been another earthquake."

So quickly changed to CNN, no news but as you all know by now, most of Asia felt tremors. High rise buildings here were shaken, and people ran down with bags ready to drive off. What the hell, so much time to pack a bag?

The tremors were big enough to kill 2000 in Sumatra. Coastal areas around the nation were evacuated while the beaches were barred from access.

Did you guys feel it in Chennai?

Take care everybody.

News here, here and here.


Adaengappa !! said...

Take care and Be safe !!
God Bless!!

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Didn't feel a thing in Chennai !


visithra said...

Hi Adengapa

Welcome here :)

God bless everyone.

Sudhir, didn't feel anything huh? Good not something to be proud of :)