Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Friends ok!!!

My Friends ok!!! My Friends ok!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God Bless!!!!!!!

Now I’m no longer gloomy. It seems Bangkok was hardly affected or where ever he was.

I’m so glad they’re ok, now shall blog about something, later though I’m not sure what :p


Kay said...

glad to hear that ur friends are doin good....
PS : can you please remove that referrers i see in ur page. I am in the top of the list ehehehehehe
Believe me those numbers are wrong :)))

visithra said...

Kay : Yeah I'm extremly glad been gloomy about that.

Thats an automatic tracker, it tracks people who come from a link - so looks like a lot of people visit me from ur blog heheh thanks

Kay said...

Thats an other way of saying it :)

visithra said...

Lol heheheh one way or the other I'm getting traffic :p

ps : have replied see email :)