Monday, March 28, 2005

Physic Mysic missie

After reading Freeyayedu’s Kaadhil Kethavai, I was reminded of my scholl Physic teacher. Not for her England*, but for her antics.

See this teacher was the ultimate in geeks and weirdos. She had her own style that I hope and pray no one emulates. First let me give a short intro on my class.

There were 28 of us, 14 boys, 14 gals, yep I was from a co-ed, Lolluku kekahva vehnum? You see despite us being the best science class we were also the rowdiest, naughtiest, sarcastic big mouth bunch. Best part none of the 28 had love affairs with each other, one whole class was one big loud voice. We were the hottest topic in the teachers room, everytime we passed their room, we’d hear that 4 Sc1 (and later 5 Sc1) cannot take themla and so on. You get what I mean. Do you know how many principals black book we’ve been on? Every single principal hated us, got loads of story there, but we’ll leave that for another day. A lot of the teacher’s hated us and they’d refuse to teach us but not before giving us a 2 hour sermon (vidhi vidhi inthegu grandfather story ehlam kekahnum). Despite all that we had teachers who loved us. So physic was actually one of them.

But Physic like all science geeks, lived in her own world. Let me explain. See it was never her England* that got us in fits of laughter since this lady had just spent some 10 years in the UK. Rather it was her mannerism that tickled us wait tickled is not the word got us rolling on the floor in laughter is more apt.

Madam was a stick thin women who was always in an over flowing scarf that looked heavier than her. The way she walked was enough to make you laugh, and then there was her bag. She carried in such a funny way, and used to walk and say.....

Hello classsssss................... and give a stance.

We will be struggling to stop from laughing, while trying to say

Gooodddddddddd Morning Physiccccccccc Teacherrrrrrrrrrrr.

Yeah crap we had to say that for everyone teacher that came in the Malay version was :

Bangunnnnnn Semuaaaaaaaaaa

Selamattttttttttttttt Pagiiiiiiiiiii Cikguuuuuuuuu Pysiccccccccccccc

Just imagine singing it ok. And whenever the monitor wasn’t in class, I would do the honours, more like to elicit a few laughs la.

Physic actually liked us, despite our bad name in the teachers room, till today me and my friends don’t know why.

What we couldn’t stand was how she talked to us - she was really sweet but talked like she was addressing 3 year olds, slow and patient more like boring. Her class bore the hell out of us. So most of the time when she came in for the theory section, me and friends will give some excuse and before you know it we’d be out roaming the school with permission hehehe. So one of our favourite spots was the junior class, since those people idolised us. Yep students idolised us coz we were the epitome of fun at school.

Some of our ridiculous excuse used to be :

"Need to go to the bathroom....and I need to follow her/him"

"We got some extra lab work, can we go? (insert pleading pathetic face for effect)"

"Teacher asked us to do something, and she asked 5 of us to do it, bye teacher gonna miss you"

So some stupid excuse would be used, and best part she’d fall for it everytime, she was that gullible yet nice. So we never actually made fun of her in front of her, but more of in our circle of friends.

And then she’d tell jokes. Well her version of jokes we she assumed were funny. And then after telling those so called jokes, she’d give this hysterical laughter like a witch high on sugar. It was scarily funny. After the first initial shock, it became funny.

So everytime she told a joke (which was often) she’d laugh and we’d laugh with her.

Unknown to her we were laughing at her and not with her.

And everytime she had extra class, I normally wouldn’t attend and she’d ask :

"Where’s Visithra? Not feeling well oh ok."

But really I couldn’t take her, enough I have to see her at school, do I need to go though it after school also?

The thing is her teaching wasn’t the best either, it wasn't exciting, and I don’t like to learn under boring people. Yeah I’m picky and also had a very interesting Physic tutor, geekish but interesting. Worse of all she liked me a lot, I still can’t fathom why but maybe I’m just so likable :p

Now I kinda miss her antics, well miss those school days too.

England* A nick for English (it’s a joke don’t ask me to explain, joke’s aren’t meant to be explained) - in India it’s like the peter adikura tease - if you’re a Malaysian and you don’t know- shame on you. If you’re in between god bless you, I’m not explaining :p


Maran said...

Never heard it before.You just made up the England thing 5 min ago right? :p Any idea how the Peter thing started?

visithra said...

Maran : tsh tsh very bad, it's all part of our Manglish. My England not so very good la. Never heard that before? Listen to the morning crew,, its quite a common phrase. Its an old joke. How it came about would make a post by itself. So if you really can't find out I will post it for you. :)