Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Passing of the Kadhal Mannan

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I was browsing through my yahoogroups when I found this news. I decided to check Sify first and it was confirmed, the last of the 3 stars of the Sivaji, MGR, Gemini era was gone.

I’m one of those people who loved black and white movies. But as I read the news, memory fails me. Most of the movies I remember him in are him as a supporting role. Also I loved the dramatic, historical black and white movies and not the love roles.

It is in Veerapandiya Kattabomman that I remember him. The scene that strikes is, that valour as he sets out for war, despite his wives protest. That dialogue never fails to impress. I’m sure there are more films to remember him of but to me this is the one that I remember when his name turns up.

Here’s a nice article on him in the Hindu.

Though he was the kadhal mannan I never fancied him, though my mom did - I was more of a Sivaji fan (who isn’t). It’s still sad to hear of his demise. More than his films sadly I think I remember him most for his countless marriages, each time the gal kept getting younger. Sure lived up to his name.

I’m not sure what else to say. God bless his soul.

Goodbye to the last of the legends.


REFLEX said...
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REFLEX said...

He is Real Kadhal Mannan when we count his marriages. May his soul rest in Peace.
Beware Rambha, Oorvasi and Meneka, our Kadhal Mannan is coming there.

visithra said...

Aik y you removed the comment?

Yeah real life one - no no more kadhal marriage entertainment - 79ill kadhal 21 vaisu pehnnudahn - heheheh

Lol reunion with ex wives and fans -Rambha, Oorvasi and Meneka have to take number and wait.

REFLEX said...

there was some spellig mistake, so I removed it.

visithra said...

ah ok :))