Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Of weird looks, weirder impressions

My friend was telling me how when he visited a classmate’s house, the father gave him weird looks. Not it wasn’t a - eh is my son gay look - it was - what the hell you doing seeing my daughter look.

That reminded me of a story (at the end of it you’ll be wondering how the story and this connects but then I’ve told you my minds a wonder :p)

The last grand Deepavali we celebrated was in 2002, the last for a long time I think. So now we decided to invite our friends at the music school including the teachers and some of our own close friends. Though we invited the same number of gals and guys, the ones who turned up were mostly guys.

So then this neighbour kid, a few years younger than my bro walked in and looked around. He was quite confused at the crowd, then he smiles after looking at the 2 teachers from India sitting there - all well dressed in traditional Indian clothing.

He comes to my mom and me and asks :

Neighbour kid : Akka* ennaka nadakuthu engeh? (sis* what’s going on here)

Me and mom : Ennda? (Why da?)

Neighbour kid : Ungaleh ponnu pakka vandurukangehla?

(Have they come to propose marriage - eh this the nearest explanation I could figure out in English)

Me and mom : *rofl* (both of us burst out laughing)

Me : Dai ponnu pakka vandha oru sathu mathikithu varuhvan, ithu enna suyahvaramma - ithani per vandurukange - nah enna choosing game vilaiyadha pohrenna?

(Oi if it was a proposal, only one fella would come, you think this is pick and choose game, this many fellas are here - you want me to play choosing game is it?)

Neighbour kid : hehehehe akka hehehehehhee

Me : Ammam, ithuleh ethu mappilai nenekireh?

(So which one do you think is the groom)

Neighbour kid : heheheehehehe akka hehehehehhee (he just sheepishly walked off)

Pavam our appavi guy friends - they didn’t know what was going on. When they saw us laughing, we just said nothing.

The guys didn’t know about the remark, if they did sure all would have turned tomato red and asked :

"uh where’s the exit?" hehehehehe


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

So bravely and truly spoke about the "uh where’s the exit?" part ;-)

I'm sure there'd have been a stampede to get out if only they'd have understood and you'd have on the "flash news" section of all channels for the commotion you managed to create ;-)


visithra said...

Adada asaiyah paaru :)

odhuna paravaleh ponnu kethutangehna nah engeh oduhrathu?? :ppp

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

To your favorite Chennai ! :)


visithra said...

Hehehehehe evlo nall than odha mudium, kadisileh KL tiripi vandhe agahnum :p