Friday, March 18, 2005

Minds Coincidental Strikes

I do most of my thinking in my car. I’ve gotten more inspiration driving in my car then sitting and watching waves hitting the shore. Heck I even practice in it.

Same way yesterday morning on my way to work, I felt like writing about friendship and its hidden rules. Mostly with my own bevy of male friends in mind. So that's how this post came into existence.

I never for once thought later in the day something significant to the post would happen. When I wrote about the attached friends, I had one of my friends in mind. He’s one of my bestfriends and despite the numerous Dome Twisters (I got introduced to the drink coz of him) we used to enjoy together, when he got attached I backed off. I stood at the bylines and watched him be happy. Besides the occasional sms and festive greets the last we really spoke was somewhere in 2002, but I was ok with it, he was happy so I was happy for him.

Then one day last year he excitedly tells me he’s getting married in 2005, I was overjoyed.

Then yesterday happened. Yesterday got an email from him saying lets meet after you get back. I was quite surprised, sent a teaser sms teasing him of his being ‘mia’. That’s when I got a call from him telling me the weddings off for the silliest reason. What pissed me off was not him going missing but him feeling guilty to call me when he was down.

What are friends for if you’re only around during the joyous moments?

My pick is with my mind or is it fate? This isn’t the first time, coincidentally an issue just surfaced and later I hear something related to it.

Its like my mind unconsciously knew what was going to happen and consciously I expressed it. Crap and no my friend doesn’t read my blog, none of them actually know about it.

He could have been a secret reader? If he had found out about my blog, I would have gotten unforgettable dosage of - How could you’s for at least 3 months. So nope.

I don’t know to be upset for my friend or my minds coincidental strikes.

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